Pian Tsai Ying (600436) Review of major events: single largest price increase since listing 2020 performance promotion usher in an explosion

Pian Tsai Ying (600436) Review of major events: single largest price increase since listing 2020 performance promotion usher in an explosion

Matters: On January 20, 2020, the company issued an announcement that, for the main raw materials and labor costs of Pien Tze Huang products, the company decided to increase the retail price of Pien Tze Huang tablets to 590 yuan / capsule from the date of announcement.The price is increased by about 40 yuan / cap; the supply price in overseas markets is increased by about 5.

$ 80 per capsule.

Comment: The price increase is expected to directly increase the net profit of returnees in 20202.

0 ‰, 14 per year.


In the in-depth report of Pien Tze Huang released on January 14, 2020, we predicted that in 杭州夜网 2020, the domestic price of the “Pien Tze Huang Series” will increase by about 6%.

The price increase is 11.

9%, slightly higher than our expectations.

According to our Pianzai price increase model, the ex-factory price increased by 40 yuan to 375 yuan, an increase of 11.

9%. In 2020, the sales of the “Pien Tze Huang Series” will be about 577.

10,000 tablets, an increase of 18.

8%, strengthen the logic of rising volume and price.

Increased channel enthusiasm (10-year value-added of channel profits).

3%) to strengthen the logic of penetration enhancement.

The profit before the price increase was 195 yuan.

The price increase of 60 yuan this time, channel profits increased by 20 yuan, an increase of 10 a year.

3%, channel enthusiasm is enhanced, which is conducive to the improvement of national penetration.

According to our calculations, across the country, the demand for “Pien Tze Huang Series” liver disease drugs has penetrated into zero.

13%, 6% from 1% permeability.

7 times improvement space.

Infiltration and transformation under the demand of health care and self-use1.

98%, 4% from 10% permeability.

1x improvement space.

In mature markets in Fujian Province, the penetration rate of “Pien Tze Huang Series” liver disease medication demand is only 1.

76%, higher than the national average of 0.

13%, 4% from 10%.

7 times improvement space.

The target price for 2020 is 125.

5 yuan increased to 146.

2 yuan.

Taking into account the higher than expected price increase this time, strengthening the logic of rising volume and price, and increasing the penetration rate, and combining our previous in-depth report judgment on the company’s fundamentals, the industrial core product “Pien Tze Huang series” has obvious advantages.There is ample supply of raw materials, and there is room for competitive improvement in penetration across the country.

We raise the company’s profit forecast and increase the operating income growth rate to 20 in 19-21.

5%, 25.

1%, 19.

7% (previous forecast 21).

7%, 20.

4%, 19.

5%), increasing the net profit growth rate to 25.0%, 37.

3%, 19.

5% (previous forecast was 24.

4%, 23.

8%, 26.

3%), corresponding to PE is 53, 39, 32 times.

At the same time meeting the company’s price increase expectations to drive performance improvement, we raised the company’s PE estimate in 2020 is 45 times (the original value of 43 times), corresponding to the target price of 146 yuan (origin target price of 125 yuan), maintaining the “recommended” rating.

Risk reminders: 1) The supply of raw materials is reduced; 2) The merger and adjustment bring changes in the company’s strategy.

Halma Technology (002595) In-Depth Report-Strong Wind Power Demand, Competitive Advantage Extends New Field

