Does picking ears affect hearing

Does picking ears affect hearing

Does picking ears affect hearing

How to properly pick ears?

Nowadays, some people take out their ears and take out problems that cause hearing loss in their ears. What to do in the face of this phenomenon?

  Everyone has itchy ears, and always wants to dig it out when itches.

Pick up the small black hair clip and dig it into your ear, in case the hair clip becomes easy to cause ear inflammation.

If you have a cotton swab, it looks a lot more hygienic, but if the cotton swab is not completely sterilized during the ear extraction process, it is still not good.

In order to prevent cotton swabs from bringing bacteria into the ears, before use, most of the previous people always use very dirty, but it is best to dip the ears in warm dilute saline to cause damage to the ears.Can relieve itching.

  Constantly pulling out the ear may cause cancer. Most people do not know that often pulling out the ear will affect hearing, and more serious, it can cause cancer.

  Experts explain that papilloma of the ear canal is infected with a virus, also called “junction tumor”.

This kind of borderline tumor is benign at first. If it receives too much external stimulus, this kind of borderline tumor that originally belongs to benign will become cancerous, and the longer and more, it will eventually block the ear canal.

  Experts in researching various factors that cause canceration have found that frequent ear extraction is one of the most and most directly cancerous factors.

Experts are asking patients to realize that most of them have the habit of picking their ears often.

One patient often asked the hairdresser to dig out his ears during a haircut and found it a pleasure.

As everyone knows, barbers use public ear tools that have not been sterilized. This can not only spread the ear canal papilloma virus, but also cause borderline tumors to become cancerous.

  In summary, people who have the habit of picking their ears appropriately pay attention, and must change their bad habits of picking their ears.

  How to correctly pick your ears will not affect the hearing Some people will enjoy the feeling brought about by their ears, so they often pick their ears.

These practices are very undesirable, because medically speaking, you can easily remove earwax, which can cause ear diseases such as external auditory canal infection, iliac embolism, etc. It is also easy to damage the eardrum and cause perforation of the eardrum.deaf.

  The ear canal has a strong self-cleaning power. “The normal external ear canal itself has a strong self-cleaning function, and it is not necessary to dig your ears often.”

Hu Haiwen said that the scientific name of earwax is “耵聍”, which is a pale yellow viscous liquid secreted by the glandular glands on the spine of the external ear canal.

It can block dirt entering the external ear canal from the outside, and stick to dust and bugs to protect the eardrum.

At the same time, salamander often covers the skin surface of the ear canal, which can maintain a certain humidity in the external ear canal.

  ”In daily life, you don’t need to prolong your ears, and you only need to dig your ears if too much earwax makes your ears uncomfortable.

Hu Haiwen said that the earwax in the ear will slowly move from the ear canal to the ear canal, dry in the air and form yellow flakes. Through the movement of the jaw joint during chewing, the outer ear is constantly displaced, there is no ear canal at allThe problem will not affect hearing because of too much earwax.

  After the water enters the ear, it is easy to be polluted with a cotton swab to absorb the water in the swimming pool. If it is accidentally stung, the sewage will easily enter the middle ear through the eustachian tube.

If the treatment is not timely, if it is not standardized, it can easily cause sequelae and cause hearing loss.

Therefore, when you feel water in your ear, you should immediately jump on one side with one foot and let the water twist, or use a cotton swab to absorb water.

  What tools do you use to dig your ears? When cleaning your ears, it is best to use a soft, clean cotton swab. Hard digging tools, such as ear spoons, are actually not good.

In particular, do not use sharp, unsanitary utensils such as hairpins, match sticks, toothpicks, etc. You can choose medical cotton swabs sold in pharmacies to gently clean out earwax.

If it is oily ears, earwax is not easy to dry and replace by yourself, you can use a medical cotton swab, dipped in medicinal alcohol, and wipe and clean the external ear canal.

  Hearing ears is easy to hurt Hearing “Often ears, but it is easier to stimulate the production of secretions in the ear canal, and habits are re-formed, when you do not go out, you will feel itchy in the ears, the more you want to dig.

In addition to stimulating the production of secretions, it is also easy to bring bacteria into the ears to cause infection.

Hu Haiwen said that even more troublesome is that when the ear is pulled, if the method is not appropriate, the earwax is replaced and pushed deep into the ear canal, which resets the ear canal and affects hearing.

  If the force is excessive, the skin or eardrum of the external auditory canal is damaged, and bacteria can invade to form external auditory canalitis, otitis media, tympanic membrane perforation, etc. In severe cases, even malignant papilloma can grow, causing irreversible damage to hearing.

Experts recommend that you don’t take your ears as a habit, and wait until your earwax needs to be cleaned.

  Do not give your child ears. The skin of the child is delicate, and the external auditory canal is immature. A little carelessness can easily damage the external auditory canal skin, and mild cases cause skin inflammation. In severe cases, injuries to the eardrum can affect children’s hearing.

In addition, when the ears are removed by themselves, if the instruments are not disinfected, bacteria may enter the ears and cause ear inflammation.

Therefore, it is recommended that if the child has too much sickness, he can go to the hospital’s ENT department and let the doctor clean up the sickness with professional equipment to avoid damaging the external ear canal and tympanic membrane.

  Don’t put foreign objects in your ears. It’s more common in children. Curiosity is the main reason.

There is a foreign body in the ear. I don’t feel anything at first. The child forgets it over time. However, if the child reports ear pain, ear tightness, tinnitus, and the child reports to the parent, the parent needs to keep their eyes and take the child to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.Because the foreign body prevents it from being recovered, some may rot, causing inflammation and perforation of the eardrum.

Therefore, parents need to warn their children not to put beans, glass beads and other items in their ears.