Demystifying the cause of male infertility

Demystifying the cause of male infertility

Generally, about 80% of couples in their first year of marriage?
85% pregnant, about 10% in the second year?
15% of couples will become pregnant and be vigilant if they are infertile for more than 3 years.

The actual infertility patient came to the clinic because of infertility for many years after marriage. There were no other complications. Only abnormalities were found during the physical examination and laboratory examination of the relevant parties.

  Men’s infertility, according to the World Health Organization’s standards for one year, means at least 12 months of non-contraceptive life history without still conceiving the woman.

Primary male infertility is when a man has never conceived a woman.

Secondary male infertility is when a man has conceived a woman.

Essentially, male infertility is more likely to restore fertility than primary infertility.

  Currently, infertility has become a universal target.

The normal value of sperm has been replaced by more than 60 million per ml, which is considered normal.

  The causes of male infertility are very complex, and the World Health Organization is divided into 16 categories.

There are mainly the following aspects: After the genital organ is infected with male genital organs, the presence of worms will affect the normal secretion of gonads and decline in spermatogenic function, replace the morphology of sperm, and decrease viability and survival time, thereby losing fertilityLeading to infertility.

Acute patients will develop symptoms such as acute insulin bolitis, epididymitis, prostatitis, urethritis, and abnormal genital structure.

Severe cases can cause insemination ducts, cracks in the attachment, and even obstruction, causing sperm to fail to pass smoothly and enter the female body to combine with the eggs.

  Varicocele refers to the expansion of the spermatic cord venous plexus, which causes the blood flow of the retinal pill to be blocked, the temperature rise, the metabolic disorder, and the harmful substances not excreted in time.Infertility due to abnormal sperm and decreased vitality.

  Immune dysfunction means that men develop antisperm autoimmunity.

Human semen contains a variety of antigens. If it is implanted into urethritis, prostatitis, epididymitis, orchitis, etc., and the thrombus barrier is broken, an immune response will occur and anti-sperm antibodies will be produced.

Anti-sperm antibodies can inactivate sperm, cause oligospermia and azoospermia, and prevent sperm-egg binding.

Do n’t buy these five types of food in bulk

Do n’t buy these five types of food in bulk

First, cereals and bulk foods Bulk foods are susceptible to germs and nutrient losses are also possible.

Because grain contains water, the relative environment can cause germs to breed.

One of the most harmful to the human body is a carcinogen aflatoxin.

Among the cereals, the most in bulk is cereal rice. Although it is rich in nutrition, it has a short shelf life, usually only half a year.

In particular, Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which are left in the air for about 3 months, will be completely oxidized, and health care effects will be lost.

  Second, bulk edible oil bulk edible oil mainly has no packaging mark. It is a “three-none” product without a factory name, site, production date, shelf life, and quality standards. There are serious hidden health hazards. Do not buy it.

Especially buying a large amount of edible oil at one time is even worse.

This is because, first, the oil with the lid open is usually stored in the kitchen, with high temperature and humidity, which is prone to breed bacteria. Second, the oil in the oil is easily oxidized and rancid, which increases the risk of carcinogenesis.

Therefore, Wang Donglan suggested that cooking oil should be bought in small packages and eaten within 3 months after opening the lid.

  At the same time, it needs to be reminded.

The storage time of cooking oil also depends on the type of oil.

For example, olive oil can only be stored for 6 months, and peanut oil can only be stored for 3 months after opening.

  Third, bulk nuts Nuts are easy to spoil because of their large oil content.

Bulk nuts in direct contact with the air will accelerate their deterioration, and the mineral nutrients such as calcium, zinc, and iron are more easily lost.

Therefore, the shelf life of bulk nuts is usually only one or two months.

Nuts are best bought in small packages that can be eaten in a short time.

  Fourth, do not think that frozen food in bulk can be repeatedly stored without any care, and its shelf life is actually only one or two months.

The variety of frozen foods in the freezer of the supermarket costs a lot of repetition in transportation and storage, which is not easy to judge.

Therefore, don’t let quick-frozen dumplings, frozen meat, etc. fill up the freezer compartment of the refrigerator, no matter how busy you are, it is best to buy frozen food now.

  Fifth, the seasonings in bulk are not only peppercorns in bulk, cumin, but also bottled hot pepper sauce. Generally, the flavor will fade in about half a year, the flavoring ability will weaken, and it will easily breed bacteria, which is very harmful to health.

Condiments must be bought in small quantities and refined, preferably not in bulk or in large bottles.

