5 aspects of winter morning practice need to be kept in mind

5 aspects of winter morning practice need to be kept in mind


5 aspects of winter morning practice need to be kept in mind

Don’t start too early First, winter morning exercise, it is best not to get up too early, if you get up at 5 or 6 in the morning, the weather is too cold and dark, which is not good for our morning exercise.

The temperature is too low, the stimulation and pressure on our heart’s entanglement is relatively large. We are better off sleeping in the bed for a while. When the day is already bright and the temperature rises, it is not too late for us to get up again.

If your morning exercise is not a kind of short-distance running, you can choose to go to the morning exercise after breakfast. At this time, the sun rises, the temperature rises, the body feels warm, and the exercise will be more comfortable.

Choose a quiet and safe location. We must choose a quiet and safe place during morning exercises.

If you choose to walk on the side of the road or in a crowded place, it is neither safe nor disturbs our exercise.

You can choose a relatively small number of people to go to the river, park or guide to exercise, here to the algae to gather in the morning morning crowd, exercise is very atmosphere, we can concentrate on morning exercises, such walks, Tai ChiPunch, dance, etc.

At the same time, these places have large green belts and beautiful environment, which is more conducive to our health!

Choosing the right clothing Winter morning exercise should choose the right clothing, both soft and comfortable, but also warm and close.

In the winter morning, the temperature is very low. It is no longer suitable for shorts and shorts. If you are young and strong, do some relative exercise. If you jog, you can wear a pair of underwear, plus a sweater and a cotton.The trousers are fine.

If you are older and engaged in some soothing exercise, sometimes walking, dancing swords, etc., add a set of thermal underwear to keep your body temperature and prevent colds from freezing.

Prevent excessive sweating. Morning exercise should prevent excessive sweating. If you sweat too much during morning exercise in the morning, it will easily catch a cold when the training is over.

In the morning exercise in winter, exercise the bones, exercise the body, prevent fattening, raise the heart and keep the body, the movement is too vertical, absorb a lot of cold air, and it is not good for our heart and lungs.

If it is a young man, there is a habit of long-distance running in the morning. After morning sweating, it is best to take a hot bath and change the sweaty underwear to prevent colds and cold.

See if the weather is suitable for people who have morning exercises in the winter. It is best to watch the weather the night before to find out if the weather conditions for the next day are suitable for exercise.

If there is fog on the next day, it is recommended to bring a mask during the morning exercise in the morning to avoid inhaling the cold mist and cold air in the winter to stimulate the respiratory tract.

If there is wind on the next day, bring a hat. If the next day is cloudy or rainy, it is not recommended to go out for morning exercises.

Pay attention to the weather forecast and prepare suitable clothing for our morning exercise.