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A few diet therapies help you eat arthritis

A few diet therapies help you “eat” arthritis

In recent days, the temperature has dropped sharply. Although the cold wind is blowing, it still can’t stop the beauty of the girls. They would rather wear a few clothes and look beautiful.Bloated, so in the winter, many girls have suffered from arthritis.
  Although “old cold leg” is a disease that occurs more frequently in middle-aged and elderly people, with the changes of the times, more and more young people have visited arthritis in hospitals in recent years.
  预防“老寒腿” 这三点一定要做到  少穿短裙丝袜  尽管“老寒腿”是一种多发于四五十岁的老年人群当,但随着时代的改变,短裙、丝袜With high heels, many beautiful women switch to knee arthritis prematurely.
   Warmth Correct exercise can play a role in protecting against cold and warmth, increasing synovial fluid in and out of soft knees in joints, strengthening heart circulation, promoting physical agility, balance, and soft tolerance, effectively preventing knee arthritis.
Therefore, regular exercise does not aggravate arthritis, but can reduce pain.
  少做剧烈运动  冬天尽量要避免一些过度负重的活动,比如爬山、爬楼梯、提重物等,可以适度地行走、慢跑、游泳等有氧运动,这些运动既能锻炼膝关节的功能,又能Avoid wearing joints.
  When you see this, you must ask, what should I do if I have arthritis?
Don’t worry, let’s look down!
  5 Food and Beverage Delights You deserve it. As everyone knows, winter is the season when arthritis recurs most. So how to protect our joints when winter comes?
  First of all, we must pay attention to keeping warm and nourishing the body, eating some medicated diet or food that can balance yin and yang, clear the meridians, and qi and blood can not only improve joint symptoms, strengthen the body’s immune function, but also promote functional rehabilitation.
  At the same time, eat more warm and hot foods, these foods can warm kidney yang, improve the body’s cold resistance.
  For example, mutton is a tonic for joint disease in winter. People with arthritis often eat corn, soybeans, peas, parsley, radishes, beef, chicken, catfish, catfish, and fish, which are rich in protein and vitamins, and help the body.Yang Qi rises, so that the energy for the conversion of nutrients is stored in the body to the maximum.
  Here are some delicious and simple winter tonic products for joint disease!
From now on to “Old Cold Legs” byebye!
  Chili pork soup 100 grams of lean pork, 90 grams of chili root.
  Wash the lean pork, cut into pieces, cover with gauze after washing with pepper roots, and seal.
Then put pork, chili root, shallots, ginger slices, and pepper into a casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, first boil with wuhuo, stew with simmer for half an hour until the meat is rotten, remove the chili root and eat meat and soup.
  It has the functions of warming and dispersing cold, removing dampness and relieving pain, and is suitable for those with severe joint pain.
Heat Bi Jige.
  Cinnamon porridge with 10 grams of cinnamon, 50 grams of rice, brown sugar.
  Grind the cinnamon into fines, wash the rice, and cook the porridge often. When the porridge is ready, add the cinnamon and brown sugar, and boil 1-2 times to serve.
Eat on an empty stomach while hot.
  This formula has the effects of warming and dispersing cold, warming the stomach and relieving pain, and is suitable for cold bile.
Hot card and Yin Huowang are banned.
  Snake meat fungus roasted eggplant viper meat 200 grams, eggplant 500 grams, water fungus 100 grams.
20 grams of ginger, 50 grams of rice wine, 3 grams of salt, 10 grams of soy sauce, 5 grams of spring onion, moderate broth and peanut oil.
  Wash the eggplant, cut into pieces, wash the fungus, smash into small flowers, wash the snake meat, chop and cut into small pieces, mix with ginger and rice wine, and taste for 20 minutes.Collect the steam and stir-fry until discolored. Add the prepared agaric flakes, eggplant pieces, soy sauce and broth to submerge and simmer and cook. Season with salt and sprinkle with green onion.
  Regular consumption can play a role in cooling blood, expelling wind, reducing fat, swelling, analgesic, and strengthening the body’s immunity.
  Zexie Sheep Bone Radish Soup One fresh Zexie (Kawasawa Xie commonly known as “White Ci Mushroom”), 3 sheep tibia, 500 grams of red radish.
200 grams of Flammulina velutipes, 20 grams each of cooking wine and ginger, 3 grams of salt, and 5 grams of green onion.
  Wash and slice the fresh Zexie, wash the lamb tibia, smash, and mix well with cooking wine and ginger to remove the fishy smell.
Wash red radishes, cut into pieces, remove edible mushrooms (root), and wash them; add water to the casserole and boil, skim off the foam, cover with rotten flames, season with salt, and sprinkle with hot spring onion, radish, radish, Enoki mushroom, mutton.
  Chew slowly, take hot soup, and take it regularly. It has the effects of clearing away dampness and poisoning, reducing cholesterol, and strengthening waist and bones.
  Braised jujube stew with bonito, white 50g, barley kernels 250g, catfish 250g, celery festival 100g.
20 grams of ground ginger, cooking wine, 3 grams of salt, 1 grams of pepper noodles and pepper noodles each.
  Zanbai and Coix kernels are removed from the dust; the bonito is washed off the internal organs and gills, and mixed with ginger and cooking wine to remove the fishy smells. They are simmered in the casserole, cooked with celery, mixed with salt, pepper noodles and pepper
  Daily consumption has the effects of dehumidifying and detoxifying, diuretic and antihypertensive, lipid-lowering and anti-cancer, Tongyang qi.
  PS: The diet of arthritis patients should generally eat high-protein, high-calorie, digestible foods, eat less irritating foods and cold, greasy foods.The food should be fresh and the meat should be matched. The amount of food should not be too much after the disease.

