Skin care products that mature men should own


Skin care products that mature men should own

Mature and attractive urban men, the pressure is there every second time, and the wise men know how to find the most accurate solution and coexist with the pressure.

For a confident 35+ man, time is wealth, knowledge is wealth, health is wealth, and skin health is the key to healthy wealth. Only with young skin and flying spirit can stress become a successful wealth and ease.Face all the challenges in life.


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“I don’t care about aging, but I never let my skin age.

“, Mature and confident men should choose the skin care products that are most suitable for them, so that L’Oreal Paris Men’s Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Series can help men easily break the traces of the moon without wasting precious precious wealth.

  L’Oreal Paris Men’s Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Series cleans the skin. In daily life, dust, bacteria and pollution can easily clog pores and cause keratin accumulation. It contains salicylic acid to age keratin, soothes and calms skin.

Every morning, take an appropriate amount of cleansing cream on the palm, add water to rub the foam, apply on the upper face and focus on the forehead, gently massage the nose and chin, and then wash thoroughly with water, which can completely remove the dirt in the pores.Sweat and excess oil.

At the same time, the active and active soothing ingredients extracted from plants can make the skin feel clean and comfortable after cleansing, and continue to rejuvenate.

  Moisturizing, anti-aging, cleaned skin needs further care to restore the skin and achieve better anti-wrinkle and firming effects. Paris Anti-Wrinkle Firming Cream contains anti-wrinkle and firming ingredients: Vitamin A (Vitamin A) and Par-elastylTM (Active Firming Element), has obvious anti-wrinkle and firming effect, so that the skin reduces wrinkles and looks younger.

The moisturizing moisture specially designed for men is refreshing, non-greasy, and long-lasting, allowing young energy to accompany the whole day, moisturizing and anti-wrinkle while enjoying a comfortable skin experience.

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Brucenan Firming Anti-Wrinkle Essence is an essential product for intensive care. According to L’Oreal Men’s Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Dual Essence Milk for Milky Skin, it depends on men’s skin characteristics. Among them, anti-wrinkle has a stretchy active firming ingredient.Can bring skin firming experience.

Apply the essence to cleansed skin and parts and massage gently to let it go to the retinol VX anti-wrinkle essence to effectively penetrate the skin, effectively fight wrinkles and rejuvenate.

  Let the years go by and choose the L’Oreal Paris Men’s Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Series to make healthy skin a eternal wealth for mature men and keep their self-confidence and charm lasting.

Enjoying a sweat bath in summer and trying hot yoga

Enjoying a sweat bath in summer and trying hot yoga

Hot yoga, also called hot yoga or hot yoga.

That is to do yoga in the high temperature environment of 38 ℃ -40 ℃.

It is composed of 26 kinds of contraction movements, which belongs to the flexible movement, which can improve the spine softness, and is suitable for the office family.

  Separate the legs about the width of the shoulders, bend vertically and bend the thighs parallel to the ground. At the same time, bend your upper body to the left, the tip of your finger touching the big toe, and the palm tilting forward.

Note that your right leg is straight and your right arm is up. Keep it perpendicular to the ground. Breathe evenly for 10 seconds.

Change direction and do it again.

This action can strengthen hip joints and lateral waist strength, which is helpful to eliminate excess waist aunts.

  Bird King’s arms are straight and crossed, the left arm is placed under the right arm, the elbow is bent, the forearm is aligned, and the palm is turned to fit the palm.

After controlling the balance, place your weight on your left leg, and cross your right leg from the front so that your right foot catches your calf, and slowly squat for 10 seconds.

Change to the other side and do the same action for the same amount of time.

  Efficacy: This action exercise focuses on the legs and balance ability, which can effectively prevent the calf muscles from stepping on.

  The tip of the head touches the knees and spreads both legs together. Carefully grasp the center of the right foot, fingers crossed, and the thumb extended to the big toe.

Straighten your left knee, make your right leg parallel to the ground, straighten your arms and upper body for 20 seconds, then bend your elbows, bend your body forward and move closer to your legs, hold for 10 seconds, and then do the same movement in the opposite direction.

