Overview of the 17th round of the CBA regular season: Guangdong 12 consecutive wins and Shanghai 10 consecutive wins

Overview of the 17th round of the CBA regular season: Guangdong 12 consecutive wins and Shanghai 10 consecutive wins
CBA Round 17 Overview: Guangdong 12-game winning streak Shanghai 10-game winning streak match review[Arab 21 + 11 Sloan 30 distribution Zell 24 + 16 Guangdong reversal Tongxi welcomes 12 consecutive victories]Beijing time December 14th 19:35 pmIn the 2016-2017 season, the 17th round of the CBA League continued to fight, and Guangdong Bank of Dongguan challenged Jiangsu Tongxi as a guest.In this campaign, Yi Jianlian and Zhao Rui returned, and Zhou Peng was absent due to injury.In the first half, Diorgu was awe-inspiring, surpassing Tongxi and establishing a leading advantage.In the third quarter, Guangdong based on defense to improve the offensive and reverse the score.In the last quarter, Guangdong firmly grasped the initiative on the field.In the end, the game ended and Guangdong reversed Tongxi 116-97 to win the 12-game winning streak.  Statistics: Guangdong (14-3): Sloan 30 points 3 rebounds 3 assists, Boozer 24 points 16 rebounds 2 steals, Yi Jianlian 21 points 11 rebounds 2 assists, Zhao Rui 15 points 6 rebounds 6 assists, Zhou Zhandong 8 points,Noble 7 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists and 4 steals, Ren Junfei 4 points and 3 rebounds, Yang Jinmeng 3 points, Dong Hanlin 2 points, Zeng Fanri 2 points and 2 rebounds.  Tong Xi (4-13): Corningham 31 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 steals, Diogu 25 points and 17 rebounds, Tang Zhengdong 14 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists, Fan Chenglin 9 points and 2 rebounds, Maierdan 7 points and 4 rebounds, ZhangCaibao had 4 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals, Feng Xin had 3 points and 5 assists, Song Jianhua had 2 points and 3 assists, and Abbas had 2 points (injured). Previous page12345678Next page

[How to get scrambled eggs with bitter gourd]_Scrambled eggs with bitter gourd_How to make_How to make

鑻︾摐鐐掗浮铔嬫槸涓€閬撳父瑙佺殑鑿滆偞锛屾槸鐢辨柊椴滅殑鑻︾摐鍜岄浮铔嬫惌閰嶆墍鍋氳€屾垚锛屽仛娉曡繃绋嬪崄鍒嗙畝鍗曪紝鑰屼笖钀ュ吇浠峰€间赴瀵岋紝鑻︾摐褰撲腑鍚湁澶ч噺鐨勭淮鐢熺礌浠ュ強寰噺鍏冪礌锛岀粡甯搁鐢ㄨ嫤鐡滃浜轰綋鏈変竴瀹氱殑濂藉锛岃嫤鐡滃叿鏈夌編瀹瑰吇棰滅殑鍔熸晥锛屽仛娉曚篃鏈夊緢澶氱銆?This is the most important part of the world: the most important thing is that there are two things: two, two, two, one, two, one, two, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one:牴锛屾礂鍑€锛屾寲鍘诲泭锛岄浮铔嬩袱涓嫤鐡滃垏鎴愮墖锛屾斁鍏ュ共鍑€鐨勭閲岃嫤鐡滈噷鍔犱竴灏忓嫼鐩愮敤鎵嬫姄鎹忚嫤鐡滐紝鐢ㄧ洂鏉€鍑鸿嫤鐡滅殑鑻﹀懗 鐢ㄦ按鍐叉礂涓€涓嬶紝杩涗竴姝ュ幓闄よ嫤鍛宠嫤鐡滄崬鍑烘尋骞叉墦鍏ラ浮铔嬶紝鍔犱竴灏忓嫼鐩愬厖鍒嗘媽鍖€閿呴噷鍔犲皯璁告补鐑х儹锛屽€掑叆鑻︾摐楦¤泲娑诧紝缈诲嚭鑷抽浮铔嬪嚌鍥哄嵆鍙鐏鐩樿嫤鐡滅殑鍔熸晥涓庝綔鐢?.娓呯儹鐩婃皵鑻︾摐鍏锋湁娓呯儹娑堟殤銆佸吇琛€鐩婃皵銆佽ˉ鑲惧仴鑴俱€佹粙鑲濇槑鐩殑鍔熸晥锛屽娌荤枟鐥㈢柧銆佺柈鑲裤€佷腑鏆戝彂鐑€佺棻瀛愯繃澶氥€佺粨鑶滅値绛夌梾鏈変竴瀹氱殑鍔熸晥銆?.淇濇姢鏈轰綋鑻︾摐鍏锋湁棰勯槻鍧忚鐥呫€佷繚鎶ょ粏鑳炶啘銆侀槻姝㈠姩鑴夌播鏍风‖鍖栥€佹彁楂樻満浣撳簲婵€鑳藉姏銆佷繚鎶ゅ績鑴忕瓑浣滅敤銆?3.The most important thing is that the chain is very fast and easy to connect. It ‘s very easy to find out what ‘s going on. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea.湁涓€瀹氱殑鎶楃檶浣滅敤銆?.闄嶈绯栥€侀檷琛€鑴傚叿鏈夐檷琛€绯栥€侀檷琛€鑴傘€佹姉鑲跨槫銆侀闃查璐ㄧ枏鏉俱€佽皟鑺傚唴鍒嗘硨銆佹姉姘у寲銆佹姉鑿屼互鍙婃彁楂樹汉浣撳厤鐤姏绛夎嵂鐢ㄥ拰淇濆仴鍔熻兘銆?.Tie 冡 呃呃 呆 鑻 ︾ 摐 鑳 mustard 樑 帑 ︾ 槠 镄 欑 毊 毊 纴 権 樿 兘 闀 闀 餜 驭 婧 僕 姨 剗 姕 倗 纆澶╋紝鏁蜂笂鍐拌繃鐨勮嫤鐡滅墖锛岃兘绔嬪嵆瑙i櫎鑲岃偆鐨勭儲韬併€?

