How can I get warmer in winter?

How can I get warmer in winter?

Dressing in cold weather is not as thick as possible, and you must pay attention to the “layers” when wearing clothes.

Thick clothes have poor breathability, which makes it easy for people to sweat. After sweating, there is often no room for replacement.

Especially during a series of activities, sweat-soaked clothes will be quickly and quickly lost due to the lack of warmth of the air between the clothes’ fibers.

Therefore, some people always feel cold despite wearing thick coats.

  Wear a few more layers of thinner clothes for better warmth.

There are many layers, and the air circulation between the layers is relatively high, even if sweating, it is easy to dry, so the thermal insulation effect of the air inside the clothes can always be guaranteed.

In addition, there are many layers and there is room for replacement. Regardless of the room, the surroundings can always maintain a relatively stable body temperature without being suddenly cold and hot, which will make the body cold.

Therefore, only wearing multiple can really play a role in keeping warm.

Generally in winter, it is more appropriate to wear at least three layers of clothes.

As the weather turns cold, you can add layers appropriately, and don’t consider the customary practice of only clothing thickness.

A few diet therapies help you eat arthritis

A few diet therapies help you “eat” arthritis

In recent days, the temperature has dropped sharply. Although the cold wind is blowing, it still can’t stop the beauty of the girls. They would rather wear a few clothes and look beautiful.Bloated, so in the winter, many girls have suffered from arthritis.
  Although “old cold leg” is a disease that occurs more frequently in middle-aged and elderly people, with the changes of the times, more and more young people have visited arthritis in hospitals in recent years.
  预防“老寒腿” 这三点一定要做到  少穿短裙丝袜  尽管“老寒腿”是一种多发于四五十岁的老年人群当,但随着时代的改变,短裙、丝袜With high heels, many beautiful women switch to knee arthritis prematurely.
   Warmth Correct exercise can play a role in protecting against cold and warmth, increasing synovial fluid in and out of soft knees in joints, strengthening heart circulation, promoting physical agility, balance, and soft tolerance, effectively preventing knee arthritis.
Therefore, regular exercise does not aggravate arthritis, but can reduce pain.
  少做剧烈运动  冬天尽量要避免一些过度负重的活动,比如爬山、爬楼梯、提重物等,可以适度地行走、慢跑、游泳等有氧运动,这些运动既能锻炼膝关节的功能,又能Avoid wearing joints.
  When you see this, you must ask, what should I do if I have arthritis?
Don’t worry, let’s look down!
  5 Food and Beverage Delights You deserve it. As everyone knows, winter is the season when arthritis recurs most. So how to protect our joints when winter comes?
  First of all, we must pay attention to keeping warm and nourishing the body, eating some medicated diet or food that can balance yin and yang, clear the meridians, and qi and blood can not only improve joint symptoms, strengthen the body’s immune function, but also promote functional rehabilitation.
  At the same time, eat more warm and hot foods, these foods can warm kidney yang, improve the body’s cold resistance.
  For example, mutton is a tonic for joint disease in winter. People with arthritis often eat corn, soybeans, peas, parsley, radishes, beef, chicken, catfish, catfish, and fish, which are rich in protein and vitamins, and help the body.Yang Qi rises, so that the energy for the conversion of nutrients is stored in the body to the maximum.
  Here are some delicious and simple winter tonic products for joint disease!
From now on to “Old Cold Legs” byebye!
  Chili pork soup 100 grams of lean pork, 90 grams of chili root.
  Wash the lean pork, cut into pieces, cover with gauze after washing with pepper roots, and seal.
Then put pork, chili root, shallots, ginger slices, and pepper into a casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, first boil with wuhuo, stew with simmer for half an hour until the meat is rotten, remove the chili root and eat meat and soup.
  It has the functions of warming and dispersing cold, removing dampness and relieving pain, and is suitable for those with severe joint pain.
Heat Bi Jige.
  Cinnamon porridge with 10 grams of cinnamon, 50 grams of rice, brown sugar.
  Grind the cinnamon into fines, wash the rice, and cook the porridge often. When the porridge is ready, add the cinnamon and brown sugar, and boil 1-2 times to serve.
Eat on an empty stomach while hot.
  This formula has the effects of warming and dispersing cold, warming the stomach and relieving pain, and is suitable for cold bile.
Hot card and Yin Huowang are banned.
  Snake meat fungus roasted eggplant viper meat 200 grams, eggplant 500 grams, water fungus 100 grams.
20 grams of ginger, 50 grams of rice wine, 3 grams of salt, 10 grams of soy sauce, 5 grams of spring onion, moderate broth and peanut oil.
  Wash the eggplant, cut into pieces, wash the fungus, smash into small flowers, wash the snake meat, chop and cut into small pieces, mix with ginger and rice wine, and taste for 20 minutes.Collect the steam and stir-fry until discolored. Add the prepared agaric flakes, eggplant pieces, soy sauce and broth to submerge and simmer and cook. Season with salt and sprinkle with green onion.
  Regular consumption can play a role in cooling blood, expelling wind, reducing fat, swelling, analgesic, and strengthening the body’s immunity.
  Zexie Sheep Bone Radish Soup One fresh Zexie (Kawasawa Xie commonly known as “White Ci Mushroom”), 3 sheep tibia, 500 grams of red radish.
200 grams of Flammulina velutipes, 20 grams each of cooking wine and ginger, 3 grams of salt, and 5 grams of green onion.
  Wash and slice the fresh Zexie, wash the lamb tibia, smash, and mix well with cooking wine and ginger to remove the fishy smell.
Wash red radishes, cut into pieces, remove edible mushrooms (root), and wash them; add water to the casserole and boil, skim off the foam, cover with rotten flames, season with salt, and sprinkle with hot spring onion, radish, radish, Enoki mushroom, mutton.
  Chew slowly, take hot soup, and take it regularly. It has the effects of clearing away dampness and poisoning, reducing cholesterol, and strengthening waist and bones.
  Braised jujube stew with bonito, white 50g, barley kernels 250g, catfish 250g, celery festival 100g.
20 grams of ground ginger, cooking wine, 3 grams of salt, 1 grams of pepper noodles and pepper noodles each.
  Zanbai and Coix kernels are removed from the dust; the bonito is washed off the internal organs and gills, and mixed with ginger and cooking wine to remove the fishy smells. They are simmered in the casserole, cooked with celery, mixed with salt, pepper noodles and pepper noodles.food.
  Daily consumption has the effects of dehumidifying and detoxifying, diuretic and antihypertensive, lipid-lowering and anti-cancer, Tongyang qi.
  PS: The diet of arthritis patients should generally eat high-protein, high-calorie, digestible foods, eat less irritating foods and cold, greasy foods.The food should be fresh and the meat should be matched. The amount of food should not be too much after the disease.

