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7 types of skin moisturizing care in winter


7 types of skin moisturizing care in winter

Oily skin due to excess oil secretion, large pores are easy to block, even in winter, it will also be dry and peeling.

At this time, the first thing to do is to add enough moisture to the skin, without hindering the use of oil-removing firming lotion. This can not only shrink the pores, but also replenish the skin with water, and also suppress the secretion of oil, anti-inflammatory and other effects.Nourishing lotion with oil-in-oil.


hzh {display: none; }  先用吸油面纸吸掉多余的油分,再喷洒矿泉水或化妆水。Then in a dry place, gently moisturize with moisturizing gel.

Don’t forget to exfoliate before using a moisturizing mask!

  Normal skin moisturizing procedures are the easiest.

It is best to choose a skincare or face washing product that has a pH value close to the skin. Because many cosmetics contain maintenance and moisturizing ingredients, as long as you spray a moderate amount of mineral water and lotion, it ‘s very beautiful before you go out in the morning!

It is not suitable to use too moisturizing night cream before going to bed at night.

Because oily products are mixed with the oil from your union, they can easily develop small acne.

  After cleansing, first use an oil-free moisturizing liquid, then add a nourishing firming milk with olive oil to form an oxygen-permeable protective film on the surface of the skin.

Although normal skin is the ideal skin type, it is also necessary to strengthen the care, and sunscreen is essential before going out.

In addition, night care cannot be ignored.

  Dry skin You have dry skin, and you ca n’t help it when you encounter cold air.

Don’t worry, just apply a moisturizing lotion when cleaning morning and evening.

Moisturizing liquid should be used to replenish moisture for dry skin in winter, because the pH of dry skin is easy to be destroyed. The moisturizing liquid can take advantage of the effect of repairing skin pH.

Vichy Moisturizing Body Lotion and Nutrient Body Cream contain various active molecules such as glycerin, which is especially suitable for dry skin.

  In addition, for you with dry skin, due to the movement of skin and muscles such as frowning and talking, it is easy to produce false wrinkles when the skin is dry in winter, so you must drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables, and eat less spicy food.

  Mixed skin T-shaped part is your fatal injury. After washing your face in the morning and evening, you can apply a refreshing lotion.

Usually pay attention to the phenomenon of oily nose.

The oil in the T-shaped area can be absorbed first, instead of cleaning the nasal membrane, it can effectively remove oil and blackheads, and then put on moisturizing gel.

  Sensitive Skin Before you start moisturizing your skin, you must first understand that you are allergic to products containing certain ingredients.

It is best not to use alcohol-based moisturizing products. You can spray the whole face with mineral water on the face, dry it, and then use gel-free fragrance-free products to calm and moisturize the skin.

  Dry and aging skin For dry and aging skin, use a cleansing cream made of plant fats with high vitamin content to form a moisturizing protective film on the skin surface, and then use the essence to make the skin soft, balanced and moisturized.

  When doing cleaning, you should pay attention to the circular movement of the hand diagonally upwards, and keep the axial pulling effect of each action.

Do not circle down to avoid slackening the aging skin.

Collagen-containing facial cleanser and nutrient water are also the first choice for dry and aging skin.

  Dehydrated skin Dehydrated skin should be supplemented with a highly hydrophilic, moisturizing factor-free, cleansing milk that does not contain oil, and be cleaned gently and thoroughly, so that the skin will not lose too much water.

Then use balanced nutrition water to balance the skin and reduce dark spots.

Rapeseed is more nutritious and should be eaten often

Rapeseed is more nutritious and should be eaten often

Choose fresh canola and eat it now.

Rape should not be stored for a long time. Accumulated storage of rapeseed, including fried cooked vegetables, will not only lose nutrients, but will also be affected by bacteria to produce nitrite. Nitrite can cause acute poisoning. If it is ingested for a long time, it may cause cancer.

The leftover fried rapeseed should be discarded, especially not eaten next time.