Halma Technology (002595) In-Depth Report-Strong Wind Power Demand, Competitive Advantage Extends New Field
Introduction to this report: The wind energy price is approaching, and funding for the wind power casting industry is sought.The company’s competitive advantage extends from molds to wind power castings, and new business grows rapidly. Key points of investment: Conclusion: The coming of wind price and rapid increase of installed capacity; seeking funding for wind power casting industry, expected volume and price to rise.The company’s competitive advantage is extended, and its production capacity is expected to further increase in the future, benefiting from the expansion of wind power demand.We maintain our judgment that the EPS for 2019-21 will be 1.13, 1.29, 1.45 yuan, maintaining a target price of 25.8 yuan, the increase of wind can be priced, the wind power casting industry for alternatives.① The advent of wind energy prices, increasing installed capacity to promote rapid growth.Construction costs have dropped, wind power has been replenished, and grid parity has been introduced.GWEC expects that in the next two years, the global wind power installations are expected to increase to more than 65GW; in 2019, the global new installations will increase by 27%.② The demand for wind power castings is gradually increasing, and the average annual market size is 10 billion yuan.The wind power casting industry will put forward the pursuit of expectation, which is expected to usher in both volume and price.③ The global wind power casting production capacity is concentrated in China, and the competition pattern has improved marginally. The extension of competitive advantages, from molds to wind power castings, new business has grown rapidly.① The company’s competitive advantage extends from molds to gas turbines to 杭州桑拿网 wind power castings.The tire mold business is thriving, and its profitability has significantly surpassed its peers.The company integrates casting and processing, and through the accumulation of customers of gas turbine parts processing, it has further obtained wind power casting orders from GE and Siemens, mainly producing wheels, bases and other products. ② The marginal improvement of the competition pattern of wind power castings. The company’s current market share is about 5%, the throughput is constantly increasing, and the demand for wind power is expanding.③ The marginal impact of future cost increases is limited, and gross margin is expected to stabilize and recover.Compared to molds, the company’s casting and large-scale parts processing business is more sensitive to the cost of raw materials, and the profit outlook is repaired. Catalyst: Obtain orders from major global customers. Core risks: risks of fluctuations in raw material prices and risks of exchange rate fluctuations.

Nandu Property (603506): National Business Layout Continues to Meet Expectations

Nandu Property (603506): National Business Layout Continues to Meet Expectations

Event: Nandu Property released the 2018 annual report.

Realized operating income in 201810.

59 ppm, an increase of 29 in ten years.

18%, net profit attributable to mother 9181.

180,000 yuan, an annual increase of 22.

69%, deducting non-net profit 6941.

860,000 yuan, down by 0 every year.


Operating income for the fourth quarter of 20183.

2.1 billion, an annual increase of 34.

21%, net profit attributable to mother 2591.

630,000 yuan, an increase of 6 in ten years.


Revenue has maintained a high growth, and labor costs have dragged down gross profit margins.

In 2018, the company accumulatively signed an area of 5,542.

560,000 square meters, an increase of 1657 over the same period last year.

610,000 square meters, strength 42.

67%, the newly signed area is about 1026.

720,000 square meters.

By business, revenue from contracted property management services8.

68ppm, an increase of 30 per year.

12%, gross margin is 18.

12%; Remuneration property management services revenue 670.

920,000 yuan, a decrease of 9 per year.

94. The gross profit margin is 100%;

140,000 yuan, an increase of ten years.

55%, gross margin is 22.

82%; consulting services revenue 110.

90,000 yuan, an annual increase of 32.

84%, gross margin is 100%; value-added services revenue was 6,861.

70,000 yuan, an annual increase of 30.

35%, gross margin is 67.

08%; long-term rental apartment revenue 2046.

710,000 yuan, gross margin is 2.


Due to the increase in labor costs and the improvement in the quality of project services, the overall gross profit margin decreased2.

31% to 22.

1%.In terms of expense ratio, sales expense expense2.

67%, a decrease of 0.

09pct; overhead rate and R & D expense9.

03%, down 0.

58pct; financial expenses cost-0.

28%, up 0.


Deeply cultivate Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai regions, and national distribution.

The company is 19 of the top 100 property companies, continuously improving its service quality, deeply plowing Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai regions, expanding the national business territory, and successfully opening markets in Shenzhen, 杭州夜网论坛 Wuhu, Yulin, Urumqi and other places.

Through benchmarking project construction and brand promotion, the local market share will be increased, and the scale effect will be expanded.

Merger and acquisition of Jinfeng Property, the mining property integration effect is good, endogenous extension project.

The company’s commercial services (Alibaba Xixi Park Phase III Pro Orange Lane Shopping Center Project) achieved a new breakthrough in 2018.

Apartment leasing continues to develop.

18-year long-term rental apartment revenue was 2046.

710,000 yuan, the apartment rental business continued to grow rapidly. In 18 years, the International Youth Community Canal Store and Happy City Store opened one after another.

Recently, the “Downing Serviced Apartment Apartment Rental Contract” of the subsidiary Yueyue Commercial 杭州夜网论坛 Management Company has a lease term of 6 years. The lease is for serviced apartments or hotels, and the apartment rental business has sufficient momentum for development.

