Ejiao sexless men are also available

Ejiao sexless men are also available

Ejiao sexless men are also available

“Ejiao Benjingpin, Hong Jing said: ‘Go east, so the name Ejiao'” This is a famous assertion by the medical scientist Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty.

Li Shizhen praised Ejiao as the “holy medicine”.

  When it comes to Ejiao, too many people think that it is a woman’s blood supplement, which is linked to women’s health and gynecological correction treatment. It is even possible to use Yang Guifei who “concealed Ejiao unwillingly” and “Donglai Ejiao Day”.The Madam Hu Guo from the “Fellow King Mei Mei King” came to prove that it seems that Ejiao is a patented product of a woman, which cannot be used by a man, but it is not.

From medical classics, historical records of Ejiao culture and modern research results have proved that men can also eat Ejiao.

  The first man in history to use poems to record Ejiao was Cao Zhi, the son of Cao Cao in the Three Kingdoms, which was Cao Zijian who was only eight feet tall and became a poem in seven steps. After being forced into a poem by his brother in seven steps, he depreciated to Dong’a.County, the local people called him “Dong Ah King”, and he fought fiercely in the palace court, making him escape from the dead, tortured himself. When he came to Dong A, he was skinny and extremely weak, and the local doctor gave him Dong A Jiao.Afterwards, the body recovered miraculously. After that, she continued to take Ejiao, which was greatly controversial. For the dragon article: “Give me elixir, made by the emperor, teach me to take food, and also replenish my brain. It will last forever.old”.
  The second man was He Liangjun (now Songjiang), a talented man in Jiangsu Huating (now Shanghai Songjiang). He was born in the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty, and at the same time as Li Shizhen, he once recommended the Nanjing Hanlin Institute for Confucius.Yang Tiannian, sickness and health, in his “Qingsen Pavilion Collection”, there is a poem called “respect for life”, replaced by: “Every disease is born of qi and blood, and will not attack each other.

A gelatin is often around, Fuyuan Guben enjoys peace.

Mr. He believes that the way of “respecting life” should be to nourish qi and blood, often take E-Jiao, and become “Fuyuan Guben enjoy Taiping”. This is in line with qi and blood, which regulates qi and blood circulation, resulting in balance.The theoretical system of eliminating diseases and keeping in good health is the same.

  The above historical examples of two men and two women taking Ejiao are just representative examples withdrawn from numerous Ejiao stories. The change from this aspect shows that Ejiao has been a rickets fitness that can be used by both men and women to nourish and maintain beauty.

  Looking up the medical classics, from “Treatment of Typhoid and Miscellaneous Diseases” to “Compendium of Materia Medica”, you can see the Ejiao treatment of men and women together, the alternative to cure diseases.

In the vast medical literature, there are recorded dialectical theories about the fitness of Ejiao Disease, rich clinical practice, and exquisite Ejiao prescriptions, as traditional traditional Chinese medicines that integrate treatment and health care, for the prosperity of the Chinese nation and the development of human medicineMade an indelible contribution.

  Ejiao also has a clearer replacement in ancient classics for men and women. For example, the “Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing” written in the late Eastern Han Dynasty listed Ejiao as a “top grade” that can nourish a strong body.”Serve” is beneficial to light weight.

“It can be seen that Ejiao is a national medicine gem that can be used by both men and women as a combination of medicine and food.

  ”Compendium of Materia Medica” contains: “Ejiao Da Yaozhong is nourishing blood and fluid, so it can clear the lungs and yin and cure various diseases.

“” For the treatment of cough, no matter the lungs are deficient, the lungs can be lowered or warmed. Ejiao is needed to relieve the lungs and moisturize the lungs. Its sexual peace is the medicine for the lung meridians.

“Whether it is men or women, the lungs should be moisturized in autumn and winter. The dry weather in winter and the lungs are easily damaged. In addition, many lung diseases occur due to air environmental factors. Many men have been exposed to tobacco and alcohol for a long time.Maintenance, it can be seen that it is very suitable for the prevention and health care of lung cancer with gelatin.