Due to the cold nature of rapeseed, the spleen and stomach are cold, and people with indigestion and thin stools should not eat it.


hzh {display: none; }  常吃油菜清热解毒.
Rape is a leafy vegetable with high nutritional value.

Vitamin C is about 5-7 times that of celery and cabbage, calcium is equivalent to 2 times that of cabbage and cabbage, and iron is roughly 2-5 times that of celery and cabbage.

Assume that an adult can only afford one kind of food to obtain these three nutrients. Then, if he eats 500-600 grams of rapeseed every day, he can basically meet his needs.

  Chinese medicine believes that rapeseed can clear heat and detoxify and expel wind and fire.

Studies in the United States have shown that eating canola can reduce serum insulin, reduce arteriosclerosis, promote skin cell metabolism, reduce pigmentation, and have a cosmetic effect.

  Rape can be eaten in various ways. It can be burned, fried, and chopped, and can also be used as a side dish for soup and ravioli.

It can be sautéed alone or with shrimp, chicken fillet, pork liver, lean meat, mushrooms, black fungus and tofu.

Stir-fried rapeseed should be put onions, ginger for seasoning, stir fry quickly.

The reuse of spring onions and ginger is because the hot properties of spring onions and ginger can correct the coldness of rape.

The rapid fry is because the rape is easy to produce water after being heated. The quick fry can keep the vegetables crisp and reduce the loss of nutrients.

  Choose fresh canola and eat it now.

Rape should not be stored for a long time. Accumulated storage of rapeseed, including fried cooked vegetables, will not only lose nutrients, but will also be affected by bacteria to produce nitrite. Nitrite can cause acute poisoning. If it is ingested for a long time, it may cause cancer。The leftover fried rapeseed should be discarded, especially not eaten next time.
Due to the cold nature of rapeseed, the spleen and stomach are cold, and people with indigestion and thin stools should not eat it.

How to enter the dish

How to enter the dish

In the past, people often used the old saying, “Drink reed water in spring and mung bean soup in summer.

“It can be seen that reed root has good edible and medicinal value.

Aloe is a rhizome of the grass family plant reed. It is born in low-lying areas, lakes, rivers, streams, or along the ground. It is distributed in most parts of the country. It can be excavated, removed buds, fibrous roots and membrane-shaped leaves, washed and cut into sections.Fresh or dried.


hzh {display: none; }  芦根与苇根原系同一药物,其生于水边干地,小者为芦,生于水深之处,大者为苇。 The medicinal value of reed root reed is sweet, cold, enters the lungs, and has a meridian effect.

Its taste is sweet and liquid, good for nourishing yin and nourishing lungs, removing phlegm and purulent, clearing heat and rash, clearing stomach heat, refreshing and quenching thirst, urination and urination.

The “Compendium of Materia Medica” states that it can “remove heat and regenerate Jin, remove annoyance and quench thirst, stop vomiting, relieve stomach fire, and benefit the two.”

Commonly used for fever, fever, thirst, stomach vomiting, fever, cough, thick and yellow sputum, and unpleasant vomiting.

Good for sore throat, vocal cord fatigue, stomatitis, periodontitis, etc.

  The pharmacist Sun Simiao of the Tang Dynasty left a refreshing recipe-Maidong Lugen Soup for future generations.

The prescription is used in the province, and no matter it is decoction or boiling water, it has a good effect on summer sweat, dizziness, dry throat, boredom and constipation.

It is reported that Song Dong Su used this drink to protect the throat and mouth.

On this basis, Wu Jutong, a medical scientist in the Qing Dynasty, developed into a “five juice drink”, specializing in treating fever injury and dry mouth and upset.

Existing people use Ophiopogon and Asparagus radix as the main prescription, which is used for tumor patients with dry mouth, poor appetite, and poor stools after radiation therapy, which can significantly relieve the replacement of cancer after radiotherapy.

  Modern medicine proves that fresh reed root contains protein, vitamins B1, B2, C, asparagine, polyvalents, furfural and synthetic sugars.