Right and wrong

Right and wrong

Sweet potatoes are: laxative, prevent cancer, promote the development of sweet potatoes, also known as sweet potatoes, rich and balanced nutrition.

Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals. Among them, vitamins B1 and B2 are 6 times and 3 times higher than rice, respectively, and the content of vitamin c is much higher than apples and grapes.

Sweet potatoes have not promoted the body’s metabolism and promoted the development of lysine, which is what rice and flour lack.

In addition, the “seventh nutrient” in sweet potatoes-supplementary fiber, can stimulate worms to move, promote smooth excretion, and effectively prevent constipation and bowel cancer; supplementary fiber can also prevent sugar from turning into aunts, which is a good helper for women’s beauty and weight loss.

  Sweet potatoes also have some little-known effects.

For example, sweet potatoes contain a unique flavonoid component, which prevents cancer and promotes longevity, and can effectively inhibit the occurrence of retinal and colon cancer.

In addition, sweet potatoes have a special protective effect on the mucous membranes of human organs, which can inhibit the deposition of bile alcohol and prevent it.

It can stop atherosclerosis, protect the elasticity of blood vessels, and effectively prevent and improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  The medicine of the motherland highly evaluates the effects of sweet potatoes for invigorating the spleen and invigorating qi, moisturizing the intestines and laxative, and promoting thirst and thirst. Progestin is the most suitable for pregnant women. The postpartum lochia is not clean, the stool is difficult and the irritability and thirst are good.Shortness of breath, fatigue, low appetite, thirst, dry throat, and constipation can be treated with sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes and carp are cooked at the same time, which can be used for tonicity, nutrition and lactation; sweet potatoes cut into pieces, with ginger and brown sugar tonic, can cure colds and colds.