Profit forecast: We forecast the company’s net profit for 2019-2021 to be 1.



49 ppm, an increase of 20 in ten years.

2% / 17.

1% / 15.

6%, EPS are 1 respectively.



45 yuan.

We believe that the company’s basic property services have a nationwide layout, value-added services, and apartment leasing projects have continued to develop, maintaining an “overweight” rating.

Risk reminder: the risk of rising labor costs, the risk of all reinvestment in property costs, the risk of intensified market competition, and the risk of real estate

Mature woman development plan → must see for white-collar workers

Mature woman development plan → must see for white-collar workers

What is the standard for beautiful buttocks?
  Tight, round, strong, and flexible.
  How can I have it?
  First, stretch your arms straight against the wall, separate your right leg, move your weight to the right foot, and then bend your body forward. While exhaling, straighten your left leg to the right, raise it as far as possible, alternate your legs 15 times,Do not bend your legs.
Do it in the morning and evening, and keep doing it every day. This exercise can shrink the abdomen and form a beautiful curve from the waist to the hips.
To achieve the purpose of bodybuilding.
  2. Stand on your body, hands on hips, then bend your knees to maintain a slightly squatting position.
Maintaining the ready position, then abdomen, then hips backwards, this is a complete movement.
Continue to keep your knees bent, then do the above actions continuously.
  3. After stepping on the rope, step forward and backward with both feet, and then squat so that the thighs and lower legs of the front and back feet are at 90 degrees.
  4. Lay your feet slightly on the floor, with your hands flat on the sides.
Use lumbar force to pull up and maintain for about 5 seconds, then lay the body flat on the ground and repeat the action 15 times.
  5. Lie on your back with your legs straight and your arms separated. Lift your right leg at right angles to the bed and slowly move your finger to the left. Touch your left finger as much as possible. Keep your right leg straight and your left hand level.; Replace with your left leg, lift your finger to the right, and repeat.
  6. Let your elbows and knees rest on the floor and contract the muscles of your abdomen, hips and legs.
Lift your left leg to the height of your hips and bend your knees at a right angle for a few seconds.
Lower your left leg and repeat your right leg.
  7. Climbing stairs is simple and saves money, but because almost every office building has an elevator, everyone is used to taking elevators. How could you still want to climb stairs?
In fact, there are many benefits to climbing stairs, which can burn calories. In addition, if you take two steps at a time when walking up the stairs, you can drive your thigh and buttock muscles and firm your hips.
  8. Find a chair, hold the back of the chair, stand one foot upright, and stretch the other foot backwards in the air. After about 2 seconds, lower it again. The action can be repeated 10 to 15 times, and then you can change your feet.
  9. Stand with your feet apart, wider than your shoulders, and lift your arms horizontally.
Cross your arms down to the abdomen, with your knees bent and your legs squatting slightly.
Then return to the ready position.
  10. Kneel on the ground and support the ground with both hands.
单脚屈起向外侧伸展,左右脚轮流做20次  十一、席地而坐,双腿伸直,挺腰直背:用半边臀部向前“行走”,背不能躬,双腿不能弯曲,不能用手Fudi.
The above exercises will help reduce thigh size.
  12. Put your legs together, support your hands on the wall, straighten your legs, stretch your hips outward for 10 seconds, and then move closer to the wall for 10 seconds. Repeatedly, you can not only make the sculpture hip curve, but also have the effect of abdomen.Will slowly flatten.
  13. With your feet spread apart and stepping on the elastic rope with shoulder width, hold the rope on your shoulders with both hands, and squat down with your hips so that the thigh and calf are about 90 degrees. After standing for 8 seconds, stand still.straight.
As for how many times to do, please adjust according to your personal circumstances.
  14. Hold the handles with both hands, legs close together, knees straight, chest, hips, and upper limbs leaned back. Keep this position for 3-60 seconds, once.
Repeat the above actions repeatedly, the hip muscles feel sour and soft, each exercise should be maintained for 3 minutes, you can repeat the exercise several times a day.
  15. With your hands on your hips, stand your left leg backwards in a comfortable position, with your right leg taut and your feet touching the ground.
Press your body forward while pressing down, keeping your upper body straight, and bend your left leg forward to approach your right leg.
The left and right legs are exchanged back and forth.
  Sixteen, prone on the bed, hands on both sides of the body.
Raise your right leg, keeping your toes straight, and keep for about a minute.
The left and right legs are exchanged.
  17. Kneel on the ground, support the ground with both hands, straighten your body as much as possible, and then straighten up with one foot as much as possible. Keep this action until the feet are a little bit tender, about 10 seconds.
Take turns to repeat the action 20 times.  Eighteen, hands and feet straight down on the ground.