[How to treat genital herpes]_ genital herpes _ how to treat _ treatment methods

[How to treat genital herpes]_ genital herpes _ how to treat _ treatment methods

Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease, that is, transmitted through sexual behavior. Treatment of genital herpes must be timely to prevent the disease from getting worse.

Many people want to know how to treat genital herpes. Generally, the treatment of genital herpes is divided into steps, mainly drug treatment.


For the treatment of genital herpes, there are general treatment, antiviral treatment and traditional Chinese medicine treatment. These treatments are necessary.

General treatment is actually symptomatic treatment, while antiviral treatment is cause treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine treatment are mostly based on syndrome differentiation, and both the symptoms and the symptoms can effectively prevent relapse.

General treatment has not completely eliminated the virus, nor has it prevented the recurrence of the disease.

The purpose of treatment is mainly to relieve symptoms, reduce pain, correct the course of disease and prevent secondary infections.


The general treatment is mainly to keep the area clean, dry and intact.

Can be washed with isotonic saline every day. Those who are in pain can take painkillers orally to give them spiritual comfort.

Those with concurrent bacterial infections can use topical antibiotic ointments.

Explain the reason for the recurrence to the patient, how to treat and deal with it, and reduce the psychological burden on the patient.

Female reproductive genital herpes needs a gynecological examination to eliminate the hidden dangers of cervical cancer.


Use antiviral drugs in a timely and adequate manner to eliminate symptoms, replace the course and control the infection and recurrence of herpes.

It is recommended to judge the healing and prognosis of herpes lesions in the affected area to completely eliminate shrinkage, pain, paresthesia and lymphadenopathy.

Although it is easy to relapse, the better it is, the management and prevention of cases of genital herpes diagnosed for the first time should be reported.

While actively treating, you should adjust your mindset, relax yourself, and exercise appropriately to gradually improve the body’s immunity. Pay more attention to personal hygiene and wash the affected area frequently. Do not use other people’s underwear, swimwear and bathtubs.Will be sick.

[How to cook potatoes when they are cooked]_How to make_How to make

[How to cook potatoes when they are cooked]_How to make_How to make

People who like to eat potatoes often study how to make potatoes.

Especially when the cooked potatoes are made again, it should be more complicated.

So you should pay attention to the seasoning and how to eat the potatoes after they are cooked.

Everyone’s taste is completely different, so making potatoes needs to be done according to people’s taste.

So how to cook the potatoes when they are cooked?

