Chinese medicine teaches you to choose the most healthy way of sleeping

Chinese medicine teaches you to choose the most healthy way of sleeping

Sleep is actually an important part of health. How sleep quality directly affects mental recovery and physical health.

Let’s take a look at how to choose the most healthy way to sleep.

  Sleep is actually a science. Paying attention to small details of sleep can help you to rest better and restore your spirit.

  Circulating people are breathing at all times, and sleep is no exception, so the bedroom should maintain air circulation, especially after the rain and morning air is too fresh, rich in oxygen and negative ions, inevitably less, should be timelyOpen the window to circulate air.

In addition, the bedroom should not be stacked with debris to reduce indoor air pollution.

  Choosing a good bed first is that the height of the bed should be slightly higher than the index of the person. The ideal cushion is preferably a hard and soft mattress with a soft and hard mattress. This will keep the human spine in a normal physiological state and ensure sleep.Comfortable.

  Multi-massage does not hinder self-massage before bedtime. For example, massaging the scalp can improve the scalp blood circulation, relax the nerves, eliminate fatigue, improve the nutrition and oxygen supply of the head.

Massaging the face helps to remove the skin’s aging cuticles and accelerates metabolism.

Massage dialysis patients digestion and absorption and minimal metabolism to prevent the “fat” of diabetes, each massage does not take much time, and the results will be effective over time.

  Lying for the bow, Chinese medicine believes that at night the body’s yin turns to flourish and yang is restrained.

The bowed posture is conducive to the convergence of yang and the complete relaxation of human muscle and fascia, which is easy to eliminate fatigue.

At the same time, the human body should be able to lie to the right, which can reduce the burden on the heart and brain, and promote the smooth operation of liver and brain blood collection and dialysis.

  Washing your feet with hot water before going to bed can promote the expansion of blood vessels in your feet and speed up blood circulation.

Foot fractures, hot water stimulation can have a good health care effect, especially those who suffer from insomnia and varicose veins. Washing feet with hot water can also relieve symptoms and easily fall asleep.

  After going to sleep at night, people who have supplemented water will have increased blood viscosity due to dehydration such as breathing, urination, and sweating. Therefore, it is a high-risk time for cerebral infarction before waking up. Therefore, water should be provided before bed and wake up at nightCome and add water in time when you wake up in the morning, this can strengthen the role of health care and disease prevention.

  Time to sleep According to the circadian body clock, the best time to fall asleep is 22?
23:00, get up at 5 in the morning?
6 o’clock.

Sleeping according to this pattern can get the best sleep effect.

  The tremor of a good pillow is the weakest part of the human body. Too high or low pillows will affect the natural relaxation of the muscles. Therefore, the pillow can only make the head slightly higher than the body.should.

  Covering the quilt requires warmth and sweetness, but the quilt must not be too thick or heavy, or most of the body will be under a certain pressure, which will prevent the body from relaxing and resting.

In addition, do not wear tights when sleeping, otherwise it will affect sleep.

  As the saying goes: “Three doctors, seven nurses, very defense.

“You can see the nature of health.

In many people’s consciousness, only old people need health. In fact, otherwise, health is a long road. The sooner you take this road, the more you will benefit.

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Prevent hand, foot and mouth disease, drink rice kernel porridge, drink silver flower tea


Prevent hand, foot and mouth disease, drink rice kernel porridge, drink silver flower tea

Core Tips: Hand-foot-and-mouth disease is still at its peak in August. The Municipal Health Bureau has released the “Guidelines” for the prevention of hand-foot-and-mouth disease in Chinese medicine formulated by the City Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine.The clinical effect, and proposed to use rice kernel porridge, silver tea, etc. for young children.

  The newly-developed “Guide to Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Prevention in Shanghai” provides a number of measures to prevent hand, foot and mouth disease in Chinese medicine.

  Taking Chinese patent medicine: Shuanghuanglian oral solution 5?
10ml, orally twice a day for 7 consecutive days; Jianer Qingjie 5?
10ml orally twice daily for 7 days.

