The role of Chinese medicine moxibustion on the human body

The role of Chinese medicine moxibustion on the human body


The role of Chinese medicine moxibustion on the human body


Reconcile yin and yang.

The balance of yin and yang in the human body is fundamental to the occurrence and development of the disease.

The use of moxibustion therapy to reduce the effect of yin and yang.


Wentong Meridian, dispels cold evil.

Ai Ye Wen Jiazhi ignited moxibustion moxibustion, so that the heat is deep into the muscle layer, and the blood is warm.

Moxibustion has Wentong meridian, dispels cold and dehumidification, regulates qi and blood, and promotes pain and relieves pain.


Exercising qi and activating blood, eliminating phlegm.

If you see the heat, you will see the cold, and the temperature will be bloody.

Moxibustion is a warm stimulation, which can make the blood and blood coordinate, the camp and the smooth, the blood and the benefit and the blood, dissipate and disperse.


Wenyang tonic, Buzhong Yiqi.


Back to the sun to save the counter.


Disease prevention and health care, strengthen life and longevity.

The role of moxibustion therapy is multifaceted.

If the acupoints are different, the moxibustion method is different, the stimulation degree is different or the materials used for moxibustion are different, so the efficacy is also different; therefore, different acupuncture points and operation methods are selected depending on the specific condition in clinical application.

Moxibustion first moxibustion to the left, then moxibustion to the right.

Ignite the end of the moxa stick and add the burning end to the warm moxibustion stick.

Try the temperature of the palm and determine the temperature is moderate, then you can start warm moxibustion.

After the massage of the abdomen with essential oils, warm moxibustion is carried out, and the moxibustion stick is used to roll back and forth in the abdomen, and then the points of the umbilical cord are clicked. (Return, Qihai, Guanyuan), so that the meridians of the acupoints are smooth and rosy.

Moxibustion time: 15 minutes.