I want to be as white as Baby!


I want to be as white as Baby!

We want to be as white as Baby, we are looking for flawless skin tone, we want watery skin, and we want to never look old . After spring comes, the new “skin care season” is announced, and the beauty skin care desireAfter a winter dormancy, I woke up again.

The well-known skincare brand from Italy, Begas, launched a full-effect product in the spring, a highly effective whitening anti-oxidant serum, which fully meets the beauty skin desire for delicate and white skin care.

  Blemish Antioxidant Essence is the best product of this season’s star of Essence. It is suitable for any skin type, even dull skin, freckles or dark spots.

The essence contains high concentration of vitamin C, multi-layered microcapsules and activated whitening compound plant formula, etc., which can effectively dilute melanin, instantly even the skin color, and make the skin quickly return to clear and bright.

High-concentration L-vitamin C is the hottest anti-aging ingredient available. Vitamin C is divided into left-handed and right-handed. Only L-vitamin C can be safely absorbed by the skin; L-vitamin C can neutralize free radical damage to the skin.It promotes collagen synthesis in the body, is an excellent antioxidant skin care ingredient, and has good whitening effect.

In addition, the size of human cells is about 60-80 micrometers, the molecular size of ordinary emulsion is 6-12 micrometers, and the volume of multi-layered microcapsules contained in Bejas’s Anti-Spot Antioxidant Essence does not exceed 0.

3 micrometers, can reach cell lysis directly, exert the effect of activating and moisturizing skin deeply.

In addition, high-efficiency Yanbai regeneration full-effect blemish antioxidant also needs to add carotene, gluconic acid, tangerine peel essence, black tea extract, pueraria green algae mixed extract and other plant ingredients to bring the most natural skin care to match the blemishWith the use of anti-oxidant serums, Béjas also launched a softening cleansing foam, which is also suitable for all skin types, especially dull and pigmented skin.

The cleansing foam contains botanical ingredients such as aloe vera extract and cucumber extract, which have the functions of cleaning, whitening, moisturizing, and balancing skin pH.

The special soft foam that contains the amino acid-containing ingredients makes the cleaned skin more sensitive and delicate without the feeling of tightness. Women who like silky feeling should not miss it.

  Borghese is a brand founded by Italian princess Borghese in 1956. It was developed on the basis of the private beauty secrets of the Italian royal family.

Béjas products are distinguished by new technologies that combine natural plant and mineral essences into effective skin care products.

  How to use Blemish Antioxidant Serum: After cleansing the skin in the morning and evening, apply an appropriate amount of “Blemish Antioxidant Serum” to the face and complications, and gently massage until completely absorbed.

  Specifications and weight: 30ml 580RMB skin softening cleansing foam Usage: Every morning and evening, squeeze out the “soft skin cleansing foam” 2-3 times in the palm of your hand, apply it on the face, and massage with a large circle of your fingertips to help clean the skinRinse thoroughly with warm water.

  Specifications and price: 170ml 390RMB soft skin cleansing foam

Fight against expression lines and keep them from getting old


Fight against expression lines and keep them from getting old

In daily life, you may notice that if you like to frown, the “Sichuan word pattern” will appear on your forehead over time; if you often laugh, the “Crow’s Feet” will creep up on your face. Does your rich expression followIs it related to wrinkles?

Therefore, the editor specially consulted the beauty experts of the Air Force General Hospital.

  Beauty experts from the Air Force General Hospital said that facial expressions may cause wrinkles, which doctors call “expression lines”.

Long-term shrinking of the nose, raising eyebrows, frowning, and even personality or smile expressions will form expression lines.

The most common expression lines are: Chuanzi lines, raised lines, wrinkled nose, crow’s feet lines, lip lines and so on.

Don’t worry too much about these wrinkles. Now there are too many ways to help us eliminate expression lines.

  ★ Medical skin care Botox injection wrinkle removal, collagen and other soft tissue materials injection, other alternative fillings, negative pressure microcrystalline skin rejuvenation and other methods can easily and quickly remove expression lines.

For example, botox wrinkle removal is a fashionable injection wrinkle removal technology in Europe and the United States. The reason why it can remove wrinkles is because it can interrupt the replacement of information between motor nerves and muscles, and relax muscles to achieve the effect of wrinkle relaxation.Crow’s feet effect is very good; collagen and other substitutes are the best way to eliminate nasolabial folds; superficial perioral lines can be slowed down or even eliminated with negative pressure microcrystalline massage, sometimes botox injections can also be usedAchieved good results.

  ★ Massage The massage method to remove expression lines is: 1. Start from the chin, use the thumb and index finger to grasp the skin of the chin, and then gently pinch from the bottom to the top; 2, reduce the area around the mouth, use theThe power is slowly grasped; , 3, to the area of the eyebrow, remember to stay for ten seconds; 4, finally, the strength of the middle finger to block the sides of the nose, can promote blood circulation in the face.

  ★ Wrinkle removing products use wrinkle-free skin care products to replace the outermost cells of the skin and make wrinkles look lighter.