Use your waist to pull your body up for about 3 seconds.

Repeat the action 10 times.

  Nineteen, put a pool of warm water in the bathtub and straighten your legs.

Bend one leg, and force forward to lower your body for 10 seconds. Repeated movements of the legs alternately can tighten the muscles of the legs and hips.

  Twenty, when brushing your teeth, put your feet together, your shoulders stand up, your hips tightened.

When you rinse your mouth, relax your hips.

Repeating a and b can make the hip and thigh lines more attractive.

Adhering to the practice of beautiful buttocks can strengthen the beauty of the legs, especially for the hips and hips, the lifting of the hips and the strengthening of the back strength are effective.

How to observe and respond to pediatric malnutrition

How to observe and respond to pediatric malnutrition

Hysteria in the motherland’s medicine refers to a certain disease.

Here, there are two meanings of tadpole. One is Gan Ye, which means that children eat uncontrollably with fat and fat, hurt the spleen and stomach, and form hysteria, and explain its cause.The shape is thin, indicating its symptoms.

General Symptoms The symptoms of early malnutrition in children are weight loss, weight loss, reduced subcutaneous aunts, dry skin and hair, low elasticity, yellowish complexion, loss of energy, decreased activity, and muscle weakness.

Mild malnutrition has no effect on the child’s early height, and long-term especially severe malnutrition can retard the child’s height growth.

How pediatric malnutrition develops causes pediatric rickets initially due to improper parental acceptance or picky eating or partial eating in children.

To think inappropriate is mainly too much and too late.

Too much means that there is no good eating habits, over-satisfaction is irregular, excessively fatty foods are eaten, and cold foods are eaten too much, leading to a stoppage in the food product and the formation of rickets.

Less than refers to insufficient breast milk intake; improper preparation of artificial intake, such as too low milk or milk powder concentration, or staple foods (rice flour, malted milk concentrate), resulting in malnutrition due to long-term lack of protein and small amounts.

Supplementary food should be promptly supplemented after weaning or during lactation; rabbit lips, cleft palate, infantile diarrhea, intestinal malabsorption syndrome, etc .; acute and chronic infectious diseases; congenital deficiency and low physiological functions, such as multiple births, premature births, twins, etc. can causeHysteria.

Of course, family conditions are improving, and the cause of this disease is mostly too much.

Family prevention of pediatric hysteria Because hysteria is mainly caused by improper or picky eating, and partial eclipse, reducing the incidence of hysteria mainly depends on family prevention. Young parents should do the following 4: 1.

Periodic health test Regularly check the children’s growth and development indicators, such as height, weight, number of deciduous teeth, etc., to find early children’s growth and development alternatives and correct correction as soon as possible.


Reasonable promotion of breast milk replacement is especially necessary for premature and low birth weight infants.

If you can’t breastfeed, try to use milk and dairy products to ensure the replacement of sufficient heat energy and high-quality protein and aunt.

Recognized single starches are mainly consumed because they lack high-quality protein and essential amino acids.

Add supplements on time to ensure essential vitamins, minerals and heat.

More comprehensive skin care 24 hours a day


More comprehensive skin care 24 hours a day

With the arrival of May, the hot summer is also coming. Sun protection and whitening have become hot spots for MMs.

Let’s take action and do sun protection 24 hours a day.

  Drinking a glass of tomato juice at 6:30 in the first stop of sun protection is the best time to get up.

You have been sleeping for more than 8 hours, which is equivalent to the skin having not actively absorbed moisture for 8 hours, so the skin must feel dry at this time, and you must enter the first stop of sun protection and charging.

The easiest and most effective alternative is to drink a glass of tomato drink, which will allow the body to function again.

Don’t underestimate this glass of tomato juice, it can do a lot.

