The equipment level of the National Olympics is backward, don’t think about playing the group, develop first

The equipment level of the National Olympics is backward, don’t think about playing the group, develop first
Missing the Olympics, Olympic players have no choice but to hide their faces.Figure / Osports Olympic preliminaries before the start of the study, within the scope of my circle of friends, no domestic football reporter thinks that the Olympic team can qualify for the group.A veteran football player who has long tracked the Olympic Games told me cruelly that these opponents could not beat them all. The best result was a draw against Uzbekistan and a point away from the group.In the end, the goal of “draw a tie, get one point, and hold on for a while” was achieved, and the Olympic Games was eliminated from the group one round ahead.In disappointment, Chinese football has never been disappointed.Some media said that this is the third consecutive missed Olympic Games in China.I always feel that this is a bit ridiculous. Later, I figured out that the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games was a guarantee for promotion.The truth is that in the previous Olympic preliminaries that participated in the admission tickets, the Olympic Games all lost.This is the confusing and mysterious nature of the text.It’s like a one-minute draw against the Korean team called “although defeated”, two outs in advance is “a difference between Huang Zichang”.But this is not the point, friends!If we believe in these textual tricks and let go of the losses so lightly, then it is foreseeable that Chinese football will still go from failure to failure in the future, from violent failure to more violent failure.The problem of Chinese football cannot be solved by a bowl of hot chicken soup that is “although defeated.”Before, the outside world said that the biggest problem of Chinese football is “lack of effort”. I think this kind of statement is very serious, which is a serious blasphemy on the art of football.In the two group matches, the national Olympic boys were so solemn that they did not fight. They sacrificed a bloody battle strategy that was indisputable. In addition to saving the penalty, they even spelled out the “corner tactics caused offside” ghost.Horse creativity.However, the ecstasy is also very easy to cause the hooded head to run wildly and blindly. Just before the second goal is missed, the CCTV commentator also reminded that “the players are easy to lose position before grabbing too much .”.The problem of Chinese football is not that one or two more teenagers can handle it-after all, Huang Zichang is not Changshan Zhao Zilong who can play seven in seven.When you see Uzbekistan players enjoying football like wearing flowers and butterflies, when you see our players being suffocated in the pool, we should see a lot of things.Football is indeed a team art with exquisite skills. It is indeed a movement related to time and space (Harvey language). It is not the arrival of one or two saviors that can bridge this gap.It is said that the famous coach Hiddink was disappointed after inspecting the right-age players. He politely said that he would sink into the U19 team and take a look.As a result, the paragraph “Hiddink wants to see it in kindergarten” later appeared. The work attitude of this old man can also be negative.As the saying goes: if you do n’t do nothing, you ca n’t do it.Hiddink also has reason to say, what team have I brought?A mature player once played a vivid analogy with me, “The ball is like stolen at the feet of some young Chinese players, panicking and anxious to deal with it.”Fortunately, more and more members of the public have understood the origin of Chinese football.In the online survey of the reasons for the failure of the Olympic Games, more than 90% of the four choices in the four options of “inadequate own strength”, “no good tactical command”, “not enough hard work on the field” and “unsuccessful rear defense line play””Insufficient own strength”, generously admits that his skills are not as good as others.As a netizen said to some media who are still struggling with certain tactical details of the Olympic team: “Please, don’t eat the blood of the national football team.Not going in is a high probability event, you know, I know, the whole world knows.Without equipment, don’t fight all day, develop.The opponent is ahead of your equipment level, and it’s not that any teammate will win.”When did we start to consider the” core football population “,” youth training quality “,” integration of sports and education “and other hard-core issues as the core breakthrough discussion of Chinese football bypassing the past, and make full use of” achievement need not be in me “The determination and courage to develop and resolve, then Chinese football may be in the future.Otherwise, this is likely to be the best Olympic team in the next ten years.□ Zheng Xiaowei (football reporter)

