More comprehensive skin care 24 hours a day


More comprehensive skin care 24 hours a day

With the arrival of May, the hot summer is also coming. Sun protection and whitening have become hot spots for MMs.

Let’s take action and do sun protection 24 hours a day.

  Drinking a glass of tomato juice at 6:30 in the first stop of sun protection is the best time to get up.

You have been sleeping for more than 8 hours, which is equivalent to the skin having not actively absorbed moisture for 8 hours, so the skin must feel dry at this time, and you must enter the first stop of sun protection and charging.

The easiest and most effective alternative is to drink a glass of tomato drink, which will allow the body to function again.

Don’t underestimate this glass of tomato juice, it can do a lot.

Nutritional analysis shows that tomato contains 97% of water, which is as beautiful as watermelon. Each 500 grams of tomato contains 2 to 8 grams of protein, aunt 1.

4 grams, 9 grams of glucose, 38 milligrams of calcium, 174 milligrams of phosphorus, 2 milligrams of iron, and rich vitamins A, B1, and B6 are good skin care products.

Moreover, another important contribution of tomatoes is that eating more tomatoes can play a role in sun protection.

  Tip: Studies by German and Dutch scientists have shown that if everyone consumes 40 grams of ketchup per day, the risk of sunburn will be reduced by 40%.

In addition, if the tomatoes are crushed into a sauce, coated on both ends for about 15 minutes, and then washed with warm water, you can treat the sun-damaged skin, and eating tomatoes before meals can also help to lose weight.

  Sun protection station 2 Apply sunscreen at 7:00 in the morning Think about what you are doing today?

Go to work, go on an outing, get close to the sea, or go for sports.

This is important because it determines what type of sunscreen you use today and how high the SPF value is.

For people with ordinary skin, the SPF value is preferably 8-12; for light-sensitive people, the SPF value is 12-20; if the office worker is only exposed to the sun on the way to and from work, the SPF value is below 15; When playing in the wild, the SPF value of sunscreen should be above 30 when swimming at the beach.

If you are going to swim, it is best to replace waterproof sunscreen skin care products.

In addition, white fair people are better to replace sunscreen with SPF over 30 to prevent spots.

People with deeper skin can use sunscreen with SPF change of 15 on weekdays.

  Tip: Remember to apply sunscreen half an hour before going out.

  Change the sunscreen at 9:00 am at the third stop. Daily 9:00 am to 3:00 pm is the time when UVB (outdoor ultraviolet) radiation is the highest. At this time, if you are walking outdoors, you must change your sun protection clothes.
What is a sunscreen? I haven’t heard of it.

As the name suggests, it is the clothes that have good sun protection in the axial direction.

What kind of clothing is the most sun protection?

We recommend that you choose a cotton dress.

Because the fabric itself has a sun protection index, cotton has the highest sun protection index, its SPF value is about 15-40, followed by polyester light-colored clothes, SPF value is about 7-10, and knitted light-colored clothes is about 4-9.
  The 4th stop of sun protection at 12:00 noon to avoid light food after a morning of intense work, you must be hungry.

But be careful, do n’t use it if there is light sensitive food in your favorite food.

Photosensitive foods include coriander, leek, soy sauce, white radish, etc. If you eat too much, it will easily cause speckles when exposed to ultraviolet rays, which will increase the damage of ultraviolet rays on summer skin.

Shark fin, eel, catfish, winter melon, cauliflower and tendon all contain “sunscreen nutrients”. Eat more of these foods to absorb moisturizing sunscreen ingredients while satisfying appetite.

  Tips: Some vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and fiber that strawberry needs for human body can help digestion, laxative effect, and whiten the skin.

In addition, the sun protection and radiation protection effects of strawberries are gradually being understood.

So after a meal, you can use strawberries as your after-meal fruit.

  The 5th stop of the sunscreen at 15:00 pm. The new sunscreen supplement worked for such a long time, refracting the UVA into the room (may cause some tiredness of the skin, if it is oily skin, there will be oil phenomenon, and it will make the skin makeup.
For oily skin, you can use high-quality oil-absorbing paper to absorb the oil in the T-shaped area, and then replace the skin care and sunscreen products with SPF value below 15 to make up.

Dry skin can drink more water at this time.

