Insomnia at night, your heart is exhausted?

Insomnia at night, your heart is exhausted?

It may be felt that sleep at night is very common, so most people will ignore this problem. As everyone knows, if people can’t sleep, long-term insomnia is a great disadvantage to their health and can cause serious mental and physical illness.

Now, experts will tell you what diseases are caused by insomnia.

銆€銆€According to the definition of insomnia in the “Guidelines for Clinical Research of New Drugs in Traditional Chinese Medicine”, the sleep time is less than 4 hours per day, and the sleeping pills are not effective, or the sleeping pills can sleep for 6 hours, but the sleep is not deep, and the mental state is poor when waking up.Wake up more dreams, tired and tired, symptoms lasting more than half a month, is insomnia.

The emergence of insomnia is not only a matter of mental stress, it overcomes the physical health.

銆€銆€Frequent insomnia can cause many diseases, some neurasthenia, depression, high blood pressure, high blood pressure, diabetes and so on.

銆€銆€It is difficult to sleep at night, causing the brain to be over-stressed for a long time. Because a small sleep problem can not solve the psychological inevitable depression, under the long-term effects of these factors, people are prone to neurasthenia and depressive symptoms.

銆€銆€Medical personnel have found that people with long-term insomnia have a higher probability of developing diabetes than those with good sleep.

This is because long-term insomnia may cause the activation of the human stress system or affect the metabolism of diabetes, both of which are important factors leading to diabetes.

Therefore, long-term insomnia will increase the incidence of diabetes.

銆€銆€Long-term insomnia can lead to fatal and disordered glucose metabolism, cerebral cortical dysfunction and autonomic dysfunction, which may lead to increased arterial systolic or diastolic blood pressure at rest, and hypertension leads to hypertension.

Under the effect of insomnia, blood pressure continues to rise, and the most vulnerable organs are the heart and brain.

When the blood pressure continues to rise, it will increase the burden on the left ventricle, leading to cardiac hypertrophy, which in turn causes the enlargement of the heart chamber, and the symptoms of heart failure such as palpitations and dyspnea.

銆€銆€It can be seen that the insomnia of small insomnia is not small, and long-term insomnia will cause a series of serious diseases that endanger our health and even directly criticize our lives.

Health method – playing eight virtual


Health method – playing eight virtual

The lungs have evil spirits, and their qi is left in two elbows; the liver has evil, and its qi is left in two scorpions; the spleen has evil, its gas stays in two scorpions; the kidney has evil, and its qi remains in two sputum.

Eight deficiency (“eight” refers to the human bones and joints, that is, two elbows, two arms, two squats, two squats), is where the five internal organs are hiding, the five internal organs are sick and can be relieved and treated by tapping some parts.effect.

Beating eight imaginary is to adjust people’s qi and blood through the ribs, and to integrate health care and cure diseases.

Through the tapping, the poison of the body metabolite “鐥? is transferred to the body through a series of complicated biochemical processes to achieve the purpose of health care, and this process enhances the “self-immunization” of the human body.

First, take two elbow sockets – shoot the heart and lungs evil disease gas elbow socket parts, just the heart, the pericardium, the lungs through the three yin passages, if the three blood of the blood is blocked, it will invisibly hurtThe heart and lungs cause the disease of these two organs.

The ancients believed that the evil of the heart and lungs remained in two cubits.

There are actually two acupoints hidden in the elbow socket, one is the ruler hole of the lungs, and the other is the Quze point of the pericardium.

The ruler’s acupoint has the effect of clearing the lungs and purging the fire, reducing the odor of the mouth, the cold, inflammation of the tonsils, sore throat, constipation, bloating, dry mouth, and cough.

Quze points have the effect of reducing the reverse, stunning, releasing heat, and nausea. They have symptoms of heatstroke and shortness of breath, as well as myocarditis, acute inflammation, body heat, upset, vomiting, etc., and also have good preventive and therapeutic effects.
By tapping the elbow socket, these two acupoints are also dredged at the same time, and there is no need to bother to find acupuncture points.

1, cardiopulmonary disease, often can find a tender point in the elbow fossa, the patient can be called out with a little bit of pain, and normal people do not have this situation.

There is a pain point that proves that there is a blockage here, which also confirms the view that evil spirits are stuck here.

The easiest way to deal with this situation is to pat it, so that the evil spirits are scattered, and the righteousness is self-recovering, and the evil spirits naturally cannot be left behind.

After getting up in the morning, gently squeeze a beat at the elbow to find out whether there is induration or pain. If there is a strong reaction, it means that the body needs to be adjusted in time, then consciously increase the number of beats., spread the pain points or hard knots.

Some people may also feel the pain point, but they can’t check the disease in the hospital. If they can’t find the problem, it doesn’t mean that the body has no problem.

Many so-called “sub-health” patients are basically qualified with the diagnostic indicators of the instrument. If not treated in time, most of them will develop into diseases.

2, the elbow socket can cure skin itching: the main fur of the lungs, pat the elbow socket to remove the wet poison, it can stop itching.

Because of the hot and humid acne, or the skin is very easy to itch in the winter, you can try this method, beat and beat, you know whether it is caused by wet poison, summer is coming, the climate in the south is especially prone to hot and humid, the elbow nest is alsoA good way to prevent it.

Shooting: The five fingers are brought together in a spoon shape, and the muscles are full or the joints are moderately and forcefully snapped, so that the deep toxins that are not easily scraped out are discharged.