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You can see what is going on in the back and go back and forth all over the world. You will be able to read the awards and awards for the awards and awards.I ‘m crazy, I ‘m sorry, I ‘m sorry, I do n’t know what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on?煡閬擄紝鎯宠鎶婅倝鐐掔殑瀚╃倰鐨勫ソ鍚冿紝涓€鑸渶瑕佹穩绮夌殑杈呭姪锛岄偅涔堝湪娌℃湁娣€绮夌殑鎯呭喌涓嬫€庝箞浜嗘墠鑳芥妸鑲夌倰鐨勫鍛?鎺ヤ笅鏉ュ氨涓哄ぇ瀹惰缁嗕粙缁嶅嚑绉嶆柟娉曞強灏忓鎷涖€傛柟娉?姝ラ1/6 鏂伴矞鐨勭尓鑲変竴浠斤紝鏈€濂借偉鐦︾浉闂寸殑銆?/6鑲夊垏涓濓紝鍒€宸ュ緢閲嶈锛岃倝瑕佸垏鐨勫潎鍖€锛屽お鍘氫簡瀹规槗鐐掕€佸彂纭€?/ 6 闱 掓  鍒 嬦 嬣 一 璻 銆 佸  鍒 囒 嬣 囶 囩 啤 劆 劤 劤 劤 劤 劤 劤 劤 劤 劤 囤 劤 劤 囤 劸 哤 劤 哤 劤?/ 6 cans of sorrow (sweet and sloppy?锛屽皢鑲夋斁鍏ョ洏瀛愰噷锛屽€掍笂鑰佹娊銆侀€傞噺鐩愩€佹姄鍖€銆傚叧閿殑涓€姝ユ潵浜嗭紝鍊掍笂娌癸紝杩欐槸浣胯倝椴滃鐨勮瘈绐嶃€傛姄鍖€锛岄潤缃?5 闒 嗛 抓 銆?/ 6 抣 掕 倝 銆?鍏抽敭鐨勭浜岄儴)銆傚ぇ鐏揩鐐掋€傞攨閲屽€掓补锛屾补娓╁崌楂樺悗锛屾斁鑺辨銆佽眴鐡i叡銆佸銆佽挏锛岀炕鐐掞紝鍊掑叆鑲夊揩鐐掋€傝倝鍙樿壊鏃跺柗鍏ユ枡閰掞紝鍊掑叆闈掓涓濓紝缈荤倰涓や笅鍚庤捣閿呭嵆鍙€?/ 6 Feng Banger Juan Cong  adze bare hill Cun Nya Yue propitious Han ╃ compiled forging Chong Chong insert Qing Quarters Shu  Jane TOWER Yong  Ou Regulation Chen Sik Shen Ge Kun trip to a Ke Bang Zhi Ge Wei stamp Tian insert Bian Bao Ling married 鍝併€傛敞鎰忎簨椤硅倝瑕佺敤娌硅厡锛屾姄鍖€銆傚ぇ鐏揩鐐掋€備竴銆佽倝涓?Kui?Adze?What is the best way to get it? Insufficient silica fume and silica gel are used to eliminate the problem. The problem is that it’s awesome.0-30: How about you?掴 栨 掶 敶 ╃ 敓 鎶?锛屽姞涓€鐐规补锛屽啀鎷屽寑銆傚ぇ鐏倰銆傚!浜屻€佹渶绠€鍗曠殑绾㈢儳鑲夊仛娉曪細濂戒簲鑺辫倝锛屽垏鍧楋紝娌规斁鍦ㄩ攨閲岀儳鐑紝涓嬭倝鐐掑共姘村垎锛屽姞娴峰ぉ鑰佹娊灏戣涓婅壊锛屽啀鍔犳捣澶╃敓鎶斤紝涓嶅姞鐩愶紝鐒跺悗鍔犲ソ涓€鐐圭殑鏂欓厭锛岀倰骞叉按鍒?鍔犳按锛屾饭娌¤倝锛岀儳寮€锛岀劧鍚庣敤娌欓攨鎴栭搧閿呯敤寰堝皬鐨勭伀(淇濇寔姘翠技寮€闈炲紑鐨勭姸鎬?岀 儳 1 鈥?灏忔椂锛屼綘瑙夊緱鐑備簡灏辫锛屽ぇ鐏敹骞叉按锛屼笉瑕佸お骞诧紝鍔犺儭妞掞紝灏戣鍛崇簿锛屾斁涓€鐐圭偣绯栵紝鍔犱竴鐐归钁辨銆備篃瀚?What’s the matter?