  Efficacy: This action also requires high balance ability. Training people’s attention is very helpful for tightening the muscles of the abdomen and thighs.

  Tip deep breathing to maintain posture, legs straight, spine straight, heels and big toes close together, fingers crossed on the lower jaw, breathing with the throat, elbows open as far as possible, the back of the hand just touches the left and right cheeks,Inhale and inhale, then tilt your head back and elbows close together to exhale again.

Repeat this cycle for 10 breaths.

  Efficacy: Be careful not to close your eyes, and try your best to make your lungs feel full breathing, and prepare for the following asana exercises.

  The half-moon / hand-to-foot body is still upright, fingers are gripped tightly, the index fingers are straightened and merged, arms are close to the sides of the ears, keep the body on the same side, bend to the bend, hold for 10-20 seconds, and then the upper body is oriented toward theRight, bend backwards and hold for the same amount of time.

When bending forward, your body is bent down, so that your upper body is in close contact with your legs. Hold the heels with both hands. If you find it difficult, you can bend, and keep it for 10-20 seconds.

  Efficacy: This set of exercises strengthens the waist, hips, thighs and other parts of the exercise, as a start to warm up.

  Awkward arms lean forward, shoulder width, palms down, and bend until the thighs are parallel to the ground, the upper body is straight, hold for 10-20 seconds, and then the body slowly returns to its original position.

Then do a heel followed by lifting exercise, the same movements as above, but when squatting, let the alignment and throw, hold for 10-20 seconds.

  Efficacy: This action is very helpful for blood circulation of the big and small legs, hip muscles, knee joints, and fractured joints. People with herniated discs can often practice this action.

  The front end of the bow is stretched straight forward. Use your left hand to grasp the tip of your toes. The right arm is tilted forward. The height of your fingertips is at the center of your eyebrows.The back of the leg is fully stretched, and finally the legs become “one” perpendicular to the ground for 10 seconds.

Then change direction and do it again.

Beginners don’t need to require a range of motion, but they must ensure that their legs are straightened beforehand.

  Efficacy: This action allows blood to flow to the internal organs and glands, tightening the muscles of the arms and hips, making the ligaments more flexible.

  The soldiers stretched out in third form, fingers crossed and held together, forefingers stretched straight together and their arms squeezed up against their ears.

Lift your legs backwards, and lean your body forward, so that your left leg, body, and arms are on the same straight line, hold for 10 seconds, then change direction and do it again.

  Efficacy: While exercising balance ability, this action can shrink and reduce fat in hips, thighs, and buttocks, and it is also good for exercise of heart muscle and lungs.

  The tip of the leg is extended with the hands touching the knees. The upper body is bent down, the head is touching the right calf or aligned, and the hand is touching the floor in front of the right foot.

Breathe evenly, hold for 10 seconds, and then change direction to do it again.

Keep your legs straight and keep your arms straight against your ears.

  Efficacy: Frequently doing this action can reduce excess aunts in the thighs, buttocks, buttocks.

  The top legs are separated by a pair of legs that are about shoulder wide. The arms open vertically to the body and lean down. Hold the heels of the left and right feet with your hands, head down, and touch your forehead to the ground. Keep your legs down., Hold for 10 seconds.
  Efficacy: This action can prevent sciatica and can massage abdominal organs well.

  Triangular legs are separated from the two sides of the shoulder width, bent vertically and bent until the thighs are parallel to the ground, while the upper body is bent to the left and right, the tip of the finger touches the tip of the big toe, and the palm is tilted forward.

Note that your right leg is straight and your right arm is up. Keep it perpendicular to the ground. Breathe evenly for 10 seconds.Change direction and do it again.
  Efficacy: This action can strengthen the lumbar vertebra joints and lateral waist strength, which is helpful to eliminate excess waist aunts.

Deep rescue method for pores


Deep rescue method for pores

Oil accumulates, pores are severely clogged, and oily, more and more pores are in trouble!

In this case, the most effective cleaning method is to remove grease from the pores.

Deep cleaning and thinning pores is the key to care!

