Are you suitable for a marriage life?

Are you suitable for a marriage life?

One day, you receive a house ad with a beautiful villa printed on it, but there is no scenery around to match. If you want to add something next to the villa, which pair would you choose to match?


Sun and trees B, butterflies and a pot of flowers C, stars and dogs who choose A can create a beautiful family life: because trees and sunlight are indispensable parts of real life, so those who choose this answer, for marriage, lifeIt has a down-to-earth philosophy and will practice its ideal step by step, so it is a standard good husband and wife.

  Candidate B cannot accept realistic marriage life: the items in this project are decorative, so those who choose this answer are full of beautiful fantasy about marriage, but they are not qualified for the actual family life. After all, marriage is not solely dependent onTo maintain the acceleration of Romantic, it still requires hard work to have a happy outcome.

  Those who choose C will feel a little bit hard after getting married: in this project, half of the stars are decorative stars and practical dog names, so choosing this graphic is a person who has both fantasy and reality, but in addition to the realityApart from your life responsibility, you still have extra entertainment.

Eyes reveal health issues

Eyes reveal health issues

The eye is a window to human health and predicts many systemic diseases.

  Eyeballs are protruding.

Exophthalmos may be a thyroid disease.

Eye protrusion may be familial, but it may also be evidence of overactive thyroid.

Abnormal thyroid hormone levels can cause swelling of the tissues around the eyes, and suddenly the eyes expand and protrude.

  Eyelids drooping.

Droopy eyelids may be facial paralysis or stroke.

If the speech is vague, it should be a stroke.

Eyelid drooping may also be a brain tumor or an autoimmune disease, such as myasthenia gravis.

  The conjunctiva turns yellow.

Liver diseases, including hepatitis and liver cirrhosis, appear yellow in the whites of the eyes, mainly caused by bilirubin.

  White aperture ring.

A white ring of light in the eyes may be a sign of high cholesterol.

A white aperture ring appears around the iris.

In addition, “eyelid macular tumor” under or around the eyelid skin is a tiny deposit.

Studies have shown that these symptoms can lead to an increased risk of heart disease.

  Eyelids are pale.

The pale (pale) color in the eyelids may be anemia.

If your lower eyelid is pale when pulled down, it is likely to be iron deficiency anemia, resulting in reduced red blood cell production.

Anemia can be treated with iron supplements.

  Pupil size varies.

Healthy people have the same pupil size on both sides and the same response to light. If the pupil is abnormal, you need to check to see if you have a stroke, brain or optic nerve tumor, cerebral aneurysm, or multiple sclerosis.

  Fundus redness.

This could be a sign of high blood pressure.

During fundus examination, there are many tiny blood vessels in the retina.

If blood pressure is too high, these blood vessels can become distorted or even burst, causing the fundus to look red.

  Optic nerve nipples are pale.

Optic nerve nipples may be multiple sclerosis or brain tumors.

The optic nerve papillae is responsible for sending information from the retina to the brain and is located behind the eyes.

  Regardless of the above-mentioned symptoms of the eyes, go to the hospital in time and ask a specialist to check for preventive or treatment as soon as possible.

Every day 3 to 2 fruits reduce heart disease by 40%

Every day 3 to 2 fruits reduce heart disease by 40%

The latest research from Oxford University in the UK found that eating fresh fruits has many health conditions. As long as you stick to 150 grams (three or two) a day, you can reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease and stroke by 40%, which is conducive to longevity.

However, too few people can insist on eating fruit every day, which has become a universal health problem for people all over the world.

Eating too little fruit is a global problem. According to World Health Organization data, nearly 2.7 million people die each year from diseases caused by too little fruit and vegetable implantation, especially the consequences.

In order to encourage people to eat more fruits, the United States has vigorously promoted the “2010 plan”. By 2010, 75% of Americans could eat two servings of fruit per day, but the plan eventually failed.

Data show that since 1988, the absorption of fruits and vegetables by Americans has been falling.

Only a small number of people in the United States often eat fruit, and some people never even eat it. Instead, they take vitamin tablets to supplement their nutrition.

The price of Japanese fruit is high, and the price of a watermelon is as high as 5000?
6000 yen (about 300 yuan), so Japanese people do n’t eat much fruit, mainly drink fruit juice; only in Germany, where agriculture is developed, there are abundant fruits, and people are more enthusiastic about eating fruits.