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The worms are very slippery, and they are very good at it. It ‘s very difficult to get around. It ‘s not a good idea to do it.敤鏉ョ丛姹ょ殑锛屽洜涓虹敤楦借瓙镦叉堡锛岃惀鍏环链煎緢楂緢伴附瀛愪腑链€椴滃鐨勫湴鏂癸紝鍑嗗濂介附瀛愯倝锛屾灨鏉炲ぇ鏋o紝杩樻湁瑗挎磱鍙傦紝鍔犱笂涓嵂鏉愮叢鍑烘潵鐨勬堡缇癸紝鎵嶈兘鏇存湁钀ュ吇銆傞鑿囨灨鏉為附瀛愭堡鏉愭枡楦藉瓙涓€鍙紝棣欒弴涓夋湹锛屾灨鏉炰竴鎶婏紝澶ф灒涓や釜锛岃タ娲嬪弬鍗佺墖What are you talking about? What are you talking about?.鎶婇附瀛愭礂鍑€鍒囨垚鍧?劅 嶏 嶁 圁 頧 栣 鯦 鍙  Mutual) 2.閿呬腑娣绘按锛屽ぇ鐏儳寮€锛屽皢娲楀噣鍒囧ソ鐨勯附瀛愬€掑叆閿呬腑鐒竴涓嬶紝鍘昏姘达紝鍔犳枡閰?ml Marriage Marriage Advice: Do you have a birthday cake?.灏嗙劘濂界殑楦藉瓙鏀惧叆娌欓攨涓紝鎶婂鐗囥€侀鑿囥€佹灨鏉炪€佸ぇ鏋e拰瑗挎磱鍙備竴骞舵斁鍏ユ矙閿呬腑銆傞攨涓坊姘存病杩囬附瀛?ml: What’s the difference between you and me?Sorry?.鐩涘嚭锛屽懗缇庨矞棣欑殑楦藉瓙姹ゅ氨鍋氬ソ浜嗛摱鑰抽附瀛愭堡鏉愭枡楦藉瓙锛屽鐗囷紝閾惰€筹紝閱嬶紝鐩愬仛娉?銆佸共閾惰€虫场鑷冲皯30鍒嗛挓锛岄附鑲夊垏鎴愬皬鍧楀効;2銆佹斁鍏ラ附瀛愬拰濮滅墖锛岀敤涓伀鐐?0 鍒 嗛 挓 宸 ﹀ 彸 銆?ラ 摱 Key 庴 鍐 倴 倴 30 鍒 嗛 殓 宸 ﹀ 姸 姽 姞 鍏 ョ 洂 鳼 璺 璺 璺 咻 南 鍲 倲 集 倭 業 怭 怭 怭 怭 怉 怉 怉 怉 愉 倭 倭 倭 选 怉 怉 愉欒弴2-3涓紝鏈ㄨ€?What’s wrong with the braids?-8 What’s the difference? ? Adhesive  Adopted Adhesively Adopted: What is it?銆佹祰寮€姘达紝姘翠腑鍔犲皯璁告枡閰掞紝灏嗛附瀛愭斁鍏ワ紝鍘昏姘村幓娌紝鎹炲嚭锛屽緟鐢?2 Moquanchongwen Qidupincun Jiqie  Liligeou Benshentuwei ュ  Jian granary Ren 钁 resolution  Benchuhaiman o Rendiluandiao Benyuefuying Xieren Qi  Hezun  Ben 1緄 Kun Hao; 3 銆?涓崐灏忔椂鍚庢斁鍏ユ灨鏉烇紝鏈ㄨ€筹紝鍐嶇倴20鍒嗛挓;4銆佸北鑽墛鐨紝鍒囧潡鏀惧叆锛屽皬鐏倴20鍒嗛挓锛屽埌灞辫嵂閰ョ儌锛屽姞鐩愯皟鍛冲嵆鍙€傝緟鏂欏彲鏍规嵁鑷繁鍠滃ソ鍔犲噺锛屽彛鎰熸竻娣★紝闈炲父閫傚悎鏄ュぉ琛ュ吇銆?