First, ham and mashed potatoes 1. Peel and wash the potatoes, cut into small pieces, put them in a pot, add an appropriate amount of water to boil, and mash them with a spoon.

2. Peel and chop the ham.

3. Put mashed potatoes into a small dish, add ground ham, paste, and stir well.

Potato fish (in fact, the sauce is different) fresh mushrooms, cut into pieces and fried with olive oil.

Stir in the mashed potatoes (as taught above).

In the shape of a fish.

Burn some fish sauce and pour it over potato fish.

Just fine.
Second, KFC’s mashed potato ingredients: potatoes, whipped cream, condensed chicken or beef broth for cooking, salt and pepper.

Production method: 1. The potatoes are steamed, peeled, and placed in a container. After being cooled, the potatoes are mashed into mud.

2. Add an appropriate amount of cream to the mashed potatoes and stir until the cream is completely immersed in the mashed potatoes.

3. Pour the mashed mashed potatoes into a pan, put it on the fire, add an appropriate amount of concentrated chicken soup and water, and keep stirring until the mashed potatoes and chicken soup are dissolved into one.

4. Finally add the right amount of salt and pepper to taste.

3. Warm-boiled potato and gourd salad ingredients: 2 potatoes, 1 gourd (small pumpkin), 10 grams of parsley, and seasoned with Chube Qiandao sauce.

Method: 1. Peel potatoes and gourds and cut into small pieces, cook; 2. Chopped coriander into the end; 3, mix potatoes, gourds, and parsley with Qiubiandao sauce and mix well.

The notes are simple and delicious, and nutritious.

Fourth, beer boiled beef and potato materials: beef, potatoes, ginger, garlic, fragrant leaves, peppercorns, star anise, fennel, clove powder, Zhuhou sauce, bean curd, beer.

Practice: 1.

Beef simmered with ginger slices, diced potatoes, ginger slices or patted; 2.

Put the oil in the pot, sauté peppercorns, star anise, fennel, ginger, garlic, two tablespoons of Zhuhou sauce, put beef and potatoes, half a bean curd, put the clove powder and fragrant leaves about half a finger, turn it flat;, Otherwise it will mask the fragrance of other spices.


Pour in a can of beer, put a moderate amount of raw soy sauce, old soy sauce and about a tablespoon of sugar, stir a few times, cover the lid, simmer for 5 minutes on high heat, then simmer on low heat, simmer until potatoes are soft and simmer on high fire;.

焖 Pour well in the pre-heated casserole.

Hanchuan Intelligent (688022): Leading automotive electronics manufacturing equipment company will benefit from high industry prosperity for a long time-Hanchuan Intelligent Pricing Report

Hanchuan Intelligent (688022): Leading automotive electronics manufacturing equipment company will benefit from high industry prosperity for a long time-Hanchuan Intelligent Pricing Report

Report evaluation: Taking into account the rapid growth of the company’s industry and the valuation of comparable companies, we believe that the maximum PE valuation of Hanchuan Intelligent in 2019 is 43 times, and its PE in 2019 is estimated to exceed that of 3 non-standard automation companies.The average valuation is 33 times, so the company’s 2019 PE estimate is (33, 43) times, corresponding to a market value of (32.


57) billion yuan, based on 108 million shares, the pricing price is (30.

25, 39.

4) Yuan.

(1) A rapidly growing provider of intelligent manufacturing equipment, focusing on the automotive electronics sector.

Master a variety of core “universal” technologies, focusing on automotive electronics intelligent manufacturing equipment, and gradually develop new energy equipment and medical intelligent manufacturing equipment in various fields.

Most of the company’s downstream customers are leading companies in the industry, and they have been recognized by leading companies in various fields, demonstrating that the company’s technological strength belongs to the leading level in the industry.Seven are corporate customers.

The top five customers are mostly concentrated in the field of automotive electronics, and most of them show a rapid growth trend. Automotive electronics follows the functional classification into four major categories. The company involved, mainly based on connector intelligent manufacturing equipment, converted into customer initial approval.The single amount of orders received by the company has gradually increased.

(2) The company will fully benefit from the rapid growth of the automotive electronics industry.

The automotive electronics manufacturing equipment industry will be in a rapid development trend for a long period of time in the future, mainly benefiting from two aspects: globally and in high value-added areas, it is divided up by leading players.

