Papaya always beauty can prevent five kinds of cancer

Papaya always beauty can prevent five kinds of cancer

Papaya has always been loved by women for its powerful beauty effects.

As everyone knows, this is not the case. In terms of cancer prevention, papaya also benefits a lot.

  Research reports indicate that papaya leaf extract and tea beverages made with the extract have strong anti-cancer effects.

Multiple experimental studies have found that papaya can kill multiple micrometers, including diabetes, pancreas, squamous cell carcinoma, cervical cancer and liver cancer, etc., while not affecting normal cells.

  In fact, in many regions of the world, especially in Asia, papaya and papaya leaves have long been used as medicines to treat many diseases.

According to experts, papaya has a warm and sour taste, can calm the liver and stomach, and has the effects of relaxing muscles, activating bones, and lowering blood pressure.

And modern research has not found that, because the content of vitamin C in papaya is high, which is 48 times that of apples, it has the ability to prevent the synthesis of carcinogen nitrosamine, which can prevent various digestive tract tumors.

  Or how can you make the most of the papaya cancer prevention effect?

Experts said that in nature, the best anti-cancer enzyme is papaya enzyme, which can be extracted from mature green papaya.

Usually the skin is still green, the flesh that has just turned red or has turned red is best.

At this time, green papaya’s enzymes, vitamins and minerals are the most abundant.

Cut the papaya skins and seeds into small pieces, squeeze the juice with a juicer, and add some water instead to protect the stomach.

  In addition, papaya leaves also contain many anti-cancer natural compounds and papaya enzymes, which can smash the leaves of papaya leaves and squeeze water with water.

You can also make soup.

Wash the stems of the papaya leaves and shred them; add 1 to the pot and add water to the pot.

5-2 hours.

The amount of water doesn’t matter, just one or two bowls a day.

Eyes reveal health issues

Eyes reveal health issues

The eye is a window to human health and predicts many systemic diseases.

  Eyeballs are protruding.

Exophthalmos may be a thyroid disease.

Eye protrusion may be familial, but it may also be evidence of overactive thyroid.

Abnormal thyroid hormone levels can cause swelling of the tissues around the eyes, and suddenly the eyes expand and protrude.

  Eyelids drooping.

Droopy eyelids may be facial paralysis or stroke.

If the speech is vague, it should be a stroke.

Eyelid drooping may also be a brain tumor or an autoimmune disease, such as myasthenia gravis.

  The conjunctiva turns yellow.

Liver diseases, including hepatitis and liver cirrhosis, appear yellow in the whites of the eyes, mainly caused by bilirubin.

  White aperture ring.

A white ring of light in the eyes may be a sign of high cholesterol.

A white aperture ring appears around the iris.

In addition, “eyelid macular tumor” under or around the eyelid skin is a tiny deposit.

Studies have shown that these symptoms can lead to an increased risk of heart disease.

  Eyelids are pale.

The pale (pale) color in the eyelids may be anemia.

If your lower eyelid is pale when pulled down, it is likely to be iron deficiency anemia, resulting in reduced red blood cell production.

Anemia can be treated with iron supplements.

  Pupil size varies.

Healthy people have the same pupil size on both sides and the same response to light. If the pupil is abnormal, you need to check to see if you have a stroke, brain or optic nerve tumor, cerebral aneurysm, or multiple sclerosis.

  Fundus redness.

This could be a sign of high blood pressure.

During fundus examination, there are many tiny blood vessels in the retina.

If blood pressure is too high, these blood vessels can become distorted or even burst, causing the fundus to look red.

  Optic nerve nipples are pale.

Optic nerve nipples may be multiple sclerosis or brain tumors.

The optic nerve papillae is responsible for sending information from the retina to the brain and is located behind the eyes.

  Regardless of the above-mentioned symptoms of the eyes, go to the hospital in time and ask a specialist to check for preventive or treatment as soon as possible.