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钁¤悇鐨勭妞嶅緢鏂逛究锛屾墍浠ヤ腑鍥藉緢澶氬湴鍖洪兘浜х敓钁¤悇銆傝憽钀勭殑鐢ㄩ€斿緢澶氾紝涓嶄粎鍙互褰撲綔姘存灉锛岃繕鍙互閰块€犺憽钀勯厭銆傝憽钀勯吀鐢滃彲鍙o紝閫傚悎澶у鏁颁汉鐨勫彛鍛筹紝鍥犳锛屾槸涓€绉嶅緢閲嶈鐨勬按鏋溿€傚浣曞偍瀛樻柊椴滅殑钁¤悇鏄緢澶氫汉鍏冲績鐨勯棶棰橈紝鍥犳鍦ㄨ繍杈撳拰瀛樻斁杩囩▼褰撲腑灏卞簲璇ュ紩璧锋敞鎰忋€傞偅涔堬紝钁¤悇搴旇鎬庢牱鍌ㄥ瓨鍛紵钁¤悇鍐峰簱淇濋矞锛氾紤銆佸搧绉嶇殑閫夋嫨涓嶅悓鍝佺鏈変笉鍚岀殑鐗圭偣锛岀‖鑴嗚倝绫诲瀷鐨勭毊閲嶈€愯棌浜庤蒋鑲夊瀷锛屾灉绮掑ぇ銆佹灉鐨悗銆佹灉鐨笂铚$瓑鍝佺鐩告瘮杈冪矑灏忋€佺毊钖勩€佹灉鍒风煭鐨勮€愯串銆傦紥銆佹敹闆嗘潯浠舵敹鑾锋椂闂翠竴鑸槸鏅存湕鐨勬棭鏅ㄩ湶姘村共鍚庨噰鏀讹紝閲囨敹鍓嶅鏋滀笅闆ㄦ垨娴囨按锛屽緱寤惰繜锛曗€旓紤锛愬ぉ锛岀劧鍚庡啀杩涜鏀惰幏锛屼紭鑹€佹垚鐔熴€佽壊娉藉潎鍖€锛屾棤鐤剧梾銆佹崯浼ゃ€佹畫鏋滅殑鏋滃疄鎵嶈兘瀛樻斁杩涘喎搴撳唴銆備负浜嗙‘淇濊憽钀勫湪鍐峰簱鍐呮棤铏锛屾敹鑾峰墠搴斿柗鏉€鑿屽墏銆傦紦銆佸簱鎴挎潯浠惰憽钀勫湪璐棌鍓嶅簲鎻愬墠娑堟瘨锛屼竴鑸竷澶╁墠鐢ㄥ崈鍒嗕箣浜旂殑楂橀敯閰搁捑瀵瑰喎搴撴秷姣?The following is the best way to find out what’s going on: what’s going on? How about it? It’s a lot of troubles, it’s crazy, it’s crazy, it’s not so easy to use it.櫄鏃惰繀閫熼鍐凤紝灏嗘俯搴﹂檷鑷斥€旓紤搴︺€傚揩閫熼鍐疯兘杩呴€熼檷浣庤憽钀勭殑鍛煎惛寮哄害鍜屼箼鐑噴鏀鹃噺銆傝憽钀勭敤灏忓寘瑁呰繘琛屽寘瑁咃紝灏忓寘瑁呰憽钀勮繘鍏ュ簱鍚庡簲鎵撳紑琚嬶紝灏嗗ぉ闂寸殑鐑噺鍜屾按鍒嗘暎鍘伙紝棰勫喎鍚庡瘑灏佽銆傦紩銆佽串钘忔湡绠$悊钁¤悇鍏ュ簱鍚庯紝閫氳繃璋冭妭鎺ф俯鍣ㄦ妸娓╁害鎺у埗鍦ㄢ€旓紥鈥旓紣鈩冨乏鍙炽€傚湪涓湡杩涜涓€娆℃崲姘旈€氶锛屾崲姘斿悗鍙敤灏戦噺纭:钂哥啅娑堟瘨鍐嶅叧绱у簱闂ㄣ€傝串钘忔湡闂村伓灏斿钁¤悇杩涜鎶芥牱妫€鏌ワ紝鍙戠幇闂鍙婃椂瑙e喅銆傝憽钀勭殑淇濋矞鍌ㄥ瓨鏂规硶锛氾紙鍦扮獤銆佸喎搴撱€佸啺绠憋級涓夊钁¤悇淇濋矞鏂规鍝钁¤悇涓嶅疁鏀捐繘鍐峰簱锛氾紤銆佷笉澶熸垚鐔燂紝绯栧惈閲忎笉瓒筹紝钁¤悇鏈夎蒋灏栨垨姘寸綈鐤俱€傦紥銆佹敹鑾峰墠閬囧ぇ闆ㄦ垨鍦ㄩ洦姘翠腑鏀惰幏鐨勮憽钀勩€傦紦銆佽憽钀勫惈鏈夌梾铏銆傦紨銆佺儌鏋溿€佸ぇ灏忛绮掍弗閲嶇殑銆傦紩銆佽嚜鐒剁伨瀹宠憽钀勩€?