  Tip: At this time, the sun does not relax the hair.

Use a leave-on moisturizing lotion to lock in hair moisture.

Can be applied directly to hair to keep hair moisturized and prevent sunlight from evaporating too much moisture.  Sun protection station 6: 17:30 pm Hair sun does not relax after work, and doing outdoor sports in the evening will be of great benefit to maintaining skin and body shape.

Also don’t forget to protect your hair from sun.

Due to the high temperature in summer, the metabolism of the human body will be accelerated; sebum secretion will be strong, the state of the hair will also change, and the hair quality will become very fragile. Therefore, you must choose a suitable sun care product after exercise in the evening.

The first thing to avoid is to use products that contain alcohol or formaldehyde to prevent your hair from getting dry.

Temperature, including mint refreshing ingredients, and mild and moisturizing all-natural products would be a good choice, but remember to see if it is marked with the protection index KPF.

  Tip: KPF represents the degree of protection of the scalp layer.

The KPF index is divided into 10 levels. Generally, hair care products marked with KPF index levels 2 and 3 can be selected.

  The seventh stop of sun protection at 21:40 in the evening. After sun exposure, although the skin can be better protected with the help of sunscreen products and non-photosensitive foods, the effect is not absolute.

After working and playing in the evening, you should sit down and repair your skin after a long day of exhaustion.

In the evening, a cup of yogurt breaks down so that you get enough nutrition and maintain a good shape.

But do n’t eat it all, leaving a little to apply your face is a good idea to repair after sun exposure.

All you need to do is soak the cotton pad in the yogurt and remove it and stick it on both ends for 10-15 minutes.

This can not only enhance the skin’s resistance to ultraviolet rays, but also lighten sunburn.

If you don’t have yogurt, don’t worry.

If you have some tomato juice left in the morning, you can mix it with tomato sauce in a 2: 1 ratio and apply it to the sunburn. Wash it off after half an hour.

Hold on every day, and you will find that the sunburn that just came out is getting lighter every day.

  Tips: If you accidentally get sunburned, be careful not to wash with hot water, you should use cold towel for 20-30 minutes.

This can greatly reduce sunburn.

Chinese medicine teaches you to choose the most healthy way of sleeping

Chinese medicine teaches you to choose the most healthy way of sleeping

Sleep is actually an important part of health. How sleep quality directly affects mental recovery and physical health.

Let’s take a look at how to choose the most healthy way to sleep.

  Sleep is actually a science. Paying attention to small details of sleep can help you to rest better and restore your spirit.

  Circulating people are breathing at all times, and sleep is no exception, so the bedroom should maintain air circulation, especially after the rain and morning air is too fresh, rich in oxygen and negative ions, inevitably less, should be timelyOpen the window to circulate air.

In addition, the bedroom should not be stacked with debris to reduce indoor air pollution.

  Choosing a good bed first is that the height of the bed should be slightly higher than the index of the person. The ideal cushion is preferably a hard and soft mattress with a soft and hard mattress. This will keep the human spine in a normal physiological state and ensure sleep.Comfortable.

  Multi-massage does not hinder self-massage before bedtime. For example, massaging the scalp can improve the scalp blood circulation, relax the nerves, eliminate fatigue, improve the nutrition and oxygen supply of the head.

Massaging the face helps to remove the skin’s aging cuticles and accelerates metabolism.

Massage dialysis patients digestion and absorption and minimal metabolism to prevent the “fat” of diabetes, each massage does not take much time, and the results will be effective over time.

  Lying for the bow, Chinese medicine believes that at night the body’s yin turns to flourish and yang is restrained.

The bowed posture is conducive to the convergence of yang and the complete relaxation of human muscle and fascia, which is easy to eliminate fatigue.

At the same time, the human body should be able to lie to the right, which can reduce the burden on the heart and brain, and promote the smooth operation of liver and brain blood collection and dialysis.

  Washing your feet with hot water before going to bed can promote the expansion of blood vessels in your feet and speed up blood circulation.

Foot fractures, hot water stimulation can have a good health care effect, especially those who suffer from insomnia and varicose veins. Washing feet with hot water can also relieve symptoms and easily fall asleep.

