Moisturizing and whitening for autumn skin care program_1

Moisturizing and whitening essential for autumn skin care

Guide: Skin is the most important factor for radiance. I recommend a weekly skin plan for autumn skin care.

No matter what style you dress up, you can do whatever you want.

Autumn skin care starts with proper face washing, pay attention to deep cleansing, and then pay attention to moisturizing and whitening. In addition to various types of whitening masks, essence is also a good choice for autumn skin care, which can meet the nutritional needs of the skin.

  Deep cleansing: You must choose an acidic cleansing cream to properly wash dry skin care, so that it is closer to the skin’s original acid and alkali environment, and will not cause more serious dryness and roughness.

After washing your face, you need a hot tub of hot water to allow the rising steam to float evenly across every inch of the skin, and then cover the body with a hot towel for about 10-15 minutes. This can make the skin pores smooth. This method is especially suitableOily skin.

  Soothing decompression: apply ice milk to your eyes. If you have dark circles, you can pour ice milk onto gauze and gently apply it to your eyes for about 10 minutes. Apply it every hour to eliminate eye bags and relieve eye fatigue.This can also reduce eye wrinkles, and cold salt water and drunk tea can also play the same role.

  Deep moisturizing: Moisturizing the egg yolk milk mask is the theme of skin care. As long as the skin is too hydrated, almost all skin problems can be solved.

Autumn skin care can choose a natural mask.

Use an egg yolk, add a piece of honey and stir well. After washing the face with warm water, apply it on the face for about ten minutes. After the mask is completely dry, wash it with warm water, and then use lotion, moisturizer, and skin to feel it.Will be soft and tender.

  Whitening: In addition to all kinds of whitening masks, the essence is also a good choice for skin care. After cleaning the face with a mild facial cleanser, massage the essence evenly with fingertips until absorbed.

  Moisturizing mask: Moisturizing oil is the best condition of the skin in the morning. If you take good care of your skin early in the morning, the skin will naturally become more healthy and shiny.

Therefore, you can make an olive oil mask for skin care: heat the olive oil to about 37 degrees, add an appropriate amount of honey, and then dip the gauze in the oil to cover the skin and remove it after 20 minutes.

Those with very dry skin on their hands are particularly effective.

  Emergency measures One day you may have entertainment, drinking coffee, alcohol, strong tea, etc., the crowd will be excited to varying degrees, causing insufficient sleep, which will seriously affect the quality of skin care.

You should bring a handkerchief with you. When you go to the bathroom, use a wet handkerchief on your neck, cheeks, and eyes for a short time, which can effectively eliminate tiredness and revitalize your spirit.

  Message from the editor: If you can follow the above skin care methods in autumn, then your skin will definitely change in this fall!