Huanxu Electronics (601231): Peak season revenue rises month by month, Q3 revenue rises 22% in ten years

Huanxu Electronics (601231): Peak season revenue rises month by month, Q3 revenue rises 22% in ten years

Announcement: Huanxu Electronics’ operating income in September 2019 was 41.

700 million, five years growth.

55%, an increase of 6 in the previous August.

60%; cumulative operating income from January to September 2019 was 259.

7 ppm, an increase of 17 in ten years.

27%; the company’s 2019Q3 operating income was 113.

7 ppm, an increase of 21 in ten years.

68%, an increase of 64 from the previous month.


Q2 single quarter revenue increased by 5% per year, Q3 single quarter revenue increased by 22% longer.

Q2 revenue was 69.

3 ‰, a year-on-year increase of 5%, a month-on-month decrease of 10%.

In the first half of the year, industrial products and consumer electronics products experienced the 杭州桑拿网 largest increase, finally: 1) Industrial products added significant customers in 2018, and customer orders continued to increase in the first half of this year; 2) Wearable products orders increased significantly in Q1 this year, butOff-season.

However, computer products and storage products were less affected by the external environment and customer orders, and the operating income in the reporting period continued to show levels.

July revenue was 32.

8 billion, an annual increase of 37.

5%, nearly one month earlier than last year, entered the peak production season. In August and September, revenues increased by 19% and 7%, respectively.

Since the peak season for electronic products, especially wearable products, is usually Q4, 4Q2019 revenue is expected to increase slightly from the previous month.

Affected 北京桑拿 by the product structure, operating profit margin in the second quarter fell by 1 year-on-year.

2pct, Q3 is expected to improve.

Q2 gross profit margin declined slightly due to the rise in the structure of consumer and industrial products.

The increase and decrease of management expenses are mainly due to the company’s expansion of operating scale and overseas bases in 2019. The proportion of overseas net assets has increased from 35% to 39% at the end of 2018, which has significantly increased the related personnel expenses quarterly.2.

4%, the total expense ratio of single quarter management expenses and research and development expenses increased by 0.


Based on the above two major factors, the operating profit margin is 2.

64%, down by 1 every year.


Q3 revenue growth is mainly due to new consumer electronics, industrial products, etc. According to the product structure, it is expected that Q3 profitability will be promoted by transformation.

For middle and senior managers, core technical personnel are granted equity incentives.

In August 2019, Huanxu Electronic Incentive Program intends to grant 22.4 million stock subsidies to the incentive objects, accounting for approximately 21 of the company’s equity portfolio on the date of the announcement of the incentive program.

7.6 billion shares of 1.


Of these, 1,792 were awarded for the first time.

200,000 copies, preset 447.

800,000 copies, accounting for 19 of the maximum rights granted this time.

99%, the target of budget incentives shall be determined within 12 months after the incentive plan is adopted by the shareholders meeting.

526 middle-level core managers and core business (technical) personnel are the main incentive objects, accounting for 72 of this incentive strength.

86%. Maintain profit forecast and maintain overweight rating.

Revenue growth in the third quarter slightly exceeded expectations.

Maintain 2019/2020/2021 attributable net profit forecast13.



800 million.

Although the profitability of overseas projects has been slowly increasing, we are optimistic about the application of Universal Asahi ‘s SiP packaging in the miniaturization of consumer electronics products. The current corresponding corresponding 2019/2020 is only 23/20 times PE, maintaining an overweight rating.

Transsion Holdings (688036): African Market Maintains Profitability and India’s Operating Conditions Improve

Transsion Holdings (688036): African Market Maintains Profitability and India’s Operating Conditions Improve

Event On January 16, 2020, Transsion Holdings issued an announcement of the 2019 annual results pre-increasing announcement. It is estimated that the net profit attributable to the owner of the parent company in 2019 will be 167,037.

