7 kinds of common fatigue mediation coup

7 kinds of common fatigue mediation coup


7 kinds of common fatigue mediation coup

Fatigue is a situation that many people have. After this happens in the body, it is necessary to take a break in time. Otherwise, if the body is over-tired, it will have a great impact on one’s own health. There are different mediation coups for 7 kinds of common fatigue. Let’s take a look.

Fatigue Fractal 1 Physical fatigue is also called exercise or muscle contraction fatigue.

When people are doing heavy physical labor, exercise or competition, muscles are too tight, the body consumes too much energy, and the body will feel tired.

It is characterized by systemic or local acidity, softness, pain, fatigue and powerlessness.

2 mental fatigue high blood pressure desk work, excessive mental work, so that the blood glucose, a variety of amino acid consumption is too large, resulting in insufficient blood, oxygen and nutrient supply, brain cell excitement and inhibition imbalance, fatigue.
It is characterized by dizziness, dizziness, headache, memory loss, confusion, and lack of concentration.

3 mental fatigue This fatigue is essentially mental fatigue, but it has a strong mental and emotional color.

When a repressed emotional conflict leads to a remission, there will be fatigue symptoms in the body, or psychological distortions and abnormalities caused by strong and lasting mental factors, causing mental fatigue.

4 Pathological fatigue studies have shown that viral infection can lead to human fatigue, which is characterized by persistent fatigue and is not easy to recover.

7 kinds of common fatigue mediation coup 1 eye soreness – yawning eye fatigue, the patient feels swelling in the eye, acid, burning and other symptoms.

If you use your eyes for too long, your eyes will show some kind of phenomenon, and yawning can stimulate the lacrimal gland to secrete tears, moisten your eyes, and alleviate various discomforts caused by dryness.

After yawning, you can close your eyes, rub your hands and heat, then cover your eyes, do not oppress your eyes, breathe deeply, rest for two to three minutes, help to eliminate eye fatigue.

At the same time, usually pay attention to light, too dark light makes the eyes easy to fatigue.

2 backache and back pain – when stretching and stretching, the human body will naturally form a lifting of the hands, pulling up the ribs, expanding the chest, and taking a deep breath to strengthen the diaphragm muscles, thereby affecting the body and causing most muscle contraction.The blood rushes back to the heart, thereby accelerating blood circulation and dredging the meridians, promoting blood circulation, adjusting the function of the organs, and preventing back pain.

3 guilty – the middle finger fingertips of the middle finger are severely sensitive to pain.

Knocking on the middle finger while you are sleepy can make you feel refreshed.

The specific method is: first use the left hand to pinch the fingertip of the right middle finger for 1 minute, then exchange hands for 1 minute, then compare the pain of both hands. The pain is more obvious and continue to knead until the pain of the hands is the same.

4 shoulder and neck tension – sitting around the arm for a long time or staying in the same position for a long time, you will feel the shoulders and neck stiff, sore, then you can separate the legs and shoulders in parallel, then the shoulders for the limbs around 10 times, then circle back 10 times, do 3 consecutively?
5 groups.

The range of motion is large, expected to be slow and fast, and each direction of the transition should be separated by a few seconds to reduce the impact on the shoulder.

5 Brain fatigue – deep breathing brain fatigue is mainly due to excessive brain use and insufficient energy supply.

Active deep breathing can deliver more blood to the brain and increase the supply of nutrients in the brain.

The specific method is: use the nostrils to inhale deeply, so that the lower abdomen, upper abdomen, and buttocks are inflated in turn, do not close the air; then spit out the gas at the same speed and repeat 30 times.

When you take a deep breath, the movement should be slow and coherent, and the gas must be “suffocated.”

You can also prepare some ginseng teas, refreshing and refreshing.

6 legs pain – lying flat legs and walking for a day, legs swelling and sore, at this time you can lie flat on the bed without pillows, lift your legs and fold them inside, try to make the legs and body 90掳,Keep 5?
10 minutes, can alleviate the damage caused by long-term filling of the blood in the legs, and reduce the feeling of soreness.

7 chest tightness – doing chest expansion exercise for a long time will feel chest tightness and shortness of breath, work can not lift the strength, then you should get up and do chest expansion exercise, can improve the cardiopulmonary oxygen supply capacity, eliminate lung depression, but also avoid the thoracic spineSide bends.

In daily life, when everyone feels tired, you can try the above coups, especially the office workers.