The company has entered the supplier system of many manufacturers in the field of automotive electronics. Among these customers, the company’s products occupy a relatively low amount of similar equipment in the customer and can improve the space.

Estimate analysis and investment recommendations: The company’s overall revenue for 杭州桑拿网 2019-2021 is expected to be 6 respectively.

00, 8.

37 and 11.

600 million, net profit attributable to mothers is 0.

99, 1.

41 and 2.

US $ 0.5 billion. Taking into account the estimates of comparable companies and the growth rate of the industry, we believe that the company’s 2019 PE estimate is (33,43) times, corresponding to a market value of (32).


57) billion yuan, based on 108 million shares, the pricing price is (30.

25, 39.

4) Yuan.
Risk warning: the growth rate of new energy vehicle sales declines; the expansion of capital expenditure in the automotive electronics industry.

Jingfeng Mingyuan (688368): Talent and patent integration Moat smart lighting prospects look promising

Jingfeng Mingyuan (688368): Talent and patent integration Moat smart lighting prospects look promising

Founded in October 2008, Jingfeng Mingyuan is a leading domestic power management driver chip design company.

Its main business is the development and sales of power management driver chips. The company’s products mainly include LED lighting driver chips, motor driver chips and other power management driver chips.

Main point of view: Relying on talents and patent moats, the power management chip leading company has grown up early.

The core competitiveness of the analog chip industry lies in artificial design and experience accumulation. In the development of more than 10 years, Jingfeng Mingyuan builds a moat based on talents and patents, with a per capita of up to 400 million per year, which has become the leading power source in ChinaManagement Chip Company.

In the next three years, the general LED lighting business revenue will grow at a compound annual growth rate of about 9%.

Under the dual factors of penetration rate and real estate post-cycle, the growth rate of general lighting LED from China in the next 3 years is expected to further change; considering the international market penetration rate for further growth, we expect general lighting LED from 2019-2021 Driver chip revenue was 6.



5.3 billion, with a gross profit of 1.



4.5 billion.

Technical advantages and average price boost embrace intelligent lighting, and the average annual compound growth rate of revenue in the next three years is about 33%.

We estimate that the revenue from smart LED lighting driver chips for 2019-2021 will be 1.



0.94 million yuan, an increase of 35 in ten years.

12% / 29.

61% / 34.


The gross profit is 0.



0.6 million yuan, an increase of 32 in ten years.

56% / 25.

37% / 28.


Profit forecast and estimation: The company’s operating income for 2019-2021 is expected to be 8.



37 ppm, an increase of 11 years.

16% / 13.

57% / 17.

52%, net profit attributable to mother is 0.



22 ppm, a ten-year increase4.

92% / 15.61% / 23.

twenty three%.

Covered for the first time and given a “Neutral” rating.

In the long run, we believe that the company’s growth path will gradually realize the development path of Texas Instruments, the leader in analog chips. With the continuous enrichment of product lines of core human resources, the long-term net profit potential is expected to reach 700 million US dollars.

Risks prompt macroeconomic downturn, intensified trade wars, increased industry competition, systemic risks, etc.

Phoenix Media (601928): Steady New Business Maintains High Growth

Phoenix Media (601928): Steady New Business Maintains High Growth

Performance summary: The company announced the 2019 semi-annual report and realized revenue 61 in the first half of 2019.

900 million (+ 15%), realizing net profit attributable to mother 8.

9% (+ 14%), realized non-net profit attributable to the mother 8.

2 ppm (+ 35%), the company’s performance exceeds the industry average.

On the market level, according to the data of the open book information, Phoenix Media’s overall book retail market share in the first half of 2019.

19%, continue to maintain the third place in the national publishing group; the market share of yards in the physical store channel retail market4.

63%, ranking rises 1 place to the second; the code in the online store channel retail market conversion 2.

93%, ranking rose by 1 place to third.

The company’s semi-annual report performance achieved double-digit growth, which was significantly improved due to the mother’s deduction.

The reasons for the significant improvement in the company’s performance are as follows: 1) The main business is stable, and revenue in the first half of 2019 is 61.

9 trillion, an increase of 8.

4 numbers, the growth comes from: the price increase of textbooks, the expansion of the base of students using textbooks, and other factors; 2) the new business remains profitable: in the first half of 2019, Fenghuang Xueyi (the subject network, the company indirectly holds 35% of its equity)) Net profit of 1.48 million yuan, -3.73 million yuan in the same period in 18 years.