6 Wrong Routes for Baby Feeding

6 “Wrong Routes” for Baby Feeding

[Introduction]A survey conducted by a child nutrition expert from the Chinese Academy of Preventive Sciences shows that about two-thirds of children in our country have a particular preference or always refuse to eat certain foods. As a result of the lack of some necessary nutrients in the body, they have become modern “malnutrition children”As a result, immunity is generally reduced.
Many babies have fevers and coughs at both ends for three days. Compared with other children, they are a lot worse than their weight.
Mommy always complains that her baby eats too much.
In fact, these phenomena are due to Mommy’s misfeeding in feeding.
Feeding your baby the wrong way Wrong way 1 Let your baby miss the best opportunity for taste development Each kind of food that has not been eaten is fresh and curious for the baby, and they are not born with preconceptions, but usually they need toMommy gives it at the right time to cultivate good taste and smell.
Your baby’s taste and smell are most sensitive at the age of 6 months to 1 year. Therefore, it is the best time to add dairy foods. Because the baby tastes various foods, it can promote the formation of many foods’ taste, smell and taste.And development, is also the baby’s adaptation process from liquid food-semi-liquid food-solid food.
By the age of 1 year, he was able to accept a variety of foods with different tastes and textures, and thus satisfies the needs of the body’s growth and development, and weaned smoothly.
However, in the process of adding milk-free food to the baby, if the mummy sees that the baby is unwilling to eat or has a little discomfort, he immediately stops the baby distressed and no longer eats, so that the baby misses the taste, The best opportunity for the formation and development of smell and taste, not only cause weaning difficulties, but also lead to the typical anorexia in the future.
Wrong route 2 Take a compulsive attitude towards the baby’s “partial eclipse” which is initially manifested. At 8 months, the baby can already express likes and dislikes about food. This is the initial phenomenon of “partial eclipse”.
However, this partial eclipse is very naive and cannot be compared with that of older children.
Because the baby does not like to eat at this month of age, it is likely that he will like it again next month. This kind of thing is common for babies at this stage.
Mummy didn’t understand this, for fear of the baby’s lack of nutrition. Therefore, she was very concerned about the baby’s behavior of not eating, and was very “true”, so she adopted a tough attitude, leaving a very bad impression on the baby’s mind.It is difficult to accept this kind of food in the future, which leads to a true partial eclipse.
Wrong route 3 Too much attention to the nutritional intake of the baby and worrying that mommy always arranges meals for the baby according to her knowledge of nutrition, and never allows the baby to like certain foods according to her desires, thinking that this can ensure nutritionIngest.
However, pediatric medical experts have shown that as long as the baby’s taste, smell, and taste of food are normal, normal babies can choose a healthy diet from a variety of foods that they love to eat properly.
Although babies’ appetite may change frequently, this is natural. As long as they are not affected by human bias, their diet will generally be balanced in the long run.
Therefore, mommy should allow babies to like and hate certain foods according to their wishes, without having to make a fuss. Excessive attention and worry will have a counterproductive effect.
Furthermore, if the mother does not know much about the nutritional value of various foods such as rice, milk, meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits, etc., she cannot provide the baby with balanced nutrition that can meet the needs of the body’s growth and development.
Wrong route 4 Always pampers the baby in the diet. Usually the baby always eats the foods that he likes to eat and keeps eating, but Mommy doesn’t take this seriously and spoils the baby blindly.
However, the digestive organs of children are still very delicate. If they are indulgent, they will hurt the baby’s spleen and stomach, resulting in trauma to the food. When they encounter this kind of food, they will feel very disgusted and will never eat it again.This results in imbalanced nutritional intake and the occurrence of “malnutrition”.
Wrong route 5 Correct the baby’s partial eclipse, anorexia habit too anxious. When the baby does not like to eat something, the mum is often anxious, often adopts coercion, temptation, buying or threatening, etc., and force the baby to eat in the stomach, resulting in badPsychological impact.
Over time, it will cause the baby to conditionally reflect on this kind of unloved food, that is, nausea when they see it.