  Diet therapy: Rice kernel porridge, using raw rice kernel 100g, honeysuckle 30g, atractylodes 30g porridge, once a day, the nursery can be taken as an afternoon snack; silver tea, honeysuckle 10g, wild chrysanthemum 6g, boil for 20 minutes and substitute tea, addAppropriate amount of honey or rock sugar suspension; honeysuckle, use commercially available honeysuckle 5?
Inject 10ml flush water twice daily.

  Preventive soup: honeysuckle 10g, wild chrysanthemum 6g, scutellaria baicalensis 6g, rice kernel 30g, atractylodes 10g, huoxiang 10g, decoction for 7 consecutive days.

  Prevention of sachets: It is recommended to supplement children’s sachets or homemade calamus 5g, amaranth 5g, white crucian 5g, and artemisia leaf 5g ground powder instead of cloth bags.

  Honeysuckle hand sanitizer: Wash your hands with honeysuckle decoction, several times a day.

  Mouthwash: 10g honeysuckle, 6g wild chrysanthemum, 10g banlan root, 5g decoction of raw licorice.

  Moxa fumigation: Use a certain amount of calamus and wormwood leaves, fumigate the room or hang the room with fresh medicine.

  Huaiqihuang granules, a Chinese patent medicine that improves immunity orally, is given once a half pack, twice a day.

Skincare Essences Which One Is Best For You

Skincare Essences Which One Is Best For You

Guide: Essence, due to its high density of ingredients, has become the fastest-growing product in the current cosmetics market due to its high density of ingredients. According to the results of the first weekly “Essence Usage Habit” survey of the Beauty Index, women ‘s white-collar workers most want to purchase the essence.For moisturizing essence, whitening essence and full-effect essence, they are also the most commonly used essence by OLs.

The results of this survey have not yet shown that the essence has become an important step in the routine maintenance of female white-collar workers from the magical small bottle of icing on the cake.


hzh {display: none; }  指数1  女性首次使用精华液的时间大大提前  根据此次《壹周美丽指数》调查显示,67.4% of people use the serum for the first time before the age of 25, over 21.

38% of people start to use the essence before the age of 18, and quickly solving skin problems is the main purpose of most people choosing to use the essence.

So at what age should I start using the serum?

HR Helena China Senior Skin Therapist Chen Li believes that around 20 is a good timetable. During this period, puberty has ended, hormone secretion will gradually decrease and ease, and the pressure on the external environment will increase. Women mayYou need to face all aspects of work, study and love, and there are more and more factors that make the skin slack. At this time, the use of essences can quickly replenish the nutrients needed by the skin and help the skin improve its resistance.

  Chen Li suggested that the first bottle of serum can be selected according to your skin problem and age. The alternative moisturizing serum is an entry-level serum suitable for most people. It can increase skin moisture and prevent dehydration., The production of small fine lines.

For oilier young skin, their first essence can be an oil control essence that astringents pores and adjusts sebum secretion.

  Index 2 mid-range price serum is most worth buying 53.

3% of women’s white-collar workers want to buy an essence for 200?
Between 500 yuan, only 16.

59% of people are willing to buy high-end essences above 1,000 yuan. The main factors that attract everyone to buy essences are clear functions, immediate results and precious ingredients.

  The essence of the essence is small and super concentrated, and it has always merged with the apex position of the skin care product pyramid. Its active ingredients have always been one of the most important standards for the quality of this essence. From the more commonly used hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamin C and vitaminsE. The research and development of various rare plants, rare precious metals, and essences from the alpine regions of remote countries is almost a process of R & D strength of major PK brands, and it is also a process of continuously developing new and special effects.

  How to choose a more cost-effective serum?

Chen Li’s suggestion is that those with ordinary economic strength can choose the essence produced by domestic first-tier brands, and those with good economic strength can choose imported first-tier brands, because the skin care products of large companies have more opportunities for consumer inspection, and consumersYou can also get a safer formula, more pure ingredients and higher technology content.

  Beauty consultant in this issue: HR Helena Senior Skin Therapist Chen Li As a senior skin physiotherapist in HR Helena China, Chen Li has 10 years of experience in beauty skin care, and she has studied for many years with well-known French physio experts, which is the best in the field of domestic beauty care.One of the heavyweight expected characters.