Choose a cream that contains anti-wrinkle ingredients to tighten the skin and effectively support the skin system.

Creams containing ingredients such as collagen and elastic fibers can increase the tissue density of the skin.

Deep rescue method for pores


Deep rescue method for pores

Oil accumulates, pores are severely clogged, and oily, more and more pores are in trouble!

In this case, the most effective cleaning method is to remove grease from the pores.

Deep cleaning and thinning pores is the key to care!

  DIY pore-replacement products: yogurt, fine salt, egg white, etc. Effects: Yogurt is rich in a large amount of lactic acid, which is mild and safe.

With these lactic acids, daily use improves skin tenderness and delicateness.

Washing your face with salt is a process to eliminate aging keratin. After a moderate amount of salted-out warm water is gently applied to the face for cleaning, you can feel the skin smooth and smooth after using it.It’s crystal clear.

  Notes on washing face with yogurt and fine salt: When acne has pustules, it is not recommended. This way of washing face with salt and yogurt will have adverse effects.

Because the acid in yoghurt, the salt in the fine salt will slightly irritate the skin, so it can only be used up to three times a week, and the intensity of washing your face should be kept gentle and soothing.

  Efficacy: Deep pores, effectively clean excess oil and dirt, remove aging cutin, and let fresh skin breathe freely.

  Choose a suitable base cream product alternative: facial base cream or foundation. Efficacy: Covering pores is the eternal pursuit of base makeup. Choose a suitable base makeup product that is long-lasting and effective, and apply it evenly on your larger pores.Your pores are invisible!

  Moisturizing and pore-removing alternative products: moisturizing lotion, moisturizing lotion and other moisturizing skin care products.

  Efficacy: Inject too much moisture into your skin to avoid aging and thickening of pores caused by excessive dryness.

Does picking ears affect hearing

Does picking ears affect hearing

How to properly pick ears?

Nowadays, some people take out their ears and take out problems that cause hearing loss in their ears. What to do in the face of this phenomenon?

  Everyone has itchy ears, and always wants to dig it out when itches.

Pick up the small black hair clip and dig it into your ear, in case the hair clip becomes easy to cause ear inflammation.

If you have a cotton swab, it looks a lot more hygienic, but if the cotton swab is not completely sterilized during the ear extraction process, it is still not good.

In order to prevent cotton swabs from bringing bacteria into the ears, before use, most of the previous people always use very dirty, but it is best to dip the ears in warm dilute saline to cause damage to the ears.Can relieve itching.

  Constantly pulling out the ear may cause cancer. Most people do not know that often pulling out the ear will affect hearing, and more serious, it can cause cancer.

  Experts explain that papilloma of the ear canal is infected with a virus, also called “junction tumor”.

This kind of borderline tumor is benign at first. If it receives too much external stimulus, this kind of borderline tumor that originally belongs to benign will become cancerous, and the longer and more, it will eventually block the ear canal.

  Experts in researching various factors that cause canceration have found that frequent ear extraction is one of the most and most directly cancerous factors.

Experts are asking patients to realize that most of them have the habit of picking their ears often.

One patient often asked the hairdresser to dig out his ears during a haircut and found it a pleasure.

As everyone knows, barbers use public ear tools that have not been sterilized. This can not only spread the ear canal papilloma virus, but also cause borderline tumors to become cancerous.

  In summary, people who have the habit of picking their ears appropriately pay attention, and must change their bad habits of picking their ears.

  How to correctly pick your ears will not affect the hearing Some people will enjoy the feeling brought about by their ears, so they often pick their ears.

These practices are very undesirable, because medically speaking, you can easily remove earwax, which can cause ear diseases such as external auditory canal infection, iliac embolism, etc. It is also easy to damage the eardrum and cause perforation of the eardrum.deaf.

  The ear canal has a strong self-cleaning power. “The normal external ear canal itself has a strong self-cleaning function, and it is not necessary to dig your ears often.”

Hu Haiwen said that the scientific name of earwax is “耵聍”, which is a pale yellow viscous liquid secreted by the glandular glands on the spine of the external ear canal.

It can block dirt entering the external ear canal from the outside, and stick to dust and bugs to protect the eardrum.

At the same time, salamander often covers the skin surface of the ear canal, which can maintain a certain humidity in the external ear canal.

  ”In daily life, you don’t need to prolong your ears, and you only need to dig your ears if too much earwax makes your ears uncomfortable.

Hu Haiwen said that the earwax in the ear will slowly move from the ear canal to the ear canal, dry in the air and form yellow flakes. Through the movement of the jaw joint during chewing, the outer ear is constantly displaced, there is no ear canal at allThe problem will not affect hearing because of too much earwax.

  After the water enters the ear, it is easy to be polluted with a cotton swab to absorb the water in the swimming pool. If it is accidentally stung, the sewage will easily enter the middle ear through the eustachian tube.

If the treatment is not timely, if it is not standardized, it can easily cause sequelae and cause hearing loss.

Therefore, when you feel water in your ear, you should immediately jump on one side with one foot and let the water twist, or use a cotton swab to absorb water.

  What tools do you use to dig your ears? When cleaning your ears, it is best to use a soft, clean cotton swab. Hard digging tools, such as ear spoons, are actually not good.

In particular, do not use sharp, unsanitary utensils such as hairpins, match sticks, toothpicks, etc. You can choose medical cotton swabs sold in pharmacies to gently clean out earwax.

