[How to soak dried kelp silk]_How to soak_What to do

[How to soak dried kelp silk]_How to soak_What to do

[How to soak dried kelp silk]_How to soak_What to do

Kelp is a kind of seafood that we often eat. Its nutritional value is relatively high. After processing, it becomes dried kelp. The advantage of dried kelp is that it is convenient to store and easy to carry. When we eat dried kelp, we must firstFoam in advance, it takes longer when foaming, so that you can eat the kelp fresh and tender, if you want to be faster, you can use a pressure cooker to press it.

What to do with dried kelp Dry kelp is a seafood made from dried kelp.

It has high nutritional value and also has health care effects.

So what should we do before the dried kelp is integrated?

First of all, when choosing kelp, choose kelp with thick thickness, wide and long shape, dry body, strong dark brown or dark green, and no chipping or yellowing at the edges.

Second, when handling kelp, open the kelp in a mass, steam it in a cage drawer for about 30 minutes, and soak it in clean water overnight.

The processed kelp is crispy and tender, and can be used for stewing, frying, and cold mixing.

Third, you need to be careful not to soak the kelp directly, otherwise it will have a hard taste regardless of the stew.

Soaking kelp in rice water will make it easy to rise and fall, rotten when cooked, and taste delicious.

Fourth, when cooking kelp, you can add some alkali and baking soda. During the cooking process, you can use the 软 method to try hard and soft kelp, and immediately stop the fire after boiling. This will save time and kelp will easily become soft.

Adding a few drops of vinegar while cooking the kelp will quickly make the kelp soft and delicious, and it will help the body absorb iodine.

How to make dried kelp soaked in dry kelp to store and store. When you eat it, you just need to take it out and soak it in water. You can eat it, but kelp also requires a certain skill.?
First, add dried kelp to the pressure cooker, and add water.

Press for 3 minutes.

Then take the kelp out of the autoclave, add it to the water, soak it for more than 3 hours, and change the water halfway.

When the kelp is soaked, clean the impurities on it and cut into shreds or strips.

In this way, the kelp will not have a hard taste, whether it is used for soup or cooking, it can retain the umami itself!

How long does dried kelp soak?

We often eat kelp, but for cooking rookie, there are still some tricks to make kelp. So how long does it take to make kelp soft and nutritious?

In general, the immersion time of kelp is determined according to the thickness and impurity content of the kelp. If it is transparent and tender, and the kelp is replaced by the impurity, then the immersion time does not take too long, but if the size is relatively hard, the selenium contentIf it is too much, it needs to soak for a long time. After soaking in water for 5 to 10 hours, the arsenic content in it is still as high as 5 mg / kg. After soaking in water for 24 hours, its sugar content can reach the food safety standard.
Therefore, before eating dried kelp, it is better to soak for a longer time.