  DIY pore-replacement products: yogurt, fine salt, egg white, etc. Effects: Yogurt is rich in a large amount of lactic acid, which is mild and safe.

With these lactic acids, daily use improves skin tenderness and delicateness.

Washing your face with salt is a process to eliminate aging keratin. After a moderate amount of salted-out warm water is gently applied to the face for cleaning, you can feel the skin smooth and smooth after using it.It’s crystal clear.

  Notes on washing face with yogurt and fine salt: When acne has pustules, it is not recommended. This way of washing face with salt and yogurt will have adverse effects.

Because the acid in yoghurt, the salt in the fine salt will slightly irritate the skin, so it can only be used up to three times a week, and the intensity of washing your face should be kept gentle and soothing.

  Efficacy: Deep pores, effectively clean excess oil and dirt, remove aging cutin, and let fresh skin breathe freely.

  Choose a suitable base cream product alternative: facial base cream or foundation. Efficacy: Covering pores is the eternal pursuit of base makeup. Choose a suitable base makeup product that is long-lasting and effective, and apply it evenly on your larger pores.Your pores are invisible!

  Moisturizing and pore-removing alternative products: moisturizing lotion, moisturizing lotion and other moisturizing skin care products.

  Efficacy: Inject too much moisture into your skin to avoid aging and thickening of pores caused by excessive dryness.

The five fundamental criteria for a woman’s happiness: even if someone is old, someone will love it. Have you done it?

The five fundamental criteria for a woman’s happiness: even if someone is old, someone will love it. Have you done it?

Our real life is often like this: women who make money don’t understand life, beautiful women don’t have wisdom, women who are successful in business are not happy enough, and women who are unsuccessful in business are less happy.

Many women have worked hard, and for the rest of their lives, they have found that both the image and their own value have already collapsed in the middle age. Many young girls have talked about countless times of love but always have their own true life.

Many women who have no goals, life seems to have seen the end.

Life is like a game of chess. The pattern of chess determines the outcome of the game.

Some women are casual and casual when they play the game of their own life. They don’t know how to layout, don’t know how to accumulate, live passively as time goes by, it’s hard to have an open layout, and naturally they can’t get a satisfactory ending.

There is no pattern, chess is like sand, even if you are lucky enough to have a good two-step game, it is difficult to get the final happy ending.

What’s more, even if you take the wrong step, you may lose all of your life.

We know that attitudes determine height and fate comes from layout.

To plan the pattern of life, Carnegie put forward the five fundamentals of a woman’s life. Only by mastering these fundamental elements can we give play to the foundation of a woman’s life.

The first is the appearance.

Women must have the determination to have a lifetime of beauty.

We can’t change our innate looks, but we can make ourselves have an elegant and beautiful appearance in various ways, so that the face will become more and more delicious as the years go by.

The face will be old, elegant but not.

In fact, in addition to having a healthy, happy, and beneficial lifestyle, women’s cultivation is more important to internal cultivation and cultivation.

There are one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one, one by one.

The second is fundamentally character.

An elegant and charming woman is first of all a kind and loving person, taking into account the feelings of others, having a compassion for all beings, and then the beauty of the face.

Women must be convinced that God gives them unique tenderness, sensitivity, extraordinary control, and attachment to love.

Problems that cannot be solved by reason and science, intuition and love can penetrate.

We must pay more attention to public utilities, disadvantaged groups, social competition, etc., in order to expand the awareness of pioneering and enterprising spirits to participate in the whole process of social development, and then not just stand behind the man, and the small woman who is dominated by others.

The third is fundamentally wealth.

More wealth means more freedom and stronger human ability. It can resolve the world’s disasters and poverty, earn dignity and value for ourselves, and make us stand as equal as men.Position to find what you love, without having to attach a man for a comfortable and comfortable life, twist your soul, and love your true love.

In essence, women must have wisdom, use wisdom, work hard, and gather wealth for their own lives. This is the cornerstone for us to achieve long-term development and to reach the peak of life.

The fourth is fundamental knowledge.