The method of tapping the elbow nest: straighten the left arm, use the right hand to find the middle of the elbow of the left arm, and use the right thumb to point it to the position. After finding it, use the right hand four fingers to level the middle of the elbow, this areaInside are the areas of the beat.

After finding the correct position, you can use the four fingers of your right hand to close and pat.

In turn, the same is true of the elbow socket of the right hand with his left hand.

The two elbows can be placed at nine hundred and eighty-one each time, and the force points to light to heavy.

Generally, people with hot heart and lungs can see redness in the elbow fossa after tapping, and even can take a sputum. The effect is similar to that of scraping.

Second, shoot two arms — – treatment of liver disease, heart disease two arms (see above) mainly take four meridians: lung, pericardium, gallbladder and heart.

If the lungs are out of order, and some kind of lungs are stagnant, there will be a phenomenon of trouble and fullness. This is a yang evil, that is, an elephant that does not descend.

The pericardium is located three inches below the lower jaw. If there is swelling of the armpit here, it is a problem with the pericardium.

After the arm also passes the gallbladder, after the occurrence of the gallbladder, some people will have a serious heart disease feeling, so that the hypochondriac pain can not turn side, it is difficult to even sleep and turn around.

This disease is usually accompanied by bitterness, and likes to sigh.

If there is a pile of things under the arms, it is also the image that the gallbladder is depressed and cannot be raised.

The heart will cause paralysis of the entire arm, the arm is cold, the movement is inconvenient, and the throat is particularly dry and wants to drink water.

The meridians of the leading edge of the arm are divided into upper, middle and lower parts, which are the lung, the pericardium and the heart.

The upper part of the front edge of the arm is led by the lungs, leading to the thumb, reaching the Shaoshang point.

The middle line is the pericardial passage, leading to the middle finger.

The lower line is the heart, leading to the little finger.

Therefore, among the five fingers of the person, the big finger is the lungs, the middle finger is the pericardium, and the little finger is the heart.

For example, some people in daily life often have problems with palm heat, which is generally related to the lungs, pericardium or heart.

The liver has evil spirits on both arms, which damages the heart. The usual anger and anger is actually stuck in the two arms to block the operation of the heart and blood. People will lead to some irrational behaviors and serious crisis.Life, angry is not only hurting the liver but also sad.1, the solution to depression, the first to grasp the arm of the heart under the heart of the Quanquan (depression of the big hole).

If people are often depressed, it is possible to grow a bag under the armpit. This is the image of the heart being stagnant.

After the[Poly Spring Point]plucked, the package can be gradually resolved.

How to correctly pluck to the poles?

When we plucked a big rib under the armpit, the ring finger and the little finger numb, and the plucking was right.

Then, pluck a few more times here, and slowly shoot it with the empty punch at the center line of the arm, you can dissolve the heart.

Suizhong is also a big hole for depression.

In the daily life, if we are mad, we often unknowingly pat our chest, in fact, this is the slap in the middle of the hole.

In Chinese medicine, I believe that the heart of the heart is “joyful,” that is, our happiness comes from the middle of the chest.

Knocking on the sputum (thymus) can also improve immunity.

As long as people are angry, the meridians will definitely be inserted.

After tapping the two arms, you can treat the qi stagnation and blood stasis after anger, run the chest tightness caused by the intestines, shortness of breath, sorrow and grief, suspicious, arms and numbness.

Tapping the poles can calm down quickly, it won’t be so easy to rush, and you can also shut out the evil spirits.

(Women can also relieve menopause).

2, treatment of liver disease, heart disease – usually we say “a gas attack” is actually the liver fire stayed in both arms, hindering the heart and blood flow, both the liver and the heart.

When people are irritated by anger and anger, they can pluck the poles. The poles are located under our arms. When we are licking children, we will scratch our limbs and the children will laugh.

In fact, this just irritated him to the very hot springs with itchy skin, and moved his heart, and the heart was happy, so the child would laugh happily.

The Quanquan acupoint not only has the effect of wide chest and qi, but also can quickly return to the yang, and the blood is drawn upwards, so that the mind can be quickly awake.

This special treatment is plucking and tapping.

When you are angry and short-sighted, you can use your four fingers to gently pluck in the middle of your arm.

When we plucked, we could clearly feel that there was a rib, and the center of this rib was the polar spring.

Extreme Springs can treat people with angry anger and stagnation after blood stasis, chest tightness caused by poor running, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, heart sorrow and crying, arms and numbness, etc. At this time, plucking the poles can increase the circulation of blood and blood.People quickly calm down.

In daily health care, we don’t have to work so hard at the Quanquan point to pluck, just tap it gently.

Usually plucked and beat under the arm, it can also prevent and relieve coronary heart disease, angina and other heart diseases, which is equivalent to the quick-acting rescue pills we carry with us.

3, relieve the palm of your hand, this is equivalent to the pericardium does not converge, because the person’s pericardium is the sputum yin, is the main collection, will not converge will sweat.

We often like to fight hard when we are nervous. This kind of subconscious movement is actually a kind of self-help, a kind of self-help, and the palm of your hand is stimulating the pericardium.

The big finger is walking the lungs.

Big finger numbness is related to the lungs.

If the fish hole on the big finger is red, it is lung heat; if the fish hole has blue veins, it is lung cold; if there is grain in the big finger and it is blue, it also means lung cold, and this lung cold willContinue to cause stomach cold.

The index finger is walking the large intestine.