  Index 3 Moisturizing Essence, Whitening Essence and Full-Effect Essence are the three kings of Essence.

1 Moisturizing serum is best for: Replenishing young muscles that are dehydrated or have less skin problems. This survey shows that up to 65.

93% of the respondents have used moisturizing serum, 56 of them.

09% of people want to add moisturizing serum after autumn.

As the temperature and humidity continue to decrease, the sebaceous gland secretion is reduced, and the human skin will become increasingly dry. The moisturizing essence will be the most popular essence of autumn and winter due to its magical effect of quickly replenishing skin moisture.

For oily skin, you can choose a gel-like essence. For dry skin, you should choose a water-moisturizing essence separated from water and oil. OLs who often make up can also add a drop of moisturizing essence to the foundation to improve the foundation’s moisturization.

  Chen Li said that it is best to choose a moisturizing serum after lunch. At this time, metabolism is slower. The skin care products consumed in the morning are exhausted and the skin enters the most dehydrated moment.

Try the moisturizing essence. It is best to choose the law lines on the sides of the nose and gently pat two drops in it. Observe the effect comparison before and after use. If you take a photo of the essence, the dryness of the law is significantly reduced, and the depression of the law lines is not obvious., It means that this is a moisturizing serum that can be purchased.

  If you don’t want to try cholesterol, you can insert the moisturizing serum between the thumb and forefinger, because the skin in this place is particularly dry and the cuticle is thicker.

After 1 minute of application, if you feel that the skin is fully moisturized and the touch becomes soft, it means that this is an essence with strong permeability and obvious moisturizing effect.

  Moisturizing serum is recommended.

hzh {display: none; }  1.LAROCHE-POSAY Moisturizing Essence Gel RMB 298 / 30ml is suitable for various types of dehydrated skin. It can also be used on skin with different tolerances2.

CLARINS Moisturizing Essence RMB 560 / 30ml supplements Kadafu Essence, a special water-oil separation active formula 3.

Impress IC Intensive Care Intensive and Firming Serum RMB 580 / 40ml Golden Tiger Tail Extract 4 with high moisturizing ingredients.

HR Collagen Intensive Rich Serum RMB 1380 / 40ml Ultra Micro Collagen Granules “Hyaluronic Acid” is a powerful hydrating and water-retaining agent

2Whitening essence is most suitable: Whitening Snow White yellow race has more active melanin cells than the owner, it is particularly easy to tan, and spots, so there is a large demand for whitening, which can also understand why the whitening essence is stillThe reason why OLs want to buy the essence after the autumn.

However, in the autumn and winter seasons, the natural sebum film covering the outermost layer of the skin is thinned, and the skin is relatively fragile and dry. The choice of whitening essence should be a good moisturizing and mild type. Vitamin C, licorice extract, chamomile extract and mulberry extract areMild and safe whitening ingredients.

If you want to be white, you need to apply sunscreen. Although the intensity of UV is obviously weakened, you still need to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF15, PA +++ or above. The opportunity for melanin generation is broken, and the skin is naturally less worried about darkening.

  Chen Li said that after entering October, the weather is getting drier, pollen spreads very strongly, and the aligned dust is scattered in the air. This also causes the skin to be particularly sensitive and dry, and she is not very recommended to use whiteningEssence, if it must be selected, the ingredients of whitening essence should be gentle, and there must be corresponding moisturizing ingredients to reduce dryness.

In order to get more comprehensive skin maintenance, you can also add whitening essence and full-effect essence, whitening in front, full effect in the back, and also whitening in the areas that need to focus on the spot, full-effect essenceFull face position.She also suggested that OLs can apply a small amount of foundation during the day, because current foundations generally have sunscreens, which can unknowingly reflect the sun protection effect and reduce the generation of pigmentation.

  Whitening serum recommended 1.

Free Complex Pure White Exfoliating Conditioning Essence RMB 200 / 100ml Compound Exfoliating Ingredients to remove excess keratin that has become thickened by UV irradiation2.