If it is oily ears, earwax is not easy to dry and replace by yourself, you can use a medical cotton swab, dipped in medicinal alcohol, and wipe and clean the external ear canal.

  Hearing ears is easy to hurt Hearing “Often ears, but it is easier to stimulate the production of secretions in the ear canal, and habits are re-formed, when you do not go out, you will feel itchy in the ears, the more you want to dig.

In addition to stimulating the production of secretions, it is also easy to bring bacteria into the ears to cause infection.

Hu Haiwen said that even more troublesome is that when the ear is pulled, if the method is not appropriate, the earwax is replaced and pushed deep into the ear canal, which resets the ear canal and affects hearing.

  If the force is excessive, the skin or eardrum of the external auditory canal is damaged, and bacteria can invade to form external auditory canalitis, otitis media, tympanic membrane perforation, etc. In severe cases, even malignant papilloma can grow, causing irreversible damage to hearing.

Experts recommend that you don’t take your ears as a habit, and wait until your earwax needs to be cleaned.

  Do not give your child ears. The skin of the child is delicate, and the external auditory canal is immature. A little carelessness can easily damage the external auditory canal skin, and mild cases cause skin inflammation. In severe cases, injuries to the eardrum can affect children’s hearing.

In addition, when the ears are removed by themselves, if the instruments are not disinfected, bacteria may enter the ears and cause ear inflammation.

Therefore, it is recommended that if the child has too much sickness, he can go to the hospital’s ENT department and let the doctor clean up the sickness with professional equipment to avoid damaging the external ear canal and tympanic membrane.

  Don’t put foreign objects in your ears. It’s more common in children. Curiosity is the main reason.

There is a foreign body in the ear. I don’t feel anything at first. The child forgets it over time. However, if the child reports ear pain, ear tightness, tinnitus, and the child reports to the parent, the parent needs to keep their eyes and take the child to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.Because the foreign body prevents it from being recovered, some may rot, causing inflammation and perforation of the eardrum.

Therefore, parents need to warn their children not to put beans, glass beads and other items in their ears.

Always sleepy, sleep more tired?

It’s actually they are doing it!

The 4 keys to sleep well are here!

Always sleepy, sleep more tired?

It’s actually they are doing it!
The 4 keys to sleep well are here!

Sleeping, sometimes it’s really a big joke with God! I can’t sleep when I want to sleep; I can’t sleep, but when I don’t want to sleep, I always doze off and sleep.

What followed was that I was worried about uneasiness, becoming stupid, ugly and fat. I want to ask the earth to ask the earth, or to ask the fate: What am I doing wrong?


Have you thought about it?

Maybe it’s really what you did wrong.

Sleeping unconscious, the more you sleep, the more tired, may be these two problems 1, sleep too long, sleep is often a little refreshed ~ ~ and some people are “non-mainstream”: sleep for a few hours, the more sleep, the more sleepy, the moreThe more tired you sleep, the more painful your head after waking up, as if you haven’t slept enough, just like a hangover.

This is mainly because your sleep rhythm has been disrupted.

Sleep can be divided into fast wave sleep, slow wave sleep (ie deep sleep).

During deep sleep, sleep more deeply, autonomic nervous disorder, and low levels of muscle tension, muscle weakness, dreaming at this stage.

However, if the rules of sleep are destroyed, the function of the organ in the body is still in a state of dispersion during the dreaming period, and the release of the whole body pressure will be forced to stop, and you will feel weak and dizzy.

The most harmful way to sleep is erratic.

That is to say, there is no sleep in front, and the back is to compensate. It is equal to disrupting the original rules and will often feel tired.

However, this situation is like eating, and when you wait, it will slowly pass, there is nothing to worry about.

2, sleep abnormal ah ah ah ah ah, I am in a meeting, I can not sleep . can not sleep . ZZZZ if you always do not wake up, or no matter how long you sleep, people are still very tired, long-term, it may be that they have appearedI don’t know the “sleep abnormality”.

For example: snoring has a constant snoring when sleeping, and intermittent breathing stops, often sleepy during the day.

Snoring people often combine obesity, a lot of snoring and high blood pressure.

Restless leg syndrome When sleeping, unilateral or bilateral legs are involuntarily obese, and there are acid, numbness, swelling, pain, ant feeling, burning sensation; no similar symptoms during the day.

This can seriously affect the quality of sleep and lead to daytime sleepiness.

Sleepwalking is often associated with lack of sleep, fever, excessive fatigue and some medications.

Therefore, if you always sleep for a long time, you still feel tired the next day, sleep time is not controlled, it is best to go to the sleep specialist.

Going to bed early and getting better, do you seem to be not like?

The more tired you can’t sleep, what’s the matter?

Work hard for a day, very tired, take a good sleep.

A sheep, two sheep. a thousand sheep, hey, how can I not sleep?

Many people find that the more tired they are, the more they can’t sleep, especially the mental workers.

Even if I fell asleep, the quality of sleep was not high, and I couldn’t get up the next day.

It is very likely that there is excitement and anxiety just because of “heart tiredness.”

Is there a sentence?

The more you care, the more you can’t sleep.

Tomorrow’s work plan, weekly report, summary. A bunch of tasks are piled up in your head, the brain is both excited and worried, how can you sleep?