With antipyretic, analgesic, boosting immunity, antihypertensive, sedative, antitumor and other effects, it can be used for diseases such as fever, thirst, pneumonia, lung abscess, and bronchitis.

  Reed root method 1, reed root mung bean soup reed root, mung bean 5 dollars each, add a bowl of water to boil, add an appropriate amount of rock sugar, go to reed mung bean soup.

Suitable for dry mouth.

Efficacy: Shengjin Runfei, lowering fire and reducing fever.

  2. Take 30 grams of fresh reed roots (15 grams for dry products) and 15 grams of winter wheat roots, and pour them into boiling water. Cover with 焖 for 10 minutes.drink.
It is suitable for patients with dry mouth, poor appetite, and poor stools after radiation therapy, and can obviously reduce the complications of cancer after radiotherapy.

It is also effective for patients with diabetes, hemoptysis and bronchitis.

Efficacy: Shengjin clears heat, nourishes yin and moisturizes.

Ejiao sexless men are also available

Ejiao sexless men are also available

“Ejiao Benjingpin, Hong Jing said: ‘Go east, so the name Ejiao'” This is a famous assertion by the medical scientist Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty.

Li Shizhen praised Ejiao as the “holy medicine”.

  When it comes to Ejiao, too many people think that it is a woman’s blood supplement, which is linked to women’s health and gynecological correction treatment. It is even possible to use Yang Guifei who “concealed Ejiao unwillingly” and “Donglai Ejiao Day”.The Madam Hu Guo from the “Fellow King Mei Mei King” came to prove that it seems that Ejiao is a patented product of a woman, which cannot be used by a man, but it is not.

From medical classics, historical records of Ejiao culture and modern research results have proved that men can also eat Ejiao.

  The first man in history to use poems to record Ejiao was Cao Zhi, the son of Cao Cao in the Three Kingdoms, which was Cao Zijian who was only eight feet tall and became a poem in seven steps. After being forced into a poem by his brother in seven steps, he depreciated to Dong’a.County, the local people called him “Dong Ah King”, and he fought fiercely in the palace court, making him escape from the dead, tortured himself. When he came to Dong A, he was skinny and extremely weak, and the local doctor gave him Dong A Jiao.Afterwards, the body recovered miraculously. After that, she continued to take Ejiao, which was greatly controversial. For the dragon article: “Give me elixir, made by the emperor, teach me to take food, and also replenish my brain. It will last forever.old”.
  The second man was He Liangjun (now Songjiang), a talented man in Jiangsu Huating (now Shanghai Songjiang). He was born in the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty, and at the same time as Li Shizhen, he once recommended the Nanjing Hanlin Institute for Confucius.Yang Tiannian, sickness and health, in his “Qingsen Pavilion Collection”, there is a poem called “respect for life”, replaced by: “Every disease is born of qi and blood, and will not attack each other.

A gelatin is often around, Fuyuan Guben enjoys peace.

Mr. He believes that the way of “respecting life” should be to nourish qi and blood, often take E-Jiao, and become “Fuyuan Guben enjoy Taiping”. This is in line with qi and blood, which regulates qi and blood circulation, resulting in balance.The theoretical system of eliminating diseases and keeping in good health is the same.

  The above historical examples of two men and two women taking Ejiao are just representative examples withdrawn from numerous Ejiao stories. The change from this aspect shows that Ejiao has been a rickets fitness that can be used by both men and women to nourish and maintain beauty.

  Looking up the medical classics, from “Treatment of Typhoid and Miscellaneous Diseases” to “Compendium of Materia Medica”, you can see the Ejiao treatment of men and women together, the alternative to cure diseases.

In the vast medical literature, there are recorded dialectical theories about the fitness of Ejiao Disease, rich clinical practice, and exquisite Ejiao prescriptions, as traditional traditional Chinese medicines that integrate treatment and health care, for the prosperity of the Chinese nation and the development of human medicineMade an indelible contribution.