  After going to sleep at night, people who have supplemented water will have increased blood viscosity due to dehydration such as breathing, urination, and sweating. Therefore, it is a high-risk time for cerebral infarction before waking up. Therefore, water should be provided before bed and wake up at nightCome and add water in time when you wake up in the morning, this can strengthen the role of health care and disease prevention.

  Time to sleep According to the circadian body clock, the best time to fall asleep is 22?
23:00, get up at 5 in the morning?
6 o’clock.

Sleeping according to this pattern can get the best sleep effect.

  The tremor of a good pillow is the weakest part of the human body. Too high or low pillows will affect the natural relaxation of the muscles. Therefore, the pillow can only make the head slightly higher than the body.should.

  Covering the quilt requires warmth and sweetness, but the quilt must not be too thick or heavy, or most of the body will be under a certain pressure, which will prevent the body from relaxing and resting.

In addition, do not wear tights when sleeping, otherwise it will affect sleep.

  As the saying goes: “Three doctors, seven nurses, very defense.

“You can see the nature of health.

In many people’s consciousness, only old people need health. In fact, otherwise, health is a long road. The sooner you take this road, the more you will benefit.

To learn more about TCM health, please enter: TCM Health

Spring Festival travel by train pay attention to hygiene

Spring Festival travel by train pay attention to hygiene

Although the traffic has become more and more developed, trains are still the first choice for many people during the Spring Festival. Therefore, the originally comfortable journey becomes “hard” because of a large number of people, closed spaces, dense crowds, difficult to control diet and public suppliesSafety . A variety of factors may make your return journey full of health risks.

  Spring transportation by train, urination is too hurt, drink plenty of water, the biggest problem during spring transportation is the “difficult to use the toilet”, especially for women who use toilets instead, sometimes they can only choose to eat less and drink less to avoid waste.The toilet, or how long can it last.

  Urine can cause urinary system infections, and gowns can infect women’s private parts, causing gynecological inflammation, so holding back urine is not advisable, and you should not reduce drinking water.

  No matter how crowded, you still have to wait in line to go to the toilet.

It’s really impossible, you can go to the bathroom on the platform to go to the toilet when you arrive at the big station with a long stop time.

  During the Spring Festival, take the train, take a long time to do more sports, usually take the train, especially sleeper passengers, you can get up and walk at any time, such “privileges” are basically impossible during the Spring Festival.

  The passengers in the carriage are crowded, and it is inconvenient to walk around, and there are many hands, and it is easy to lose things when walking around. Many people are sitting all the time, or some people may be standing without seats, which is easy to cause blood vessel thrombosis.Puffiness and even varicose veins appear.

  If it is not convenient to stand up, you can do small legs and foot movements, such as turning your ankles and tiptoes. You should also walk around the platform when the train stops.

  Spring Festival by train, stabilize the emotions, don’t be irritable and crowded. The Spring Festival Games is a great test of emotions. Many people can’t express their feelings in time, and they are prone to develop the “Spring Festival syndrome”.

The Spring Festival syndrome is mainly manifested as worry, panic, fear, etc., and it is easy to feel emotionally upset and upset.

  May wish to bring a bottle of wind oil essence, various odor impurities with poor ventilation in the compartment, mixed with boiling vocals, put some wind oil essence or cool oil under the temples and nose, causing dullness, tension, affecting the restoration of sedation.

  In addition, don’t forget to bring your favorite books, games, music, pass the long and boring ride time, get off the bus and breathe fresh air, can also help you improve your mood.

  Tips for travelling by train during the Spring Festival. It is also necessary to prepare foot disinfection wipes for sanitary journeys when it is inconvenient to wash your hands; be sure to clean your hands before eating and after going to the toilet; do not pinch your eyes, dig your nose, and pick your ears.

  It is best to bring enough drinking water and food by yourself, and use public water dispensers as little as possible. It is convenient to carry food that is not prone to mildew to satisfy hunger.

  Be sure to bring some essential medicines when going out, such as anti-allergic drugs, disinfection supplies and band-aids.

How can I get warmer in winter?

How can I get warmer in winter?

Dressing in cold weather is not as thick as possible, and you must pay attention to the “layers” when wearing clothes.

Thick clothes have poor breathability, which makes it easy for people to sweat. After sweating, there is often no room for replacement.