Chinese medicine believes that the happiness of human instinct actually comes from the large intestine, and the large intestine passes to the index finger, which is also the origin of the name of the index finger.

The middle finger is the pericardium, and the engagement ring is generally worn on the middle finger, which means that the person has been tempted and converged.

The heart is filled with joy, so the Lord also wants to read.

The ring finger of the ring finger is the three Jiaojing, the three Jiaojing is a very special meridian in Chinese medicine, and the San Jiaojing is also known as the orphan.

The little finger is walking the small intestine and the heart.

From the point of view of high blood pressure, middle finger numbness is a mild disease of heart disease, if the pink finger numbness is a serious disease of heart disease.

Third, take two sputum (the groin area at the junction of the thigh and the lower abdomen) to treat all gynecological diseases.

(There is evil, its gas stays in two 楂€). Two fat people can shoot thin, thin people can shoot fat and beat two squats and can speed up the operation of blood, drive away evil, and stimulate two very different treatments for gynecological diseases.Effective two-point, gas-punching, rushing in the human groin, thigh root, has the effect of treating irregular menstruation, infertility, dysmenorrhea, cold feet, and the door is in the outside of the human groin, there is treatmentThe effect of gynecological inflammation under the bandage, we do not need to find acupuncture points when tapping, you can stimulate these two points.

Beating two sputum can not only strengthen the spleen and stomach, but also treat blood stasis caused by male and poor blood.

When you slap two squats, you can speed up the operation of blood and blood, eliminate disease and evil spirits, and stimulate two acupoints – Qi Chong points and rushing door points that are very effective in treating gynecological diseases.Qi Chong points in the human groin, the thigh root fracture, has the effect of treating irregular menstruation, infertility, dysmenorrhea, cold feet, and the punching hole in the outside of the human groin, there is treatment of uterine bleeding, under the belt, gynecological 鐦棯The effect.

When we are beating two squats, we don’t need to look for acupuncture points. Just two slaps can stimulate these two points.

Both shots have the effect of strengthening the spleen, and can also treat male diseases and female diseases, and the effect is also very good.

The specific method of tapping two squats is to stand upright, gently tapping the two groin with both hands, and gradually increase the force until the two sputum slightly heats up.

Beat two or three times a day, 3 times each time?
5 minutes.

Four, take two sputum – treatment of all waist and leg pain, kidney and evil – stay in the two sputum for 5 minutes a day, not only can treat low back pain and sciatica, but also can supplement kidney and kidney.

If we insist on such a set of beats every day and persevere, there will be unexpected gains. I have taught my mother to insist on doing a morning job in the morning. She now has a very big improvement in her spleen and stomach. She always wanted to write it out.For everyone to share, so that more people can relieve the pain, today is finally completed, I hope to help everyone.

The human body has a large nest of skulls, also known as eight virtual, they are double arms, elbows, double jaws (ie two jaws) and double jaws.

Eight virtual is also the warmest place in the cold winter.

It is said that the eight imaginary small to cure the cold is too big to cure the incurable disease, is the secret of Taoist not to spread.

The imaginary is the meaning of weak relatives. The most vulnerable places for clothes are the folds. The eight imaginary bodies of the human body are like these places.

The evil of the five internal organs likes to hide in the eight imaginary, the evil spirits of the liver gather in the armpit, the heart, the evil of the lungs gather in the elbow, the evil of the spleen gathers in the thigh nest, and the evil of the kidney gathers in the knee socket.

The heart of the lungs is evil, and its gas is left at two cubits (the scale is in the lungs, and the sea is less in the heart).

“Leave”, as “flow”, the same below); the liver has evil, its gas is left in the two arms (the period door, the axis of the coaxial and other points); the spleen has evil, its gas stays in the two spleen (spleen andStomach.

Its veins are flushed from the stock line, and between the gas and the rush, so the evil spirits remain in the cross-stalks, which is the disease of the spleen.) The kidney has evil, and its gas stays in the two sputum (the kidney and the bladder are in the table,The blood is in the valley after the knees, between the committee, so the evil spirits remain in the two, which is the disease of the kidney.

If you want to restore your righteousness, you must first eliminate the evil spirits. How to remove them?

Shoot, beat, knock eight evil, you can get rid of the evil spirits, righteousness can restore recovery, blood can be normal operation.

And if you slap two slaps, you are giving yourself “hemodialysis.”

When it comes to “diabetes”, people will think of uremia patients in horror.

In fact, normal people also need to clean the blood and the garbage on the blood vessel wall without interruption.

With the increase of age, the body garbage is getting thicker and thicker, which puts a heavy burden on the normal operation of the internal organs.

Beating two slaps is equivalent to giving the body a big cleanup.

3 days fast weight loss recipe


3 days fast weight loss recipe

The 3-Day Fast Weight Loss Recipes is an exhaustive diet plan that requires strict adherence by the user.

The amount of food must be controlled just right, and the excess will not be able to achieve the effect of reducing 9 pounds.

Similarly, even if you are not hungry, you should eat on time, and the lack of weight will be a bad thing.

After 3 days, the next 4 to 5 days will return to the normal diet, and then enter the next 3-day diet plan.