Fortunately, this temporary difficulty in falling asleep lasts no more than a month, and the problem is not big, and usually disappears through the completion of the work.

These tricks help you sleep well1, diet restrictions drinking, especially after dinner; avoid tea and coffee, especially in the afternoon or evening.

2, the ambient noise small bedroom should be quiet and no noise.

The noise completely damages the auditory organs and has adverse effects on the nervous system and cardiovascular system.If you can’t avoid the noise, you can buy a sleep earplug and put it on. The effect is not bad.

Good ventilation If the room is not well ventilated, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air is too high, which often affects the brain function of people. During the day, people will feel tired and work efficiency will drop.

It is best to open the doors and windows before going to bed, let the air circulate, then close the doors and windows to sleep.

The light is dark and the light that keeps the sleeping environment is dim.

If you want to see your phone, set the screen display setting to night mode.

When the temperature is comfortable to sleep, the most suitable temperature is around 26 °C.

3, dressing, remember to wear loose, comfortable underwear to sleep, as to whether you want to take off the sleep . see you like it.

4, exercise some aerobic exercise every day, can improve sleep.

Walking, cycling, swimming, tai chi, yoga, etc. are all good choices.

Once a day, every time for more than half an hour, when you feel the most tired, the heart rate is increased by 30% before the exercise.
50%, can achieve good results.

Also, hot water bath, soaking feet can also promote blood circulation and help you sleep well.

Finally, we must remind everyone that if you stay up late for a long time, and the following symptoms – fatigue during the day, fatigue, difficulty in concentration, low mood, easy to irritability.

First change the schedule, and then you have to see a doctor.

People who have experienced symptoms such as palpitation and high blood pressure are advised to ask a specialist for help!

Skincare Essences Which One Is Best For You

Skincare Essences Which One Is Best For You

Guide: Essence, due to its high density of ingredients, has become the fastest-growing product in the current cosmetics market due to its high density of ingredients. According to the results of the first weekly “Essence Usage Habit” survey of the Beauty Index, women ‘s white-collar workers most want to purchase the essence.For moisturizing essence, whitening essence and full-effect essence, they are also the most commonly used essence by OLs.

The results of this survey have not yet shown that the essence has become an important step in the routine maintenance of female white-collar workers from the magical small bottle of icing on the cake.


hzh {display: none; }  指数1  女性首次使用精华液的时间大大提前  根据此次《壹周美丽指数》调查显示,67.4% of people use the serum for the first time before the age of 25, over 21.

38% of people start to use the essence before the age of 18, and quickly solving skin problems is the main purpose of most people choosing to use the essence.

So at what age should I start using the serum?

HR Helena China Senior Skin Therapist Chen Li believes that around 20 is a good timetable. During this period, puberty has ended, hormone secretion will gradually decrease and ease, and the pressure on the external environment will increase. Women mayYou need to face all aspects of work, study and love, and there are more and more factors that make the skin slack. At this time, the use of essences can quickly replenish the nutrients needed by the skin and help the skin improve its resistance.

  Chen Li suggested that the first bottle of serum can be selected according to your skin problem and age. The alternative moisturizing serum is an entry-level serum suitable for most people. It can increase skin moisture and prevent dehydration., The production of small fine lines.

For oilier young skin, their first essence can be an oil control essence that astringents pores and adjusts sebum secretion.

  Index 2 mid-range price serum is most worth buying 53.

3% of women’s white-collar workers want to buy an essence for 200?
Between 500 yuan, only 16.

59% of people are willing to buy high-end essences above 1,000 yuan. The main factors that attract everyone to buy essences are clear functions, immediate results and precious ingredients.

  The essence of the essence is small and super concentrated, and it has always merged with the apex position of the skin care product pyramid. Its active ingredients have always been one of the most important standards for the quality of this essence. From the more commonly used hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamin C and vitaminsE. The research and development of various rare plants, rare precious metals, and essences from the alpine regions of remote countries is almost a process of R & D strength of major PK brands, and it is also a process of continuously developing new and special effects.

  How to choose a more cost-effective serum?

Chen Li’s suggestion is that those with ordinary economic strength can choose the essence produced by domestic first-tier brands, and those with good economic strength can choose imported first-tier brands, because the skin care products of large companies have more opportunities for consumer inspection, and consumersYou can also get a safer formula, more pure ingredients and higher technology content.

  Beauty consultant in this issue: HR Helena Senior Skin Therapist Chen Li As a senior skin physiotherapist in HR Helena China, Chen Li has 10 years of experience in beauty skin care, and she has studied for many years with well-known French physio experts, which is the best in the field of domestic beauty care.One of the heavyweight expected characters.

  Index 3 Moisturizing Essence, Whitening Essence and Full-Effect Essence are the three kings of Essence.

1 Moisturizing serum is best for: Replenishing young muscles that are dehydrated or have less skin problems. This survey shows that up to 65.

93% of the respondents have used moisturizing serum, 56 of them.

09% of people want to add moisturizing serum after autumn.

As the temperature and humidity continue to decrease, the sebaceous gland secretion is reduced, and the human skin will become increasingly dry. The moisturizing essence will be the most popular essence of autumn and winter due to its magical effect of quickly replenishing skin moisture.

For oily skin, you can choose a gel-like essence. For dry skin, you should choose a water-moisturizing essence separated from water and oil. OLs who often make up can also add a drop of moisturizing essence to the foundation to improve the foundation’s moisturization.