  Non: It is not advisable to overdo it. Pay attention to edible sweet potatoes with dark spots.

First, do not eat too much sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes contain a “gasification enzyme” and crude fiber. If you eat too much, it will easily generate a large amount of carbon dioxide in the human turbine, which will cause discomfort such as bloating, snoring, and spitting acid water.

Second, the sweet potato protein protein and starch must be eaten with protein foods so as to avoid nutritional imbalances.

Third, sweet potatoes with dark spots should never be eaten.

The dark spots on the sweet potato epidermis indicate that it is infected with black spot bacteria.

Black spot bacteria expels toxins, including Ipomotenone and Ipotenol, making the sweet potatoes hard and bitter. They cannot be killed by boiling, steaming or roasting.

These toxins enter the human body and are harmful to the liver. Patients who suffer from acute poisoning after eating black spotted sweet potatoes often suffer from vomiting, diarrhea, and severe cases may have fever and convulsions.

  In addition, the hawkers on the roadside may roast the sweet potatoes with dark spots and good sweet potatoes together. On the roasted sweet potatoes, the obvious black spots are difficult to cut.

Citizens can buy fresh, smooth-skinned sweet potatoes and bake them in the oven, so they can eat with peace of mind.

  Potatoes are: underground apples, nutrient-rich and well-known is “one apple a day, the doctor stays away from me”.

Potatoes, also known as potatoes, are known as “underground apples.”

Potatoes are cheap and good quality, and the ratio of various nutritional components is comprehensive. General grains cannot be measured, and their protein content is 10 times that of apples.

  The mineral content of potatoes is also very rich. The content of calcium, phosphorus and potassium is very high, especially potassium, which is among the best in vegetables.

Potassium helps prevent high blood pressure.

In addition, potato plasma is low, bulky, and added fiber. It is easy to produce satiety after eating. It is an ideal diet food.

  The medical value of potatoes is extremely high.

Putting potato slices on the affected area can alleviate the symptoms of mild burns and mash the potatoes and apply them externally.

It can help treat skin eczema and add vinegar and rubbing juice to the outer coating, which can relieve mumps.

  Non: fried potatoes, plummeting prices. We may often see the slogan “Coke, sofa, potato culture”, sitting on the sofa, eating French fries, drinking Coke and watching TV. This unhealthy lifestyle really requiresAroused our great attention.

Potato chips and fries are made by crushing and frying. It artificially adds a small amount of impurities and generates a lot of harmful substances during the frying process. As a result, the potatoes at this time lose their “natural color” and become Gaozi.Unhealthy food.

  It must be mentioned that when the potatoes are pumped with green shoots, become green or rot, a toxic substance called “solanine” is produced in large quantities. People who eat it will have symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or dizziness.It may even lead to death.

Therefore, try to eat fresh potatoes, never eat sprouted potatoes.

  Regarding potatoes, try not to use crushing and frying methods when cooking, this will greatly destroy the nutrition caused by potatoes and seriously waste resources; also, pay attention to _ must be cooked and cooked through the starch cell membrane of a potato without high temperatureDestruction, the human body is difficult to digest.

Work out at home: Dumbbell lessons


Work out at home: Dumbbell lessons

The following Dumbbell Cycle Training Course will allow you to eliminate minorness at the shortest possible time and gain maximum muscle growth.

There is no more excuses.

We don’t want to hear that you don’t have time to exercise.

Or it is inconvenient for you to go to the gym regularly.

Or you think it would be more beneficial to spend membership fees elsewhere.

If you think about the stars, then it’s good – we have a workaround here that can solve all the excuses above you.

銆€銆€First of all.

You can exercise without leaving your home.

With the membership fee for joining a gym member, you can buy the basic equipment that creates a better body: a flat stool, four dumbbell rods, and a bell that weighs 150 pounds (about 68 kg).

that’s it.

You have turned your house into a power room.