Nutritional analysis shows that tomato contains 97% of water, which is as beautiful as watermelon. Each 500 grams of tomato contains 2 to 8 grams of protein, aunt 1.

4 grams, 9 grams of glucose, 38 milligrams of calcium, 174 milligrams of phosphorus, 2 milligrams of iron, and rich vitamins A, B1, and B6 are good skin care products.

Moreover, another important contribution of tomatoes is that eating more tomatoes can play a role in sun protection.

  Tip: Studies by German and Dutch scientists have shown that if everyone consumes 40 grams of ketchup per day, the risk of sunburn will be reduced by 40%.

In addition, if the tomatoes are crushed into a sauce, coated on both ends for about 15 minutes, and then washed with warm water, you can treat the sun-damaged skin, and eating tomatoes before meals can also help to lose weight.

  Sun protection station 2 Apply sunscreen at 7:00 in the morning Think about what you are doing today?

Go to work, go on an outing, get close to the sea, or go for sports.

This is important because it determines what type of sunscreen you use today and how high the SPF value is.

For people with ordinary skin, the SPF value is preferably 8-12; for light-sensitive people, the SPF value is 12-20; if the office worker is only exposed to the sun on the way to and from work, the SPF value is below 15; When playing in the wild, the SPF value of sunscreen should be above 30 when swimming at the beach.

If you are going to swim, it is best to replace waterproof sunscreen skin care products.

In addition, white fair people are better to replace sunscreen with SPF over 30 to prevent spots.

People with deeper skin can use sunscreen with SPF change of 15 on weekdays.

  Tip: Remember to apply sunscreen half an hour before going out.

  Change the sunscreen at 9:00 am at the third stop. Daily 9:00 am to 3:00 pm is the time when UVB (outdoor ultraviolet) radiation is the highest. At this time, if you are walking outdoors, you must change your sun protection clothes.
What is a sunscreen? I haven’t heard of it.

As the name suggests, it is the clothes that have good sun protection in the axial direction.

What kind of clothing is the most sun protection?

We recommend that you choose a cotton dress.

Because the fabric itself has a sun protection index, cotton has the highest sun protection index, its SPF value is about 15-40, followed by polyester light-colored clothes, SPF value is about 7-10, and knitted light-colored clothes is about 4-9.
  The 4th stop of sun protection at 12:00 noon to avoid light food after a morning of intense work, you must be hungry.

But be careful, do n’t use it if there is light sensitive food in your favorite food.

Photosensitive foods include coriander, leek, soy sauce, white radish, etc. If you eat too much, it will easily cause speckles when exposed to ultraviolet rays, which will increase the damage of ultraviolet rays on summer skin.

Shark fin, eel, catfish, winter melon, cauliflower and tendon all contain “sunscreen nutrients”. Eat more of these foods to absorb moisturizing sunscreen ingredients while satisfying appetite.

  Tips: Some vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and fiber that strawberry needs for human body can help digestion, laxative effect, and whiten the skin.

In addition, the sun protection and radiation protection effects of strawberries are gradually being understood.

So after a meal, you can use strawberries as your after-meal fruit.

  The 5th stop of the sunscreen at 15:00 pm. The new sunscreen supplement worked for such a long time, refracting the UVA into the room (may cause some tiredness of the skin, if it is oily skin, there will be oil phenomenon, and it will make the skin makeup.
For oily skin, you can use high-quality oil-absorbing paper to absorb the oil in the T-shaped area, and then replace the skin care and sunscreen products with SPF value below 15 to make up.

Dry skin can drink more water at this time.

  Tip: At this time, the sun does not relax the hair.

Use a leave-on moisturizing lotion to lock in hair moisture.

Can be applied directly to hair to keep hair moisturized and prevent sunlight from evaporating too much moisture.  Sun protection station 6: 17:30 pm Hair sun does not relax after work, and doing outdoor sports in the evening will be of great benefit to maintaining skin and body shape.

Also don’t forget to protect your hair from sun.

Due to the high temperature in summer, the metabolism of the human body will be accelerated; sebum secretion will be strong, the state of the hair will also change, and the hair quality will become very fragile. Therefore, you must choose a suitable sun care product after exercise in the evening.

The first thing to avoid is to use products that contain alcohol or formaldehyde to prevent your hair from getting dry.