American woman is slimming 50 kg for Chinese husband gastrointestinal reorganization

American woman is slimming 50 kg for Chinese husband “gastrointestinal reorganization”

CherylBaisaden_Zhao, an American female painter and designer, weighs 120 kilograms.
In the past two months, she needed to undergo a bariatric surgery that would reduce nearly 50 kilograms of fat (she wants her weight to be around 70 kilograms). The name of the operation is “gastrointestinal reorganization.”
  ”In the operation, the doctor will cut off my small intestine, shrink the stomach, make a pocket, and wrap the stomach.
“Snow is the first foreigner to undergo this kind of visceral weight loss surgery in China.”
  ”I decided to do this weight loss surgery for my Chinese husband and my Chinese dream.
In April last year, the 35-year-old Xuerou closed his design studio in the United States, left his two young children, and came to China, who was obsessed with childhood.
Now she is an English teacher at a college in Beijing. She also found a Chinese husband in Beijing and started what she called “the second new life in China.”
A dangerous weight loss surgery Starbucks’s small round chair obviously made Snow softly uncomfortable. This height is 1.
The 72-meter, 120-kilogram American woman frowned and moved her body from time to time to adjust her sitting position.
Later interviews were carried out in a friend’s design studio, where the large sofa seemed to satisfy her, and her thick body fell deeply into the sofa.
  Although the figure is not flattering, the artist is very elegant, with a long skirt, a black coat, a gold charm, and a black scarf around the waist.
She explained happily that this was because she had just had a liposuction surgery on her waist and abdomen. She needed something to tie her waist and she used a black silk scarf.
The husband and friend on the side smiled and said: “Now I can finally see her waist.
As a “pre-preparation” for “gastrointestinal recombination” surgery, Xuerou received liposuction surgery for the waist, abdomen and upper hip in mid-March and late April, and she will also receive liposuction in the thigh and upper arm in June.surgery.
Li Jing, medical director of Beijing Yimeier Jianxiang Hospital, told the author that because of the thick fat in the soft belly, waist and buttocks, if the “gastrointestinal contraction” surgery is directly performed, the endoscope will be difficult to work properly.
“Our hospital has done more than 100 cases of intestinal contraction, but this time Ms. Xuerou wants to do the intestine and stomach contraction. This kind of surgery has never been done in our hospital.
Although the weight loss will be more obvious, the danger is much greater.
Li Jing told the author that if everything is arranged smoothly, gastrointestinal contraction surgery will be performed for Xuerou in July this year, when Xuerou can at least reduce the weight of 30 kg.
  This sounds a bit scary “gastrointestinal recombination” surgery, Xuerou thinks it is worth a try, it is entirely for his Chinese husband.
  Morning News: Does he really want you to lose weight?
  Xuerou: Not all.
In the beginning, he also opposed me to lose weight, because before he had always liked the fullness of women, Tang Dynasty women’s demeanor.
  Morning News: Later, you think that you are walking together, the body is not very suitable. Xuerou: At first I thought about our body, he was thin and small, I am so tall, I was able to attract attention to an American wife and a Chinese husband.And it’s still so big.
But he doesn’t mind, I don’t care.
  Morning News: Later, did he mind?
  Xuerou: No, I thought I was too fat, and I was walking, not to mention climbing stairs, but he ran up and down very fast; he also likes to ride a bicycle, can ride very fast, but I amCycling, waist, back, knees will be sour and painful.
The doctor said that because of obesity, my joint load is too heavy, you know, I want to carry out normal activities with him and enjoy life with him.
  The “rebirth” of living a poor life From small to large, China has always been her dream.
  At the age of 12, her mother bought her a book about China, “The Beautiful Land,” which she read several times.
Later, with her own apartment, she was in the kitchen, in the living room, and in the bedroom, full of pictures of China.
She knows any Chinese restaurant in the city. She also likes Chinese art and Chinese movies. Her favorite directors are Chen Kaige and Zhang Yimou. She likes to watch “Bathing” and “Love Mala Tang” most.
  Xuerou said that she liked Chinese men very much since she was a child. “But I have never had a chance to date my Chinese boyfriend in the United States. I have several good friends who are Chinese. They are very polite, kind and responsible. I hope that I can find them in China.A Chinese lover.
In 2001, a Greek friend told her that she was going to China and she began to touch; in 2002, she met two friends who were engaged in art in the United States. They told her about the new changes in China, she made up her mind.I want to go to China to start her new life; in 2003, she resolutely closed her design studio in the United States and came to China alone.
This is her first time in China and her first time abroad.
  She is going to find her own Chinese love.
  Snow soft Mr. Zhao met in the network and met in the church.
One month after coming to Beijing last year, Xuerou, who has always liked the Internet, posted an advertisement on the Internet. “American woman, 30 years old, likes Chinese culture, obesity, and hopes to meet a special Chinese man.
After that, she received many people’s responses. Many people still insisted on meeting and dating her after receiving her photos. The youngest is 23 years old, the oldest is 57 years old, and the 36-year-old Mr. Zhao isOne of the.Mr. Zhao’s handwritten love letter finally touched the heart of Xuerou, so they contacted in June, fell in love in August, and got married in November.