  Chen Li said that it is best to choose a moisturizing serum after lunch. At this time, metabolism is slower. The skin care products consumed in the morning are exhausted and the skin enters the most dehydrated moment.

Try the moisturizing essence. It is best to choose the law lines on the sides of the nose and gently pat two drops in it. Observe the effect comparison before and after use. If you take a photo of the essence, the dryness of the law is significantly reduced, and the depression of the law lines is not obvious., It means that this is a moisturizing serum that can be purchased.

  If you don’t want to try cholesterol, you can insert the moisturizing serum between the thumb and forefinger, because the skin in this place is particularly dry and the cuticle is thicker.

After 1 minute of application, if you feel that the skin is fully moisturized and the touch becomes soft, it means that this is an essence with strong permeability and obvious moisturizing effect.

  Moisturizing serum is recommended.

hzh {display: none; }  1.LAROCHE-POSAY Moisturizing Essence Gel RMB 298 / 30ml is suitable for various types of dehydrated skin. It can also be used on skin with different tolerances2.

CLARINS Moisturizing Essence RMB 560 / 30ml supplements Kadafu Essence, a special water-oil separation active formula 3.

Impress IC Intensive Care Intensive and Firming Serum RMB 580 / 40ml Golden Tiger Tail Extract 4 with high moisturizing ingredients.

HR Collagen Intensive Rich Serum RMB 1380 / 40ml Ultra Micro Collagen Granules “Hyaluronic Acid” is a powerful hydrating and water-retaining agent

2Whitening essence is most suitable: Whitening Snow White yellow race has more active melanin cells than the owner, it is particularly easy to tan, and spots, so there is a large demand for whitening, which can also understand why the whitening essence is stillThe reason why OLs want to buy the essence after the autumn.

However, in the autumn and winter seasons, the natural sebum film covering the outermost layer of the skin is thinned, and the skin is relatively fragile and dry. The choice of whitening essence should be a good moisturizing and mild type. Vitamin C, licorice extract, chamomile extract and mulberry extract areMild and safe whitening ingredients.

If you want to be white, you need to apply sunscreen. Although the intensity of UV is obviously weakened, you still need to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF15, PA +++ or above. The opportunity for melanin generation is broken, and the skin is naturally less worried about darkening.

  Chen Li said that after entering October, the weather is getting drier, pollen spreads very strongly, and the aligned dust is scattered in the air. This also causes the skin to be particularly sensitive and dry, and she is not very recommended to use whiteningEssence, if it must be selected, the ingredients of whitening essence should be gentle, and there must be corresponding moisturizing ingredients to reduce dryness.

In order to get more comprehensive skin maintenance, you can also add whitening essence and full-effect essence, whitening in front, full effect in the back, and also whitening in the areas that need to focus on the spot, full-effect essenceFull face position.She also suggested that OLs can apply a small amount of foundation during the day, because current foundations generally have sunscreens, which can unknowingly reflect the sun protection effect and reduce the generation of pigmentation.

  Whitening serum recommended 1.

Free Complex Pure White Exfoliating Conditioning Essence RMB 200 / 100ml Compound Exfoliating Ingredients to remove excess keratin that has become thickened by UV irradiation2.

VICHY Double Essence Whitening Essence Milk RMB 328 / 30ml revolutionary deep basal cell whitening technology3.

DERMINA FROMOMEY Pure Whitening Repairing Essence (FROMOMEY) RMB 300 / 30ml double vitamin C inhibits melanin production, natural licorice extract lightens pigmentation 4.

Favorite name Brightening Purifying Perfecting Serum RMB 680 / 30ml Brightening Patent Lumiskin and the latest antioxidant Idebenil.

3 The full-effect serum is best for: Mature women’s family of full-effect essences with slowed skin metabolism is like the skin’s comprehensive vitamins. It resorts to solving multiple skin problems at one time, although it is slower to improve some skin problems.But it can comprehensively improve the skin’s defense ability.

If you are over 25 years old, have anti-aging needs, or belong to the “more recently annoying” stress family, then adding a series of serums to improve your skin care routine is the most labor-saving option.

A good full-effect product needs to meet at least the four major needs of moisturizing, anti-oxidation, anti-wrinkle and firm skin. Therefore, like antioxidant C, vitamin E, anti-wrinkle vitamin A derivatives, moisturizing hyaluronic acid, preventRelaxing collagen is a common ingredient in a full-service serum.

  Chen Li said that skin aging usually occurs after the age of 25. At this time, the cell metabolism in the skin begins to slow down, and the wear on the skin surface is more and more fixed on the skin surface. Dry lines, fine lines, relaxation and other initial stagesAging conditions slowly appear.

Faced with these problems, simply replenishing the moisturizing essence can not solve it at all. Instead, you should use a full-effect essence that supplements the skin with multiple nutrients.

Full-effect serums usually focus on anti-aging effects, but address a wider range of problems than anti-aging serums.

At present, many brands provide corresponding full-effect / composite serums according to different age groups. They will specify the targeted age and skin problems that can be solved in the product description. Consumers only need to check the seats according to their age and skin requirements.can.

  Full-effect serum recommended 1.

ESTEE LAUDER Instant Repair Special Essence RMB 610 / 30ml prevents aging, instantly moisturizes and evens out skin tone2.

HR Ultimate Beauty Repair Serum RMB 2280 / 40ml 3.