銆€銆€The recipes are as follows: breakfast black coffee or tea on the first day, add 1 to 2 small packets of sugar or the same amount of flavoring 1/2 grapefruit or grapefruit juice 1 slice of toast plus 1 tablespoon peanut butter lunch 1/2 cup tuna 1Slice of toast black coffee or tea, add 1 to 2 sachets of sugar or the same amount of flavorings for dinner 3 oz lean meat or chicken 1 cup green beans or green beans 1 cup carrot 1 apple 1 cup of plain vanilla ice cream2 days breakfast black coffee or tea, add 1 to 2 small packets of sugar or the same amount of flavoring 1 egg 1/2 banana 1 piece toast lunch 1 cup cheese or tuna 8 dinner 2 beef sausage 1 cup broccoliOr cabbage 1/2 cup carrot 1/2 banana third day breakfast black coffee or tea, add 1 to 2 small packets of sugar or the same amount of flavoring 5 ordinary size salty biscuits 1 oz cheese 1 apple lunch blackCoffee or tea, add 1 to 2 small packets of sugar or the same amount of flavorings 1 boiled egg 1 piece toast dinner 1 cup tuna 1 cup carrot 1 cup broccoli 1 cup melon 1/2 cup plain vanilla ice creamAdditional instructions: Strictly follow the recipe, drink 4 glasses of water a day or other涓岶ree radical-containing beverages.

銆€銆€Experts suggest that experts believe that the only reason this recipe can make people slim down is that the transition content is really very small, about 1,000 calories.

Low levels of diet slow down the body’s metabolism, so experts worry that when a dieter returns to a normal diet, weight will quickly rebound.

The worst case is a vicious circle: 3 days of dieting, then a few days of relaxation, the most likely to lead to overeating, then dieting, and then overeating . In addition, the small amount of prescription recipes is also very low, but only the role isPromote the body’s absorption of water.

In this way, the body will slim down, the reason is probably the loss of water, rather than accidental consumption.

銆€銆€Some experts are also worried that if dieters fail to lose weight because they don’t strictly follow the “3-day fast weight loss diet,” they will blame their lack of perseverance.

But in fact, this recipe is not something that everyone can easily endure.

Therefore, it is not your fault to persist, it is the fault of the recipe.

銆€銆€Finally, experts pointed out that using this recipe to lose weight is feasible to a certain extent, but it is not a healthy way to lose weight.

A balanced, normal diet and exercise can build a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, when using this recipe, enrich its connotation and add healthy elements: such as letting more kinds of food enter the recipe; dieting combined with exercise, and so on.

30-year-old man missed this vaccine after marriage because of infertility?

30-year-old man missed this vaccine after marriage because of infertility?

Mr. Zhang is 30 years old and has no children for two years.

I went to the infertility department twice to see a doctor. The doctor asked him such a question: Have you ever had mumps before?

Listening to this, Mr. Zhang is very puzzled: Can not breed and mumps?

Is a disease in the bladder and a disease in a private place, is there really a relationship between the two?

“There is indeed.

“Medical mumps, referred to as sputum, commonly known as sputum, is an acute respiratory infection caused by mumps virus. It is prevalent in the four seasons. It is common in winter and spring, and the parotid gland is the main feature, 90%Cases occur in the 5 to 15 age group.

About 80% of adults have a latent infection, but there are also dominant infections we can see, and that is the disease.

Mumps-like 1, fever, moderate body temperature, chills, loss of appetite, general malaise, headache, myalgia, etc.

2, parotid swelling and pain (bilateral parotid swelling accounted for about 75%).

The swelling of the parotid gland is often the first sign of the disease, lasting 7?
10 days, often obese first swollen 2?
After 3 days, the contralateral parotid gland also appeared enlarged, sometimes only unilateral swelling, or swollen parotid gland with subgingival gland enlargement, or even subgingival gland enlargement without parotid gland enlargement.

3, after the humeral arch (local part of the parotid gland) soreness or pain, swelling of the parotid gland is most obvious in the first 1-3 days of onset, and the pain is more obvious when eating or eating acidic food.

Afterwards, the gradual elimination was gradually eliminated, and the swelling was completely exhausted in about 2 weeks.

In the first 3-5 days of the onset, there may be systemic symptoms such as fever, fatigue, and reluctance to eat.

4, the parotid gland can be seen red and swollen, but no purulent secretions.

5, in addition to mumps, patients may have meningitis, orchitis, oophoritis, sacral inflammation, mastitis, etc., caused by mumps virus invading different organs.

It can be accompanied by mumps, which is generally considered to be a complication.

6, fever, chills, headache, sore throat, poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, body pain, etc., a few hours of parotid swelling and pain, gradually obvious, body temperature can reach more than 39 掳 C, adult patients are generally more serious.

A feature of mumps virus is that it not only has effects on glands, but also on nerve tissues, scales, and especially on insulin pills.

Retinal vasculitis occurring after puberty can cause irreversible damage to the retinal vascular varicose tubule epithelial cells and mesenchymal cells, which can cause retinal vascular atrophy in severe cases.

Mumps may cause retinal vasculitis and more male infertility. For men with mumps-induced retinal vasculitis on both sides, this chance is elevated and difficult to cure.

Therefore, the doctor reminded that male babies with a history of mumps must be careful to be alert to male infertility.

Once you find inflammation in your baby’s reproductive organs, you must go to the hospital for treatment, early treatment, and improve early recovery.

The implant said that the inclusion of a salivary gland vaccine is a effective measure to prevent hooliganism.

Children at 18?
One dose of measles-rogue-rubella combination vaccine should be given at 24 months of age.