Now when Xuerou introduces himself, he calls himself “Zhao Xuerou”.

  All afternoon, Mr. Zhao always looked at the newspaper quietly.

Occasionally he would also raise his head and smile and watch his wife talk.

He told the author that he prefers fat, and he did not feel that Xuerou had any need to lose weight. Just because obesity affected her normal life and health, he promised to let her go to bariatric surgery.

  But many people don’t know that his husband doesn’t mind her body at all, and she doesn’t mind she has two children.

  Morning News: Can you talk about your two children?

  Xuerou: No problem, a daughter and a son.

I had my first child when I was 16 years old. I continued to my university while raising a child. Now she is almost 20 years old.

The second child was left in my first marriage. I raised my two children alone.

  Morning News: Your husband doesn’t mind your experiences?

(The author looked at the couple, and Mr. Zhao did not want to talk about this possibility.

Xuerou: I just want to say that my first marriage is not very happy.

Now I am very fortunate to have a gentle, considerate Chinese husband.

  Morning News: Since you like Chinese men so much, why not consider marrying a Chinese at the beginning?

  Xuerou: (There are children) I was too young at the time.

Later, I raised a child alone, and the child needed me to take care of it.

Now that the child has grown up, one is in his father’s house, one is in my mother’s house, and I can finally come to my dream country.

  Morning News: What do children think of you coming to China and seeing a Chinese father?

  Xuerou: They feel suddenly, but they are not surprised.

Everyone in the family knows that I love China very much. I also often take my children to Chinese restaurants to watch Chinese movies.

When I first arrived in China, my mother asked me if I had an American dating. I said that when I arrived in China, why should I choose Americans?

My daughter and I talked about her ideal object, gentle, responsible, love his wife, I said, come to China.

  Morning News: Your contact with your current husband is not very long.

  Xuerou: Right, because of the differences in culture and habits, we will also quarrel, but we will be able to reconcile soon.

Quarreling is not a problem, we are learning each other step by step.

  Now their lives are far poorer than expected. The couple and Mr. Zhao’s mother are crowded together in a 60-square-meter old house. The house is very simple: the concrete floor, the lime on the opening has begun to be replaced, and the washing machine is still used.After several years of old-fashioned two-cylinder washing machines, Mr. Zhao’s major in engineering is engineering, but his career has not developed smoothly. Now he has opened a printing room.

. All of this is quite different from the living conditions of Xuerou in the United States, but Xuerou firmly believes that he will continue to live in China. “I started a second life here, just like the phoenix rebirth.

What kind of tea is good in summer? Do not miss 10 summer health teas.


What kind of tea is good in summer? Do not miss 10 summer health teas.

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In the summer, the sun is like a fire, and the human body is very prone to sweating. At this time, potassium and sodium will transform sweat loss. In this case, it is easy to get heatstroke and even appear to be weak.

They all say that drinking tea can keep health, so what kind of tea should you drink in summer?

Let me introduce 10 summer health teas, so don’t miss it.

銆€銆€1, honeysuckle tea honeysuckle can clear away heat and detoxification, effectively eliminate toxins in the body, prevent and inhibit the growth of acne and acne; can activate cell enzymes, quickly deliver nutrients to your skin, instantly whiten; can cool blood and phlegm, promote cell metabolism, effectively eliminate all kinds of spots and dark spots.

Honeysuckle is also resistant to UV radiation, fully replenishing moisture and effectively resisting all kinds of wrinkles.

銆€銆€Known method: take 3-5 grams each time, brew boiling water for 3-5 minutes, the taste is slightly bitter.

Add rock sugar or honey jam.

銆€銆€2, longan red jujube tea is very effective for work stress MM, which is easy to lose sleep or memory loss, because eating longan meat can enhance memory and has a good effect in avoiding mental decline.