  Ejiao also has a clearer replacement in ancient classics for men and women. For example, the “Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing” written in the late Eastern Han Dynasty listed Ejiao as a “top grade” that can nourish a strong body.”Serve” is beneficial to light weight.

“It can be seen that Ejiao is a national medicine gem that can be used by both men and women as a combination of medicine and food.

  ”Compendium of Materia Medica” contains: “Ejiao Da Yaozhong is nourishing blood and fluid, so it can clear the lungs and yin and cure various diseases.

“” For the treatment of cough, no matter the lungs are deficient, the lungs can be lowered or warmed. Ejiao is needed to relieve the lungs and moisturize the lungs. Its sexual peace is the medicine for the lung meridians.

“Whether it is men or women, the lungs should be moisturized in autumn and winter. The dry weather in winter and the lungs are easily damaged. In addition, many lung diseases occur due to air environmental factors. Many men have been exposed to tobacco and alcohol for a long time.Maintenance, it can be seen that it is very suitable for the prevention and health care of lung cancer with gelatin.

Annoying dark circles super detailed solution


Annoying dark circles super detailed solution

Whitening is an indispensable maintenance action in summer, but the face has turned white. What about dark circles?

When taking care of your fair face, if you don’t take care of the skin around your eyes, your dark circles will look darker and darker?
Reasons for the formation of dark circles: whitening should be all-round, and bright eyes can add charm, but dark circles are often very serious. In addition to releasing health warnings such as insufficient sleep and poor blood circulation, dark circles are often painted to participateParty, coupled with incomplete makeup removal, accumulated over time, this is one of the factors that cause dark circles.

  The three words of dark circles give the illusion that dark circles are black. In fact, the colors of dark circles are basically divided into two types. One is brown dark circles caused by melanin precipitation, and the other is blue dark circles caused by poor blood circulation.

Living in an environment of increased work pressure and strong ultraviolet rays, the incidence of mixed dark circles is also increasing. At the same time, blue and brown eye circles will appear at the same time. Staying up late, computer families, etc. all have dark circlesHigh-risk group.

  Super-detailed solution: For the improvement of dark circles, applying the correct eye cream can moderately lighten the pigment, but you can’t choose L-vitamin C in the ingredients to avoid over-stimulation. You should choose mild fatty vitamin C or products containing vitamin K.use.

  It is recommended to squeeze an appropriate amount of the eye cream to the fingertips, and gently rub each other with the symmetrical fingertips of both hands. Warm the eye cream by gently rubbing the fingers, and then divide it into 4 equal parts from the upper eyelids. Use the fingertips gentlythorn.

Then, from the head to the end of the eye, align the skin under the lower eyelashes with a 4-division method, and finally bring it under the temple. Then rub your hands in a circle and heat it up.Palm temperature can help speed up blood circulation.

  It can also be combined with acupressure to make the effect even more.

Start with the middle finger starting from the upper eyelid and the head, insert it into the end of the eye counterclockwise by drawing a small circle, and extend to the temple. After staying for three seconds, let go and repeat three times to relax the muscles around the eyes.

Then use your middle finger to draw a small circle to gently massage the acupoints between the eyes and the nasal bone, which can achieve refreshing and clear effects.

Finally, with both eyes facing up, use your middle finger to gently stop the black eyeballs directly below the orbital bone and 0.

5 cm, pinch the four white acupoints in a recess with your fingers to make your eyes black and white and reduce bloodshot.

  Apply eye cream after bathing at home every day. Apply eye cream after bathing at home every day. Apply hot towels to the eyes for 5 minutes, then tap the eye area with your fingertips for 5 minutes. Doing this every day can promote blood circulation in the eyes.Will accumulate.

If you want to be a real panda bear, you should still avoid staying up all night. The rule of work and rest is the most fundamental solution.

  Recommended products for removing dark circles: Butterfly Crest DHC Hydrating Eye Mask ¥ 78/6 pieces Product shape Crescent-shaped material Mouth gel-like spots contain olive-based essence oil and other plant-based ingredients (which can keep the eye area moisturized)

After 20 minutes of use, the moisture value is before 98 and the 99 ↑ elasticity value is before 0.