VICHY Double Essence Whitening Essence Milk RMB 328 / 30ml revolutionary deep basal cell whitening technology3.

DERMINA FROMOMEY Pure Whitening Repairing Essence (FROMOMEY) RMB 300 / 30ml double vitamin C inhibits melanin production, natural licorice extract lightens pigmentation 4.

Favorite name Brightening Purifying Perfecting Serum RMB 680 / 30ml Brightening Patent Lumiskin and the latest antioxidant Idebenil.

3 The full-effect serum is best for: Mature women’s family of full-effect essences with slowed skin metabolism is like the skin’s comprehensive vitamins. It resorts to solving multiple skin problems at one time, although it is slower to improve some skin problems.But it can comprehensively improve the skin’s defense ability.

If you are over 25 years old, have anti-aging needs, or belong to the “more recently annoying” stress family, then adding a series of serums to improve your skin care routine is the most labor-saving option.

A good full-effect product needs to meet at least the four major needs of moisturizing, anti-oxidation, anti-wrinkle and firm skin. Therefore, like antioxidant C, vitamin E, anti-wrinkle vitamin A derivatives, moisturizing hyaluronic acid, preventRelaxing collagen is a common ingredient in a full-service serum.

  Chen Li said that skin aging usually occurs after the age of 25. At this time, the cell metabolism in the skin begins to slow down, and the wear on the skin surface is more and more fixed on the skin surface. Dry lines, fine lines, relaxation and other initial stagesAging conditions slowly appear.

Faced with these problems, simply replenishing the moisturizing essence can not solve it at all. Instead, you should use a full-effect essence that supplements the skin with multiple nutrients.

Full-effect serums usually focus on anti-aging effects, but address a wider range of problems than anti-aging serums.

At present, many brands provide corresponding full-effect / composite serums according to different age groups. They will specify the targeted age and skin problems that can be solved in the product description. Consumers only need to check the seats according to their age and skin requirements.can.

  Full-effect serum recommended 1.

ESTEE LAUDER Instant Repair Special Essence RMB 610 / 30ml prevents aging, instantly moisturizes and evens out skin tone2.

HR Ultimate Beauty Repair Serum RMB 2280 / 40ml 3.

CLARINS Complex Muscle Essence (6th generation) RMB 780 / 15mlx2 selected high-efficient plant extracts from 5 continents to comprehensively maintain skin cells4.

SUPREMEAUPRES Concentrate Revitalizing Essence RMB 480 / 40ml to enhance skin elasticity and strengthen cuticle cells

Health classics


Health classics

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If the stomach is full of vitality, it can eat without hurting, and it is outdated and not thirsty.

When the spleen and stomach are strong, they can eat and fat.

If the spleen and stomach are empty, they should not eat and be thin; or eat less and fat, although the fat and limbs do not lift, cover the spleen and the evil spirits.

– Jin路Li Wei’s “Spleen and Stomach Theory” translation: The stomach is full of vitality, then you can eat and spleen and stomach are not easy to get hurt, and you will not feel tired after eating.

People with strong spleen and stomach functions can eat and gain weight.

People with weak spleen and stomach function can not eat and lose weight; or eat less, but still gain weight, although the body is obese but the limbs are weak, which is due to the spleen and evil.

Comments: Li Wei, the number of Dongpu old man, the world called “Li Dongyu”, he is one of the “Golden Yuan four people”, is the representative of the “replenishment school”, aware of the important role of the spleen and stomach in human life activities.

This paragraph is to say that the spleen and stomach rise and fall in the different manifestations of the human body, “eat less and fat” is called “puffiness” as it is now, does not mean that the body is strong, but should pay attention to adjust the spleen and stomach.

People are diligent in the body, God is not out, can gather God; people are diligent in wisdom, can not move away, can be fine.

-Qing路Lei Zhangzhang’s translation of “Retreating Essays”: People usually exercise their limbs to concentrate their spirits and not rush outside; people have more brains that can make the essence converge without shifting.

Comment: Modern young people usually work, do not pay attention to the physical exercise of the body, poor physical fitness, suitable for learning to work and rest, using the brain to move more limbs, more conducive to concentrated thoughts, memory enhancement.