Over time, it will also affect the balanced intake of nutrients.
Wrong route 6 Mommy has bad eating habits. Baby is partial or anorexia, often affected by mommy. For example, if she does n’t like to cook meals that she does n’t like, she does n’t care about making good food, and she does n’t pay attention to taste and color.Words often show prejudice against these foods.
In this way, the baby will be preconceived, and will be disgusted with certain foods before they are imported.
Or as long as the meal is considered nutritious, let the baby eat it and eat it again. Eventually, the baby will lose his appetite for this meal and never eat it again.
What are the likely consequences of babies? The baby is in a period of rapid growth and development. The body needs a variety of nutrients that are both adequate and balanced. If you are a partial or anorexia, or the nutritional arrangement of the mummy diet is not balanced, it will inevitably affect the intake of certain nutrients.Causes the baby to become a modern “malnutrition child”, which leads to the following consequences: adverse consequences1. Repeated respiratory infections or diarrhea. If the baby often does not drink milk, eat liver, eggs or vegetables, the body will lack VA.
At present, there are about 20-30 million children with a state of sub-deficiency in VA in our country, which is manifested as babies often suffering from colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, or diarrhea. Some babies suffer from a dozen or even dozens of illnesses a year, which is a physical deficiency.Due to VA, if the VA deficiency is severe, the body’s immunity will be very low.
Many studies at home and abroad in recent years have shown that VA is closely related to repeated infections of the respiratory tract.
Because VA can maintain the normal differentiation of respiratory and digestive tract epithelial cells, once it is lacking, it will damage the tissue structure of epithelial cells, so the ability to defend against germs will be reduced, and germs will often come in while they are empty.
In addition, VA is also necessary to maintain the body’s normal immune function. When VA is lacking, even mild deficiency can impair immunoglobulin function, increase sensitivity to infection, and reduce disease resistance.
At the same time, due to the decline of cellular immune function, the body’s ability to attack pathogens is weakened, so repeated respiratory infections or diarrhea occur.
Negative consequences 2 Slow growth in height and weight If the baby often eats only cereals and does not want to eat animal foods such as meat, liver, egg yolk, fish and shrimp, and soy products, it will lead to a lack of trace elements in the body, such as very important for growth and developmentOf zinc and iron.
At present, about 60% of children in our country are deficient in zinc, and 40% of children are deficient in iron. Zinc and iron are very important for the growth and development of babies.
Your baby’s metabolism is inseparable from zinc, because they require a lot of enzymes and hormones to perform.
Zinc is not only an important component of more than 100 important enzymes and hormones, but also a structural component of proteins that build organs and tissues.
Therefore, babies are particularly sensitive to zinc. Once they are lacking, their appetite is often poor due to the loss of taste, even if mommy takes a lot of “anti-digestives” or “digestive aids”.
Shows that the body and weight are much lower than those of babies of the same age. In severe cases, it can even cause dwarfism and is often prone to colds and fevers. The lack of iron in the baby’s body will also slow down the growth and development, and due to the decline in disease resistance,Respiratory and gastrointestinal infections are prone to recurrence, and the condition often shows unhealed.
Instruct parents to feed their babies correctly1. Feed scientifically and reasonably to prevent the development of partial and anorexia habits and timely and timely addition of off-milk foods to promote the formation and development of the baby’s taste and taste and smell for a variety of foods;”Partial eclipse” performance, we must not be stubborn, nor spoil the baby’s bad eating habits. If you encounter foods you like, you will not eat them sparingly, which will eventually lead to injury, and you will not eat anything you like.Mummy should lead by example, don’t show likes or dislikes of food in front of the baby, and don’t comment too much on food.Method 2 Pay attention to the balance of various nutrients in accordance with the dietary balance guidelines formulated by the Chinese Nutrition Society. Arrange a diet for the baby, that is, how much food is required. The combination of staple food with coarse grains and non-staple foods with vegetarian food should be reasonable.Eat fish, eggs, lean meat, poultry, beans, and soy products; eat more vegetables, fruits, and potatoes to ensure fiber intake.