120,000 yuan?

620,000 yuan, an increase of 101,299 over the same period last year.

320,000 yuan?

820,000 yuan, an annual increase of 154.



It is expected that in 2019, the net profit attributable to the owners of the parent company in place of non-recurring gains and losses will be 140,644.

240,000 yuan?

740,000 yuan, an increase of 18,206 over the same period last year.

830,000 yuan?

330,000 yuan, an increase of 14 in ten years.



Brief comment one, the African market continues to maintain expanding profitability, and the Indian market’s operating conditions have improved. This year, Transsion Holdings continued to maintain its changing profitability in the African market.

According to IDC data, Transsion Holdings continued to increase its city share in the African market in 2019. At the end of the third quarter, its market share in the African market exceeded 50%, and it has a higher market control area and premium capabilities.

In 2019, Transsion maintained continuous profitability in the African market, and the average unit price and gross profit margin were both higher than before.

In the African market, Transsion has covered the full range of user groups through three major mobile phone brands, TECNO, itel, and Infinix, and has a high brand reputation.

After years of accumulation in the African market, Transsion has established channel resources for deep cooperation and a perfect service system. At the same time, Transsion has developed deep face recognition, oil and water resistance based on the localized features of the African market.With unique barriers to competition.

In the future, Transsion is expected to continue to improve ASP and profitability through superior market segmentation.

In the current year, Transsion Holdings has optimized the product structure and reduced the impact of tariffs on the Indian market.

Due to the fierce competition in the Indian market, the profits of various mobile phone manufacturers in India have been hit by breakthroughs. In 2018, Transsion’s business in the Indian market alternated aggressively, and profits were affected by conflicts. In 2019, due to the reduction in tariffs, and the reduction of delivery opportunities, etc., Reducing expected margins and improving profits.

In the future, through further adjustment of strategies and strategic focus, Transsion’s business development in the Indian market will further improve.

Second, the impact of foreign exchange gains and losses on 2018 net profit increases the increase in attributable profits in 2019. Since Transsion’s overseas sales mainly use US dollars to collect payments, in order to lock forward the RMB / USD exchange rate and avoid foreign exchange risks, the company purchased since the beginning of 2018.Foreign exchange forward contract products, but due to the impact of the Sino-U.S. Trade war since May 2018, the US dollar has appreciated rapidly against the RMB, and the foreign exchange forward contract products purchased by the company have losses during delivery.

In 2018, the company purchased 77,907 foreign exchange forward contract products.

320,000 yuan, affecting the fracture of the net profit attributable to the owner of the parent company in 2018.

At present, the company’s forward contracts have all been completed, which will have little impact on future profits.

Earnings forecast: We will give Transsion Holdings 17E net profit for 2019E / 2020E / 2021.



4.4 billion, with a price-earnings ratio of 28/28/25.

The company is of high quality and still has potential for growth.
Risk Warning: The development of new markets is worse than expected, and Internet users and 武汉夜生活网 revenue growth are lower than expected.

Addison Precision (603638): Demand boosts production performance with excellent performance and steady growth