Especially during a series of activities, sweat-soaked clothes will be quickly and quickly lost due to the lack of warmth of the air between the clothes’ fibers.

Therefore, some people always feel cold despite wearing thick coats.

  Wear a few more layers of thinner clothes for better warmth.

There are many layers, and the air circulation between the layers is relatively high, even if sweating, it is easy to dry, so the thermal insulation effect of the air inside the clothes can always be guaranteed.

In addition, there are many layers and there is room for replacement. Regardless of the room, the surroundings can always maintain a relatively stable body temperature without being suddenly cold and hot, which will make the body cold.

Therefore, only wearing multiple can really play a role in keeping warm.

Generally in winter, it is more appropriate to wear at least three layers of clothes.

As the weather turns cold, you can add layers appropriately, and don’t consider the customary practice of only clothing thickness.

Demystifying the cause of male infertility

Demystifying the cause of male infertility

Generally, about 80% of couples in their first year of marriage?
85% pregnant, about 10% in the second year?
15% of couples will become pregnant and be vigilant if they are infertile for more than 3 years.

The actual infertility patient came to the clinic because of infertility for many years after marriage. There were no other complications. Only abnormalities were found during the physical examination and laboratory examination of the relevant parties.

  Men’s infertility, according to the World Health Organization’s standards for one year, means at least 12 months of non-contraceptive life history without still conceiving the woman.

Primary male infertility is when a man has never conceived a woman.

Secondary male infertility is when a man has conceived a woman.

Essentially, male infertility is more likely to restore fertility than primary infertility.

  Currently, infertility has become a universal target.

The normal value of sperm has been replaced by more than 60 million per ml, which is considered normal.

  The causes of male infertility are very complex, and the World Health Organization is divided into 16 categories.

There are mainly the following aspects: After the genital organ is infected with male genital organs, the presence of worms will affect the normal secretion of gonads and decline in spermatogenic function, replace the morphology of sperm, and decrease viability and survival time, thereby losing fertilityLeading to infertility.

Acute patients will develop symptoms such as acute insulin bolitis, epididymitis, prostatitis, urethritis, and abnormal genital structure.

Severe cases can cause insemination ducts, cracks in the attachment, and even obstruction, causing sperm to fail to pass smoothly and enter the female body to combine with the eggs.

  Varicocele refers to the expansion of the spermatic cord venous plexus, which causes the blood flow of the retinal pill to be blocked, the temperature rise, the metabolic disorder, and the harmful substances not excreted in time.Infertility due to abnormal sperm and decreased vitality.

  Immune dysfunction means that men develop antisperm autoimmunity.

Human semen contains a variety of antigens. If it is implanted into urethritis, prostatitis, epididymitis, orchitis, etc., and the thrombus barrier is broken, an immune response will occur and anti-sperm antibodies will be produced.

Anti-sperm antibodies can inactivate sperm, cause oligospermia and azoospermia, and prevent sperm-egg binding.

Are you suitable for a marriage life?

Are you suitable for a marriage life?

One day, you receive a house ad with a beautiful villa printed on it, but there is no scenery around to match. If you want to add something next to the villa, which pair would you choose to match?


Sun and trees B, butterflies and a pot of flowers C, stars and dogs who choose A can create a beautiful family life: because trees and sunlight are indispensable parts of real life, so those who choose this answer, for marriage, lifeIt has a down-to-earth philosophy and will practice its ideal step by step, so it is a standard good husband and wife.

  Candidate B cannot accept realistic marriage life: the items in this project are decorative, so those who choose this answer are full of beautiful fantasy about marriage, but they are not qualified for the actual family life. After all, marriage is not solely dependent onTo maintain the acceleration of Romantic, it still requires hard work to have a happy outcome.

  Those who choose C will feel a little bit hard after getting married: in this project, half of the stars are decorative stars and practical dog names, so choosing this graphic is a person who has both fantasy and reality, but in addition to the realityApart from your life responsibility, you still have extra entertainment.

Soothing Liver In addition to Annoyance and Thirst Que Liang Soup Wheat Lily Pig Lean Soup

Soothing Liver In addition to Annoyance and Thirst Que Liang Soup Wheat Lily Pig Lean Soup

Women who are in menopause are particularly susceptible to upsets, insomnia, and more dreams during the early summer when the wet summer alternates.