Method 3 pay attention to cultivate your baby’s good eating habits, including not partial eclipse, picky eaters, overeating, overeating, and not overeating snacks.

However, this is not something that can be achieved overnight. It requires moms to pay attention to training every moment, and it also depends on whether the mom’s attitude towards the baby’s eating is important.

First of all, Mummy should abide by the baby’s personality, make him feel that eating is his own desire, and it is a pleasant thing; not only should he pay attention to the balance of nutrients, but also consider the baby’s taste, and also pay attention to the color and aroma of the foodThe taste and the pattern of food should not neglect the baby’s sensory needs for food because it only focuses on nutrition.

Ask a child health professional to correct babies’ anorexia, anorexia and other bad eating habits, and go to the hospital to treat malnutrition in time to avoid aggravating the baby’s anorexia and anorexia caused by bad eating habits.

Prevent hand, foot and mouth disease, drink rice kernel porridge, drink silver flower tea


Prevent hand, foot and mouth disease, drink rice kernel porridge, drink silver flower tea

Core Tips: Hand-foot-and-mouth disease is still at its peak in August. The Municipal Health Bureau has released the “Guidelines” for the prevention of hand-foot-and-mouth disease in Chinese medicine formulated by the City Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine.The clinical effect, and proposed to use rice kernel porridge, silver tea, etc. for young children.

  The newly-developed “Guide to Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Prevention in Shanghai” provides a number of measures to prevent hand, foot and mouth disease in Chinese medicine.

  Taking Chinese patent medicine: Shuanghuanglian oral solution 5?
10ml, orally twice a day for 7 consecutive days; Jianer Qingjie 5?
10ml orally twice daily for 7 days.

  Diet therapy: Rice kernel porridge, using raw rice kernel 100g, honeysuckle 30g, atractylodes 30g porridge, once a day, the nursery can be taken as an afternoon snack; silver tea, honeysuckle 10g, wild chrysanthemum 6g, boil for 20 minutes and substitute tea, addAppropriate amount of honey or rock sugar suspension; honeysuckle, use commercially available honeysuckle 5?
Inject 10ml flush water twice daily.

  Preventive soup: honeysuckle 10g, wild chrysanthemum 6g, scutellaria baicalensis 6g, rice kernel 30g, atractylodes 10g, huoxiang 10g, decoction for 7 consecutive days.

  Prevention of sachets: It is recommended to supplement children’s sachets or homemade calamus 5g, amaranth 5g, white crucian 5g, and artemisia leaf 5g ground powder instead of cloth bags.

  Honeysuckle hand sanitizer: Wash your hands with honeysuckle decoction, several times a day.

  Mouthwash: 10g honeysuckle, 6g wild chrysanthemum, 10g banlan root, 5g decoction of raw licorice.

  Moxa fumigation: Use a certain amount of calamus and wormwood leaves, fumigate the room or hang the room with fresh medicine.

  Huaiqihuang granules, a Chinese patent medicine that improves immunity orally, is given once a half pack, twice a day.

Do n’t buy these five types of food in bulk

Do n’t buy these five types of food in bulk

First, cereals and bulk foods Bulk foods are susceptible to germs and nutrient losses are also possible.

Because grain contains water, the relative environment can cause germs to breed.

One of the most harmful to the human body is a carcinogen aflatoxin.

Among the cereals, the most in bulk is cereal rice. Although it is rich in nutrition, it has a short shelf life, usually only half a year.

In particular, Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which are left in the air for about 3 months, will be completely oxidized, and health care effects will be lost.

  Second, bulk edible oil bulk edible oil mainly has no packaging mark. It is a “three-none” product without a factory name, site, production date, shelf life, and quality standards. There are serious hidden health hazards. Do not buy it.

Especially buying a large amount of edible oil at one time is even worse.

This is because, first, the oil with the lid open is usually stored in the kitchen, with high temperature and humidity, which is prone to breed bacteria. Second, the oil in the oil is easily oxidized and rancid, which increases the risk of carcinogenesis.

Therefore, Wang Donglan suggested that cooking oil should be bought in small packages and eaten within 3 months after opening the lid.

  At the same time, it needs to be reminded.

The storage time of cooking oil also depends on the type of oil.

For example, olive oil can only be stored for 6 months, and peanut oil can only be stored for 3 months after opening.

  Third, bulk nuts Nuts are easy to spoil because of their large oil content.

Bulk nuts in direct contact with the air will accelerate their deterioration, and the mineral nutrients such as calcium, zinc, and iron are more easily lost.

Therefore, the shelf life of bulk nuts is usually only one or two months.

Nuts are best bought in small packages that can be eaten in a short time.

  Fourth, do not think that frozen food in bulk can be repeatedly stored without any care, and its shelf life is actually only one or two months.

The variety of frozen foods in the freezer of the supermarket costs a lot of repetition in transportation and storage, which is not easy to judge.

Therefore, don’t let quick-frozen dumplings, frozen meat, etc. fill up the freezer compartment of the refrigerator, no matter how busy you are, it is best to buy frozen food now.