In developing countries, the problem of insufficient fruit intake by residents is also serious.

In 2010, an online survey of 5,000 people showed that 34% of people did not eat fruit the day before the survey, and even if they did, 84% of the reduction was lower than the minimum recommended amount.

Another survey of elementary school students in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Guangzhou showed that nearly one-third of the children did not eat fruit every day.

Most people regard fruit as a “snack” or “dessert”, and when you want to eat it, it doesn’t matter if you don’t eat it.

Others feel that the fruit is too expensive and want to eat it but stay away.

Experts from the Institute of Nutrition and Food Safety of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention pointed out that, relative to the prevalence of vegetable consumption, Chinese people have not developed the awareness and habit of eating fruits to supplement nutrition.

Fruit is a real “health supplement” “People who study nutrition need to eat fruit every day. Fruit is the real” health supplement “.

Experts from the nutrition department of the hospital said that fruits are an important source of vitamins, minerals, supplementary fiber and bioactive substances, which can stimulate intestinal peristalsis and digestive juice secretion, increase appetite, help digestion, and prevent diabetes.

There are many more unknown benefits to eating fruit.

Cancer prevention experts point out that eating more fruits and vegetables can increase the amount of dietary fiber supplements, which can significantly reduce the risk of diagnosing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and reduce the risk of various cancers such as oral, gastric, and intestinal cancers.

Slows brain aging fast.
Slows brain aging fast.

Ability to improve productivity The National Medical Association of India found that lycopene was added to watermelon, grape, tomato and other fruits by 30 infertile men, and the number and quality of sperm were significantly improved.

Bringing a good mood, research from the University of Otago in New Zealand shows that vitamin C supplementation of fruits is beneficial to the production of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which helps improve mood and prevent depression.

Women have more obese pattern than men of the same age


Women have more obese pattern than men of the same age

Introduction: Obesity overly threatens the health of the patient, which in turn causes the patient to produce excessive patterns.

According to the study, women have more and more severe obesity tissue than men of the same age.

Maybe some extra people have to ask how to eliminate excess lines?

In fact, before the eradication of obesity, the patient should understand the causes of excessive pattern and the symptoms of excessive pattern, so as to solve the problem.

Compared with men and women of the same age, the situation of obesity-like tissues in women is more serious than that of men, while at the same time, the age is increased, the muscles are slightly relaxed, and the chance of obesity-like tissue is relatively increased.

Women with less exercise need special care because this type of person is particularly prone to obesity.

The appearance of the skin looks very smooth, but as long as you squeeze the thighs, buttocks and other parts, you will see too many lines, indicating that the lower body has begun to appear obesity lines, which is more terrible.

So who is most likely to produce such extra lines?

銆€銆€What do you know about obesity?

銆€銆€Obesity, usually due to excessive increase in bone and muscle or tiny volume, exceeds the prolonged speed of the skin, and the elastic fibers of the dermis are pulled apart to form excessive lines.

銆€銆€The four grades of obesity are compared with men and women of the same age. The condition of obesity is more and more serious than that of men, and the cumulative discipline increases, the muscles are slightly relaxed, and the chance of obesity is relatively increased.

Women with less exercise need special care because this type of person is particularly prone to obesity.
Obesity lines can be divided into four levels according to their different weights. It is best to test which level you belong to. If the level is too high, you should pay serious attention.

銆€銆€Excessive green light: Unless it is lying or otherwise, even squeezing, kneading the skin, the skin is rough, good performance, safe clearance, but also continue to maintain.

銆€銆€Obesity yellow light: The appearance of the skin looks very smooth, but as long as you squeeze the thighs, buttocks and other parts, you will see obesity, which means that the lower body has begun to appear obesity. It is terrible. In the long run, there will beGreat development!

銆€銆€Excessive lines of red light: The body does not see excessive texture when lying down, but in some cases there are serious irregular wrinkles in some places, and the embossed structure has affected the appearance of the body, so take action!

銆€銆€Obesity warning: The most serious degree is this. Whether you lie down or thoroughly can clearly see the distribution of excess lines, you can have a good problem.

銆€銆€So, do you know what kind of woman is prone to extra lines?