銆€銆€These devices are available at home.

You don’t have to interfere with the delivery to the gym, and the training becomes more efficient.

Furthermore, exercising at home means that you don’t have to queue for certain devices.

銆€銆€To help you get started, the following lesson includes a 30-minute dumbbell cycle exercise.

They will help you burn your aunt and build fit, lean muscles.

So, if you don’t want to spend time and money in the gym, then invest in our way, which means giving you a huge bonus on your health and contours.

銆€銆€Exercise tips: 1.

Make sure to do a good warm-up. Because the upper and lower body also require exercise, the exercise method is more stressful than the traditional exercise method.

You should do 7-10 minutes of aerobic exercises and mild segmentation exercises.


This is a circular training program; this means that after each action is completed, there is no rest, followed by the next action.


When practicing, the weight selection should be based on the weight you can only complete the specified number of times.

If you feel that the exercise is easy, then increase the weight gradually (depending on your level of training, you may need to buy more bells.

The number of times the number of juniors is advanced is 1.

The side is flat 10-125-102.

Romanian deadlift 10-126-103.

Dumbbell bird 10-126-104.

Step 10-126-105 vertically.

Double side dumbbell rowing 10-126-106.

Shrug 10-126-107.

Front lunge 10-126-108.

The supine French arm flexes and extends 10-126-109.

Standing posture dumbbells bend 10-126-10 side flat upright, holding a dumbbell in each hand, the palm must be opposite.

Keep your arms slightly bent and lift the dumbbells to the dumbbells slightly above the shoulder height.

Stop and then slowly release the restore.

銆€銆€The Romanian hard puller stands upright, pushing a pair of dumbbells down the palm and hanging it in front of the body.By lifting the hips and hips, the center of gravity falls back to the heel, slightly bending the knees, and the dumbbells are stretched along the thighs until the middle end of the bone.

Restore to the original position and repeat.

銆€銆€The dumbbells are lying on a flat bench with their feet on the ground.

Push a pair of dumbbells over the chest, palms opposite.

Keep your arms slightly bent and slowly lower the dumbbells along the arc until the upper arm is equal to the ground.

Stop and then restore the dumbbell to the initial position along the same arc and repeat.

銆€銆€Hold a pair of dumbbells vertically on the side of the body.

Face the upper part of the flat stool correctly, then step on the square legs and place the right foot on the flat stool.

The right leg is forced to squat, and the body is pushed to the stool until the feet are flat on the stool.

Then step under the left leg to return the body to the starting position.

Then step on the left leg, repeat, double alternately.

銆€銆€Double-sided dumbbell rowing palms hold a pair of dumbbells down.

Keep your knees slightly bent, your hips straight, and your waist bent 90 degrees.

When the dumbbell is pulled up to the abdomen and the abdominal muscles are touched, the palm becomes upward.

Slowly restore and repeat.

銆€銆€Shrug and hold a pair of dumbbells, stand upright, try to make the shoulders rise to the ears, then lower, repeat, do not let the shoulders rotate forward or backward.

銆€銆€Hold a pair of dumbbells on the side of the body, stand upright, and look straight ahead.

The left leg steps forward until the left knee bends 90 degrees, while the right knee almost touches the ground.

Add back to the starting position, then change the right leg and repeat.

銆€銆€The supine French arm is stretched and placed on a flat stool with a pair of dumbbells on the palm and inserted over the bra.

Keep your upper arm still and slowly lower the dumbbell to the ear.

Stop and then restore the dumbbell to the initial position along the same arc and repeat.

銆€銆€Standing dumbbells curled upright, holding a pair of dumbbells hanging on the side of the body, palm back.

The left arm is bent upwards while rotating the wrist to bring the palm up at the end of the action.

Perform a moment of peak contraction, then slowly lower the reduction, while rotating the wrist to make the palm back again.

When the left hand returns to the original starting position

One valley makes up a dirty, how does the grain eat the most health


One valley makes up a dirty, how does the grain eat the most health

Whole grains can raise five internal organs.

As early as in ancient times, there was a statement of “one valley to make up one dirty”.

There are millet, rice, wheat, soybeans, and sorghum in the grain.