6 Wrong Routes for Baby Feeding

6 “Wrong Routes” for Baby Feeding

[Introduction]A survey conducted by a child nutrition expert from the Chinese Academy of Preventive Sciences shows that about two-thirds of children in our country have a particular preference or always refuse to eat certain foods. As a result of the lack of some necessary nutrients in the body, they have become modern “malnutrition children”As a result, immunity is generally reduced.
Many babies have fevers and coughs at both ends for three days. Compared with other children, they are a lot worse than their weight.
Mommy always complains that her baby eats too much.
In fact, these phenomena are due to Mommy’s misfeeding in feeding.
Feeding your baby the wrong way Wrong way 1 Let your baby miss the best opportunity for taste development Each kind of food that has not been eaten is fresh and curious for the baby, and they are not born with preconceptions, but usually they need toMommy gives it at the right time to cultivate good taste and smell.
Your baby’s taste and smell are most sensitive at the age of 6 months to 1 year. Therefore, it is the best time to add dairy foods. Because the baby tastes various foods, it can promote the formation of many foods’ taste, smell and taste.And development, is also the baby’s adaptation process from liquid food-semi-liquid food-solid food.
By the age of 1 year, he was able to accept a variety of foods with different tastes and textures, and thus satisfies the needs of the body’s growth and development, and weaned smoothly.
However, in the process of adding milk-free food to the baby, if the mummy sees that the baby is unwilling to eat or has a little discomfort, he immediately stops the baby distressed and no longer eats, so that the baby misses the taste, The best opportunity for the formation and development of smell and taste, not only cause weaning difficulties, but also lead to the typical anorexia in the future.
Wrong route 2 Take a compulsive attitude towards the baby’s “partial eclipse” which is initially manifested. At 8 months, the baby can already express likes and dislikes about food. This is the initial phenomenon of “partial eclipse”.
However, this partial eclipse is very naive and cannot be compared with that of older children.
Because the baby does not like to eat at this month of age, it is likely that he will like it again next month. This kind of thing is common for babies at this stage.
Mummy didn’t understand this, for fear of the baby’s lack of nutrition. Therefore, she was very concerned about the baby’s behavior of not eating, and was very “true”, so she adopted a tough attitude, leaving a very bad impression on the baby’s mind.It is difficult to accept this kind of food in the future, which leads to a true partial eclipse.
Wrong route 3 Too much attention to the nutritional intake of the baby and worrying that mommy always arranges meals for the baby according to her knowledge of nutrition, and never allows the baby to like certain foods according to her desires, thinking that this can ensure nutritionIngest.
However, pediatric medical experts have shown that as long as the baby’s taste, smell, and taste of food are normal, normal babies can choose a healthy diet from a variety of foods that they love to eat properly.
Although babies’ appetite may change frequently, this is natural. As long as they are not affected by human bias, their diet will generally be balanced in the long run.
Therefore, mommy should allow babies to like and hate certain foods according to their wishes, without having to make a fuss. Excessive attention and worry will have a counterproductive effect.
Furthermore, if the mother does not know much about the nutritional value of various foods such as rice, milk, meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits, etc., she cannot provide the baby with balanced nutrition that can meet the needs of the body’s growth and development.
Wrong route 4 Always pampers the baby in the diet. Usually the baby always eats the foods that he likes to eat and keeps eating, but Mommy doesn’t take this seriously and spoils the baby blindly.
However, the digestive organs of children are still very delicate. If they are indulgent, they will hurt the baby’s spleen and stomach, resulting in trauma to the food. When they encounter this kind of food, they will feel very disgusted and will never eat it again.This results in imbalanced nutritional intake and the occurrence of “malnutrition”.
Wrong route 5 Correct the baby’s partial eclipse, anorexia habit too anxious. When the baby does not like to eat something, the mum is often anxious, often adopts coercion, temptation, buying or threatening, etc., and force the baby to eat in the stomach, resulting in badPsychological impact.
Over time, it will cause the baby to conditionally reflect on this kind of unloved food, that is, nausea when they see it.