However, even if there are too many ripples, there is nothing terrible. There are still ways to defeat it, but we must understand it, know how it invades, and know that it can win.

銆€銆€The appearance of hormonal influence on excessively textured tissue indicates that the subcutaneous microscopically produces abnormal accumulation, and the support system between the skin and the muscles gradually loosens and degenerates, causing effects due to the loss of elasticity of the skin, which is similar to the spring bed.When a person relaxes in a spring, there will be a situation in which the spring bed expands and recesses at some angles. Such an unusually uneven appearance looks as serious as orange peel.

銆€銆€Due to the physical differences between men and women, women of the same age are more prone to obesity, especially during puberty, pregnancy, menopause, taking steroid-containing drugs and excessive stress, which can affect the secretion of hormones and even the body.The lymphatic circulation is degraded, affecting the normal detoxification function, and with the accumulation of a few cells, the annoying extra lines appear.

銆€銆€Xiaobian’s message: rapid fat or too thin, hormone secretion, etc., will affect the production of obesity lines, so patients must understand the causes of obesity before they decide to eliminate obesity.

I don’t know if my first sex is doing well.


I don’t know if my first sex is doing well.

Although the first-time love most women will bleed, there will be different degrees of pain, but because of the better feelings of sexual intercourse, women will regard this experience as an obligation, and thus have a sense of belonging; and if the two sides have bad feelings,This will increase the sense of disgust.

銆€銆€The first experience is based on positive feelings – a sense of obligation and a sense of belonging. “The first-time life is very painful and particularly painful.

I really accept it for love, because love has to endure and it has to be paid.

He couldn’t bear it, saying, look at your painful look.

After the first time, I feel that the people in the world have changed.

When you meet someone on the street, you will think that he will do that at night, as if he saw the other side of the person.

“Sexual life has not been successful after we got married. It took only a few days to succeed. There was no pleasure, only psychological satisfaction.”

“We had a sexual relationship after we registered, and there was no antique wedding at that time.”

The first time I didn’t feel anything except the pain.

There is a feeling that I am an adult since then.

“Our first time I didn’t feel anything, I felt a little nervous, not very painful, and came over in a confused way.”

“My first sexual intercourse was 21 years old, before marriage.”

Did not feel particularly painful.

“. He was under great psychological pressure on his wedding day.

I shot when the night was not put in.

He said at the time: I can’t, we have to get divorced.

It took only a month or so after marriage to really shape.

I am a little bit painful and have a little blood.

His penis is small and not physically strong, so his psychological pressure is high.

“The first time it hurts a lot, and sometimes it hurts.”

“The first experience is based on a certain feeling – disgusting feelings. Those who have a feeling of disgusting pain when recalling the first-time experience of the first-time exchange, most of them are not divorced, or have a bad relationship with their husbands.

From this point of view, sexual life and marital relationship are closely related, but it is difficult to assert that the two are the cause of the cause; it is very likely that they are mutually causal – because of bad feelings, they are disgusted with sexual intercourse;The bad impression adds to the deterioration of the marital relationship.

銆€銆€Some women feel bad about their first experience, not because they are disgusted with the matter itself, but because the object of the first-time relationship is not a husband but a lover, and the psychological pressure is too great: “My first time was not with my husband.
At that time, I was not too young.

I remember that when I kissed, I was very scared. I hated people and thought that he had harmed me.

銆€銆€I think that is a kind of fear from instinct, which is invisible in the Chinese education I was born in.

I intervened in the beginning of this matter. He asked me, I always refused, and finally I can’t do it.

In fact, his traditional moral values are also very strong.

We are just ordinary male and female friends, he has a wife.

I am still very heavy about it for the first time.

“Female women feel very different about the first sexual experience, but most of them look at it very seriously, because it is the “first time” in their life experience.

There are many “first time” in a person’s life. I remember a mother who said how she observed her child’s “first time” with joy: first time, first walk, first literacy, etc.
銆€銆€However, in the minds of many women, the first one has different meanings from the other 鈥渇irst time鈥濃€攖he loss of virginity, becoming 鈥渁dult鈥?and becoming a different person from the past; this feeling deserves to be seen asMainly from the psychological, not the physiological.

That is to say, the difference between this “first time” and the other “first time” mainly comes from the norms of society, from the special meaning given by society for sexual behavior.