6667 after 0

6667 → Netizens ‘experience: Although I am young, the dark circles around my eyes are very serious, but after using a box of this eye mask, the situation can be improved a lot. I will continue to use it. Recommended reason: Can soothe the eyes¥ 360 / 14g This is an eye cream that can improve dark circles and puffiness, brighten the eyes and reduce fine lines.

Can be used morning and evening or whenever needed.

Its citrus extract can promote fine circulation, improve dark circles and puffiness. Apple extract can reduce the appearance of fine lines and smooth lines. After use, you can immediately realize the softness and brightness of the eye skin.

  Netizens’ experience: This is really used to rescue the dark circles, but the degree of wetness is almost thicker, huh, so I feel the coverage is stronger, it is recommended to use it when the weather is warm and humid. Reason: prevent the dark circles, Brightening and moisturizing.

Sedentary people should know the health care methods

Sedentary people should know the health care methods

Drivers often run around and spend most of the day in the car. Due to most activities, they are prone to some corresponding “occupational diseases”, especially minor problems in the legs and feet.

In the process, medical experts recommended six methods of barefoot and leg care in daily life. Drivers can follow these methods to spare time and exercise in their spare time, which can easily relieve discomfort in the legs and feet.

  Dry legs: Hold both hands tightly and insert the thigh roots, then massage them down from the thigh roots until you step on them.

Then, it rubs from the toes to the root of the thigh.

Rub the other leg in the same way and repeat it several times.

This method can make joints flexible and enhance leg muscles and walking ability.

Can prevent lower extremity vein curve, lower limb edema and muscle contraction.

  Shake your leg: Hold the tree or the wall with one hand, shake your calf forward to raise your toes forward, then shake it backwards, force your toes backward, your feet stretch, and your legs straight.

When throwing a leg, the upper body is upright, and both legs are swapped dozens of times.

This method can prevent lower limb atrophy, weakness or numbness, calf cramps and so on.

  Rubbing the legs and belly: Clamp the other side of the lower leg with both palms, knead it by rotation, and once rubbed 20 times, then rub the other foot with the same method.

This method can clear blood and strengthen leg strength.

  Twisted knees: Move your feet parallel to each other, bend your knees slightly, squat down, put your hands on the top, and turn your knees in a circle from front to back.

Turn left first, then right, 20 times each.

Can cure lower limb weakness, knee pain.

  Move your toes: Sit with your legs straight, lower your head, and bend your body forward. Use your hands to pull your toes 20 to 30 times.

Can exercise waist and legs, enhance foot strength.

Prevents foot weakness.

  The above method is also suitable for people who sit in the office for a long time every day and usually do little activity and exercise.

Parenting News: Curtains or Killers That Threaten Children’s Life

Parenting News: Curtains or Killers That Threaten Children’s Life

According to reports, the MSNBC website recently reported that the U.S. government security regulator issued a warning that large curtains or blinds at home could become a “killer” that threatens the lives of children.

  It is reported that eight children have died as a result of being strangled by curtain ropes, and another 16 have almost died.

A report by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission states that approximately 50 million such curtains across the United States need to be replaced.

  US Consumer Product Safety Commission Chairman Inestenan?

Baum said that the floor-to-ceiling curtains will attract children’s attention and make them feel very interesting to be wrapped inside.

But when children are rolled up in thick long curtains and their eyes are covered, they will easily lose their sense of direction, and the more unstable they are, the more they will move, so that the more they wrap, the tighter they will be.

Children may also pull the blinds’ rope and accidentally get entangled with the rope.

In addition, some families are afraid that the ground wires will hurt their children, so they run on high wooden boards and cover them with curtains.

However, when the child pulls the curtain, he may pull the wire down and wrap it around his neck, causing danger.

  This, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends: First, in order to eliminate hidden dangers, parents are best to choose cordless shutters, use remote control to control the rise and fall of shutters, to avoid the hidden danger of rope around the neck.