  Fifth, the seasonings in bulk are not only peppercorns in bulk, cumin, but also bottled hot pepper sauce. Generally, the flavor will fade in about half a year, the flavoring ability will weaken, and it will easily breed bacteria, which is very harmful to health.

Condiments must be bought in small quantities and refined, preferably not in bulk or in large bottles.

Smart use of yoghurt mask-super fine and supple skin

Smart use of yoghurt mask-super fine and supple skin

Yogurt contains a large amount of lactic acid, which is mild and safe.
Yogurt skin care mask is the use of these lactic acid to exert the effect of peeling mask. Daily use will make the skin soft and delicate.
The method is also very simple, just a hand.
Ingredients: a cup of milk, flour, and a small bowl.
  Practices: 1. Store the milk in a warm place for several days to ferment a large amount of lactic acid.
  2. Put the appropriate amount of fermented milk and flour in a small bowl and mix well to make a thick flour paste (don’t mix it too thin, otherwise the mask cannot be thickened).
The milk used for fermentation must not be low fat, but must be regular whole milk.
Ideal if you can get fresh raw milk.
  3. If necessary, add water to adjust the concentration.
  Apply the face: 1. Apply fermented milk and massage for one minute.
  2. Wipe the face with a hot towel.
  3. Cover the entire face with a thick milk mask, leave it for 20 to 30 minutes, and wash it with warm water.
  4. Pat green tea or other slightly acidic lotion and wait for it to dry.
  5. Use the fermented milk as a cream to rub the face (it can’t stand its special odor, it can also be replaced by fresh milk or mixed cream).
  6, milk mask can also be used for face washing, do not have to deliberately clean the face before and after use.
After four to five uses, the skin will have a completely new look.

Enjoying a sweat bath in summer and trying hot yoga

Enjoying a sweat bath in summer and trying hot yoga

Hot yoga, also called hot yoga or hot yoga.

That is to do yoga in the high temperature environment of 38 ℃ -40 ℃.

It is composed of 26 kinds of contraction movements, which belongs to the flexible movement, which can improve the spine softness, and is suitable for the office family.

  Separate the legs about the width of the shoulders, bend vertically and bend the thighs parallel to the ground. At the same time, bend your upper body to the left, the tip of your finger touching the big toe, and the palm tilting forward.

Note that your right leg is straight and your right arm is up. Keep it perpendicular to the ground. Breathe evenly for 10 seconds.

Change direction and do it again.

This action can strengthen hip joints and lateral waist strength, which is helpful to eliminate excess waist aunts.

  Bird King’s arms are straight and crossed, the left arm is placed under the right arm, the elbow is bent, the forearm is aligned, and the palm is turned to fit the palm.

After controlling the balance, place your weight on your left leg, and cross your right leg from the front so that your right foot catches your calf, and slowly squat for 10 seconds.

Change to the other side and do the same action for the same amount of time.

  Efficacy: This action exercise focuses on the legs and balance ability, which can effectively prevent the calf muscles from stepping on.

  The tip of the head touches the knees and spreads both legs together. Carefully grasp the center of the right foot, fingers crossed, and the thumb extended to the big toe.

Straighten your left knee, make your right leg parallel to the ground, straighten your arms and upper body for 20 seconds, then bend your elbows, bend your body forward and move closer to your legs, hold for 10 seconds, and then do the same movement in the opposite direction.

  Efficacy: This action also requires high balance ability. Training people’s attention is very helpful for tightening the muscles of the abdomen and thighs.

  Tip deep breathing to maintain posture, legs straight, spine straight, heels and big toes close together, fingers crossed on the lower jaw, breathing with the throat, elbows open as far as possible, the back of the hand just touches the left and right cheeks,Inhale and inhale, then tilt your head back and elbows close together to exhale again.

Repeat this cycle for 10 breaths.

  Efficacy: Be careful not to close your eyes, and try your best to make your lungs feel full breathing, and prepare for the following asana exercises.

  The half-moon / hand-to-foot body is still upright, fingers are gripped tightly, the index fingers are straightened and merged, arms are close to the sides of the ears, keep the body on the same side, bend to the bend, hold for 10-20 seconds, and then the upper body is oriented toward theRight, bend backwards and hold for the same amount of time.