After the elderly retire, they should also pay attention to reading and reading newspapers, and use the brain to prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease (Alzheimer’s disease).

Health method – playing eight virtual


Health method – playing eight virtual

The lungs have evil spirits, and their qi is left in two elbows; the liver has evil, and its qi is left in two scorpions; the spleen has evil, its gas stays in two scorpions; the kidney has evil, and its qi remains in two sputum.

Eight deficiency (“eight” refers to the human bones and joints, that is, two elbows, two arms, two squats, two squats), is where the five internal organs are hiding, the five internal organs are sick and can be relieved and treated by tapping some parts.effect.

Beating eight imaginary is to adjust people’s qi and blood through the ribs, and to integrate health care and cure diseases.

Through the tapping, the poison of the body metabolite “鐥? is transferred to the body through a series of complicated biochemical processes to achieve the purpose of health care, and this process enhances the “self-immunization” of the human body.

First, take two elbow sockets – shoot the heart and lungs evil disease gas elbow socket parts, just the heart, the pericardium, the lungs through the three yin passages, if the three blood of the blood is blocked, it will invisibly hurtThe heart and lungs cause the disease of these two organs.

The ancients believed that the evil of the heart and lungs remained in two cubits.

There are actually two acupoints hidden in the elbow socket, one is the ruler hole of the lungs, and the other is the Quze point of the pericardium.

The ruler’s acupoint has the effect of clearing the lungs and purging the fire, reducing the odor of the mouth, the cold, inflammation of the tonsils, sore throat, constipation, bloating, dry mouth, and cough.

Quze points have the effect of reducing the reverse, stunning, releasing heat, and nausea. They have symptoms of heatstroke and shortness of breath, as well as myocarditis, acute inflammation, body heat, upset, vomiting, etc., and also have good preventive and therapeutic effects.
By tapping the elbow socket, these two acupoints are also dredged at the same time, and there is no need to bother to find acupuncture points.

1, cardiopulmonary disease, often can find a tender point in the elbow fossa, the patient can be called out with a little bit of pain, and normal people do not have this situation.

There is a pain point that proves that there is a blockage here, which also confirms the view that evil spirits are stuck here.

The easiest way to deal with this situation is to pat it, so that the evil spirits are scattered, and the righteousness is self-recovering, and the evil spirits naturally cannot be left behind.

After getting up in the morning, gently squeeze a beat at the elbow to find out whether there is induration or pain. If there is a strong reaction, it means that the body needs to be adjusted in time, then consciously increase the number of beats., spread the pain points or hard knots.

Some people may also feel the pain point, but they can’t check the disease in the hospital. If they can’t find the problem, it doesn’t mean that the body has no problem.

Many so-called “sub-health” patients are basically qualified with the diagnostic indicators of the instrument. If not treated in time, most of them will develop into diseases.

2, the elbow socket can cure skin itching: the main fur of the lungs, pat the elbow socket to remove the wet poison, it can stop itching.

Because of the hot and humid acne, or the skin is very easy to itch in the winter, you can try this method, beat and beat, you know whether it is caused by wet poison, summer is coming, the climate in the south is especially prone to hot and humid, the elbow nest is alsoA good way to prevent it.

Shooting: The five fingers are brought together in a spoon shape, and the muscles are full or the joints are moderately and forcefully snapped, so that the deep toxins that are not easily scraped out are discharged.

The method of tapping the elbow nest: straighten the left arm, use the right hand to find the middle of the elbow of the left arm, and use the right thumb to point it to the position. After finding it, use the right hand four fingers to level the middle of the elbow, this areaInside are the areas of the beat.

After finding the correct position, you can use the four fingers of your right hand to close and pat.

In turn, the same is true of the elbow socket of the right hand with his left hand.

The two elbows can be placed at nine hundred and eighty-one each time, and the force points to light to heavy.

Generally, people with hot heart and lungs can see redness in the elbow fossa after tapping, and even can take a sputum. The effect is similar to that of scraping.

Second, shoot two arms — – treatment of liver disease, heart disease two arms (see above) mainly take four meridians: lung, pericardium, gallbladder and heart.