According to WHO recommendations, literature search and the incidence of mumps in our province, the efficacy of one dose of salivary gland vaccine is limited. It is recommended to inoculate two doses of salivary gland vaccine.

Children who are not infected with rogue virus and have no history of immunization with a sputum-containing vaccine or who have an unknown history of immunization with a salivary gland vaccine should be vaccinated with a salivary gland vaccine if they have hooliganism in their class.

Develop good personal hygiene habits, and do 鈥渇our diligence and more鈥? wash your hands frequently, diligently ventilate, diligently take clothes, exercise regularly, and drink plenty of water.

Patients should pay attention to home isolation.

4 big diet cheats keep you thin


4 big diet cheats keep you thin

The biggest problem with the unsuccessful weight loss of female friends now is that they can’t resist the temptation of food.

How to do it?

As long as you master some methods, you can minimize the harm while eating.

Here is a set of dietary tips for everyone, as long as you can do food and slim.


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€绉樼睄1锛氬鏋滀綘涓嶈兘鎷掔粷宸у厠鍔涚殑璇辨儜锛岄偅涔堬細銆€銆€鏂规硶涓€锛氳瀺鍖栧畠! Put the chocolate in the microwave and the chocolate will melt in just a few seconds.

Mixing the melted chocolate with strawberries or other fruits you love can greatly reduce the intake of the transfer.

銆€銆€Method 2: Freeze it!

Add low-fat chocolate mousse to the freezer.

The frozen chocolate mousse is very delicious and not very high.

銆€銆€Method three: chop it!

Cut the chocolate into small pieces with a clean, sharp knife.

Cut into small pieces of chocolate not only looks more, but also allows you to control the amount of replacement.

銆€銆€Cheats 2: If you can’t refuse the temptation of fine wine or drink, then: Method 1: Add ice!

This method is simple and easy, and the effect is to reduce performance and improve taste.

In addition, if you want to taste more special, add a soda or a low-purity blend.

銆€銆€Method 2: Measurement!

When we have a few mouthfuls at home, it is easy to drink too much without knowing it.

Looking at the wine glasses in your closet, is it too big?

Put on a small wine glass, which will help us control our drinking capacity.

銆€銆€Method three: suck!

Drinking a drink or wine through a straw is slower than drinking it directly.

銆€銆€Cheats 3: If your taste is heavy, then: Method 1: Add salt to the table!

For those who have a heavy taste, it is very likely that too much salt will be added when cooking.

You can add salt to the table without cooking with salt.

銆€銆€First of all, it is easier to put salt with a spoon than to sprinkle salt on the table.

Moreover, salting the surface of the dish will give you a lot of salt, so it is not easy to add too much salt.

銆€銆€Method 2: Peel a banana!

Eating too salty can cause the body to swell and gain weight, then you can eat a banana.

Bananas are rich in potassium, which can effectively fight edema and eliminate excess water in the body.

Potatoes, apricots and raisins also have the same function.

銆€銆€Method 3: Add some flavor!

For people with heavy tastes, salt is not the only option.

When cooking, try adding more flavorful herbs such as chili, parsley, lemon juice and more.

In just a few weeks, you can adjust your tongue to love these flavors.

銆€銆€Cheats 4: If your eyes are small, then: Method 1: Challenge high-skilled food!

The high-skilled food mentioned here refers to foods that require certain skill and patience to eat in the stomach. For example, shrimp, crabs, shellfish, etc., which require patience and time, are most suitable for you with a small belly.銆€銆€After eating, look at the pile of food residue on the side, that is, you will not feel that you are eating less.

銆€銆€Method 2: Fill the plate!

Always feel that there is not enough food on the plate?

Well, first fill the plate with the usual vegetables or salad.

These are big, and they are low, so fill in your greedy stomach first.

If you feel that the taste is not good enough, then consider adding some olive oil and seasoning with tomato sauce.

銆€銆€Method three: drink soup!

Who said that soup must be consumed after a meal?

For those who are greedy, it is best to drink a bowl of soup before meals.

Soup stews or juices are also a good alternative.

銆€銆€Even after how you grin, you won’t eat too much.

After seeing it, is it beneficial? Try it, you will have too much gain!

Winter supplement is not spleen = white waste


Winter supplement is not spleen = white waste

Many of the foods that are tonic in winter are more greasy, difficult to digest, and some are somewhat warmer.

For some people with poor spleen and stomach function, it is recommended to adjust the spleen and stomach and then tonic.

銆€銆€The spleen and stomach are not good, the transport function can not be played, the things eaten can not be digested and absorbed by the body, can not be converted into nutrients needed by the body, and even waste supplements, and even may reverse the effect.

For example, eating something may become “fire”, “wet heat”, “鐥?, etc., induce cold, bloating, bad appetite and other physical discomfort.

銆€銆€Explain in detail that the office family should be spleen?

銆€銆€White-collar workers in the office often sit for a whole day, and have less exercise after work. Coupled with frequent staying up late, three meals are not regular or intemperate, or often eaten greasy, love drinking, and the spleen and stomach functions are often not good.

銆€銆€1) Love cold drinks in summer; 2) Air conditioning that blows too much; 3) Children who are sick all the year round; 4) People who have a serious illness often have different degrees of spleen deficiency.

銆€銆€Because the spleen plays a very important role in the digestion and absorption of food, almost all gastrointestinal diseases can occur or accompanied by spleen deficiency syndrome, which is caused by eating disorders, labor loss or long illness.