A woman who has been to many places and has seen many worlds and experienced great winds and waves will not lose her job, lose a lover, lose something, and be denied by some people, she feels that life is like a final day.

Even long ago, the gains and losses will be seen through, and the humiliation will not be shocked.

On the way to self-realization, they are a little earlier, and they are a little late, because they are full of confidence in themselves, but they are more focused on the enrichment and beauty of the process, so that they can always get things done.Perfection, there is no unsuccessful truth.

The fifth is fundamentally emotional.

A woman is a born emotional animal. Her rich and sensitive tentacles need to be rewarded, loved, cared for and comforted by the interaction with others.

Good women are the stars of the stars, in the circle of friends, in the heap of men, in front of lovers, and even in the eyes of those who nod their heads, they are all clever and innate, she uses her own humor, gentle, witty andTolerance makes people feel like a spring breeze.

Modern women with independent economics and thoughts are more likely to supplement supplements in love. She chooses men according to their own tastes and preferences, and is more likely to get happy and happy marriages.

Therefore, the five women’s lives are fundamentally interdependent, interdependent and mutually reinforcing.

A woman with knowledge will not be narrow and will have a good character.

A woman with wealth and economic independence will have independent thoughts and will take the initiative to choose her own happiness, and happiness will make women look more beautiful.

And all these five “fundamentals” must be that women have to ask themselves and give up on themselves.

I hope that all women who have perfect pursuits for themselves and who are eager to have a high-quality life will plan their own life through these five fundamentals, calmly face all kinds of accidents, frustrations and injuries in life, and unswervingly rush to achieve self.The journey, the woman must be successful, but also happy.

This is also the original intention of my writing this article.

How to adjust cervical cancer better


How to adjust cervical cancer better

The incidence of chronic cervical cancer in gynecological diseases is also quite high. Once it is attacked by cervical cancer, we must not be too afraid, because if we are too fearful, we will not understand and recover, but it may lead to aggravation of the disease.Let’s take a look at the care measures for chronic cervical cancer.

First, cervical cancer summer diet care small science according to different treatment methods, or cervical cancer patients’ conditions, different symptoms, diet needs to have different focus, simply: in the course of treatment, if the cervix is performedAfter the operation of cancer cancer, because the body consumes a lot of energy, it should be based on qi and nourishing blood, and can use yam, longan meat, wolfberry, pig liver, etc.; while cancer radiotherapy is based on nourishing and nourishing yinEdible meat, duck eggs, fungus, rape, lotus root, etc.; chemotherapy to spleen and kidney, mainly gelatin, turtle, fungus, etc.; cancer patients with vaginal bleeding, eat blood food, such as sputum, hawthorn, black fungus, quail eggs, etc.; if the leucorrhea is more and less rare, nourish, can be used turtle, pigeon eggs, chicken, etc.; late should choose high protein, high-calorie foods, such as milk, beef.

In addition, patients with cervical cancer should also eat soy beans and soy products, a small amount of tofu or soy milk, because these foods can supplement phytoestrogens, which contain isoflavones, lignin are considered to have antioxidant effects, can inhibit the cervixThe growth of adenocarcinoma and squamous epidermal cell carcinoma reduces excessive division and effectively prevents tumor metastasis.

Second, cervical cancer avoids high temperature and high temperature in summer, easy to sweat a lot, causing the secretion of sweat and water in the cervical cancer patients, causing the body to lack water and trace elements, thus affecting the normal function of some physiological organs.

In the summer, most patients with cervical cancer have a loss of appetite and food can not swallow. This aspect is related to the condition, but it is related to the hot weather, which will make people feel upset.

This can lead to the patient’s originally weak body, the nutrition can not reach the body’s needs, the immune system declines, and the boots aggravate the condition.

Therefore, patients with cervical cancer should avoid high temperature exposure in the summer, reduce sweating, supplement trace elements, and maintain the stability of the body’s immune system.