If the lungs are out of order, and some kind of lungs are stagnant, there will be a phenomenon of trouble and fullness. This is a yang evil, that is, an elephant that does not descend.

The pericardium is located three inches below the lower jaw. If there is swelling of the armpit here, it is a problem with the pericardium.

After the arm also passes the gallbladder, after the occurrence of the gallbladder, some people will have a serious heart disease feeling, so that the hypochondriac pain can not turn side, it is difficult to even sleep and turn around.

This disease is usually accompanied by bitterness, and likes to sigh.

If there is a pile of things under the arms, it is also the image that the gallbladder is depressed and cannot be raised.

The heart will cause paralysis of the entire arm, the arm is cold, the movement is inconvenient, and the throat is particularly dry and wants to drink water.

The meridians of the leading edge of the arm are divided into upper, middle and lower parts, which are the lung, the pericardium and the heart.

The upper part of the front edge of the arm is led by the lungs, leading to the thumb, reaching the Shaoshang point.

The middle line is the pericardial passage, leading to the middle finger.

The lower line is the heart, leading to the little finger.

Therefore, among the five fingers of the person, the big finger is the lungs, the middle finger is the pericardium, and the little finger is the heart.

For example, some people in daily life often have problems with palm heat, which is generally related to the lungs, pericardium or heart.

The liver has evil spirits on both arms, which damages the heart. The usual anger and anger is actually stuck in the two arms to block the operation of the heart and blood. People will lead to some irrational behaviors and serious crisis.Life, angry is not only hurting the liver but also sad.1, the solution to depression, the first to grasp the arm of the heart under the heart of the Quanquan (depression of the big hole).

If people are often depressed, it is possible to grow a bag under the armpit. This is the image of the heart being stagnant.

After the[Poly Spring Point]plucked, the package can be gradually resolved.

How to correctly pluck to the poles?

When we plucked a big rib under the armpit, the ring finger and the little finger numb, and the plucking was right.

Then, pluck a few more times here, and slowly shoot it with the empty punch at the center line of the arm, you can dissolve the heart.

Suizhong is also a big hole for depression.

In the daily life, if we are mad, we often unknowingly pat our chest, in fact, this is the slap in the middle of the hole.

In Chinese medicine, I believe that the heart of the heart is “joyful,” that is, our happiness comes from the middle of the chest.

Knocking on the sputum (thymus) can also improve immunity.

As long as people are angry, the meridians will definitely be inserted.

After tapping the two arms, you can treat the qi stagnation and blood stasis after anger, run the chest tightness caused by the intestines, shortness of breath, sorrow and grief, suspicious, arms and numbness.

Tapping the poles can calm down quickly, it won’t be so easy to rush, and you can also shut out the evil spirits.

(Women can also relieve menopause).

2, treatment of liver disease, heart disease – usually we say “a gas attack” is actually the liver fire stayed in both arms, hindering the heart and blood flow, both the liver and the heart.

When people are irritated by anger and anger, they can pluck the poles. The poles are located under our arms. When we are licking children, we will scratch our limbs and the children will laugh.

In fact, this just irritated him to the very hot springs with itchy skin, and moved his heart, and the heart was happy, so the child would laugh happily.

The Quanquan acupoint not only has the effect of wide chest and qi, but also can quickly return to the yang, and the blood is drawn upwards, so that the mind can be quickly awake.

This special treatment is plucking and tapping.

When you are angry and short-sighted, you can use your four fingers to gently pluck in the middle of your arm.

When we plucked, we could clearly feel that there was a rib, and the center of this rib was the polar spring.

Extreme Springs can treat people with angry anger and stagnation after blood stasis, chest tightness caused by poor running, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, heart sorrow and crying, arms and numbness, etc. At this time, plucking the poles can increase the circulation of blood and blood.People quickly calm down.

In daily health care, we don’t have to work so hard at the Quanquan point to pluck, just tap it gently.

Usually plucked and beat under the arm, it can also prevent and relieve coronary heart disease, angina and other heart diseases, which is equivalent to the quick-acting rescue pills we carry with us.