Secondly, it is better to bury the electric wires in the wall or electric conduit to prevent children from touching them.

Third, when the large curtains are hung on the floor, you can choose curtains with good light transmission so that the children will not lose their direction when they are wrapped in; usually, they should be fixed with curtain hoop; of course, replace the long curtains with short curtains.the best.

Finally, children’s climbing furniture, such as cribs, should be kept away from curtains.

Old people eat more millet to prevent constipation

Old people eat more millet to prevent constipation

There is a saying that “millet nutrition race rice”, which means that although millet is coarse grains, the nutritional value is very high.

Professor Qi Zhimei, deputy director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Changchun Central Hospital, said that millet is rich in vitamins and other mineral trace elements, which is very suitable for the elderly.

  Prof. Qi introduced that millet is rich in vitamins, in addition to carotene which is not contained in general food, vitamin B1 is the first in all foods, and the content of threonine, methionine and tryptophan is also higher.Generally, cereals are high in grain, while carbohydrates are slightly lower than rice, so they are more suitable for digestion and absorption of the elderly, especially for preventing constipation in the elderly.

At the same time, regular consumption of millet, you can also control weight, lose weight, reduce blood sugar and blood lipids.

Especially at this time, the temperature rises, the air is dry, and many early symptoms of constipation are prone to occur, so the elderly can do multiple millet porridge, sometimes millet red jujube yam porridge, have spleen, and stomach, nourishing function, yam can alsoStimulate the movement of the small intestine, promote the emptying of the contents of the body, promote the digestion of the accelerated path while preventing nourishment, and prevent constipation.

It is also possible to put rice and rice together to make rice, and to mix the nutrition of rice and rice, which is beneficial to the comprehensive absorption of nutrition by the elderly.

Goodbaby Baby Shampoo 2 in 1

Goodbaby Baby Shampoo 2 in 1

Product name: Goodbaby Baby Shampoo and Bath 2 in 1 Manufacturer: Shanghai Meichen Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Net content: 520ml Product price: 43 yuan Main ingredients: camomile: soothing and moisturizing, originated in Europe, is known as a plant doctor.

  Aloe: nutrition and moisturizing.

  Hyaluronic acid: moisturizing and smooth.

  Seaweed: Moisturized and silky.

  Product introduction: Botanical essence: Natural care for babies. Imported raw materials: pure and mild, weak acidity, low irritation, no pigment. International certification: ISO9001: 2000 scientific formula: Shumin, moisturizing, tender, tear-free formula. Usage:   Shower: Take an appropriate amount on the palm or bath cotton, rub out the foam, gently scrub the baby’s hair and body, and then wash with water.

  Bathtub: drip into an appropriate amount of warm water (1-2 drops per liter), mix and shampoo and bathe evenly.

Pure and mild weak acid formula, no need to rinse after washing, just dry.

Do you dare to ask the top five leftover men in the city?

Do you dare to ask the top five “leftover men” in the city?