The traditional Chinese medicine wheat lily with raw rehmannia, raw dragon teeth, and pig lean meat as a soup, has the effect of soothing the liver and nourishing thirst, and can improve the heart yin deficiency, menopause, insomnia or dreams that are more common in menopause.disease.

Wheat, also known as floating wheat, is rich in nutritional value, and has the functions of removing annoyance and thirst, urination, nourishing liver qi, regulating menstruation and hemostasis.

Lily can nourish yin and lungs, clear the heart and soothe the nerves; raw Huanghuang can nourish the yin, clear the heat, and cool the blood; raw dragon teeth can calm the nerves.

Pork lean meat not only supplements the bone marrow, but also is a drug.

  Materials: 30 grams of floating wheat, 18 grams of lilies, 20 grams of raw radix rehmanniae, 15 grams of raw dragon teeth (always sold by Chinese medicine stores), 50 grams of lean pork, 2 slices of ginger.

  Cooking: Wash each medicinal material and soak it a little; wash lean pork and cut into pieces.

Put them into a clay pot together, add 1000 ml of water (about 4 bowls), and boil the fire for about 1 hour, then add salt.

Take two servings a day for one person.

Moisturizing and whitening for autumn skin care program_1

Moisturizing and whitening essential for autumn skin care

Guide: Skin is the most important factor for radiance. I recommend a weekly skin plan for autumn skin care.

No matter what style you dress up, you can do whatever you want.

Autumn skin care starts with proper face washing, pay attention to deep cleansing, and then pay attention to moisturizing and whitening. In addition to various types of whitening masks, essence is also a good choice for autumn skin care, which can meet the nutritional needs of the skin.

  Deep cleansing: You must choose an acidic cleansing cream to properly wash dry skin care, so that it is closer to the skin’s original acid and alkali environment, and will not cause more serious dryness and roughness.

After washing your face, you need a hot tub of hot water to allow the rising steam to float evenly across every inch of the skin, and then cover the body with a hot towel for about 10-15 minutes. This can make the skin pores smooth. This method is especially suitableOily skin.

  Soothing decompression: apply ice milk to your eyes. If you have dark circles, you can pour ice milk onto gauze and gently apply it to your eyes for about 10 minutes. Apply it every hour to eliminate eye bags and relieve eye fatigue.This can also reduce eye wrinkles, and cold salt water and drunk tea can also play the same role.

  Deep moisturizing: Moisturizing the egg yolk milk mask is the theme of skin care. As long as the skin is too hydrated, almost all skin problems can be solved.

Autumn skin care can choose a natural mask.

Use an egg yolk, add a piece of honey and stir well. After washing the face with warm water, apply it on the face for about ten minutes. After the mask is completely dry, wash it with warm water, and then use lotion, moisturizer, and skin to feel it.Will be soft and tender.

  Whitening: In addition to all kinds of whitening masks, the essence is also a good choice for skin care. After cleaning the face with a mild facial cleanser, massage the essence evenly with fingertips until absorbed.

  Moisturizing mask: Moisturizing oil is the best condition of the skin in the morning. If you take good care of your skin early in the morning, the skin will naturally become more healthy and shiny.

Therefore, you can make an olive oil mask for skin care: heat the olive oil to about 37 degrees, add an appropriate amount of honey, and then dip the gauze in the oil to cover the skin and remove it after 20 minutes.

Those with very dry skin on their hands are particularly effective.

  Emergency measures One day you may have entertainment, drinking coffee, alcohol, strong tea, etc., the crowd will be excited to varying degrees, causing insufficient sleep, which will seriously affect the quality of skin care.

You should bring a handkerchief with you. When you go to the bathroom, use a wet handkerchief on your neck, cheeks, and eyes for a short time, which can effectively eliminate tiredness and revitalize your spirit.

  Message from the editor: If you can follow the above skin care methods in autumn, then your skin will definitely change in this fall!

Chenpi health lettuce, easy to learn

Chenpi health lettuce, easy to learn

Raw ingredients for chicken skins: 500 grams of chicken wings, salt, cooking wine, pepper, green onion, ginger, pepper, Chenpi, rock sugar, wolfberry, and oil.

