Brunette Skin Problem Camp_1

Brunette Skin Problem Camp_1

Brunette skin problem camp

● Eczema and eczema can become particularly severe in the summer. If cortisone cyanide is not effective, you need to see a doctor.

At the same time, eczema may also be caused by stress or allergies, and skin care products containing oatmeal can help relieve skin pressure.

  ● Ugly allergic to UV rays. Unfortunately, there has not been a good way to combat this problem, even medically.

  ● Dry skin All summer is the period of skin’s remaining fatigue. In addition to drinking a lot of water, all you can do is use skin care products with strong moisturizing effect as creams, especially after continuous sunlight, moisturizing masks and serumsWould be especially necessary!

  ● Bad accident on the beach Mosquito bomber The mosquito on the beach is the enemy of the skin next to the sun. A big bag is painful, itchy, and easy to drop scars.

Therefore, it is best to take preventive measures and apply some medicines. If you feel you are in trouble, you should immediately apply a cool antipruritic medicine, otherwise it will be easy to get scars.

But if it is really unfortunate that the scar has fallen, it is not hopeless. You can apply some essential oil mixed with lavender and tea tree oil, or skin care products specially for scars after mosquito bites.