When bending forward, your body is bent down, so that your upper body is in close contact with your legs. Hold the heels with both hands. If you find it difficult, you can bend, and keep it for 10-20 seconds.

  Efficacy: This set of exercises strengthens the waist, hips, thighs and other parts of the exercise, as a start to warm up.

  Awkward arms lean forward, shoulder width, palms down, and bend until the thighs are parallel to the ground, the upper body is straight, hold for 10-20 seconds, and then the body slowly returns to its original position.

Then do a heel followed by lifting exercise, the same movements as above, but when squatting, let the alignment and throw, hold for 10-20 seconds.

  Efficacy: This action is very helpful for blood circulation of the big and small legs, hip muscles, knee joints, and fractured joints. People with herniated discs can often practice this action.

  The front end of the bow is stretched straight forward. Use your left hand to grasp the tip of your toes. The right arm is tilted forward. The height of your fingertips is at the center of your eyebrows.The back of the leg is fully stretched, and finally the legs become “one” perpendicular to the ground for 10 seconds.

Then change direction and do it again.

Beginners don’t need to require a range of motion, but they must ensure that their legs are straightened beforehand.

  Efficacy: This action allows blood to flow to the internal organs and glands, tightening the muscles of the arms and hips, making the ligaments more flexible.

  The soldiers stretched out in third form, fingers crossed and held together, forefingers stretched straight together and their arms squeezed up against their ears.

Lift your legs backwards, and lean your body forward, so that your left leg, body, and arms are on the same straight line, hold for 10 seconds, then change direction and do it again.

  Efficacy: While exercising balance ability, this action can shrink and reduce fat in hips, thighs, and buttocks, and it is also good for exercise of heart muscle and lungs.

  The tip of the leg is extended with the hands touching the knees. The upper body is bent down, the head is touching the right calf or aligned, and the hand is touching the floor in front of the right foot.

Breathe evenly, hold for 10 seconds, and then change direction to do it again.

Keep your legs straight and keep your arms straight against your ears.

  Efficacy: Frequently doing this action can reduce excess aunts in the thighs, buttocks, buttocks.

  The top legs are separated by a pair of legs that are about shoulder wide. The arms open vertically to the body and lean down. Hold the heels of the left and right feet with your hands, head down, and touch your forehead to the ground. Keep your legs down., Hold for 10 seconds.
  Efficacy: This action can prevent sciatica and can massage abdominal organs well.

  Triangular legs are separated from the two sides of the shoulder width, bent vertically and bent until the thighs are parallel to the ground, while the upper body is bent to the left and right, the tip of the finger touches the tip of the big toe, and the palm is tilted forward.

Note that your right leg is straight and your right arm is up. Keep it perpendicular to the ground. Breathe evenly for 10 seconds.Change direction and do it again.
  Efficacy: This action can strengthen the lumbar vertebra joints and lateral waist strength, which is helpful to eliminate excess waist aunts.

Chrysanthemum tea helps sleep better than sleeping pills

Chrysanthemum tea helps sleep better than sleeping pills

Sleeping pills can provide temporary sleeping for patients who suffer from insomnia, but they are very harmful to the body.

But if you use food therapy to help you sleep, you don’t need to worry about such things.

What foods can effectively improve sleep quality without side effects on the body?

Let’s find out.

  1. A small amount of dried cherries can provide the necessary serotonin to promote the synthesis of lipids, thereby better improving the quality of sleep.

  2. Banana Banana is actually a “sleeping pill” with a peel. It is rich in complex amines and N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine, and it is also rich in magnesium that can relax muscles.

  3, chrysanthemum tea chrysanthemum tea has become the first choice for tea beverage preparation before bed, mainly because of its soft soothing effect, is the best natural remedy for calming qi.

  4. A statement that warm milk helps sleep before going to bed is well known, because milk contains a type of tryptophan, which can exert sedative effects like amino acids.

And calcium can help the brain make the most of this tryptophan.

  Putting mild milk in the bottle will bring you a warm feeling of returning to your childhood, and gently tell you “Relax, everything is fine”.

  5. Chickpeas High-fiber chickpeas are rich in vitamin B6, which can make people feel peaceful, soothe emotions, and achieve the effect of promoting sleep.