In addition, this tea also has the effect of reducing weight and breast enhancement, soothing the nerves and enriching the brain.

銆€銆€Known method: Take the longan, 3-5 grams, two red dates, and boil water for 3-5 minutes.

銆€銆€3, honey plus black tea honey plus black tea has the effect of moistening the stomach and detoxification.

Several kinds of general laxatives, honey and black tea will not hurt the stomach, but will destroy the protective effect, but also remove the body’s oil, so it can lose weight.

Some people do not eat peppers, do not eat things on fire, no skin disease, but still tuberculosis acne, may be constipation, liver qi stagnation, body toxins, or oil secretion caused by excessive, long-term drinking black tea plus honeyThese problems can be solved, mainly by persistence.

銆€銆€Breakfast method: Get up in the morning to drink a large glass of honey water on an empty stomach. After breakfast, until 9:00 pm, drink black tea, but do not add honey, drink 5-10 cups a day, eat normally, but insist on long-term drinking, this is the mostA healthy way to lose weight.

銆€銆€4, osmanthus tea osmanthus tea is also a kind of flower tea suitable for summer drink, sweet-scented osmanthus, also known as Jiulixiang, belongs to Xin Wen, the fragrance is fresh and charming.

Osmanthus tea not only has the effect of relieving dry mouth, laxative, and relieving flatulence and discomfort.

It also has a good whitening skin and removes the beauty function of toxins from the body.

Osmanthus fragrans can be mixed with green tea or oolong tea, so that the temperament of osmanthus and the coldness of green tea are combined. For those who are weak in spleen and stomach but want to drink tea, it is the ideal flower tea for summer drink.

銆€銆€Summer flower tea: osmanthus tea is suitable for people with weak spleen and stomach. The amount of osmanthus can not be too much. The water temperature is generally around 85 degrees. Pour a little water first, let the flowers and tea fully moisturize, and finally put the water.Fill the glass and soak for 2 to 3 minutes.

Sweet-scented osmanthus tea has a fresh and charming fragrance and is comfortable and calm.

銆€銆€5, rose tea rose is lukewarm, rich in vitamins, has a conditioning effect on the liver and stomach, and can eliminate fatigue, promote blood circulation, improve physical fitness; roses help to improve dry skin, remove dark spots on the skin, so verySuitable for summer and summer.

Red rose flowers have similar effects to roses and can be substituted or mixed with roses.

銆€銆€When brewing rose tea, take 3-10 dried rosebuds from roses, put them into a cup, and simmer them in boiling water for about 10 minutes. Hot and cold drinks are good.

Season with lemon or honey in summer and summer.

銆€銆€6. Chrysanthemum tea is made from white chrysanthemum and fine oolong tea. It is a kind of tea that should be necessary for office workers who are exposed to electronic pollution every day.

Because the white chrysanthemum in tea has the function of detoxification, it has low resistance and elimination effect on harmful chemical or radioactive substances accumulated in the body.

銆€銆€7, Pu’er tea to remove the feces and flat belly Chinese tea most have the effect of promoting micro-metabolism, Pu’er tea is the master of eliminating excess cockroaches.

The elements contained in tea have the effect of enhancing the decomposition of the abdominal cavity.

銆€銆€8, aloe vera tea is so good as the life of Qianqian handsome men, for health or hurry to quit smoking.

When you want to take a sip, make a pot of aloe vera tea, which is similar to cigarettes. It is the best substitute for your mouth.

銆€銆€9, tea is also a traditional Chinese medicine.

If a person does not have a bowel movement for three consecutive days, buy a cup of tea that is not particularly bitter.

銆€銆€10, lotus leaf tea ancient weight loss secret medicine.

A drink made of lotus flowers, leaves and fruits can not only make people feel refreshed, but also improve their complexion and lose weight.

銆€銆€Note: Purple Rose: conditioning endocrine disorders, eliminating back pain, regulating blood, weakening fatigue, effective for wound healing.

銆€銆€Red pink rose: strong liver, nourishing the stomach, beauty and beauty, regulating menstruation and blood circulation, bloody, soothe the nerves, laxative.

銆€銆€Chamomile: Chamomile tea can effectively improve the symptoms of insomnia. It also has obvious effects on neuralgia and menstrual pain.銆€銆€Jasmine: laxative, beauty, weight loss, hormone regulation, nervousness.

銆€銆€Magnolia: Beauty and whitening, improve sleep.