銆€銆€People who are weak in spleen and stomach or have poor gastrointestinal function are: sallow complexion, mental fatigue, fatigue, lack of food, or bloating after eating, loose stools, diarrhea, short limbs, shortness of breath, cold, or pale tongue, tongueThere are tooth marks on the side, and the pulse is weak and so on.

銆€銆€Detailed explanation of the five physique classification of winter spleen: a variety of foods can spleen, but which one is most suitable for you?

The spleen still has to look at your physique.

銆€銆€1, damp heat constitution: first heat and dampness and then strengthen the spleen and stomach.

You can use 50g red bean, 30g glutinous rice, or 20g raw land, 15g soil, turtle soup; or add lentils and glutinous rice in soup or porridge, these can be hot and humid.

銆€銆€2, phlegm physique: dampness and then spleen.

You can use dried tangerine peel, ganoderma lucidum ribs, or dried tangerine peel, porridge, soup, and lotus seed, medlar, lentils, red dates and soup.

Let’s go to the dampness and then spleen, and then get spleen to get better phlegm.

銆€銆€3, qi deficiency constitution: need to use some spleen and qi medicinal herbs, qi deficiency people will have “qi” after spleen.

30g Codonopsis pilosula, 30g Beibei stewed chicken, or 30g Huaishan, 15g Yunxiao soup, porridge, 30g lotus seeds stewed chicken or lean meat.

銆€銆€4, yin deficiency constitution: to raise stomach yin.

You can drink with Shijie, Shashen, and Maidong soup.

銆€銆€5, yang physique: they always need to use Codonopsis, North Quantum or antler to make up, but also pay attention to more sun, more exercise, to achieve the role of regulating the spleen and stomach.

銆€銆€In addition, in addition to looking at physical fitness, see the symptoms can also find the best spleen sacred products: the best choice for people with bad stools is Huaishan, lotus seeds; people who have dry stools, especially those with constipation, are not convenient to use Huaishan, lotus seeds, can be used Yuzhu soup or porridge, in order to achieve the role of laxative, or use Codonopsis, North scattering spleen and qi; people who do not sleep well, with scorpion god, red dates and spleen, because can calm the nerves.

銆€銆€Simple self-testing, do you belong to a certain constitution?

1, damp heat constitution: facial greasy, red lips yellow, red teeth, red lips; skin prone to hemorrhoids, pustules; dry mouth, bad breath, mouth bitter; sweaty, body odor; dry stool, especially odor;The urine is yellow and red, the color is very deep; the temper is irritable.

銆€銆€2, phlegm physique: more common in too many people, or people who are thin and fat.

The physique people often show body fat, abdominal fat and soft, skin skin oil accumulation, sweating and adhesion, chest tightness, phlegm, pale yellow and dark complexion, eye bubbles slightly floating, easy to sleepy, plain tongue fat, tongue coatingIt is greasy or sweet, the stool is normal or not, and there is not much or slight urination; the character is mild, steady, and more patience.

銆€銆€3, qi deficiency constitution: body weight loss or overweight, body fatigue, pale, pale voice, often spontaneously sweating, and especially moving, heart palpitations less, pale tongue, white fur, weak pulse, this is its basicfeature.

Or accompanied by shortness of breath, lacrimal, cough, weakness, eating less abdominal distension, loose stools, mental fatigue, waist and knees, frequent urination; men slippery premature ejaculation, women leucorrhea thin.

銆€銆€4, yin physique: close to the physical physique, for the lack of yin blood, there is a hot elephant.

It is often thirsty, dry throat, easy to lose sleep, dizziness, easy to upset, temper, poor skin, dull skin, night sweats, easy to sweat and heat, yellow urine, fecal hard, often constipation.

銆€銆€5, yang physique: lack of yang, there is a cold.

The performance is tired and cold, the limbs are cold, the lips are pale, the gas is lazy, the sleepiness is weak; the male nocturnal emission, the female vaginal discharge is thin; the diarrhea is easy, the frequency of urination is increased, and the sexual desire is declining.

They are usually chilly, hands and feet are not warm, easy to sweat; like hot diet, lack of energy, sleep more.

7 kinds of common fatigue mediation coup


7 kinds of common fatigue mediation coup

Fatigue is a situation that many people have. After this happens in the body, it is necessary to take a break in time. Otherwise, if the body is over-tired, it will have a great impact on one’s own health. There are different mediation coups for 7 kinds of common fatigue. Let’s take a look.

Fatigue Fractal 1 Physical fatigue is also called exercise or muscle contraction fatigue.

When people are doing heavy physical labor, exercise or competition, muscles are too tight, the body consumes too much energy, and the body will feel tired.

It is characterized by systemic or local acidity, softness, pain, fatigue and powerlessness.

2 mental fatigue high blood pressure desk work, excessive mental work, so that the blood glucose, a variety of amino acid consumption is too large, resulting in insufficient blood, oxygen and nutrient supply, brain cell excitement and inhibition imbalance, fatigue.
It is characterized by dizziness, dizziness, headache, memory loss, confusion, and lack of concentration.

3 mental fatigue This fatigue is essentially mental fatigue, but it has a strong mental and emotional color.

When a repressed emotional conflict leads to a remission, there will be fatigue symptoms in the body, or psychological distortions and abnormalities caused by strong and lasting mental factors, causing mental fatigue.

4 Pathological fatigue studies have shown that viral infection can lead to human fatigue, which is characterized by persistent fatigue and is not easy to recover.