In the first half of 2019, the company’s profitability improved, and sufficient monetary funds were provided to provide imagination.

Affected by the high cost of the company’s previous inventory paper, the company’s gross profit margin declined in 2018.

With the increase in textbook prices, rolling purchases, and stable stock paper prices, the company’s 2019H1 comprehensive gross profit margin increased by 1 compared with the same period in 2018.

2 units.

As of the first half of 2019, the company had monetary funds79.

600 million, trading financial assets 21.

600 million, totaling 101.

20,000 yuan, sufficient monetary funds.

Provide imagination for subsequent expansion of new business and dividends.

The discipline network in the first half of the year exceeded 70 million in revenue, B-side multi-user system continues to develop.

As of August 29, 2019, the number of members of the company’s subject network has exceeded 28 million. In the first half of 2019, Phoenix Xueyi (the subject network) achieved revenue of 73.14 million yuan, an increase of 27%, and the revenue continued to grow at a high speed.Realized a net profit of 1.48 million yuan, a significant reduction in losses over the same period in the previous 18 years.

In fact, the company actively promotes the B-side multi-user system. After the school purchases a product, it will upgrade from a single shared account to one account per user. It has now been promoted 1.

80,000 schools converted 1.55 million teacher user accounts, and the concentration of traffic provided the basis for later monetization.

Earnings forecasts and investment advice.

The company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 0.

60 yuan, 0杭州桑拿.

67 yuan, 0.

72 yuan.

According to 1) the company has abundant monetary funds in the first half of 2019, and imaginable space; 2) backed by education, a large population province, affected by price increases of textbooks, and the expansion of the student base, the company’s textbook teaching and auxiliary business has steadily increased;The subject network continued to improve coverage and maintained a “buy” rating.

Risk Warning: New business development benefits may be less than expected risks, and the risk of rising raw paper prices

7 types of skin moisturizing care in winter


7 types of skin moisturizing care in winter

Oily skin due to excess oil secretion, large pores are easy to block, even in winter, it will also be dry and peeling.

At this time, the first thing to do is to add enough moisture to the skin, without hindering the use of oil-removing firming lotion. This can not only shrink the pores, but also replenish the skin with water, and also suppress the secretion of oil, anti-inflammatory and other effects.Nourishing lotion with oil-in-oil.


hzh {display: none; }  先用吸油面纸吸掉多余的油分,再喷洒矿泉水或化妆水。Then in a dry place, gently moisturize with moisturizing gel.

Don’t forget to exfoliate before using a moisturizing mask!

  Normal skin moisturizing procedures are the easiest.

It is best to choose a skincare or face washing product that has a pH value close to the skin. Because many cosmetics contain maintenance and moisturizing ingredients, as long as you spray a moderate amount of mineral water and lotion, it ‘s very beautiful before you go out in the morning!

It is not suitable to use too moisturizing night cream before going to bed at night.

Because oily products are mixed with the oil from your union, they can easily develop small acne.

  After cleansing, first use an oil-free moisturizing liquid, then add a nourishing firming milk with olive oil to form an oxygen-permeable protective film on the surface of the skin.

Although normal skin is the ideal skin type, it is also necessary to strengthen the care, and sunscreen is essential before going out.

In addition, night care cannot be ignored.

  Dry skin You have dry skin, and you ca n’t help it when you encounter cold air.

Don’t worry, just apply a moisturizing lotion when cleaning morning and evening.

Moisturizing liquid should be used to replenish moisture for dry skin in winter, because the pH of dry skin is easy to be destroyed. The moisturizing liquid can take advantage of the effect of repairing skin pH.

Vichy Moisturizing Body Lotion and Nutrient Body Cream contain various active molecules such as glycerin, which is especially suitable for dry skin.

  In addition, for you with dry skin, due to the movement of skin and muscles such as frowning and talking, it is easy to produce false wrinkles when the skin is dry in winter, so you must drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables, and eat less spicy food.

  Mixed skin T-shaped part is your fatal injury. After washing your face in the morning and evening, you can apply a refreshing lotion.

Usually pay attention to the phenomenon of oily nose.

The oil in the T-shaped area can be absorbed first, instead of cleaning the nasal membrane, it can effectively remove oil and blackheads, and then put on moisturizing gel.