3, relieve the palm of your hand, this is equivalent to the pericardium does not converge, because the person’s pericardium is the sputum yin, is the main collection, will not converge will sweat.

We often like to fight hard when we are nervous. This kind of subconscious movement is actually a kind of self-help, a kind of self-help, and the palm of your hand is stimulating the pericardium.

The big finger is walking the lungs.

Big finger numbness is related to the lungs.

If the fish hole on the big finger is red, it is lung heat; if the fish hole has blue veins, it is lung cold; if there is grain in the big finger and it is blue, it also means lung cold, and this lung cold willContinue to cause stomach cold.

The index finger is walking the large intestine.

Chinese medicine believes that the happiness of human instinct actually comes from the large intestine, and the large intestine passes to the index finger, which is also the origin of the name of the index finger.

The middle finger is the pericardium, and the engagement ring is generally worn on the middle finger, which means that the person has been tempted and converged.

The heart is filled with joy, so the Lord also wants to read.

The ring finger of the ring finger is the three Jiaojing, the three Jiaojing is a very special meridian in Chinese medicine, and the San Jiaojing is also known as the orphan.

The little finger is walking the small intestine and the heart.

From the point of view of high blood pressure, middle finger numbness is a mild disease of heart disease, if the pink finger numbness is a serious disease of heart disease.

Third, take two sputum (the groin area at the junction of the thigh and the lower abdomen) to treat all gynecological diseases.

(There is evil, its gas stays in two 楂€). Two fat people can shoot thin, thin people can shoot fat and beat two squats and can speed up the operation of blood, drive away evil, and stimulate two very different treatments for gynecological diseases.Effective two-point, gas-punching, rushing in the human groin, thigh root, has the effect of treating irregular menstruation, infertility, dysmenorrhea, cold feet, and the door is in the outside of the human groin, there is treatmentThe effect of gynecological inflammation under the bandage, we do not need to find acupuncture points when tapping, you can stimulate these two points.

Beating two sputum can not only strengthen the spleen and stomach, but also treat blood stasis caused by male and poor blood.

When you slap two squats, you can speed up the operation of blood and blood, eliminate disease and evil spirits, and stimulate two acupoints – Qi Chong points and rushing door points that are very effective in treating gynecological diseases.Qi Chong points in the human groin, the thigh root fracture, has the effect of treating irregular menstruation, infertility, dysmenorrhea, cold feet, and the punching hole in the outside of the human groin, there is treatment of uterine bleeding, under the belt, gynecological 鐦棯The effect.

When we are beating two squats, we don’t need to look for acupuncture points. Just two slaps can stimulate these two points.

Both shots have the effect of strengthening the spleen, and can also treat male diseases and female diseases, and the effect is also very good.

The specific method of tapping two squats is to stand upright, gently tapping the two groin with both hands, and gradually increase the force until the two sputum slightly heats up.

Beat two or three times a day, 3 times each time?
5 minutes.

Four, take two sputum – treatment of all waist and leg pain, kidney and evil – stay in the two sputum for 5 minutes a day, not only can treat low back pain and sciatica, but also can supplement kidney and kidney.

If we insist on such a set of beats every day and persevere, there will be unexpected gains. I have taught my mother to insist on doing a morning job in the morning. She now has a very big improvement in her spleen and stomach. She always wanted to write it out.For everyone to share, so that more people can relieve the pain, today is finally completed, I hope to help everyone.

The human body has a large nest of skulls, also known as eight virtual, they are double arms, elbows, double jaws (ie two jaws) and double jaws.

Eight virtual is also the warmest place in the cold winter.

It is said that the eight imaginary small to cure the cold is too big to cure the incurable disease, is the secret of Taoist not to spread.

The imaginary is the meaning of weak relatives. The most vulnerable places for clothes are the folds. The eight imaginary bodies of the human body are like these places.

The evil of the five internal organs likes to hide in the eight imaginary, the evil spirits of the liver gather in the armpit, the heart, the evil of the lungs gather in the elbow, the evil of the spleen gathers in the thigh nest, and the evil of the kidney gathers in the knee socket.