7 kinds of common fatigue mediation coup 1 eye soreness – yawning eye fatigue, the patient feels swelling in the eye, acid, burning and other symptoms.

If you use your eyes for too long, your eyes will show some kind of phenomenon, and yawning can stimulate the lacrimal gland to secrete tears, moisten your eyes, and alleviate various discomforts caused by dryness.

After yawning, you can close your eyes, rub your hands and heat, then cover your eyes, do not oppress your eyes, breathe deeply, rest for two to three minutes, help to eliminate eye fatigue.

At the same time, usually pay attention to light, too dark light makes the eyes easy to fatigue.

2 backache and back pain – when stretching and stretching, the human body will naturally form a lifting of the hands, pulling up the ribs, expanding the chest, and taking a deep breath to strengthen the diaphragm muscles, thereby affecting the body and causing most muscle contraction.The blood rushes back to the heart, thereby accelerating blood circulation and dredging the meridians, promoting blood circulation, adjusting the function of the organs, and preventing back pain.

3 guilty – the middle finger fingertips of the middle finger are severely sensitive to pain.

Knocking on the middle finger while you are sleepy can make you feel refreshed.

The specific method is: first use the left hand to pinch the fingertip of the right middle finger for 1 minute, then exchange hands for 1 minute, then compare the pain of both hands. The pain is more obvious and continue to knead until the pain of the hands is the same.

4 shoulder and neck tension – sitting around the arm for a long time or staying in the same position for a long time, you will feel the shoulders and neck stiff, sore, then you can separate the legs and shoulders in parallel, then the shoulders for the limbs around 10 times, then circle back 10 times, do 3 consecutively?
5 groups.

The range of motion is large, expected to be slow and fast, and each direction of the transition should be separated by a few seconds to reduce the impact on the shoulder.

5 Brain fatigue – deep breathing brain fatigue is mainly due to excessive brain use and insufficient energy supply.

Active deep breathing can deliver more blood to the brain and increase the supply of nutrients in the brain.

The specific method is: use the nostrils to inhale deeply, so that the lower abdomen, upper abdomen, and buttocks are inflated in turn, do not close the air; then spit out the gas at the same speed and repeat 30 times.

When you take a deep breath, the movement should be slow and coherent, and the gas must be “suffocated.”

You can also prepare some ginseng teas, refreshing and refreshing.

6 legs pain – lying flat legs and walking for a day, legs swelling and sore, at this time you can lie flat on the bed without pillows, lift your legs and fold them inside, try to make the legs and body 90掳,Keep 5?
10 minutes, can alleviate the damage caused by long-term filling of the blood in the legs, and reduce the feeling of soreness.

7 chest tightness – doing chest expansion exercise for a long time will feel chest tightness and shortness of breath, work can not lift the strength, then you should get up and do chest expansion exercise, can improve the cardiopulmonary oxygen supply capacity, eliminate lung depression, but also avoid the thoracic spineSide bends.

In daily life, when everyone feels tired, you can try the above coups, especially the office workers.

5 aspects of winter morning practice need to be kept in mind


5 aspects of winter morning practice need to be kept in mind

Don’t start too early First, winter morning exercise, it is best not to get up too early, if you get up at 5 or 6 in the morning, the weather is too cold and dark, which is not good for our morning exercise.

The temperature is too low, the stimulation and pressure on our heart’s entanglement is relatively large. We are better off sleeping in the bed for a while. When the day is already bright and the temperature rises, it is not too late for us to get up again.

If your morning exercise is not a kind of short-distance running, you can choose to go to the morning exercise after breakfast. At this time, the sun rises, the temperature rises, the body feels warm, and the exercise will be more comfortable.

Choose a quiet and safe location. We must choose a quiet and safe place during morning exercises.

If you choose to walk on the side of the road or in a crowded place, it is neither safe nor disturbs our exercise.

You can choose a relatively small number of people to go to the river, park or guide to exercise, here to the algae to gather in the morning morning crowd, exercise is very atmosphere, we can concentrate on morning exercises, such walks, Tai ChiPunch, dance, etc.

At the same time, these places have large green belts and beautiful environment, which is more conducive to our health!

Choosing the right clothing Winter morning exercise should choose the right clothing, both soft and comfortable, but also warm and close.

In the winter morning, the temperature is very low. It is no longer suitable for shorts and shorts. If you are young and strong, do some relative exercise. If you jog, you can wear a pair of underwear, plus a sweater and a cotton.The trousers are fine.

If you are older and engaged in some soothing exercise, sometimes walking, dancing swords, etc., add a set of thermal underwear to keep your body temperature and prevent colds from freezing.

Prevent excessive sweating. Morning exercise should prevent excessive sweating. If you sweat too much during morning exercise in the morning, it will easily catch a cold when the training is over.

In the morning exercise in winter, exercise the bones, exercise the body, prevent fattening, raise the heart and keep the body, the movement is too vertical, absorb a lot of cold air, and it is not good for our heart and lungs.

If it is a young man, there is a habit of long-distance running in the morning. After morning sweating, it is best to take a hot bath and change the sweaty underwear to prevent colds and cold.

See if the weather is suitable for people who have morning exercises in the winter. It is best to watch the weather the night before to find out if the weather conditions for the next day are suitable for exercise.

If there is fog on the next day, it is recommended to bring a mask during the morning exercise in the morning to avoid inhaling the cold mist and cold air in the winter to stimulate the respiratory tract.