  Sensitive Skin Before you start moisturizing your skin, you must first understand that you are allergic to products containing certain ingredients.

It is best not to use alcohol-based moisturizing products. You can spray the whole face with mineral water on the face, dry it, and then use gel-free fragrance-free products to calm and moisturize the skin.

  Dry and aging skin For dry and aging skin, use a cleansing cream made of plant fats with high vitamin content to form a moisturizing protective film on the skin surface, and then use the essence to make the skin soft, balanced and moisturized.

  When doing cleaning, you should pay attention to the circular movement of the hand diagonally upwards, and keep the axial pulling effect of each action.

Do not circle down to avoid slackening the aging skin.

Collagen-containing facial cleanser and nutrient water are also the first choice for dry and aging skin.

  Dehydrated skin Dehydrated skin should be supplemented with a highly hydrophilic, moisturizing factor-free, cleansing milk that does not contain oil, and be cleaned gently and thoroughly, so that the skin will not lose too much water.

Then use balanced nutrition water to balance the skin and reduce dark spots.

Brunette Skin Problem Camp_1

Brunette skin problem camp

● Eczema and eczema can become particularly severe in the summer. If cortisone cyanide is not effective, you need to see a doctor.

At the same time, eczema may also be caused by stress or allergies, and skin care products containing oatmeal can help relieve skin pressure.

  ● Ugly allergic to UV rays. Unfortunately, there has not been a good way to combat this problem, even medically.

  ● Dry skin All summer is the period of skin’s remaining fatigue. In addition to drinking a lot of water, all you can do is use skin care products with strong moisturizing effect as creams, especially after continuous sunlight, moisturizing masks and serumsWould be especially necessary!

  ● Bad accident on the beach Mosquito bomber The mosquito on the beach is the enemy of the skin next to the sun. A big bag is painful, itchy, and easy to drop scars.

Therefore, it is best to take preventive measures and apply some medicines. If you feel you are in trouble, you should immediately apply a cool antipruritic medicine, otherwise it will be easy to get scars.

But if it is really unfortunate that the scar has fallen, it is not hopeless. You can apply some essential oil mixed with lavender and tea tree oil, or skin care products specially for scars after mosquito bites.

Best for outdoor exercise without sweat

Best for outdoor exercise without sweat

A survey by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas also pointed out that the effect of sauna-day running is greatly reduced.

An excellent runner can run the entire distance in less than two and a half hours at about 10 ℃, but the speed will slow down at a temperature above 25 ℃ 2.


This is because the cool environment puts less stress on the body and the physical exertion will also be transformed.

In summer, there are more inhalable particles such as dust in the air than in other seasons. Due to the shortness of breath during exercise, people may absorb more into the body, which is extremely bad for the lungs.

In progress, Covilant suggested that continuous aerobic exercise should not be performed outdoors in hot, humid weather.

  The sauna is sweltering and steep, and some people will sweat with a little activity. At this time, sports seem to become a kind of “torture.”

However, for some people who like sports and have long-term exercise habits, the weather will not be a factor hindering their exercise.

At this time, you can use some non-sweat sports instead of running and other sports, reducing the effect of exercise is more obvious.

The US “News Weekly” has written that non-sweat sports can prevent or reduce the risk of various chronic diseases, and there are many possibilities for human health.

The following are recommended for you.

  Lift your head to balance and walk forward with a small bag of rice or a book on your head. To maintain balance, you can hold it by hand.

Feel this feeling of vertical middle stress and time it.

This exercise has a good effect on shaping the spine and improving the shape.

  Lie on your arms and legs with your arms and legs slightly apart, turn your palms to the ceiling, close your eyes, take three deep breaths, and focus on the body that is completely empty after each exhalation.

Then from the toes to the top of the head, tighten a little and relax the muscles, and carefully feel each transition.

For shoulder and head muscle movement, use rotation instead of tightening.

This is an effective exercise to develop a soft body, which is very relaxing and can also relieve tension.

  Labor fitness experts at Harvard University and Stanford University in the United States have done a special study on the relationship between housework and health, and listed energy consumption tables for housework.

About 60 calories are consumed in 15 minutes for sweeping; about 190 calories in 1 hour for hand-washing; about 180 calories in 45 minutes for ironing; about 150 calories in 30 minutes for cleaning the window; 120 calories in 30 minutes for vacuumquantum.