5 aspects of winter morning practice need to be kept in mind


5 aspects of winter morning practice need to be kept in mind

Don’t start too early First, winter morning exercise, it is best not to get up too early, if you get up at 5 or 6 in the morning, the weather is too cold and dark, which is not good for our morning exercise.

The temperature is too low, the stimulation and pressure on our heart’s entanglement is relatively large. We are better off sleeping in the bed for a while. When the day is already bright and the temperature rises, it is not too late for us to get up again.

If your morning exercise is not a kind of short-distance running, you can choose to go to the morning exercise after breakfast. At this time, the sun rises, the temperature rises, the body feels warm, and the exercise will be more comfortable.

Choose a quiet and safe location. We must choose a quiet and safe place during morning exercises.

If you choose to walk on the side of the road or in a crowded place, it is neither safe nor disturbs our exercise.

You can choose a relatively small number of people to go to the river, park or guide to exercise, here to the algae to gather in the morning morning crowd, exercise is very atmosphere, we can concentrate on morning exercises, such walks, Tai ChiPunch, dance, etc.

At the same time, these places have large green belts and beautiful environment, which is more conducive to our health!

Choosing the right clothing Winter morning exercise should choose the right clothing, both soft and comfortable, but also warm and close.

In the winter morning, the temperature is very low. It is no longer suitable for shorts and shorts. If you are young and strong, do some relative exercise. If you jog, you can wear a pair of underwear, plus a sweater and a cotton.The trousers are fine.

If you are older and engaged in some soothing exercise, sometimes walking, dancing swords, etc., add a set of thermal underwear to keep your body temperature and prevent colds from freezing.

Prevent excessive sweating. Morning exercise should prevent excessive sweating. If you sweat too much during morning exercise in the morning, it will easily catch a cold when the training is over.

In the morning exercise in winter, exercise the bones, exercise the body, prevent fattening, raise the heart and keep the body, the movement is too vertical, absorb a lot of cold air, and it is not good for our heart and lungs.

If it is a young man, there is a habit of long-distance running in the morning. After morning sweating, it is best to take a hot bath and change the sweaty underwear to prevent colds and cold.

See if the weather is suitable for people who have morning exercises in the winter. It is best to watch the weather the night before to find out if the weather conditions for the next day are suitable for exercise.

If there is fog on the next day, it is recommended to bring a mask during the morning exercise in the morning to avoid inhaling the cold mist and cold air in the winter to stimulate the respiratory tract.

If there is wind on the next day, bring a hat. If the next day is cloudy or rainy, it is not recommended to go out for morning exercises.

Pay attention to the weather forecast and prepare suitable clothing for our morning exercise.

Summer tonic has to pay attention to


Summer tonic has to pay attention to

TCM health has the saying that “the summer is full of three volts”, and the folks also have the fitness slang of “summer tonic, winter tiger”.

So how do you make up for the summer?

What should I make up for?

There is a little bit of attention here.

銆€銆€First of all, dietary supplement is an important part of summer health.

Because of the high temperature, the blood vessels of the human body are dilated, the blood supply to the transplanted tract is relatively reduced, and the digestive function and resistance are weakened.

Therefore, the summer food is mainly light, eat more fresh vegetables and soy products, the recipe should be clearing heat and dampness, clear heart and spleen.

Commonly used foods are meat, duck, melon, tomato and chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, mung bean, lotus seed, and coix seed.

銆€銆€First of all, summer health should pay attention to the tonic of deficiency.

Due to the short summer night, mosquito interference, and relatively insufficient sleep, it is easy to cause the body to have a deficiency.

Chinese medicine believes that those who are yin deficiency, the more the days are hot and the more yin, the more yin and the more imaginary, the more the virtual fire is more prosperous. Therefore, in the hot summer, patients with yin deficiency can be tonic, or use certain proprietary Chinese medicines for supplementation.For example, Chinese medicine famous Fang Liu Wei Di Huang Wan.

Liuwei Dihuang Pill is an essential medicine for nourishing yin and tonifying kidney. It has a good effect on the diseases caused by yin deficiency and fire.

Modern pharmacological studies have shown that the drug can not only nourish yin and tonify the kidney, but also enhance the body and improve kidney function.

In addition, according to the principle of treatment of “winter disease in summer”, the chronic bronchitis caused by yin deficiency or kidney deficiency in winter is also tonic.

Because the disease is in a temporary stable phase at this time, it is easy to achieve the desired effect in time.