Over time, it will also affect the balanced intake of nutrients.
Wrong route 6 Mommy has bad eating habits. Baby is partial or anorexia, often affected by mommy. For example, if she does n’t like to cook meals that she does n’t like, she does n’t care about making good food, and she does n’t pay attention to taste and color.Words often show prejudice against these foods.
In this way, the baby will be preconceived, and will be disgusted with certain foods before they are imported.
Or as long as the meal is considered nutritious, let the baby eat it and eat it again. Eventually, the baby will lose his appetite for this meal and never eat it again.
What are the likely consequences of babies? The baby is in a period of rapid growth and development. The body needs a variety of nutrients that are both adequate and balanced. If you are a partial or anorexia, or the nutritional arrangement of the mummy diet is not balanced, it will inevitably affect the intake of certain nutrients.Causes the baby to become a modern “malnutrition child”, which leads to the following consequences: adverse consequences1. Repeated respiratory infections or diarrhea. If the baby often does not drink milk, eat liver, eggs or vegetables, the body will lack VA.
At present, there are about 20-30 million children with a state of sub-deficiency in VA in our country, which is manifested as babies often suffering from colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, or diarrhea. Some babies suffer from a dozen or even dozens of illnesses a year, which is a physical deficiency.Due to VA, if the VA deficiency is severe, the body’s immunity will be very low.
Many studies at home and abroad in recent years have shown that VA is closely related to repeated infections of the respiratory tract.
Because VA can maintain the normal differentiation of respiratory and digestive tract epithelial cells, once it is lacking, it will damage the tissue structure of epithelial cells, so the ability to defend against germs will be reduced, and germs will often come in while they are empty.
In addition, VA is also necessary to maintain the body’s normal immune function. When VA is lacking, even mild deficiency can impair immunoglobulin function, increase sensitivity to infection, and reduce disease resistance.
At the same time, due to the decline of cellular immune function, the body’s ability to attack pathogens is weakened, so repeated respiratory infections or diarrhea occur.
Negative consequences 2 Slow growth in height and weight If the baby often eats only cereals and does not want to eat animal foods such as meat, liver, egg yolk, fish and shrimp, and soy products, it will lead to a lack of trace elements in the body, such as very important for growth and developmentOf zinc and iron.
At present, about 60% of children in our country are deficient in zinc, and 40% of children are deficient in iron. Zinc and iron are very important for the growth and development of babies.
Your baby’s metabolism is inseparable from zinc, because they require a lot of enzymes and hormones to perform.
Zinc is not only an important component of more than 100 important enzymes and hormones, but also a structural component of proteins that build organs and tissues.
Therefore, babies are particularly sensitive to zinc. Once they are lacking, their appetite is often poor due to the loss of taste, even if mommy takes a lot of “anti-digestives” or “digestive aids”.
Shows that the body and weight are much lower than those of babies of the same age. In severe cases, it can even cause dwarfism and is often prone to colds and fevers. The lack of iron in the baby’s body will also slow down the growth and development, and due to the decline in disease resistance,Respiratory and gastrointestinal infections are prone to recurrence, and the condition often shows unhealed.
Instruct parents to feed their babies correctly1. Feed scientifically and reasonably to prevent the development of partial and anorexia habits and timely and timely addition of off-milk foods to promote the formation and development of the baby’s taste and taste and smell for a variety of foods;”Partial eclipse” performance, we must not be stubborn, nor spoil the baby’s bad eating habits. If you encounter foods you like, you will not eat them sparingly, which will eventually lead to injury, and you will not eat anything you like.Mummy should lead by example, don’t show likes or dislikes of food in front of the baby, and don’t comment too much on food.Method 2 Pay attention to the balance of various nutrients in accordance with the dietary balance guidelines formulated by the Chinese Nutrition Society. Arrange a diet for the baby, that is, how much food is required. The combination of staple food with coarse grains and non-staple foods with vegetarian food should be reasonable.Eat fish, eggs, lean meat, poultry, beans, and soy products; eat more vegetables, fruits, and potatoes to ensure fiber intake.