Temperature, including mint refreshing ingredients, and mild and moisturizing all-natural products would be a good choice, but remember to see if it is marked with the protection index KPF.

  Tip: KPF represents the degree of protection of the scalp layer.

The KPF index is divided into 10 levels. Generally, hair care products marked with KPF index levels 2 and 3 can be selected.

  The seventh stop of sun protection at 21:40 in the evening. After sun exposure, although the skin can be better protected with the help of sunscreen products and non-photosensitive foods, the effect is not absolute.

After working and playing in the evening, you should sit down and repair your skin after a long day of exhaustion.

In the evening, a cup of yogurt breaks down so that you get enough nutrition and maintain a good shape.

But do n’t eat it all, leaving a little to apply your face is a good idea to repair after sun exposure.

All you need to do is soak the cotton pad in the yogurt and remove it and stick it on both ends for 10-15 minutes.

This can not only enhance the skin’s resistance to ultraviolet rays, but also lighten sunburn.

If you don’t have yogurt, don’t worry.

If you have some tomato juice left in the morning, you can mix it with tomato sauce in a 2: 1 ratio and apply it to the sunburn. Wash it off after half an hour.

Hold on every day, and you will find that the sunburn that just came out is getting lighter every day.

  Tips: If you accidentally get sunburned, be careful not to wash with hot water, you should use cold towel for 20-30 minutes.

This can greatly reduce sunburn.

Introduce the many wonderful uses of Huoxiangzhengqi water


Introduce the many wonderful uses of Huoxiangzhengqi water

Core tips: Huoxiangzhengqi water is a traditional Chinese medicine commonly used in summer. It is mainly composed of Huoxiang, Atractylodes macrocephala, Chenpi, Magnolia officinalis, Poria, Poria, Dabeli, Pinellia, Licorice, Perilla, etc., And the role of Qushu.

Commonly used for the treatment of diarrhea and abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea, and dialysis type colds.

  Infant diarrhea: take a piece of clean gauze, fold it into 4-6 layers and place it on the navel of the child, and preheat the Huoxiangzhengqi water in water, pour it on the gauze when the temperature of the medicine is suitable, and use plastic for filling.After covering the gauze with cloth, fix it with medical tape, remove it after 2-3 hours, 2-3 times a day, usually it will take effect in 2 days.

For severe diarrhea, people with moderate or more dehydration should be rehydrated in time.

  Seasickness and Seasickness: Before boarding the boat, you can use cotton wool dipped in Huoxiangzhengqi water and apply it to the navel, or you can take a Huoxiangzhengqi water (minus children) orally 5 minutes before the ride to prevent seasickness.

  Mosquito bites: If accidentally “invaded” by mosquitoes in summer, the affected area can be coated with Huoxiangzhengqi water, which can eliminate or eliminate itching in about half an hour.

  Athlete’s foot: Wash and dry the affected foot with warm water, apply Huoxiangzhengqi water to the toes and other affected areas, and apply it once in the morning and evening. It is best to penetrate the airy cotton socks and cloth shoes during the treatment to maintain the feet.Dry, 5 days as a course of treatment, usually 1-2 courses can be effective.

  Pediatric gardenia: Gardenia is a common disease in infants and young children, and occurs frequently in summer. If not treated in time, it can cause fusion of gardenia and cause pustules and secondary infections.

It is better to treat pediatric gardenia with Huoxiangzhengqi water.

It is preferable to replace 1 stick of Huoxiangzhengqi water with cold water or physiological saline in proportion. The replacement concentration is: for less than 3 months, the ratio of liquid medicine to water is 1: 3; for 4 to 12 months, liquid medicine and waterThe ratio is 1: 2; for those over 1 year old, the ratio of liquid medicine to water is 1: 1.

Wash and dry the area with warm water before using the medicine, and then wipe the affected area with sterilized cotton swab instead of the replacement medicine, 2-3 times a day.

  Eczema: After washing the affected area with warm water daily, directly coat the affected area with Huoxiangzhengqi water, 3-5 times a day for 3-5 days.