  Method: Marinate the chicken wings with salt, cooking wine, and pepper for 10 minutes; pour the oil into the pan to fry the chicken wings to golden brown and remove, then put the shallots, ginger, and peppers in the pan and stir-fry, and add the fried chicken wings, Peel, rock sugar, stew in boiling water for 5 minutes, then add soft wolfberry and cook for 1 minute before serving.

  Ingredients for sirloin stuffed burdock: sirloin meat 500 grams, sirloin, ginger, peppercorns, garlic, light white, dried chili, rock sugar, old soy sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, cooking wine, water starch, oil, each amount.

  Method: Wash the peel, soften it, scrape off the white inner membrane with a knife, cut it into slices, and soak the peeled water for use; add an appropriate amount of oil to the pan, add the peel, ginger, pepper, garlic, light white, dried pepper,Stir-fry with rock sugar over low heat; cut the beef into boiling water and stir-fry, pour into the pan and stir-fry, spray the right amount of cooking wine, add the old soy sauce, season with raw soy sauce, and oyster sauce; add all the ingredients in one goOf water and the water that has been immersed in the peel before. Cook over low heat and simmer slowly until the beef is rancid. Turn over high heat and add water starch to simmer to collect the juice.

  Chenpi banana porridge ingredients: 100 grams of rice, 5 grams of Chenpi, 1 banana, rock sugar itself.

  Method: Wash the rice and add water, chopped the rind together and add it to the pot. After the high heat is boiled, turn to low heat and cook until it is sticky. Add the rock sugar. After the rock sugar is melted, put it in the banana and cook it a little.

  Prompt Chenpi has a certain dryness, dampness, and people with stomach fire should not eat it often, usually once a week.

  Chenpi has an effect on medicinal enzymes. People who are taking medicine should not eat more Chenpi.

Skin care products that mature men should own


Skin care products that mature men should own

Mature and attractive urban men, the pressure is there every second time, and the wise men know how to find the most accurate solution and coexist with the pressure.

For a confident 35+ man, time is wealth, knowledge is wealth, health is wealth, and skin health is the key to healthy wealth. Only with young skin and flying spirit can stress become a successful wealth and ease.Face all the challenges in life.


hzh {display: none; }  正如著名影星皮尔斯?
“I don’t care about aging, but I never let my skin age.

“, Mature and confident men should choose the skin care products that are most suitable for them, so that L’Oreal Paris Men’s Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Series can help men easily break the traces of the moon without wasting precious precious wealth.

  L’Oreal Paris Men’s Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Series cleans the skin. In daily life, dust, bacteria and pollution can easily clog pores and cause keratin accumulation. It contains salicylic acid to age keratin, soothes and calms skin.

Every morning, take an appropriate amount of cleansing cream on the palm, add water to rub the foam, apply on the upper face and focus on the forehead, gently massage the nose and chin, and then wash thoroughly with water, which can completely remove the dirt in the pores.Sweat and excess oil.

At the same time, the active and active soothing ingredients extracted from plants can make the skin feel clean and comfortable after cleansing, and continue to rejuvenate.

  Moisturizing, anti-aging, cleaned skin needs further care to restore the skin and achieve better anti-wrinkle and firming effects. Paris Anti-Wrinkle Firming Cream contains anti-wrinkle and firming ingredients: Vitamin A (Vitamin A) and Par-elastylTM (Active Firming Element), has obvious anti-wrinkle and firming effect, so that the skin reduces wrinkles and looks younger.

The moisturizing moisture specially designed for men is refreshing, non-greasy, and long-lasting, allowing young energy to accompany the whole day, moisturizing and anti-wrinkle while enjoying a comfortable skin experience.

  Famous movie star Pierce?
Brucenan Firming Anti-Wrinkle Essence is an essential product for intensive care. According to L’Oreal Men’s Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Dual Essence Milk for Milky Skin, it depends on men’s skin characteristics. Among them, anti-wrinkle has a stretchy active firming ingredient.Can bring skin firming experience.

Apply the essence to cleansed skin and parts and massage gently to let it go to the retinol VX anti-wrinkle essence to effectively penetrate the skin, effectively fight wrinkles and rejuvenate.

  Let the years go by and choose the L’Oreal Paris Men’s Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Series to make healthy skin a eternal wealth for mature men and keep their self-confidence and charm lasting.