Addison Precision (603638): Demand boosts production performance with excellent performance and steady growth
The domestic hydraulic breaker hammers continue to benefit from the increase in the stock of excavators and the increase in the ratio of hammers.According to our calculations, the annual domestic demand for hydraulic breakers is 150,000 to 200,000 units, and the company’s current market share in the domestic breaker market is expected to exceed 10%.Since 2016, the company’s performance has entered the fast track (2016-2019 Q1 net profit attributable to mothers increased by 53.09%, 75.94%, 61.20%, 74.47%) Domestic excavator sales increased by 24 in 2016-2018.80%, 99.52%, 44.99% in 2018, the 10-year holdings of the excavator market in developing countries reached 152.60,000 units.At the same time, the domestic counterweight hammer rate has increased from 6% in 2006 to the current 20%, and the development of excavator counterweight hammer rates is basically above 35%.With the improvement of safety and environmental protection requirements, infrastructure construction continues to advance, and labor costs continue to increase, and there is room for continuous internal development. Hydraulic parts business is in the ascendant, and there is huge room for long-term growth.The company’s high-level hydraulic parts business has continued to develop and contributed revenue in 20183.51 ppm, a 43-year increase of 43.79%; Gross profit margin reached 39 in 2018.34%. The domestic hydraulic market has huge space, but imported hydraulic parts occupy most of the market.With the increase in demand for higher hydraulic components, the company’s independent research and development capabilities have improved, and it is expected to achieve import substitution of high-end hydraulic core components. The company’s non-public issuance has been steadily advancing, and its capacity expansion has helped boost its performance.The company promotes non-public issuance 武汉夜网论坛 projects with a budget of no more than 700 million and will be used for high-end hydraulic motors, hydraulic breakers, and high-end hydraulic main pump construction projects.After the completion of all the construction, the company will increase the annual production capacity of 80,000 hydraulic motors, 20,000 hydraulic breakers, and 50,000 hydraulic main pumps. It is expected that annual revenue will increase.770,000 yuan, increasing net profit2.4.4 billion.It will effectively solve the problem of insufficient production capacity of the company and meet the continuously growing demand of downstream industries. Company profit forecast and investment rating: We expect the company’s operating income for 2019-2021 to be 14 respectively.51 ppm, 17.8.7 billion, 24.09 million yuan; net profit attributable to mothers were 3.3.1 billion, 夜来香体验网 4.1.4 billion and 5.68 ppm; EPS is 0.86 yuan, 1.07 yuan and 1.47 yuan, corresponding to 22 for PE.79X, 18.27X and 13.30 times, maintaining the “highly recommended” level. Risk reminders: 1. The sales volume of the excavator industry is less than expected; 2. The prices of raw materials fluctuate sharply; 3. The downstream demand is severely deteriorated.

Goodbaby Baby Shampoo 2 in 1

Goodbaby Baby Shampoo 2 in 1

Product name: Goodbaby Baby Shampoo and Bath 2 in 1 Manufacturer: Shanghai Meichen Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Net content: 520ml Product price: 43 yuan Main ingredients: camomile: soothing and moisturizing, originated in Europe, is known as a plant doctor.

  Aloe: nutrition and moisturizing.

  Hyaluronic acid: moisturizing and smooth.

  Seaweed: Moisturized and silky.

  Product introduction: Botanical essence: Natural care for babies. Imported raw materials: pure and mild, weak acidity, low irritation, no pigment. International certification: ISO9001: 2000 scientific formula: Shumin, moisturizing, tender, tear-free formula. Usage:   Shower: Take an appropriate amount on the palm or bath cotton, rub out the foam, gently scrub the baby’s hair and body, and then wash with water.

  Bathtub: drip into an appropriate amount of warm water (1-2 drops per liter), mix and shampoo and bathe evenly.

Pure and mild weak acid formula, no need to rinse after washing, just dry.

Let senior executives remember your coup in the workplace

Let senior executives remember your coup in the workplace

“There is Bole in the world, and then there is Maxima. Maxima often exists, but Bile does not often.

“Actually, if you want to stand out in the workplace, there are still rules to be found.

The following shortcuts are for those who are currently eager for early success and have internal causes for success.

  First, the success mechanism in a market that is easy to produce results: Choosing a market that is easy to produce results allows you to become a dazzling star in the company in a short period of time.

Markets that are easy to produce results can generally be summarized as follows: first, new markets that have not yet been developed, including those that the company has not yet developed and are not ready to develop; and second, markets that have obvious development potential and have been explored but failed.

Both types of markets have some risks, but there are risks and returns.

  Success Story: A province in Central South, the market is known for its unique consumption structure and complex management environment.

A blood-supply health care product company had sent staff to develop for two consecutive years, but all failed.

Later, a graduate student who had just arrived at the company took the initiative to ask for help. After progressing the relevant headquarters policy support, he went into the province alone and started using local employees. He changed the thinking of predecessors first hitting provincial capitals and then doing small and medium cities to avoid opening the leading brand at that time.All kinds of blockades in important cities such as provincial capitals, while boldly trying marketing methods and strategies.

The last step was to start the market, break through the Beijing-Guangzhou line and return to the provincial capital, and in one year the market performance reached the second level in the country.

The following year, the graduate student was appointed directly by the regional manager as the Southwest Region Manager. Two years later, he became the marketing president of a group company with annual sales of more than $ 1 billion, when he was only in his early 30s.