  Chronic urticaria: Chronic urticaria is a common dermatological disease with onset of causative factors and complex pathogenesis. Huoxiangzhengqi water has a certain therapeutic effect on the disease. Patients can take Huoxiangzhengqi water 10 ml orally 3 times a day.Even taking 2 weeks as a course of treatment (if accompanied by laryngeal edema, shock, fever, those who have been treated with corticosteroids in the past 2 weeks and those with yin deficiency and fire are not suitable for this method).

  Vulvar itching: For those with vulvar itching, replace the Huoxiangzhengqi water with cold water 50 times and clean the vulva (available for both men and women). After washing, not only the symptoms such as itching are alleviated or disappeared, but also a local refreshing feeling.

  External hemorrhoids: take 20ml of Huoxiangzhengqi water, replace with 1000ml of cold water, scrub with cotton wool, 2 times a day, have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

  As the saying goes, “It is a drug that is three points poison”, Huoxiangzhengqi water is no exception. Some patients have allergic rash, anaphylactic shock, allergic purpura, and tachycardia after taking this product. Here we remind patients to usePay attention to the safety of this medicine, especially those with allergies, it is best to take this medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

A certain fruit can be both whitening and spotting beauty_1

A certain fruit can be whitening and spotting

Anyone wants to be white and white, with good skin, you can also use powder without makeup.

If you want to whiten, if your skin is red and white, and it looks pink and tender, please eat more of these whitening fruits!

These fruits all have a trace amount of vitamin C, which can keep the skin white and elastic, and prevent wrinkles; Vitamin E can prevent aging and oxidation, prevent skin pigmentation, eliminate dark spots, melasma, etc., and make the skin look from the insideFor nothing.

To whiten, please eat the following fruits and vegetables: 1. Cherries Fresh cherries are rich in sugar, protein, beta carotene, iron and other nutrients.

Iron can make people look rosy, while β-carotene and vitamin C can be added to whiten the skin. Eating more cherry can make the skin really delicate and elastic!

  2, lychee lychee contains sugar, protein, pectin, vitamin C, phosphorus, iron and so on.

Vitamin C and iron are the nutrients that people have in the red and white complexion. However, eating litchi is easy to get angry, so the anger and acne-prone brows must be moderated, not excessive.

  3, Guava Guava also eats more whitening fruits, it contains vitamin C, fructose, glucose and other nutrients, vitamin C alone is several times more than other fruits, beauty can be eaten.

  4, tomato The whitening effect of tomato is as good as the effect of weight loss. It has very rich vitamins, minerals, impurities, organic acids and proteins. Tomato also protects vitamin C. It can absorb a lot of vitamin C and antioxidants.To be a fair beauty, eat more tomatoes every day.

  5, summer fruits, such as watermelon, grapes, pineapples, pears, peaches and other seasonal fruits that are abundant in summer, are also rich in vitamin C, and absorb skin water, tender, fair and flawless.

  6, vegetable peas, soybean sprouts, winter melon and green vegetables all contain vitamins A, C, E and protein and other nutrients, but can not be ingested by whitening skin.

Winter melon contains trace elements zinc and magnesium.

Zinc can refresh one’s spirit; magnesium makes people look rosy.

Winter melon is also a weight loss holy product!

It is easy to feel full with more water, fiber helps digestion, and you don’t have to worry about getting fat if you eat more.

The national snowman map pushed the snowman to drink two hot soups to the cold evil!

The national snowman map pushed the snowman to drink two hot soups to the cold evil!

At the beginning of 2018, many countries in developing countries have ushered in rain and snow. The China Weather Network recently released a map of national snowmen. Come and see if your home is suitable for snowmen?

If you want to make a snowman, you don’t need more snow, and you need snow.

According to the conditions of the formation of wet snow, pick up the ground temperature is 0?
In the area between 5 掳C, the snowfall of more than 5 mm in 24 hours is the standard for starting snowmen, and the size of more than 10 mm is the standard for holding snowmen.

So the qualified friends are going out to make a snowman, but don’t forget to drink two hot soups to warm up and chill after you come back!

Onion white bean soup, onion white bean soup, also known as onion soup, is the recipe in the “Remaining Elbow Rear” written by Tao Hongjing in the Southern and Northern Dynasties.

After drinking this soup, the body will sweat slightly, and the cold will dissipate.

Ingredients: a green onion, 3 grams of cardamom.

Practice: Use a large green onion (preferably with green onion), cut it into small pieces, put it into the pot, then pour the light soybean meal bought from the pharmacy, put two cups of water, and cover the lid.