  6. A large amount of sugar in honey has an excitatory effect, but a small amount of glucose can prompt the brain to secret orexin (phenyldihydrothiazole), which is a newly discovered neurotransmitter related to thought response.

So a few drops of honey into warm milk or vanilla tea can also help relax before bed.

  7, oatmeal oatmeal is likely to be a good bedtime product, containing rich N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine.

Boil a small bowl of cereal and mix it with some honey.

Please try to chew hard and widen and make your teeth cavity bigger.

  8. Tryptophan and vitamin B6 contained in halibut halibut can effectively help sleep and improve sleep quality.

Moreover, the taste of the halibut is relatively mild, and the meat is also very texture, which can definitely meet people’s needs for food taste and taste.

In addition, foods high in tryptophan are: poultry, beef, soybeans, milk, cheese, yogurt, nuts and eggs.

  9. Potatoes A small baked potato will not damage your gastrointestinal tract, instead it can remove acid compounds that block tryptophan for hypnosis.

If mixed with warm milk to make mashed potatoes, the effect will be even better!

  10. Almonds Almonds contain both tryptophan and the medicine that relaxes muscles-magnesium.

So eating a small amount of nuts that are good for heart health is another good idea for hypnosis!

  11, Flaxseed Flaxseed edible “natural food to stimulate emotions”, called OMEGA-3 and fatty acids.

When your life is hampered and your mood is down, try to sprinkle two tablespoons of flaxseed into your oatmeal, which may have unexpected results.

Several Chinese herbal medicine teas for the elderly

Several Chinese herbal medicine teas for the elderly

Medicinal tea is an alternative to the use of drugs in combination with tea or in the form of drugs.

Medicinal tea therapy is a valuable legacy of the motherland medicine. It has the advantages of economy, practicality, substitution, good effect, no side effects, especially for elderly and frail chronic diseases and patients who have difficulty taking medicine. Taking appropriate herbal tea will get good results.
  Heatstroke prevention tea 1.

6 grams of tea, musk, 9 grams of Perrin, decoction on behalf of tea.

Suitable for heat stroke.


250 grams of fresh oysters, washed slices, add appropriate amount of ginger, sugar decoction on behalf of tea.

To prevent heat stroke.


Fresh lotus leaf 1?
2 pieces, decoction on behalf of tea.

It is used for heatstroke prevention and has the effect of lowering blood fat and lowering plasma.


9 grams of medlar, vinegar is 12 grams of Schisandra, 6 grams of mint, chamomile flowers, boiled water, on behalf of tea.

Indications of the five internal organs, and in addition to heat stroke headache, thirst.

There are liver and kidney, Cong and ear, strong bones, good essence, strong yang puzzle and other effects.

Especially for the summer season, loss of appetite, weight loss, usually “痊 Xia” (busting summer) is more appropriate.

  Antihypertensive tea 1.

Kudingcha, camomile flowers, frost mulberry leaves, Rhizoma Imperatae, and vines are 9 grams each, and decoction is used for tea.

It has the effect of clearing heat and calming down blood pressure.

Can be used for high blood pressure, headache, dizziness, mouth bitter throat and other symptoms.


Lotus heart 1.

5 grams, 9 grams of Cassia, brewed with boiling water for tea.

For high blood pressure dizziness, upset embolism.


Watermelon skin (dry product) 15 grams, 9 grams of Cassia, decoction on behalf of tea.

For high blood pressure.

  Qingxuan tea diarrhea, Atractylodes 9 grams, 5 lotus leaves, 6 grams of chrysanthemum, 3 grams of Perrin leaves, bubble fried tea.

It has the effect of dehumidification, and it is used for vertigo, vomiting, sputum, sputum, sputum, and weight.

  Nephritis tea corn mustard, winter melon skin (dry goods), red bean each amount, decoction on behalf of tea.

Used for adjuvant treatment of patients with edema and acute and chronic nephritis.

  Orange tea is orange and red, green tea 4.

5 grams, boiled in boiling water, and then steamed into the boiling water pot for 20 minutes and then tea.

This side has the effect of relieving cough and phlegm.

It is used for coughing in the elderly, and it is sticky and sticky.

  Persimmon leaf tea six, fresh persimmon leaves picked in July, washed and boiled with boiling water for about 10 minutes, remove the place to dry or put the pot to dry with a simmer.