CLARINS Complex Muscle Essence (6th generation) RMB 780 / 15mlx2 selected high-efficient plant extracts from 5 continents to comprehensively maintain skin cells4.

SUPREMEAUPRES Concentrate Revitalizing Essence RMB 480 / 40ml to enhance skin elasticity and strengthen cuticle cells

Purify the breath

Purify the breath

Fitness effect: Breathe with every single nostril.

Right nasal Tongyang, sympathetic nerves, activities, etc., left nasal Tongyin, parasympathetic nerves.

Jingwen and so on.

  Action essentials: 1.
Bend the index and middle fingers of your right hand.

Hold the right nose with your thumb, exhale the residual gas from the left nose, and then inhale the gas from the left nose.

(Figure 42) 2.Release your thumb, poke your left nose with your ring finger and pinky finger, exhale from your right nose, and inhale gas from your right nose.

Then press the right nose with your thumb and exhale from the left nose.

The exhalation time is double the inhalation time.

Fitness effect: make the abdomen, chest, shoulder to throat consciously use this method and the lower, middle and upper parts of the lungs to use this method of breathing.

During the exercise, you will feel that the energy that is trapped in the lungs is released, and fresh energy will fill the lungs.

  Action essentials: 1.Exhale.

Inhale slowly into the abdomen, as if to swell the abdomen.

Lift your abdomen-filled air to your chest.


Lift your shoulders as you inhale, bringing the air into your throat.

(Figure 44) 2.
Slowly push your belly down, shrink your chest, lower your shoulders, and exhale.

(Figure 45) Dynamic movements can be divided into 6 series: first, let the body slowly adapt, then strengthen the exercises.

From the original baby’s flexible movements (forward bend) to turning over, the prone posture (backward bend) is constantly changing.

The schedule of this book is compiled according to the growth process of human beings. There are various postures such as snake hitting, triangle rolling, and shoulder standing.

Right and wrong

Right and wrong

Sweet potatoes are: laxative, prevent cancer, promote the development of sweet potatoes, also known as sweet potatoes, rich and balanced nutrition.

Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals. Among them, vitamins B1 and B2 are 6 times and 3 times higher than rice, respectively, and the content of vitamin c is much higher than apples and grapes.

Sweet potatoes have not promoted the body’s metabolism and promoted the development of lysine, which is what rice and flour lack.

In addition, the “seventh nutrient” in sweet potatoes-supplementary fiber, can stimulate worms to move, promote smooth excretion, and effectively prevent constipation and bowel cancer; supplementary fiber can also prevent sugar from turning into aunts, which is a good helper for women’s beauty and weight loss.

  Sweet potatoes also have some little-known effects.

For example, sweet potatoes contain a unique flavonoid component, which prevents cancer and promotes longevity, and can effectively inhibit the occurrence of retinal and colon cancer.

In addition, sweet potatoes have a special protective effect on the mucous membranes of human organs, which can inhibit the deposition of bile alcohol and prevent it.

It can stop atherosclerosis, protect the elasticity of blood vessels, and effectively prevent and improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  The medicine of the motherland highly evaluates the effects of sweet potatoes for invigorating the spleen and invigorating qi, moisturizing the intestines and laxative, and promoting thirst and thirst. Progestin is the most suitable for pregnant women. The postpartum lochia is not clean, the stool is difficult and the irritability and thirst are good.Shortness of breath, fatigue, low appetite, thirst, dry throat, and constipation can be treated with sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes and carp are cooked at the same time, which can be used for tonicity, nutrition and lactation; sweet potatoes cut into pieces, with ginger and brown sugar tonic, can cure colds and colds.

  Non: It is not advisable to overdo it. Pay attention to edible sweet potatoes with dark spots.

First, do not eat too much sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes contain a “gasification enzyme” and crude fiber. If you eat too much, it will easily generate a large amount of carbon dioxide in the human turbine, which will cause discomfort such as bloating, snoring, and spitting acid water.

Second, the sweet potato protein protein and starch must be eaten with protein foods so as to avoid nutritional imbalances.

Third, sweet potatoes with dark spots should never be eaten.

The dark spots on the sweet potato epidermis indicate that it is infected with black spot bacteria.

Black spot bacteria expels toxins, including Ipomotenone and Ipotenol, making the sweet potatoes hard and bitter. They cannot be killed by boiling, steaming or roasting.

These toxins enter the human body and are harmful to the liver. Patients who suffer from acute poisoning after eating black spotted sweet potatoes often suffer from vomiting, diarrhea, and severe cases may have fever and convulsions.

  In addition, the hawkers on the roadside may roast the sweet potatoes with dark spots and good sweet potatoes together. On the roasted sweet potatoes, the obvious black spots are difficult to cut.

Citizens can buy fresh, smooth-skinned sweet potatoes and bake them in the oven, so they can eat with peace of mind.

  Potatoes are: underground apples, nutrient-rich and well-known is “one apple a day, the doctor stays away from me”.

Potatoes, also known as potatoes, are known as “underground apples.”

Potatoes are cheap and good quality, and the ratio of various nutritional components is comprehensive. General grains cannot be measured, and their protein content is 10 times that of apples.

  The mineral content of potatoes is also very rich. The content of calcium, phosphorus and potassium is very high, especially potassium, which is among the best in vegetables.

Potassium helps prevent high blood pressure.

