Massage acupoints for insomnia

Massage acupoints for insomnia

Massage acupoints for insomnia

Insomnia: Usually refers to a subjective experience in which the patient does not meet sleep time and or quality and affects social function during the day.

  Anyone who has tasted the insomnia knows that it is an experience that is painful and cannot be imitated.

It is difficult for people to fall asleep, easy to wake up or wake up in the middle, and even sleep all night, until dawn, seriously affecting the body, work and quality of life.

With the fierce competition in society, the pace of study and life is accelerating, psychological pressure is increasing, and the number of patients with insomnia is increasing, and it is younger.

The reason is that the work is tense, the pressure is heavy, and the work schedule is chaotic, so that the normal human biological rhythm is disrupted.

The phenomenon that Chinese medicine distorts this biological clock is called “yin and yang imbalance.”

Therefore, the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” attributed insomnia to “yang does not enter the yin.”

  Tuina treatment of insomnia must reconcile yin and yang, through the “Wang Wen asked to cut” to determine the location of the patient, and then use a finger to seduce the way, follow the meridians, acupuncture points, open the second line of the governor “lead Yang into the yin”, so that the human body yin and yang return to balance, establishNormal day and night.

Modern medical research has shown that the circadian clock that controls the circadian rhythm is located in the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the brain.

Therefore, with a gentle, rhythmic one-finger zen technique repeatedly infiltrated the power into the body surface reflection area of Yintang, Baihui, temples and other biological clocks, which can inhibit the cerebral cortex system and produce drowsiness.

The Actiwach (Ultra Micro Sleep Watch) produced in the United States compared the patient’s massage before and after treatment, and most patients improved the quality of sleep.

For insomnia within one month, due to work stress, flight time difference, shifting, etc. caused by insomnia caused by the circadian clock, the general treatment of a course can be effective.

  During the tuina treatment, the patient can also help the patient by self-massage acupuncture points through the guidance of the doctor to achieve the desired therapeutic effect.

Self-massage steps: 1.

揉 Sanyinjiao resets the above three inches with the thumb and calf.

One hundred and twenty times each.


Rub the spring to rub the palm of your hand with your palm.

One hundred and twenty times each.

The gas is sea, the index finger, the middle finger and the ring finger are the next half of the umbilical cord.

One hundred and twenty times.

揉 Neiguan closed the thumb with two lines above the other wrist.

One hundred and twenty times each.

揉Godgate puts the thumb on the lateral wrist of the little finger on the palm of the other hand, and presses it.

One hundred and twenty times each.
  Insomnia problems are properly intervened early and treated early.

Many insomnia patients often think of finding a doctor after suffering from the pains of suffering, which is the best time to delay treatment.

Once you have insomnia for three or four days in a month, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.