Add tea leaves when blended, brew together, slightly sweet and fragrant.
Often suffering from, has a certain effect on scurvy, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia.
There is also calm, diuretic, and swelling effect.

Because it is rich in vitamin C and rutin, choline and other ingredients, it is a year-round drink that is antihypertensive, hypolipidemic, scurvy, and arteriosclerosis.

Introduce the many wonderful uses of Huoxiangzhengqi water


Introduce the many wonderful uses of Huoxiangzhengqi water

Core tips: Huoxiangzhengqi water is a traditional Chinese medicine commonly used in summer. It is mainly composed of Huoxiang, Atractylodes macrocephala, Chenpi, Magnolia officinalis, Poria, Poria, Dabeli, Pinellia, Licorice, Perilla, etc., And the role of Qushu.

Commonly used for the treatment of diarrhea and abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea, and dialysis type colds.

  Infant diarrhea: take a piece of clean gauze, fold it into 4-6 layers and place it on the navel of the child, and preheat the Huoxiangzhengqi water in water, pour it on the gauze when the temperature of the medicine is suitable, and use plastic for filling.After covering the gauze with cloth, fix it with medical tape, remove it after 2-3 hours, 2-3 times a day, usually it will take effect in 2 days.

For severe diarrhea, people with moderate or more dehydration should be rehydrated in time.

  Seasickness and Seasickness: Before boarding the boat, you can use cotton wool dipped in Huoxiangzhengqi water and apply it to the navel, or you can take a Huoxiangzhengqi water (minus children) orally 5 minutes before the ride to prevent seasickness.

  Mosquito bites: If accidentally “invaded” by mosquitoes in summer, the affected area can be coated with Huoxiangzhengqi water, which can eliminate or eliminate itching in about half an hour.

  Athlete’s foot: Wash and dry the affected foot with warm water, apply Huoxiangzhengqi water to the toes and other affected areas, and apply it once in the morning and evening. It is best to penetrate the airy cotton socks and cloth shoes during the treatment to maintain the feet.Dry, 5 days as a course of treatment, usually 1-2 courses can be effective.

  Pediatric gardenia: Gardenia is a common disease in infants and young children, and occurs frequently in summer. If not treated in time, it can cause fusion of gardenia and cause pustules and secondary infections.

It is better to treat pediatric gardenia with Huoxiangzhengqi water.

It is preferable to replace 1 stick of Huoxiangzhengqi water with cold water or physiological saline in proportion. The replacement concentration is: for less than 3 months, the ratio of liquid medicine to water is 1: 3; for 4 to 12 months, liquid medicine and waterThe ratio is 1: 2; for those over 1 year old, the ratio of liquid medicine to water is 1: 1.

Wash and dry the area with warm water before using the medicine, and then wipe the affected area with sterilized cotton swab instead of the replacement medicine, 2-3 times a day.

  Eczema: After washing the affected area with warm water daily, directly coat the affected area with Huoxiangzhengqi water, 3-5 times a day for 3-5 days.

  Chronic urticaria: Chronic urticaria is a common dermatological disease with onset of causative factors and complex pathogenesis. Huoxiangzhengqi water has a certain therapeutic effect on the disease. Patients can take Huoxiangzhengqi water 10 ml orally 3 times a day.Even taking 2 weeks as a course of treatment (if accompanied by laryngeal edema, shock, fever, those who have been treated with corticosteroids in the past 2 weeks and those with yin deficiency and fire are not suitable for this method).

  Vulvar itching: For those with vulvar itching, replace the Huoxiangzhengqi water with cold water 50 times and clean the vulva (available for both men and women). After washing, not only the symptoms such as itching are alleviated or disappeared, but also a local refreshing feeling.

  External hemorrhoids: take 20ml of Huoxiangzhengqi water, replace with 1000ml of cold water, scrub with cotton wool, 2 times a day, have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

  As the saying goes, “It is a drug that is three points poison”, Huoxiangzhengqi water is no exception. Some patients have allergic rash, anaphylactic shock, allergic purpura, and tachycardia after taking this product. Here we remind patients to usePay attention to the safety of this medicine, especially those with allergies, it is best to take this medicine under the guidance of a doctor.