Method 3 pay attention to cultivate your baby’s good eating habits, including not partial eclipse, picky eaters, overeating, overeating, and not overeating snacks.

However, this is not something that can be achieved overnight. It requires moms to pay attention to training every moment, and it also depends on whether the mom’s attitude towards the baby’s eating is important.

First of all, Mummy should abide by the baby’s personality, make him feel that eating is his own desire, and it is a pleasant thing; not only should he pay attention to the balance of nutrients, but also consider the baby’s taste, and also pay attention to the color and aroma of the foodThe taste and the pattern of food should not neglect the baby’s sensory needs for food because it only focuses on nutrition.

Ask a child health professional to correct babies’ anorexia, anorexia and other bad eating habits, and go to the hospital to treat malnutrition in time to avoid aggravating the baby’s anorexia and anorexia caused by bad eating habits.

Always sleepy, sleep more tired?

It’s actually they are doing it!

The 4 keys to sleep well are here!

Always sleepy, sleep more tired?

It’s actually they are doing it!
The 4 keys to sleep well are here!

Sleeping, sometimes it’s really a big joke with God! I can’t sleep when I want to sleep; I can’t sleep, but when I don’t want to sleep, I always doze off and sleep.

What followed was that I was worried about uneasiness, becoming stupid, ugly and fat. I want to ask the earth to ask the earth, or to ask the fate: What am I doing wrong?


Have you thought about it?

Maybe it’s really what you did wrong.

Sleeping unconscious, the more you sleep, the more tired, may be these two problems 1, sleep too long, sleep is often a little refreshed ~ ~ and some people are “non-mainstream”: sleep for a few hours, the more sleep, the more sleepy, the moreThe more tired you sleep, the more painful your head after waking up, as if you haven’t slept enough, just like a hangover.

This is mainly because your sleep rhythm has been disrupted.

Sleep can be divided into fast wave sleep, slow wave sleep (ie deep sleep).

During deep sleep, sleep more deeply, autonomic nervous disorder, and low levels of muscle tension, muscle weakness, dreaming at this stage.

However, if the rules of sleep are destroyed, the function of the organ in the body is still in a state of dispersion during the dreaming period, and the release of the whole body pressure will be forced to stop, and you will feel weak and dizzy.

The most harmful way to sleep is erratic.

That is to say, there is no sleep in front, and the back is to compensate. It is equal to disrupting the original rules and will often feel tired.

However, this situation is like eating, and when you wait, it will slowly pass, there is nothing to worry about.

2, sleep abnormal ah ah ah ah ah, I am in a meeting, I can not sleep . can not sleep . ZZZZ if you always do not wake up, or no matter how long you sleep, people are still very tired, long-term, it may be that they have appearedI don’t know the “sleep abnormality”.

For example: snoring has a constant snoring when sleeping, and intermittent breathing stops, often sleepy during the day.

Snoring people often combine obesity, a lot of snoring and high blood pressure.

Restless leg syndrome When sleeping, unilateral or bilateral legs are involuntarily obese, and there are acid, numbness, swelling, pain, ant feeling, burning sensation; no similar symptoms during the day.

This can seriously affect the quality of sleep and lead to daytime sleepiness.

Sleepwalking is often associated with lack of sleep, fever, excessive fatigue and some medications.

Therefore, if you always sleep for a long time, you still feel tired the next day, sleep time is not controlled, it is best to go to the sleep specialist.

Going to bed early and getting better, do you seem to be not like?

The more tired you can’t sleep, what’s the matter?

Work hard for a day, very tired, take a good sleep.

A sheep, two sheep. a thousand sheep, hey, how can I not sleep?

Many people find that the more tired they are, the more they can’t sleep, especially the mental workers.

Even if I fell asleep, the quality of sleep was not high, and I couldn’t get up the next day.

It is very likely that there is excitement and anxiety just because of “heart tiredness.”

Is there a sentence?

The more you care, the more you can’t sleep.

Tomorrow’s work plan, weekly report, summary. A bunch of tasks are piled up in your head, the brain is both excited and worried, how can you sleep?

Fortunately, this temporary difficulty in falling asleep lasts no more than a month, and the problem is not big, and usually disappears through the completion of the work.

These tricks help you sleep well1, diet restrictions drinking, especially after dinner; avoid tea and coffee, especially in the afternoon or evening.

2, the ambient noise small bedroom should be quiet and no noise.

The noise completely damages the auditory organs and has adverse effects on the nervous system and cardiovascular system.If you can’t avoid the noise, you can buy a sleep earplug and put it on. The effect is not bad.

Good ventilation If the room is not well ventilated, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air is too high, which often affects the brain function of people. During the day, people will feel tired and work efficiency will drop.