The fire broke open and the fire was simmered for five minutes.

The onion soup is not to be drunk all the time, see the situation to drink.

If you sweat slightly, you don’t have to drink any more; if you don’t sweat, continue to drink.

The specific dosage should be adjusted according to different people, and there is no single standard.

There are many kinds of ginger, onion, white sugar and ginger in Chinese medicine. There are dried ginger, ginger, ginger, ginger, and ginger.

Among them, dried ginger is not dried directly from ginger.

The initial rhizome of ginger is called ginger, and the ginger is dried and called ginger.

Put the ginger into the ground, germinate, and grow other rhizomes. These new stems are called ginger.

Therefore ginger is not ginger.

The spicy nature of ginger is a little worse than that of dried ginger.

For children, cold and wet can also use ginger onion white brown sugar soup: take two thick ginger, cut three pieces obliquely, then cut the green onion half, put together in the pot, put a spoonful of brown sugar, then add two glasses of water,Cover the lid and simmer the pot.

Then simmer for three minutes, close the fire, and then suffocate for ten minutes.

After drinking, it will sweat slightly, and the blood will be smooth, and the cold evil will be removed.

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3 days fast weight loss recipe


3 days fast weight loss recipe

The 3-Day Fast Weight Loss Recipes is an exhaustive diet plan that requires strict adherence by the user.

The amount of food must be controlled just right, and the excess will not be able to achieve the effect of reducing 9 pounds.

Similarly, even if you are not hungry, you should eat on time, and the lack of weight will be a bad thing.

After 3 days, the next 4 to 5 days will return to the normal diet, and then enter the next 3-day diet plan.

銆€銆€The recipes are as follows: breakfast black coffee or tea on the first day, add 1 to 2 small packets of sugar or the same amount of flavoring 1/2 grapefruit or grapefruit juice 1 slice of toast plus 1 tablespoon peanut butter lunch 1/2 cup tuna 1Slice of toast black coffee or tea, add 1 to 2 sachets of sugar or the same amount of flavorings for dinner 3 oz lean meat or chicken 1 cup green beans or green beans 1 cup carrot 1 apple 1 cup of plain vanilla ice cream2 days breakfast black coffee or tea, add 1 to 2 small packets of sugar or the same amount of flavoring 1 egg 1/2 banana 1 piece toast lunch 1 cup cheese or tuna 8 dinner 2 beef sausage 1 cup broccoliOr cabbage 1/2 cup carrot 1/2 banana third day breakfast black coffee or tea, add 1 to 2 small packets of sugar or the same amount of flavoring 5 ordinary size salty biscuits 1 oz cheese 1 apple lunch blackCoffee or tea, add 1 to 2 small packets of sugar or the same amount of flavorings 1 boiled egg 1 piece toast dinner 1 cup tuna 1 cup carrot 1 cup broccoli 1 cup melon 1/2 cup plain vanilla ice creamAdditional instructions: Strictly follow the recipe, drink 4 glasses of water a day or other涓岶ree radical-containing beverages.

銆€銆€Experts suggest that experts believe that the only reason this recipe can make people slim down is that the transition content is really very small, about 1,000 calories.

Low levels of diet slow down the body’s metabolism, so experts worry that when a dieter returns to a normal diet, weight will quickly rebound.

The worst case is a vicious circle: 3 days of dieting, then a few days of relaxation, the most likely to lead to overeating, then dieting, and then overeating . In addition, the small amount of prescription recipes is also very low, but only the role isPromote the body’s absorption of water.

In this way, the body will slim down, the reason is probably the loss of water, rather than accidental consumption.

銆€銆€Some experts are also worried that if dieters fail to lose weight because they don’t strictly follow the “3-day fast weight loss diet,” they will blame their lack of perseverance.

But in fact, this recipe is not something that everyone can easily endure.

Therefore, it is not your fault to persist, it is the fault of the recipe.

銆€銆€Finally, experts pointed out that using this recipe to lose weight is feasible to a certain extent, but it is not a healthy way to lose weight.

A balanced, normal diet and exercise can build a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, when using this recipe, enrich its connotation and add healthy elements: such as letting more kinds of food enter the recipe; dieting combined with exercise, and so on.