Enhance immunity, reduce can be supplemented by diet, supplement, necessary, and can be controlled by taking enhanced immunity, anti-tumor drugs, and transforming ginsenoside Rh2, which is confirmed by modern research, Ganoderma lucidum, etc.The spread and metastasis of cervical cancer to prevent the deterioration of the disease.

Third, cervical psychological care in summer and the summer weather becomes hot, cervical cancer patients may have irritability, worry, fear and other adverse conditions.

At the same time, because cervical cancer patients are worried about the loss or change of female characteristics, sexual function and metabolic ability after treatment, they are worried about the contempt and abandonment of husbands, friends and society, fear of losing their occupation and interests due to illness, and losing their economic resources.Waiting for many worries, it is always affecting female friends of cervical cancer.

In the summer, it is more necessary for the husband and family members of cervical cancer patients to obtain sufficient emotional support, do a good job in family work, and provide patients with comfort and support through the good psychological transmission of their families, eliminate concerns, and increase confidence in the fight against disease.

These nursing measures for chronic cervical cancer diseases, and when suffering from cervical cancer diseases, we must be prepared for these care matters. May every cancer cancer patient be able to eliminate concerns and have an optimistic attitude to face the disease.Struggle with the disease to make the disease rehabilitate and prolong life.

Food with “heating” in winter, a warm winter

Food with 鈥渉eating鈥?in winter, a warm winter

The weather is getting colder and colder, and in order to be warmer, everyone is also amazed.
There is heating, I can’t wait to stay in the heating room for a winter without going out.
If there is no heating, use all the things that can be warmed up: what electric blanket, warm baby, down jacket, hat scarf gloves. In fact, you can also resist the biting cold wind by eating some food with “heating”.銆佸寮鸿韩浣撶殑鎶楀瘨鑳藉姏锛岃繃涓€涓殩鏆栫殑鍐ぉ~銆€銆€4绉嶈嚜甯︹€滄殩姘斺€濈殑椋熺墿銆€銆€1銆佽緵杈i鐗┿€€銆€濮溿€€銆€濮滆绉颁负鈥滈┍瀵掑湥鎵嬧€濓紝鐢熷鎵€鍚殑杈涜荆鎴愬垎锛岃兘鏈夋晥鍦伴┍Take the cold.
When adding soup, add some ginger to make ingredients, which can play the role of chilling; ginger and brown sugar soup, as well as cure cold and cold.
銆€銆€Pepper Pepper contains ingredients such as piperine, piperine, and volatile oil. It has a strong effect on cold and dehumidification, and is especially suitable for eating in wet and cold seasons.
Usually eating some pepper can also reduce fatigue, and the medicinal value of white pepper is very high.
銆€銆€2, rich food beef Beef beef contains more amino acid composition than pork needs, cold winter beef, has a warm stomach effect, has been hailed as a cold winter tonic.
Chinese medicine believes that beef has the effect of supplementing the vital energy, nourishing the spleen and stomach, strengthening the muscles and bones, phlegm and blood stasis, and quenching thirst.
銆€銆€Lamb As the saying goes: “Winter mutton ginseng, spring, summer and autumn food are also strong.
Eating lamb can go to moisture, avoid cold, warm heart and stomach, and supplement Yuanyang, which is very beneficial to improve people’s physical quality and disease resistance.
銆€銆€Ips: It is best to use these stews for stewing. It is cooked for a long time, and the meat is soft and rotten, so it is easy to digest and absorb.
銆€銆€Iron-rich foods include animal liver, lamb, fish, eggs, black fungus, milk, beans, and green leafy vegetables.
Eat more iron-rich foods, which will promote the metabolism of the human body, enhance the secretion function, and effectively improve the chills.
銆€銆€4, iodine-rich foods Iodine is an important raw material for the synthesis of thyroxine, foods containing iodine can promote thyroxine secretion.
Thyroxine promotes the conversion of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in the body into energy, which produces body heat and protects against cold.
If the body is deficient in iodine for a long time, the raw material for synthesizing thyroxine is insufficient, and the body’s ability to keep warm is also reduced.
銆€銆€There are iodine-rich foods such as kelp, fish and shrimp, oysters, etc. Everyone can eat more.