The Perfectionist of “Men Left” Portrait: His appearance, economy, and other conditions are perfect, and his requirements for the other half are also striving for perfection.
When dealing with love, they tend to be in the mind of lack of indulgence, stubbornly hoping to find a “perfect coquettish wife” that meets their ideals.
His voice was-“I have been searching for many years, can’t I find the perfect half?
Expert diagnosis: A famous person said that “perfectionism is equivalent to paralysis.”
This kind of diamond princes who have a “perfectionist” complex usually think that as long as they have a perfect lover, they will not have any troubles and problems in their future marriage, which reflects that they have no confidence to be able to do well.Handle difficult problems in love and marriage.
  Psychological prescription: First of all, we must establish the view that “absolute perfection is non-existent”, and look at the other half as well as love and marriage from the perspective of development. We must believe that the efforts of both parties can improve the shortcomings and make the temporary imperfections perfect; finally we must abandon them.The habit of choosing a spouse on a variety of conditions and approaching people with a more open mind.
  “剩男”之翩翩花心者  画像:他因为优秀而很受宠,他像一只花蝴蝶般穿行于艳丽的花丛中,周旋于许多优秀的单身女性之间并游刃有余而自动选择保持单身的状态.
His voice was-“I have many girlfriends, and each has its own strengths.
But when will these erratic days end?
Expert diagnosis: In today’s society, people’s determination of “responsibility” in love and marriage is more forgiving, and such fancy men also know that all the good advantages cannot be concentrated on one person, so they deal with all kinds of things.Type of girlfriend way to experience love.
This reflects their confusion about love and marriage, and they don’t know what kind of spouse they need.
  Psychological prescription: Huaxin men must settle down, first understand what they are pursuing or prefer, such as whether they like the other person to have a beautiful appearance or intelligence, then choose the most suitable candidate from many girlfriends.
And these flowery men also need to re-understand the meaning of the three words “responsibility”. To make love and marriage more sacred, don’t easily do things that hurt each other. Once promised, keep the promise. This is the most basic.Love philosophy.
  Portrait of the “leftover” libertarian: He has a stable and well-paid job and enjoys excellent living conditions, which are enough to make them reluctant to live in the single world.
Although they also thought about marriage, they loved freedom even more.
His voice was-“I don’t want to walk into the siege of marriage, both because I’m afraid of losing my personal space and because I don’t know how to get along with another person.
Expert diagnosis: It is reported that 50% of marriageable men and women in France are unwilling to marry because they are used to being single, and a similar situation is emerging around us.
Because they are too addicted to their personal world, they cause communication obstacles in their interpersonal communication, making them simply “leftover” to the end.
  Psychological prescription: Being single has the freedom of being single, and marriage also has the joy of marriage. Do n’t be too unwilling to give up the happiness in front of you, because every life state has its appeal.
It is important to understand that there are many stages in life, and to do what should be done at each stage in order to become a full and complete person.
  The vicissitudes of the “leftover man” Portrait: He may have lost the courage to enter the siege because of his own marriage failure or the influence of the failure experience of others.
Perhaps he also has good memories of life in the siege, but the pain of being “snapped by a snake” made him want and try not to try to adapt to a new family, so he was single.
His voice was-“It’s enough to see the breaks in life, the noise in the family, and I only sigh about the marriage.
Expert diagnosis: Taiwan writer Mr. Liu Ye once said such a sentence, “The more we go through the vicissitudes, the more weary.”
Most “leftover men” set up too many doors and walls for their feelings with their past past and pain when facing love.
They are either numb to love or have lost faith.
  Psychological prescription: There is a saying that some marriages make the field of vision bigger and bigger, the whole world, and some marriages make the field of vision smaller and smaller, as small as a bed.
Real marriage is always fortunate and unfortunate. No matter what kind of marriage you are facing, in addition to having a good mentality, you also need to work with each other to achieve perfection.
  ”Men left” career-type ruthless Portrait: Long-term hard work for his career, making his attitude towards love with a lot of “mistaken”.
Maybe he’s too rational, maybe he’s too arrogant. He still doesn’t know how to put down his worth to pursue true love. They look forward to being chased by women. In the circle of career and in the long wait, they can only see him getting more and more lonelyFigure.
His aspiration was-“Although my career is successful, the women around me always keep me away. Am I really not attractive?
Hey, sometimes the title of the oldest diamond king has become a kind of irony to me.
Expert diagnosis: Career will distract one’s energy from love. The more important reason is that men and women are now equal, women are chasing men with generosity, let the male animals lose their wildness, and develop the vice of waiting for the rabbit.
Too much wait and wait for men in love is actually a kind of masculinism that scares women away.
  Psychological prescription: Improving your affinity and tenderness is a prerequisite for you to obtain true love, and even the means of chasing girls by studying the cliche has become a necessity for you, such as invite her to dinner and send her flowers, try it, it is easyShe was flattered.
In short, abandoning the ruthlessness at work, you will find it easy to harvest a close lover.