  Second, let market friends do their own promotional success mechanism: excellent marketing work is fully reflected in sales volume, but also reflected in customers, dealers, terminals, government departments and even a series of meticulous service and coordination process.

The good word of mouth established by front-line marketers among these market friends through their actions will sooner or later reach the ears of company executives.

Through the words spoken by these people, company leaders generally agree.

As the saying goes, “Tao Li doesn’t say anything.

  Success story: When I was working in the company, I once attended a customer thank you meeting.

At that time, a customer bought a product directly from an employee of our company, which aroused the attention of senior leaders, because the company system stipulates that employees cannot engage in direct sales, and must be sold through dealers and terminals.

But after listening to it, I found that the local sales staff was wrong.

It turned out that the customer lived in a very remote rural area, there was no pharmacy nearby, and the pharmacy in the town was unwilling to deliver her alone, but she called the company’s local workstation for help.

  The employee who answered the phone said nothing, bought a treatment product at a nearby pharmacy, changed to three cars, a boat, and walked 2 kilometers away from her house, and patiently instructed her to take it.

Later, after her propaganda, the whole village knew about it, and five more families bought the company’s products.

After the thank-you meeting, the company leaders immediately assigned a special person to investigate the matter, and found that the local dealers and terminal salespeople had very high evaluations of that front-line employee.

We can guess what happened next: he was immediately arranged to participate in the company’s reserve manager training and was immediately appointed as a regional market manager.

  Third, carefully prepare the success mechanism of each important meeting: For front-line marketers, some important meetings of the company are the best stage to show themselves.

These meetings include employee training summary meetings, monthly or quarterly market meetings, company leaders’ on-site office meetings, market observation meetings, year-end commendations, and more.

Heads of company executives or professional departments are usually present at the meeting.

Skin care products that mature men should own


Skin care products that mature men should own

Mature and attractive urban men, the pressure is there every second time, and the wise men know how to find the most accurate solution and coexist with the pressure.

For a confident 35+ man, time is wealth, knowledge is wealth, health is wealth, and skin health is the key to healthy wealth. Only with young skin and flying spirit can stress become a successful wealth and ease.Face all the challenges in life.


hzh {display: none; }  正如著名影星皮尔斯?
“I don’t care about aging, but I never let my skin age.

“, Mature and confident men should choose the skin care products that are most suitable for them, so that L’Oreal Paris Men’s Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Series can help men easily break the traces of the moon without wasting precious precious wealth.

  L’Oreal Paris Men’s Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Series cleans the skin. In daily life, dust, bacteria and pollution can easily clog pores and cause keratin accumulation. It contains salicylic acid to age keratin, soothes and calms skin.

Every morning, take an appropriate amount of cleansing cream on the palm, add water to rub the foam, apply on the upper face and focus on the forehead, gently massage the nose and chin, and then wash thoroughly with water, which can completely remove the dirt in the pores.Sweat and excess oil.

At the same time, the active and active soothing ingredients extracted from plants can make the skin feel clean and comfortable after cleansing, and continue to rejuvenate.

  Moisturizing, anti-aging, cleaned skin needs further care to restore the skin and achieve better anti-wrinkle and firming effects. Paris Anti-Wrinkle Firming Cream contains anti-wrinkle and firming ingredients: Vitamin A (Vitamin A) and Par-elastylTM (Active Firming Element), has obvious anti-wrinkle and firming effect, so that the skin reduces wrinkles and looks younger.

The moisturizing moisture specially designed for men is refreshing, non-greasy, and long-lasting, allowing young energy to accompany the whole day, moisturizing and anti-wrinkle while enjoying a comfortable skin experience.

  Famous movie star Pierce?
Brucenan Firming Anti-Wrinkle Essence is an essential product for intensive care. According to L’Oreal Men’s Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Dual Essence Milk for Milky Skin, it depends on men’s skin characteristics. Among them, anti-wrinkle has a stretchy active firming ingredient.Can bring skin firming experience.

Apply the essence to cleansed skin and parts and massage gently to let it go to the retinol VX anti-wrinkle essence to effectively penetrate the skin, effectively fight wrinkles and rejuvenate.

  Let the years go by and choose the L’Oreal Paris Men’s Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Series to make healthy skin a eternal wealth for mature men and keep their self-confidence and charm lasting.