It is best to open the doors and windows before going to bed, let the air circulate, then close the doors and windows to sleep.

The light is dark and the light that keeps the sleeping environment is dim.

If you want to see your phone, set the screen display setting to night mode.

When the temperature is comfortable to sleep, the most suitable temperature is around 26 °C.

3, dressing, remember to wear loose, comfortable underwear to sleep, as to whether you want to take off the sleep . see you like it.

4, exercise some aerobic exercise every day, can improve sleep.

Walking, cycling, swimming, tai chi, yoga, etc. are all good choices.

Once a day, every time for more than half an hour, when you feel the most tired, the heart rate is increased by 30% before the exercise.
50%, can achieve good results.

Also, hot water bath, soaking feet can also promote blood circulation and help you sleep well.

Finally, we must remind everyone that if you stay up late for a long time, and the following symptoms – fatigue during the day, fatigue, difficulty in concentration, low mood, easy to irritability.

First change the schedule, and then you have to see a doctor.

People who have experienced symptoms such as palpitation and high blood pressure are advised to ask a specialist for help!

Insomnia at night, your heart is exhausted?

Insomnia at night, your heart is exhausted?

It may be felt that sleep at night is very common, so most people will ignore this problem. As everyone knows, if people can’t sleep, long-term insomnia is a great disadvantage to their health and can cause serious mental and physical illness.

Now, experts will tell you what diseases are caused by insomnia.

銆€銆€According to the definition of insomnia in the “Guidelines for Clinical Research of New Drugs in Traditional Chinese Medicine”, the sleep time is less than 4 hours per day, and the sleeping pills are not effective, or the sleeping pills can sleep for 6 hours, but the sleep is not deep, and the mental state is poor when waking up.Wake up more dreams, tired and tired, symptoms lasting more than half a month, is insomnia.

The emergence of insomnia is not only a matter of mental stress, it overcomes the physical health.

銆€銆€Frequent insomnia can cause many diseases, some neurasthenia, depression, high blood pressure, high blood pressure, diabetes and so on.

銆€銆€It is difficult to sleep at night, causing the brain to be over-stressed for a long time. Because a small sleep problem can not solve the psychological inevitable depression, under the long-term effects of these factors, people are prone to neurasthenia and depressive symptoms.

銆€銆€Medical personnel have found that people with long-term insomnia have a higher probability of developing diabetes than those with good sleep.

This is because long-term insomnia may cause the activation of the human stress system or affect the metabolism of diabetes, both of which are important factors leading to diabetes.

Therefore, long-term insomnia will increase the incidence of diabetes.

銆€銆€Long-term insomnia can lead to fatal and disordered glucose metabolism, cerebral cortical dysfunction and autonomic dysfunction, which may lead to increased arterial systolic or diastolic blood pressure at rest, and hypertension leads to hypertension.

Under the effect of insomnia, blood pressure continues to rise, and the most vulnerable organs are the heart and brain.

When the blood pressure continues to rise, it will increase the burden on the left ventricle, leading to cardiac hypertrophy, which in turn causes the enlargement of the heart chamber, and the symptoms of heart failure such as palpitations and dyspnea.

銆€銆€It can be seen that the insomnia of small insomnia is not small, and long-term insomnia will cause a series of serious diseases that endanger our health and even directly criticize our lives.

The role of Chinese medicine moxibustion on the human body


The role of Chinese medicine moxibustion on the human body


Reconcile yin and yang.

The balance of yin and yang in the human body is fundamental to the occurrence and development of the disease.

The use of moxibustion therapy to reduce the effect of yin and yang.


Wentong Meridian, dispels cold evil.

Ai Ye Wen Jiazhi ignited moxibustion moxibustion, so that the heat is deep into the muscle layer, and the blood is warm.

Moxibustion has Wentong meridian, dispels cold and dehumidification, regulates qi and blood, and promotes pain and relieves pain.