In addition, potato plasma is low, bulky, and added fiber. It is easy to produce satiety after eating. It is an ideal diet food.

  The medical value of potatoes is extremely high.

Putting potato slices on the affected area can alleviate the symptoms of mild burns and mash the potatoes and apply them externally.

It can help treat skin eczema and add vinegar and rubbing juice to the outer coating, which can relieve mumps.

  Non: fried potatoes, plummeting prices. We may often see the slogan “Coke, sofa, potato culture”, sitting on the sofa, eating French fries, drinking Coke and watching TV. This unhealthy lifestyle really requiresAroused our great attention.

Potato chips and fries are made by crushing and frying. It artificially adds a small amount of impurities and generates a lot of harmful substances during the frying process. As a result, the potatoes at this time lose their “natural color” and become Gaozi.Unhealthy food.

  It must be mentioned that when the potatoes are pumped with green shoots, become green or rot, a toxic substance called “solanine” is produced in large quantities. People who eat it will have symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or dizziness.It may even lead to death.

Therefore, try to eat fresh potatoes, never eat sprouted potatoes.

  Regarding potatoes, try not to use crushing and frying methods when cooking, this will greatly destroy the nutrition caused by potatoes and seriously waste resources; also, pay attention to _ must be cooked and cooked through the starch cell membrane of a potato without high temperatureDestruction, the human body is difficult to digest.

When the winter solstice arrives, the number of nine health starts should start from small things.

When the winter solstice arrives, the number of “nine” health starts should start from small things.

The winter solstice is the twenty-second solar terms in the twenty-four solar terms. It is the earliest solar terms in the twenty-four solar terms. The time is roughly between December 22 or 23 of the annual solar calendar.
“The seventy-two monthly set solution” said: “Winter solstice, mid-November.
The ultimate gas is here, and it is extremely.
The winter solstice is the shortest day in the northern hemisphere and the longest day in the night. After the winter solstice, the day will grow longer.
After the winter solstice, the climate of each place has entered a coldest stage.
The winter solstice is the end of the three seasons: the winter solstice day “铓殦 knot”, 铓殦 闃?闃?铚?, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
楹嬭瑙? On the fifth day after the winter solstice, the 楹?瑙?瑙?, , , , , , 楣?楣?楣?楣?楣?楣?楣?楣?楣?楣?楣?楣?楣?楣?楣?It is a yin, a beast, and a yang, and it is in the winter solstice.
Water Springs: On the fifth day, “water springs move”, water is born in the sun of heaven, and now a yang is born, so the water spring has flowed secretly.
The winter solstice folk custom ninety-nine cold winter solstice arrived, began counting “nine”.
In ancient times, after entering the Nine, scholars like to engage in chilling activities, choose a “nine” day, meet nine people drinking (“wine” and “nine” homophonic), use nine dishes and nine bowls on the table, use the table for “Spend nine pieces of seats to take the meaning of ninety-nine chills.
There are many places in the solstice ancestors on the day of the winter solstice. There are still some places to celebrate the festival on the winter solstice.
While worshipping the ancestors, some places also worship the gods, the land gods, worship the gods, and pray for the good weather in the coming year, home and everything.
The winter solstice is going to sleep early. During the winter solstice, when you are lying in the morning and evening, you can avoid the cold evil and avoid the yang disturbance.
For the elderly with weak yang, early morning and cold, it is easy to cause respiratory diseases, and even induce angina pectoris, stroke and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
Drink plenty of water. Sweating in winter, sweating and urination are reduced, but the human brain and various organs of the body still need water.
If the water intake is insufficient, the blood viscosity increases, and the thrombus is easily formed, which increases the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
Exercise should be combined with static and dynamic, running and doing exercises should only be slightly sweaty, sweaty and deflated, and there is a way to hang in the winter yang.
In addition, for the elderly, it is not advisable to bathe frequently in the winter, the water is hot, and the sweat is dripping, which is very susceptible to cold and evil. Therefore, it is more suitable to take a bath once a week in the north.
Bubble feet More than the foot of the saying goes: “Hot from the feet.”
Therefore, winter must pay attention to the warmth of the feet, insist on using warm water to soak feet every day, if possible, you can massage the acupuncture points at the same time.
Morning and evening, to the heart, to promote blood circulation.
Drinking porridge often Drinking black tea and drinking porridge has the effect of increasing calories and supplementing nutrients.
Drinking hot porridge in the morning can raise stomach.
Drinking porridge for dinner can not only raise the stomach but also calm the nerves.
Usually drink yam porridge, lotus porridge, jujube porridge, glutinous rice jujube porridge, rice pudding, millet porridge, etc. are more suitable.
Black tea is warm and can raise the body’s yang. In addition, black tea is rich in protein and sugar, which can enhance the body’s ability to resist cold and help digestion and greasy.
Be cautious and prevent the disease. The climate is cold in the winter season, and you should pay attention to avoid the recurrence or aggravation of some chronic diseases.
The method of food supplement varies from person to person. Generally, people with yang deficiency can choose lamb, chicken, dog meat and so on.
For those who are not suitable for eating cold and not suitable for eating hot and dry food, you can use hazelnuts, red dates, walnut meat, black sesame seeds, etc.
In addition to eating, the content of the tonic is also the aspect of the spirit of nourishment.
You can practice your body by sitting or exercising, and you can concentrate on your energy and achieve your goal of strengthening your body.
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