The heart of the lungs is evil, and its gas is left at two cubits (the scale is in the lungs, and the sea is less in the heart).

“Leave”, as “flow”, the same below); the liver has evil, its gas is left in the two arms (the period door, the axis of the coaxial and other points); the spleen has evil, its gas stays in the two spleen (spleen andStomach.

Its veins are flushed from the stock line, and between the gas and the rush, so the evil spirits remain in the cross-stalks, which is the disease of the spleen.) The kidney has evil, and its gas stays in the two sputum (the kidney and the bladder are in the table,The blood is in the valley after the knees, between the committee, so the evil spirits remain in the two, which is the disease of the kidney.

If you want to restore your righteousness, you must first eliminate the evil spirits. How to remove them?

Shoot, beat, knock eight evil, you can get rid of the evil spirits, righteousness can restore recovery, blood can be normal operation.

And if you slap two slaps, you are giving yourself “hemodialysis.”

When it comes to “diabetes”, people will think of uremia patients in horror.

In fact, normal people also need to clean the blood and the garbage on the blood vessel wall without interruption.

With the increase of age, the body garbage is getting thicker and thicker, which puts a heavy burden on the normal operation of the internal organs.

Beating two slaps is equivalent to giving the body a big cleanup.

The cause of the original placenta has some common symptoms of the original placenta


The cause of the original placenta has some common symptoms of the original placenta

The cause of the initial placenta At present, the cause of the initial placenta is unclear, but it is more common in older women, women who are maternal and multi-partum, smokers or drug users are at high risk.

The factors of the initial placenta may be related to the following reasons.

So what is the cause of the initial placenta?

What are the symptoms?

The cause of the initial placenta 1, endometrial damage or lesions.

Endometrial insufficiency, puerperal infection, prolific, upper ring, repeated abortion, multiple curettage, cesarean section and other operations, causing endometritis, endometrial defects, insufficient blood supply, in order to supplement adequate nutrition,The placenta compensated for an enlarged area and narrowed to the lower uterus.

The initial placental patients weighed the mother.

2, abnormal placenta.

In multiple pregnancies, the placenta area penetrates and extends to the lower uterus, so the incidence of these placenta is twice as high as that of a single pregnancy.

3, the fertilized egg trophoblast is stunted.

When the fertilized egg reaches the uterine cavity, the trophoblast has not yet developed to the stage of implantation, and it continues to move down, and the placenta is formed by implantation in the lower part of the uterus.

Common symptoms of the initial placenta 1. Vaginal bleeding In the third trimester or at the time of labor, painless recurrent vaginal bleeding is the main symptom of the expected placenta.

The amount of initial bleeding is generally small. After the final part of the placenta is replaced by blood coagulation, the bleeding can be temporarily stopped, and occasionally there are cases of the first time with a large amount of bleeding.

With the gradual elongation of the lower uterus, repeated bleeding can occur, and the amount of bleeding is also increasing.

The time of occurrence of vaginal bleeding, the number of recurrences, and the amount of bleeding are closely related to the type of initial placenta.

Complete initial placenta: The initial bleeding time is earlier, mostly occurs in the 28th week of pregnancy, bleeding continues, and the amount of bleeding increases.

Marginal early placenta: The initial bleeding occurred later, mostly in the end of pregnancy or after labor, the amount of bleeding decreased.

Partial initial placenta: initial bleeding time and bleeding volume between the two.

For patients with partial or marginal placenta previa, rupture of the membrane is conducive to the compression of the placenta by the first exposure of the fetus. If the fetus is degraded immediately after rupture, the placenta can be directly compressed, and bleeding can be stopped.

2, anemia, shock due to repeated or a large number of vaginal bleeding, patients may have anemia, the degree of anemia is proportional to the amount of bleeding, severe bleeding can occur in shock, resulting in hypoxia, forced persecution, and even death.

Sometimes, a small amount of persistent bleeding can also have serious consequences.

3, the general situation of pale patients with the amount of bleeding, a large number of bleeding may have pale, weak pulse, blood pressure and other shock phenomenon.

Tips: For pregnant women, we must pay attention to the health of the fetus and go to the hospital regularly.