Among them, millet can raise the spleen, soy can raise the kidney and so on.

Chinese medicine believes that the grain can always be wrapped in the abdomen, or a good food for the five internal organs.

First, the black bean in soybean re-raising kidney soybean is called “the valley of the kidney”. Chinese medicine believes that it has the effect of strengthening the kidney, detoxifying and moisturizing, and has a better therapeutic effect on kidney deficiency and edema.

Practice: After making a soak, make a soy milk, or boil black bean porridge, once a day in the morning and evening.

Second, rice re-enriched lung rice covered rice, purple rice, etc., in the presence of lung heat, cough and other symptoms, has a good role in nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs.

Practice: Use a small fire to make rice porridge until the rice soup is thick, only drink rice soup and do not eat rice, you can take it at any time.

Third, millet re-cultivating spleen millet is the first of the grain, regular food can spleen and stomach.

Xiaomi is a tonic for people with weak spleen and qi, which can supplement the benefits and prolong life.

Practice: 鐔?a pot of millet porridge, use the spoon to pour out the essence of the upper layer of millet porridge – rice oil, drink on an empty stomach, have a good effect of raising the spleen and stomach, take it every morning and evening.

Fourth, wheat heavy-health wheat is called “the price of the grain.”

Chinese medicine believes that it can nourish the mind and calm the nerves.

It has a therapeutic effect on eliminating female climacteric syndrome, spontaneous sweating and irritability.

Practice: Take the whole wheat porridge with skin, or go to the Chinese medicine shop to buy some floating wheat swill, take it every morning, evening and evening.

Fifth, sorghum re-healing liver sorghum and soybeans are all miscellaneous grains, but an indispensable supporting role in the grain. Sorghum has the effect of nourishing the liver and benefiting the stomach, and convincing the diarrhea, especially those with chronic chronic diarrhea.Good effect.

Practice: After processing the glutinous rice into flour, fry it, and mix it with boiled water to take it every morning and evening.

Learn the longevity of the centenarians in the United States


Learn the longevity of the centenarians in the United States

鈥淟earning their experience early, you can easily live longer for decades.

The latest report from CBC Radio Canada quoted experts as saying that half of health and longevity are due to genes, and the rest depends on lifestyle.

銆€銆€According to the US Census Bureau, there are 500,000 centenarians in the world, and nearly 100,000 live in the United States.

Women’s Forbes magazine surveyed the secrets of these centenarians’ longevity.

銆€銆€Share your favorite food retirement nurse Dancy with friends?

Mfaden will celebrate his 100th birthday this year.

She is still active and quick-minded.

She has always maintained a Japanese Okinawa-style diet, namely more fiber, fruits and vegetables and fish.

She believes that eating habits have a great effect on her longevity.

銆€銆€If you love sweets for a long time, don’t worry too much. Sometimes indulgence can make the elderly feel happy.

Mfaden said she couldn’t do without chocolate biscuits and ate it for a long time.

銆€銆€Dr. David?

Prince thought that Mfarden’s approach was correct. 鈥淔ood should be diverse and must be temperate.

The easiest way is to share your favorite things with your friends.”

銆€銆€I walked to work all my life. If you want to live to 101, you must not be overweight.

“Eric, Professor of Medicine at New York University?”

Lahu said.

銆€銆€Crowson lives in Alabama. She gets up and washes herself every morning, never taking prescription drugs, and cooking three meals a day.

Mfaden also likes regular activities, she has always walked to work.

In South Carolina, 98-year-old Mary?

Richardson takes the various plants that care for the community as the main content of the present.

銆€銆€Prince thought that there is no need to go to the gym to exercise.

He suggested: “More walking, more physical activity, more stairs.

“Every day, the word puzzle game Professor Lahu said: “We live in a world full of stress, you should spend some time doing what you like to do.

“Most people who are ready to retire should find something interesting to do.”

銆€銆€Muffon wakes up every morning to read newspapers and do crossword puzzles; watch TV quiz games every night and actively participate.

Sussman also reads Newsweek from beginning to end every week.

銆€銆€Studies have shown that focusing attention, such as intellectual games or reading, can keep your mind young.