Exercising qi and activating blood, eliminating phlegm.

If you see the heat, you will see the cold, and the temperature will be bloody.

Moxibustion is a warm stimulation, which can make the blood and blood coordinate, the camp and the smooth, the blood and the benefit and the blood, dissipate and disperse.


Wenyang tonic, Buzhong Yiqi.


Back to the sun to save the counter.


Disease prevention and health care, strengthen life and longevity.

The role of moxibustion therapy is multifaceted.

If the acupoints are different, the moxibustion method is different, the stimulation degree is different or the materials used for moxibustion are different, so the efficacy is also different; therefore, different acupuncture points and operation methods are selected depending on the specific condition in clinical application.

Moxibustion first moxibustion to the left, then moxibustion to the right.

Ignite the end of the moxa stick and add the burning end to the warm moxibustion stick.

Try the temperature of the palm and determine the temperature is moderate, then you can start warm moxibustion.

After the massage of the abdomen with essential oils, warm moxibustion is carried out, and the moxibustion stick is used to roll back and forth in the abdomen, and then the points of the umbilical cord are clicked. (Return, Qihai, Guanyuan), so that the meridians of the acupoints are smooth and rosy.

Moxibustion time: 15 minutes.

4 types of weight loss good partners to help you win the weight loss battle


4 types of weight loss good partners to help you win the weight loss battle

Introduction: Losing weight is a long-term career and a long-term battle.

If you want to fight this weight loss campaign, you need to find some companions who can help the group to lose weight to the end, to encourage you and correct mistakes when you are depressed or lose weight.

So what kind of qualities do they need to help them overcome the many dangers of losing weight?

The following is a good partner for your 4 types of weight loss.

銆€銆€1. Psychological supporters When you are going to lose weight, you can ask yourself why you should do this?

Does your current shape affect you and your life?

Why do you want to lose weight?

Can you feel satisfied after getting thin?

Think about these issues so that you can easily lose weight with your relaxed mood.

Moreover, in the process of slimming, you will inevitably try some new behaviors, but at the same time you have to enlighten yourself not to be too entangled in the change process, don’t care too much about whether you have eaten a piece of cake, whether you have slept for 2 hours or have not gone yet.Run!

It is very helpful to have psychological supporters around you to provide you with non-judgmental guidance.

Psychotherapists, meticulous, heterosexual friends, can play the role of this psychological supporter, they can prevent you from falling into a dead end of thinking, avoiding your depression, providing you with positive feedback and advice.

Therefore, before you start a slimming plan, first communicate with your psychological supporters to let them know that you need some help.

銆€銆€2, the beauty consultant fat burning process, the woman is most likely to loose sagging and appearance of fine lines, of course you really need a beauty consultant to care for the guidance!

Use the right products and methods to truly achieve a firm and rich skin.

For example, it can tighten and nourish the face; proper body oil massage can promote mild burning and improve mood, while also helping the body to detoxify and relieve edema.

銆€銆€3, as long as you are not single, then in most of them, your slimming plan will be affected by his success.

If you can communicate in advance, find a good balance, work together or follow a healthy lifestyle, and encourage and enlighten each other, then this will greatly benefit your slimming plan.

Not only can you be full of power, you will get a good body, and your love life will be consolidated.

The experiment found that with the cooperation and encouragement of the man, the woman’s happiness in the process of slimming increased by at least 60%!

銆€銆€4, personal trainer slimming is not only to reduce weight as a standard, because this does not take into account the muscle factor, body fat is also a consideration.

Personal trainers can tailor the slimming solution that suits you best according to your physical condition, helping you burn the excess body effectively while strengthening muscle elasticity and body curve.

In addition, personal trainers will provide some nutritional advice on your physique and intensity.

銆€銆€Xiaobian message: Of course, the above mentioned 4 types of good weight loss partners, you do not have to have to dare to lose weight, as long as you have one or two, you can play a long-term weight loss battle.