If there is wind on the next day, bring a hat. If the next day is cloudy or rainy, it is not recommended to go out for morning exercises.

Pay attention to the weather forecast and prepare suitable clothing for our morning exercise.

The role of Chinese medicine moxibustion on the human body


The role of Chinese medicine moxibustion on the human body


Reconcile yin and yang.

The balance of yin and yang in the human body is fundamental to the occurrence and development of the disease.

The use of moxibustion therapy to reduce the effect of yin and yang.


Wentong Meridian, dispels cold evil.

Ai Ye Wen Jiazhi ignited moxibustion moxibustion, so that the heat is deep into the muscle layer, and the blood is warm.

Moxibustion has Wentong meridian, dispels cold and dehumidification, regulates qi and blood, and promotes pain and relieves pain.


Exercising qi and activating blood, eliminating phlegm.

If you see the heat, you will see the cold, and the temperature will be bloody.

Moxibustion is a warm stimulation, which can make the blood and blood coordinate, the camp and the smooth, the blood and the benefit and the blood, dissipate and disperse.


Wenyang tonic, Buzhong Yiqi.


Back to the sun to save the counter.


Disease prevention and health care, strengthen life and longevity.

The role of moxibustion therapy is multifaceted.

If the acupoints are different, the moxibustion method is different, the stimulation degree is different or the materials used for moxibustion are different, so the efficacy is also different; therefore, different acupuncture points and operation methods are selected depending on the specific condition in clinical application.

Moxibustion first moxibustion to the left, then moxibustion to the right.

Ignite the end of the moxa stick and add the burning end to the warm moxibustion stick.

Try the temperature of the palm and determine the temperature is moderate, then you can start warm moxibustion.

After the massage of the abdomen with essential oils, warm moxibustion is carried out, and the moxibustion stick is used to roll back and forth in the abdomen, and then the points of the umbilical cord are clicked. (Return, Qihai, Guanyuan), so that the meridians of the acupoints are smooth and rosy.

Moxibustion time: 15 minutes.

Women have more obese pattern than men of the same age


Women have more obese pattern than men of the same age

Introduction: Obesity overly threatens the health of the patient, which in turn causes the patient to produce excessive patterns.

According to the study, women have more and more severe obesity tissue than men of the same age.

Maybe some extra people have to ask how to eliminate excess lines?

In fact, before the eradication of obesity, the patient should understand the causes of excessive pattern and the symptoms of excessive pattern, so as to solve the problem.

Compared with men and women of the same age, the situation of obesity-like tissues in women is more serious than that of men, while at the same time, the age is increased, the muscles are slightly relaxed, and the chance of obesity-like tissue is relatively increased.

Women with less exercise need special care because this type of person is particularly prone to obesity.

The appearance of the skin looks very smooth, but as long as you squeeze the thighs, buttocks and other parts, you will see too many lines, indicating that the lower body has begun to appear obesity lines, which is more terrible.

So who is most likely to produce such extra lines?

銆€銆€What do you know about obesity?

銆€銆€Obesity, usually due to excessive increase in bone and muscle or tiny volume, exceeds the prolonged speed of the skin, and the elastic fibers of the dermis are pulled apart to form excessive lines.

銆€銆€The four grades of obesity are compared with men and women of the same age. The condition of obesity is more and more serious than that of men, and the cumulative discipline increases, the muscles are slightly relaxed, and the chance of obesity is relatively increased.

Women with less exercise need special care because this type of person is particularly prone to obesity.
Obesity lines can be divided into four levels according to their different weights. It is best to test which level you belong to. If the level is too high, you should pay serious attention.

銆€銆€Excessive green light: Unless it is lying or otherwise, even squeezing, kneading the skin, the skin is rough, good performance, safe clearance, but also continue to maintain.

銆€銆€Obesity yellow light: The appearance of the skin looks very smooth, but as long as you squeeze the thighs, buttocks and other parts, you will see obesity, which means that the lower body has begun to appear obesity. It is terrible. In the long run, there will beGreat development!

銆€銆€Excessive lines of red light: The body does not see excessive texture when lying down, but in some cases there are serious irregular wrinkles in some places, and the embossed structure has affected the appearance of the body, so take action!

銆€銆€Obesity warning: The most serious degree is this. Whether you lie down or thoroughly can clearly see the distribution of excess lines, you can have a good problem.

銆€銆€So, do you know what kind of woman is prone to extra lines?

However, even if there are too many ripples, there is nothing terrible. There are still ways to defeat it, but we must understand it, know how it invades, and know that it can win.

銆€銆€The appearance of hormonal influence on excessively textured tissue indicates that the subcutaneous microscopically produces abnormal accumulation, and the support system between the skin and the muscles gradually loosens and degenerates, causing effects due to the loss of elasticity of the skin, which is similar to the spring bed.When a person relaxes in a spring, there will be a situation in which the spring bed expands and recesses at some angles. Such an unusually uneven appearance looks as serious as orange peel.

銆€銆€Due to the physical differences between men and women, women of the same age are more prone to obesity, especially during puberty, pregnancy, menopause, taking steroid-containing drugs and excessive stress, which can affect the secretion of hormones and even the body.The lymphatic circulation is degraded, affecting the normal detoxification function, and with the accumulation of a few cells, the annoying extra lines appear.

銆€銆€Xiaobian’s message: rapid fat or too thin, hormone secretion, etc., will affect the production of obesity lines, so patients must understand the causes of obesity before they decide to eliminate obesity.